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Re: HALLEY Slave Birth/Death Records Late 1700s

The slaveholding Halley family mentioned in the records probably was the Francis Halley/Nancy Calk family from Madison County, Kentucky. The sources I have seen indicate that Francis and Nancy married in Kentucky and both died in Kentucky before 1818. They had sons Francis, Thomas, and Presley (Pressley) Wilkerson and at least two daughters -- one named Betsy. Because Thomas and Francis are such common Halley names it is a little difficult to track those son with certainty, however, Presley Wilkerson Halley is a different matter. He was born 03 February 1801 in Madison Co., Kentucky, and died 19 February 1884 in Howard County, Missouri. (In Armstrong?) He married an Ann Thomas 18 November 1827 in , Missouri. Pressley Halley had a second wife Eunice Ann Thompson, also in Missouri, but I don't know the date on that marriage.

Some internet genealogies indicate that Francis, Sr., was from the James Halley/Elizabeth Simpson line out of Virginia, but their Francis married a Nancy in Virginia and remained in Virginia where he died in 1813. His will was probated in Bedford Co., VA. (Bedford County, VA, records) So I don't think the Francis in Kentucky was James and Elizabeth's son Francis, even though both families were slaveholders.

However, there is a piece of information from the Bedford Co. Halleys that might be of interest to someone. The Bedford Co. Francis Halley stated in his will: "I give to my son Francis Halley one Negro fellow named Ben ...." Francis Halley,Jr., moved to Shelby Co., TN, around 1830 and appears to have owned land in Shelby Co., and adjacent, Fayette Co. It is possible that Ben was there too.


: by Bill McKiernan

: While searching through my wife's family records for a special
: photograph among hundreds of photographs, I stumbled across
: numerous slave birth (and some death) records dating from the
: late 1700s to the mid 1800s. My wife has no knowledge of the
: HALLEY family listed or how these records came to be among her
: family's records.

: Remember Aex Haley saying he couldn't find "Kizzy"? Two
: slaves
: named Keziah or Kizzy and at least some of their children are
: listed in the records I discovered that are transcribed below.

: I do not know what part of the United States the records are
: from, but "C. E. Buckhart -- Collector of Howard County,
: MO" is
: written on one of the papers. My wife's CLARK, SANDERS, and
: LEPPER families lived in Monroe and Randolph counties, Missouri
: for generations. Her great-grandfather, John E. BELL, was born
: in Pennsylvania on 23 October 1815 and went to Missouri circa
: 1834-1838, where he married a WELCH in 1838.

: The entries were written with the old iron-based ink, so most of
: them can be read. The records are in two small, fragile, paper,
: pamphlet-like notes consisting of four to five pages, about
: 6 x 3 inches in size. The paper has faded to a grayish brown.
: All of the names appear to have been written by the same hand.

: The original records are in my possession.

: * * *

: Francis HALLEY
: Francis HALLEY
: ~ HALLEY ~
: Senr and/or
: Junr
: [end of page]

: William Calk HALLEY was born Friday the 15 day of April 180_[?]

: Francis HALLEY was born on Wednesday the 15th [January is lined
: through] December 1807 [the 7 is written over a different and
: illegible numeral]

: Richard HALLEY [Junr?] Departed this life October 20th 1817 &
: in the --65-๓ year of his age.

: Francis HALLEY Departed this life March 3rd 1817 and was in the
: 61 year of his age.
: [end of page]

: Thomas HALLEY was born Wednesday 15th of November 1758

: Nansey his Wife was born on Tuesday 9th day of march 1779

: Francis HALLEY the sun of Francis HALLEY and Nansey his Wife was
: born on Wednesday 15th day of June 1797 & Died the 22nd of
: August 1799.

: Betsey HALLEY the daughter of Francis HALLEY and Nansey his wife
: was born Thursday 14th day of March 1799.

: Presley Wilkerson HALLEY was born Tuesday 3rd of February 1801

: Salley HALLEY was born munday the 28th day of February 1803 and
: Died 7th of January 1804
: [end of page]

: Henry Sun of Eady was born Sunday 19th of June 1814

: Sindarilla was born 18th day of February on Sunday ๑- 1816 -๑

: 1827 1827

: 1799 1801

: 28 26
: [end of page]

: Negro Daphnee was born February ๑-14th๓- 1785
: Negro Silvia was born July 2nd 1787
: Negro Lett was born February 13th 1789
: Negro Easter was born march 31st 1791

: 1823 1823

: 1789 1797
: Let. 34 Dan 26
: [end of page]

: Negro Sarah daughter of Kizzey was born on 8th of October 1795
: and Daniel the 14th of march 1797
: Susey was born 13th of February 1797
: James was born 24th of October 1801
: Serreene was born 20th of December 1804
: Polley was born Saturday 2nd of July 1806
: [end of page]

: Negro nansey was born 29th day of august 1789
: Eady was born the ๑-4๓- day of july 1794
: Stephen was born 13th day of april 1796
: Beatsey daughter of nansey was born the :13: day of july 1806
: Harry was born Wednesday the ๑-1-๑ day of march 1809
: Abraham Sun of nansey was born Tuesday 10th of september 1811
: James was born munday 8th of november 1813
: [end of page]

: molatto [sic] Jemimah the Daughter of Dafney and [name rubbed
: out -๑ illegible] was born the forth of november 1802.

: negro Hannah daughter of Dafney was born the 25th day of
: november 1804

: negro Aylce[?] daughter of Dafney was born munday 25th of
: august 1806

: negro Chaney daughter of Dafney was born Tuesday 2nd of may
: 1809

: negro Selay daughter of Dafney was born Sunday 20th of october
: 1811
: [end of page]

: 1827 1827
: 1807 1819
: 20 08
: [end of page]

: Negro Lucy Daughter of Polley was born 18th day of January
: 1794

: Negro John sun of Polley was born thirsday the 4th of July 1806

: Sinah Daughter of Lettice was born 6th of october 1818 on
: Tuesday.
: [From here to the end of the page the writing is very faint.]
: Masen 1824
: One died 1822 born
: Susan 1823

: 1909 [Perhaps when the fainter notes were made]
: 1827
: 82
: [end of page]

: negro Sam Sun of Silvey was born 7th of May 1802
: negro Stephen son of Silvey was born the 8th day of August 1803
: Emilee Daughter of Silvey was born 12th day of April 1806
: Kizziah Daughter of Silvey was born on the 27th of December 1807
: Rosey Daughter of Silvey was born on Thursday 11th of January
: 1810
: Lenny was born June the ๑-11๓- day thirsday 1812
: Perliney was born 14th of febr on munDay 1814
: [end of page]

: a cure for fits in children take the pride of a sow shote
: just taken out and boil them in new milk and give the milk
: to the child

: Thomas Sun of Silvey was born on munday 27th day of may 1816
: Miles was born Saturday 24th of November 1817
: [end of page]

: negro Sammuel Sun of lettise was born munday 6th day of april
: 1807
: Priscilla was born munday 3rd of October 1809
: Osmond was born saturday 30th of november 1811
: Antony was born munday 14th day of June 1813
: Rockseann was born on Friday 31st of march 1815
: Harriot was born on Saturday the ๑-1๓- of february 1817
: [end of page]

: [The notes written on the right are very faint.]
: Edith was born July 4th 1794
: Hirum was born October 1806 dead
: Kizzy was born December 27th 1807 dead
: James was born November 8th 1813
: Harry was born June 19th 1814
: Thomas was born Aprile 25th 1814 died August 1864
: Mahaley was born January 12th 1821
: Ann was born 27th March 1825 Mieanda[?] got her
: Miles was born August 11th 1825
: John was born 29th Jany 1827 dead
: Enoch was born 20th March 1827
: Stuart was born 24th September 1828
: Sally was born 20th May 1830 dead
: Emily was born 25th Aprile 1832 dead
: George was born the 15th day of June 1833
: Stephen was born the 2nd of August 1831
: Sandford was born November 18th 1838
: Bevley was born September 27th 1842 dead
: Benjamine born the year 1832 dead
: Matilda born the year 1831 dead
: [end of page]

: [Marginal Note] Births of Lillitha's childr [cut off]
: Lillitha was born December 8th 1811
: Minerva was born August 8th 1836
: Amy was born Feby 20th 1842
: Hetty was born April 27th 1844
: Harrison was born May 25th 1846
: Daniel Luek [sic] was born March 2nd 1848
: Simon Peter was born February 21st 1850
: Alfred was born August 31st 1854
: Mathew was born February 8th 1857

: [Marginal Note] Mahaley's Children
: John son of Mahaly born August 22nd 1844
: Beverley born July 25th 1846. dead
: Levi do do born November 16th 1847
: Milly Ann was born November 14th 1849
: Washington was born Decr 1st 1851
: Sarah Elizabeth was born September 3rd 1853 [note on left] dead
: Charlotte was born October 21st 1855
: [end of page]

: Birth of Cely's Children
: Susan was born December 23d. 1857 dead
: Luella was born September 27th 1859 ["dead" lined out]
: dead
: Venus was born the 2nd day of May 1861 [entry lined out] dead
: Jeff Davis was born October 24th 1861 dead
: Osbourn was born December 21st 1862
: Lafayette was born July 1st 1865
: [end of page]

: Martha's Children their ages
: Alexandra was born 30th day of January 1860
: [end of page]

: * * * * *

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: of the reprint: Previously published in MISSING LINKS: Vol. 7,
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