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[Nationwide] Uriah Wise, only 1 African-American, b. VA, d. PA

Uriah Wise in census & military records

My ancestor Uriah Wise of Chambersburg, Franklin, PA appears to be the only African American with this name in the Federal Census 1850-1930. My branch of the family has no photographs, letters, or other documents pertaining to Uriah; but according to family oral history, he was a mixed-race person with a pale complexion. Of several men with this name, my ancestor also appears to be the only one born in Virginia. My ancestor Uriah Wise was born c. 1840 in VA and is counted in the census in Fauquier County, VA (1870) and Franklin County, PA (1880-1900). My ancestor Uriah married his second wife, a widow named Hannah Berry, in 1867 in Fauquier County, VA. He died c. 1900-10 in Chambersburg and most likely was buried without a marker in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. His widow Hannah Wise died on 8 Oct. 1925 and was buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. My ancestor Uriah apparently was counted twice in 1880: as a VA-born black household head in Chambersburg; and also as a VA-born white hired laborer in Guilford, five miles from Chambersburg. Uriah Wise, US soldier, a resident of Chambersburg, is included in the 1890 Veterans Schedule. In 1899 Uriah Wise appears as a freeholder (property owner) in Chambersburg tax rolls; in subsequent years his wife/widow Hannah Wise is listed as a Chambersburg freeholder at 278 Miller Street.

Below I’ve attempted to identify the different men named Uriah Wise, including six men with Civil War military records and four men (including Uriah of Chambersburg) counted in a surviving fragment of the 1890 Veterans Schedule. About ten men with the name Uriah/Uria/Urias Wise/Weise were the right age to be Civil War solders. They are numbered 1-10 below. Several possibly related men named Uriah Wise who were probably too old or too young to be Civil War veterans are listed below A-G.

1845 Marriage
A) Uriah Wise married Eliza Jane Grate on 13 Nov 1845, St. Louis, MO
B) Uriah Wise, b. 1816, Neuse (South Side), Wayne, NC
C) Uriah Wise, b. 1826 DC, Georgetown, NW, Washington, DC
(Spanish American War vet buried at Arlington National Cemetery)
D) Uriah Wise (Sarah), b. 1824 PA, Washington, Union, PA
(father of #8 Civil War vet, 210 PA Infantry)
1851 Marriage
B) Uriah Wise married Martha Worrell, Wayne County, NC
D) Uriah Wise, b. 1818 PA, Washington, Snyder, PA
F) Uriah Wise, b. 1854 GA, Bulloch, GA (parents John & Mary)
G) Uriah Wise, b. 1856 IL (parents Rubin & Matilda, gparents Solomon & Mary, all b. PA)
E) Uriah W. Wise, b. 1813 OH, Plattsmouth, Cass, NE
D) Uriah Wise, b. 1817 PA, Washington, Snyder, PA
A) Uriah Wise, b. 1818 MO, Carondelet, St. Louis, MO
D) Uriah Wise, widower, laborer, b. 1817 PA, Washington, Snyder, PA
Uriah Wise, widower, farming, b. 1819 OH, Bristol, Greene, IA
1889-91 Kansas City Directory
A) Uriah W. Wise (same or relative?)

1) Not in census until 1870: Uriah Wise, born c. 1840 VA
2) Not in census until 1860? Uriah Wise of Juniata Co. (wife Sarah J.)
3) Urias Wise, b. 1846 OH, Lake, Stark, OH (parents: Samuel N. & Anna b. OH)

// HOH John Raber, b. 1781 PA
4) Uriah S. Wise, b.1841 IN, Steubenville, Jefferson, OH
(son of H.J. & Catherine from Pittsburgh, PA)
5) Uriah Wise, b. 1841 PA, North Lebanon, Lebanon, PA (son of John & Mary Wise)
6) Urias Wise, b. 1841 PA, Pottsgrove, Montgomery, PA (son of Samuel & Catherine)
7) Uriah Wise, b. 1843 OH, Blue Creek, Adams, IN (HOH—William Wise & Elsa J., b. VA/OH)
#8 Uriah J. Wise, b. 1843 AR, Boston, Franklin, AR // Madison, AR

(son of Voluntine & Caroline Wise, b. KY/MO)
9) Not in census until 1860? Uriah Wise, b. 25 Aug 1839, Wooster, Wayne, OH
// HOH George & Margaret, b. OH/PA 1860 Milton, Wayne, OH
10) Uriah Wise (son of Uriah W. Wise & Sarah H. Duke?), b. 1848 PA, Washington, Union, PA

1) Not in census until 1870: Uriah Wise, born c. 1840 VA
2) Uriah Wise (Sarah J.), b. 1837 PA, Beale, Juniata, PA (son of Jacob Wise)
3) Uriah Wise, b. 1843 OH, Suffield, Portage, OH (HOH—Jacob & Mary Wise, b. PA)

// siblings or cousins? Catharine, Mahala, Mandana
4) Uriah T. Wise, b. 1840 IN, Van Wert, Van Wert, OH (son of H.J. & Catherine)
5) Uria Wise, b. 1841 Lebanon Co., Bethel, Lebanon, PA (son of John & Mary Wise)
6) Urias Wise, b. 1841 Montgomery Co., Amity, Berks, PA (son of Samuel & Catherine)
(HOH—George & Elizabeth Weasner)
7) Uriah Wise, b. 1844 OH, Monroe, Adams, IN (HOH—Henry & Phebe Stropher, b. PA/VA)
#8 Uriah Wise, b. 1843 MO, Hilburn, Madison, AR

(son of Volantine and Caroline Wise, b. KY/MO)
9) Uriah Wise, b. 1840 OH, Milton, Wayne, OH (HOH—George & Margaret Wise)

Future wife: Mary Greenhoe, b. 1845 OH, Ronald, Ionia, MI in 1860 //
Relative? Elizabeth Wise, b. 1779 PA
10) Uriah Wise (son of Uriah & Sarah of Washington, Union, PA) not in census?

Civil War Soldiers (All fought with the Union)
2) Private Uriah Wise, Co. F, 171 PA Infantry (Drafted Militia) (b. PA, lived in PA, parents b. PA)
Regiment also included Mus. Absalom & Private Emanuel Wise in Co. F
10) Private Uriah A. Wise, 210 PA Infantry (b. PA, lived in KS & OH, parents b. PA)

Regiment also included Pvt./Cpl. John A. Wise in Co. G
4) Sgt/Private Uriah S. Wise, Co. F, 64th OH Infantry (b. IN, lived in OH, parents b. PA)

Participated in Battle of Stones River

Regiment also included Pvt. Napoleon Wise in Co. A
8?) Private Urias J. Wise, Co. B, 6th OH Cavalry (b. MO, lived in AR & MO, buried in IN)

Regiment also included Privates John and Joseph Wise in Co. L
? Private Uriah/Uria Wise, Co. H & G, 6th KS Cavalry

Regiment also included Privates Edward & Samuel Wise
& Corpl. Joseph Wise/Weise in Co A, M, F
4?) Private Uriah S. Wise, Co. B, 3rd Battalion, Pioneer Brigade

Organized by Rosecrans from various regiments, 21st corps, Army of the Cumberland
(aka Army of the Ohio); participated in Battle of Stones River

No other soldiers with Wise surname in this Brigade

1854 Tax List
# 8 Uriah Wise, Carondolet, St. Louis, MO

1865 Marriage
9) Uriah Wise & Mary Greenhoe married 2 Nov 1865, Ronald, Ionia, MI

1866 Marriage
4) Uriah S. Wise married to May J./Mary J. Clendening on 16 Oct 1866, Mercer, OH

1867 Marriage
1) Uriah Wise, widower, married Hannah Berry, widow, Fauquier County, VA
7) Uriah Wise married to Millie/Mary M. Bumgartner of MI on 27 Aug 1867, Adams County, IN

1868 Arkansas Marriage
# 8 Marriage 1868: Uriah Jefferson Wise, b. 1843 MO; Matha/Martha Amanda King, b. 1853 AR

1869 Headstone for Union Veteran
#8 Uriah J. Wise, 6th OH Cavalry, died 7 April 1869, IN;
Burial at McElvath Graveyard, 5 mi. from Plymouth, Marshall County, IN

1) Uriah Wise (Hannah), b. 1833 VA, Scott, Fauquier, VA
2) Uriah Wise (Sarah J.), b. 1835 PA, Turcarora, Juniata, PA
4) Uriah S. Wise (Mary J.), b. 1842 IN, Van Wert, Van Wert, OH (son of H.J. & Catherine)
5) Uriah Wise (Redocy), b. 1845 PA, Bethel, Lebanon, PA
6) Uriah Wise, blacksmith (Emmeline), b. 1841 PA, Amity, Berks, PA

// son of Samuel & Catherine
7) Uriah Wise (Maria L./Mariah), b. 1844 OH, Watson, Allegan, MI

// children: Curtiss, Sarah H.
#8 deceased (Uriah Wise, b. 1818 MO, his grandfather? 1870 Carondelet, St. Louis, MO)
9) Uriah Wise, farmer (Mary), b. 1837 OH, Crystal, Montcalm, MI

Children: William, Simon, James
10) Uriah Wise (son of Uriah & Sarah of Washington, Union, PA) not in census?

1872 Marriage
10) Urias Wise married to Mollie C. Girton on 10 Oct, 1872, Sandusky, OH

This could be deceased mother of Genetta & Harold Wise in KS, 1880

1a) Uriah Wise, laborer, (Hannah), b. 1845 VA, Chambersburg, Franklin, PA
1b) Uriah Wise, hireling, b. 1840 VA, Guilford, Franklin, PA
2) Uriah Wise, laborer (Sarah J.), b. 1836 PA, Turbett, Juniata, PA
4) Uriah S. Wise, grocer (Jennie Clendenning), b. 1842, Ireland/IN, Van Wert, Van Wert, OH

Children: Nora, Harry A., b. OH
5) Uriah Wise, farmer (Redusa), b. 1842 PA, Bethel, Berks, PA
6) Urias Weise/Uriah Wise, blacksmith (Emma), b. PA, Amity, Berks, PA
7) Uriah Wise (married, unemployed), b. 1843 OH, Blue Creek/St. Marys, Adams, IN

Brother: Thomas Wise, farmer, b. IN; their parents b. VA

Mariah Wise, b. 1853 OH, married, unemployed, in C. Jacob Roop household
#8 deceased
9) Uriah Wise, teamster (Mary), b. 1840 OH, parents b. PA, Wadsworth, Medina, OH
Uriah’s parents b. PA // children: William J., Samuel G., James S., Frankie M., Otis S., Bertie/Bessie M., infant
10) Urias Wise (widower with OH/KS-born children), b. 1848 PA, Padonia, Brown, KS

Uriah’s parents b. PA // children: Genneta, Arolda/Harold

1889-91 Kansas City, MO City Directory
Uriah W. Wise, r 1502 Broadway (grandfather of #8?)

1880-90 Death
4) Uriah S. Wise, grocer (Jennie), died c. 1880-90

1890 Veterans
1) Uriah Wise, Chambersburg, Franklin, PA // US Soldier
2) Uriah Wise (Sarah J.), Turbett, Juniata, PA // Private F 171 PA Infantry
4) Uriah H. Wise (widow Mary J.), Van Wert, Van Wert, OH // Sgt/Private F 64 OH Inf
(son of H.J. & Catherine)
10) Urias Wise, Montgomery, Wood, OH // Private K 210 PA Infantry

(son of Uriah & Sarah?)

1891 Civil War pension file
4) Uriah S. Wise, F 64 OH Infantry, Sgt/Private (George W. Wise, minor child)

1892 Civil War pension file
2) Sarah J. Wise, widow of Uriah Wise, F 171 PA Infantry

9) Uriah Wise (Mary), b. 1844 OH, Kalamazoo, MI (Mary Greenhoe?)

1895 PA Death
Urias Wise, died in Berks County, PA (related to #6?)

1) Uriah/Hugh R. Wise (Hannah), b. 1848 VA, Chambersburg, PA (died 1900-1910)
6) Urias Wise (Emmaline), b. 1841 PA, Amity, Berks, PA
9) Uriah Wise (Mary), b. 1839 OH, Wakeshma, Kalamazoo, MI

//children: James, Frank, Otis, Clarence E., Bessie, Fred O., Oly
10) Urias Wise (Ester M.), b. 1848 PA, Portage, Wood, OH

10) Urias A. Wise (Margaret E.), b. 1848 PA, Liberty, Wood, OH
9) Uriah Wise (Mary), b. 1840 OH, Mendon, St. Joseph, MI, parents b. PA

Children: Frank, Bessie J.

6) Uriah Wise (widowed, deceased wife: Emmeline), b. 1841, Amity, Berks, PA
9) Uriah Wise (Mary Greenhoe), b. 1840 OH, Brady, Kalamazoo, MI

Daughters Bessie & Myrta
10) Urias Wise (Margaret), b. 1849 PA, Liberty, Wood, OH

1923 Ohio Death
10) Urias A. Wise died on 11 Feb 1923, Wood Co., OH

9) Uriah Wise (widowed, deceased wife Mary), b. 1850/40/39 OH, Brady, Kalamazoo, MI

9) Uriah Wise, born 25 Aug 1839; died 22 March 1931
Married Mary Greenhoe on 2 Nov 1865, Ronald, Ionia, MI

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