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[CA] Cartersville 1883 City Directory

Cartersville City Directory

"Colored Department"

Extracted from the *reprinted* 1883-1884 Directory for Cherokee and Cartersville, Georgia.
Reproduced here exactly, with corrections for obvious errors placed [in brackets].

Residents in the directory are divided into "White" and "Colored" Departments,
and have been kept as such for the sake of accuracy and authenticity.

©2000 Etowah Valley Historical Society

Submitted by Chantal Parker

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Abbreviations Used in the Cartersville City Directory
bet...between w.s....west side
n.s....north side
e.s....east side
s.s....south side

Adkins, Wm., Laborer, res w Market
Anderson L., washerwoman, res near Baptist Church
Alexander Carrie, restaurant, Railroad
Ayers F., seamstress, res H. W. Jackson

Baldwin N., lab., res Erwin, near W&A RR
Baldwin Mary, washerwoman, res n Baldwin
Baldwin H., lab, res s end Stonewall
Barna A., lab, res s end Stonewall
Bascom J., lab, res Tennessee, near Church
Bates F. C. L., music teacher, bds Rev. J. B. Loftin
Benham R., lab, res outside limits
Benham John, lab., res outside limits
Benham Austin, lab, res w end Carter
Black D., washerwoman, res Amanda Conyers
Bohannan A., lab, res near Bartow and Carter
Bonner, Wm., laborer, bds A. Laurence
Bonner, S., washerwoman, res Bartow and Center
Bradley Squire, servant Robert Patterson, col [colored]
Brown Sallie, washerwoman, res Tennessee, near car works
Brown J. B., wagon maker, res Tumlin, near Erwin
Brown F. P., lab, res w end Carter
Brown B., lab, res w end Carter
Brown Wm., lab, bds B. Brown
Brown Robert, lab, bds B. Brown
Brown A., lab, res Bartow, near Carter
Brown S., cook John Anderson, Sr.
Browder J. W., pastor Baptist Church, res near same

Camp G., lab, res s end Skinner
Cannon E., washerwoman, res near Wofford
Cannon D. H., drayman, res A. L. Thomas
Childs Lizzie, cook T. W. Milner
Chisholm Lizzie, cook J. A. Stoner
Choice Lucinda, cook T. W. Aiken
Coleman C., lab, bds M. Peacock
Connell E., washerwoman, res cor Stonewall and Market
Conyers M., washerwoman, res Tennessee, near Market
Conyers Ida, washerwoman, bds L. Hendricks
Conyers J., washerwoman, res G. Camp
Conyers Jennie, cook M. R. Stansell
Conyers A., lab, res near Baptist church
Conyers J., lab, bds A. Conyers
Cooley C., res w Carter
Cooley Alfred, blacksmith, bds E. Cooley
Cooley George, lab., bds E. Cooley
Copeland Ella, cook A. P. Wofford
Copeland M., nurse T. W. Baxter
Copeland L., washerwoman, res Cassville, near Market
Cothran A., lab., res w end Leake
Craig Aaron, lab., res w end Main
Craig J., lab, res rear Jail
Creighton Mary, cook J. R. Anderson
Crowlie N., lab, res s end Gilmer

Daniel, Baptist minister, res outside limits
Daniel P., lab, res N. Dukes
Daniel Rosa, cook A. M. Foute
Daniel Robt., lab, bds Carrie Alexander
Davis L., cook R. M. Patillo
Davis A., cook R. M. Patillo
Demry C., lab, res n end Bartow
Derall T., lab, res w end Main
Dobbs G., lab., res Gilmer, near Church
Dukes Nancy, washerwoman, res w end Main

Easley B. J., gardener, res w end Market st
Erwin M., cook J. D. Garnett
Erwin Clara, washerwoman, res John Erwin
Erwin John, mattress maker, res Frank Hutchins

Fields M., lab, res Tennessee, near car works
Fletcher Richard, carpenter, res Franklin, near Bartow
Floyd C., lab, bds E. Connell
Foster Jane, washerwoman, res Owen Foster
Foster Owen, lab., res Erwin st, near limits
Foster Anna, washerwoman, res n end Gilmer
Franklin J., lab., res w end Main
Freeman H., cook J. Z. McConnell
Furlough Hattie, bds Robt. Patterson

Gaines Fannie, washerwoman, res n end Gilmer
Garrett J. E., lab, bds A. Barna
Gilbert Sallie, servant Tennessee House
Gilbert P., lab, bds H. Gilbert
Gilbert H., lab, res w end Main
Goodwin Wm., lab, res near Colored Methodist church
Guyton Rosa, washerwoman, res Lucy Jones

Hall Sallie, servant Miss Mollie Jones
Hansom J., lab, res cor Bartow and Carter
Hansom K., washerwoman, bds J. Hansom
Harris T., lab, res s end Gilmer
Harris T., washerwoman, res rear Baptist church
Harris Betsey, washerwoman, res P. Myers
Harris W. J., lab, res w end Douglass
Harrison Lula, washerwoman, bds Nancy Dukes
Hartfield C., lab, res Tennessee st, near car works
Hartfield Ann, cook E. R. Murray
Heath M., cook S. L. Vandivere
Henderson R., blacksmith, res w end Leake
Henderson Wm., lab bds R. Henderson
Hendricks L., washerwoman, res Tennessee, near Carter
Hicks Violet, cook W. H. Howard
Hill R., carpenter, res w end Gilmer
Hillson T. C., lab, bds J. Hillson
Hillson J., pastor Methodist Church, res river road, near n Main st
Hines Thomas, laborer, res outside limits
Holmes N. L., carpenter, res w end Main
Hopkins J., laborer, residence transfer yard
Hopkins H., cook A. M. Franklin
Hate Lucy, washerwoman, res Douglass, near Carter
Hutchins Lewis, laborer, res near limits
Hutchins, Frank, laborer, res Erwin, near Leake
Hutchins A., laborer, res n end Collins

Jackson, M., nurse J. H. Wikle
Jackson D., cook J. H. Wikle
Jackson W., cook J. R. Wikle
Jarrett D., laborer, res Gilmer, near Church
Johnson L., drayman, bds D. Leake
Johnson H., laborer, res w end Douglass
Johnson Ellen, cook M. L. Pritchett
Johnson Emma, cook W. C. Baker
Johnson L., cook D. W. Curry
Johnson Aaron, laborer, res transfer yard
Johnson, H. W., laborer, res n end Bartow
Johnson John, laborer, res n end Gilmer
Jones Lucy, washerwoman, res Tennessee, near Church
Jones T., cook W. H. Sands
Jones Ellen, cook Dr. F. W. Memmber
Jones Clara, nurse W. H. Howard
Jones E., cook M. F. Word
Jones J. C., laborer, res Main, near Bartow
Jones H., Sr., laborer, res w end Main
Jones H., Jr., bds H. Jones, Sr.
Julian Joe, laborer, res w end Carter
Julian B., cook T. W. Baxter

Kelly J. O., laborer res cor Bartow and Franklin
Kemp Francis, washerwoman, res near Wm. Satterfield
King A., shoemaker, res near Baptist Church
Knight A. B., carpenter, res Carter, near Bartow
Knight W. M., Baptist minister, bds A. B. Knight

Lawrence A., laborer, res w end Carter
Leake A., laborer, res Bartow, near Leake
Leake A., laborer, res Tennessee, near Douglass
Leake D., washerwoman, res s end Gilmer
Little Chas, brickmason, res w end Main
Loftin J. B., pastor Methodist Church, res near Church

Mac Mary, washerwoman, res near w Main
Martin C., laborer, res n end Douglass
Massie D., laborer, res near city limits
Mickens M., cook W. C. Edwards
Mickens L., laborer, res near Methodist Church
Middlebrooks H., washerwoman, res w end Main
Miller W. H., carpenter, res w end Market
Miller Sue, cook M. H. Gilreath
Milner H., blacksmith, res w Carter
Milner John, laborer, res near city limits
Milner Ellen, cook J. A. Anderson
Moody E., drayman, res Railroad, near Carter
Moody B. drayman, bds E. Moody
Moore Louisa, washerwoman, res near city limits
Moore Wm., laborer, res n end Railroad
Moss C., farmer, res n end Douglass
Moss Anna, washerwoman, bds C. Moss
Moss John, carpenter, res w end Carter
Morgan P., baker, res Douglass near Carter
Morrig H., lab, res outside limits
Morris James, servant J. R. Anderson
Morris Joe, lab, res Erwin, near limits
Murphy Thomas, butcher, res w end Main
Murray P., blacksmith, res Douthit's road, near Leake
Myers P., washerwoman, res Bartow, near Carter
McCrary W. W., Methodist minister, res n end Bartow
McDonald P., lab, bds A. Johnson
McGee Lucy, washerwoman, res Tennessee, near car works
McReynolds Joe, lab, res Erwin, near W&A RR

Nelson Anna, cook J. T. Sheppard
Nelson F., lab, w end Main
Nelson R., cook W. S. Latta
Nicholson H. L., lab, res s end Stonewall

Parks Robert, lab, res w end Main
Parks B., lab, res w end Market
Parrott Charles, shoemaker, res n end Gilmer
Parrott R., shoemaker, res n end Gilmer
Patterson E., blacksmith, res Bartow, near Carter
Patterson Robert, restaurant, res Railroad
Peacock Robert, drayman, res w end Main
Peacock M., washerwoman, res w end Market
Pitts M. A., washerwoman, res Samuel Pitts
Pitts Samuel, lab, res Carter, near Bartow
Price Eliza, cook Tennessee House

Ramsaw A. Washerwoman, bds Anna Foster
Ramsaw Emma, cook R. H. Jones
Ramsaw F., lab., res Bartow, near Tumlin
Richardson M., washerwoman, bds J. O. Kelly
Riley M., lab, res w end Carter
Rivers A., cook J. F. Best
Rivers A., washerwoman, res w end Market
Roberts B., lab, res s Walker
Rouse W. D., lab, res transfer yard
Rudd Lizzie, cook D. Hamiter

Sanders S., cook J. J. Conner
Saxon Charles, lab, bds J. Saxon
Saxon J., laborer, res w end Market
Saxon S., laborer, res w end Market
Stanfield T., laborer, res near Baptist church
Strickland Ann, washerwoman
Scott S., cook bds D. Jarrett
Shells Dennis, laborer, bds N. Williams
Smith D., laborer, res Skinner near Erwin
Smith Maria, washerwoman, res D. Smith
Smith E., cook M. G. Dobbins
Smith L. S., washerwoman, bds J. B. Brown
Smith Fanny, cook R. A. Crawford

Taylor John, barber, res Erwin near Franklin
Templeton L., train hand, res Carter near Bartow
Thomas A. L., blacksmith, res Tumlin near Bartow
Thomas M., car builder, res Carter near Erwin
Thomas R., laborer, res near limits
Thomas C., res Erwin near limits
Thompson J., laborer, res near outside limits
Todd V., washerwoman, bds Jno Johnson
Trammell A., lab, res river road near Main
Tribble J. T., blacksmith, res n end railroad
Tumlin Fannie, cook St. James
Tumlin Rose, washerwoman, res e end Tennessee

Upshaw, C., lab, res n end Gilmer

Walker John C., lab, bds W. C. Walker
Walker W. C., shoemaker, res Bartow, near Carter
Walker B., nurse W. C. Baker
Walker Sam, lab., res s end Stonewall
Weaver P., painter, res transfer yards
Weber H., lab, res Skinner, near Leake
Weems Coursa, car hand, bds Robt Patterson
Weems J., lab, res w end Main
Wells T. W., lab., res near Baptist church
Wells T. C., lab, bds T. W. Wells
Wells Francis, washerwoman, bds T. W. Wells
Williams T., laborer, res s end Skinner
Williams M., lab, res outside city limits
Williams L., servant T. W. Baxter
Wood D., pastor M. E. Church, res n end Gilmer
Woodford Geo, lab, res near limits
Wofford C., nurse J. Z. McConnell
Wofford Anna, cook J. G. M. Montgomery
Wofford D., drayman, res n end Railroad
Wofford H., washerwoman, bds Joe Wofford
Wofford Joe, lab, res n end Rilroad [Railroad]
Wofford N., washerwoman, res n end Railroad
Wofford Noah, drayman, res n end Railroad

Young C., cook T. A. Davidson
Young P., painter, res w end Carter
Young Jas, carpenter, res w end Market

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