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Re: Manumission Papers Filed In Logan County, Ohio

Hi Art,

I'm sure this post will be helpful to someone. Thank you for providing the information.

: Hello,

: A very long post, but I hope it will help someone in their
: research.
: This also gives an idea of what was involved in "freeing"
: one's slaves and what the slaves may have had to endure in a
: "Free State"
: ====================================================
: Notes: Logan County, Ohio Recorders Office Freedom Papers Filed
: 1834-1855

: Papers filed by “colored persons” that they were free men or women
: or statements that they had been freed by their “masters”. This
: is to avoid being rounded up by men hunting escaped slaves and
: returning them to the south.

: Page 101 – entry No. 1

: The State if Ohio Logan County

: I, N.Z. McColloch clerk of the court pf common pleas of the county
: of Logan aforesaid do hereby certify that the bearer EATON
: WILKISON BANKS a Free man of colour was born free of the body of
: ANTHONY BANKS and NANCY BANKS free man and woman of colour as
: per certificate of record in this office.

: The said EATON WILKISON BANKS is a dark brown complexion five feet
: ten inches high twenty one years of age has a scar on the finger
: next to the little one on the left hand also two scars below the
: knee of the left leg rather slender but well made.

: In witness whereof I have here to subscribe my name and affixed the
: seal of said court at Bellefontaine this sixth day of June 1834
: // N.Z. McColloch clk.

: Affidavits were filed that this person had known certain colored
: person for so many years, “ has conducted himself as well as any
: colored ma in his neighborhood”;

: State of North Carolina Northampton County

: We as acting Justices of the peace do hereby Certify thath MICAJAH
: ARTISS a man of colour, of yellow complexion about five feet
: eight or nine inches high aged twenty three years is born free.
: Given under our hands this 3rd of March 1834

: // John Peele, JP

: // Bryan Randolph, JP

: JASON HICKS and CHRISTOPHER HICKS from Southampton County, Virginia
: affidavits filed 1835

: Page 126 – JOHN NEWLIN’S Deed Orange County, NC

: “from motives of benevolence and humanity have manumitted and set
: free from slavery and the bonds of servitude, all of the said
: slaves so directed by the said will, decree etc. to liberated,
: all of whom have now assumed and are designated by the names


: and heretofore been known by the names of Alfred, Peter, Jim, Ned,
: Anderson, Jack, Calvin, Frank or Franklin, David (a child), John
: (a child), Ala, Werly, Willis, Ellen, Tabitha, Arlena, Defa, or
: Delphina, Letha Ann, Rilla, Mahala, Burchey, Sam, Eliza, Milton,
: Alson, Malinda, Edward (a child), Munnr, Bill (a child), Jesse,
: Nancy, Kissy, Sally, Daniel, Matilda, Martha, Polly, King,
: Sally, Kissy, Jarmy, Chap, all of whom are now in Logan County,
: Ohio and I do hereby manumit and set free from slavery and the
: bonds of servitude all said persons so bequeathed to me, and
: meant And intended to be liberated by said decree, etc. And I do
: hereby give, grant and release unto the said above named slaves
: and persons being in the number of forty-two and to each of them
: all my…………


: P. 135

: EWING S. BANKS son of ANTHONY and NANCY BANKS born free – affidavit
: filed June 1852 “ is of a dark complexion, about five feet 10
: inches high, about 45 years of age has two scars on his right
: hand, is rather well made and has a child, intellingent
: countenance.”

: P. 135

: State if North Carolina Halifax County

: We do hereby certify that we have known CARTER JAMES, the bearer
: hereof for several years, that he about twent-three years old,
: of a light complexion and has a scar on his right leg, that he
: is about 5 & 5/12 feet high, and that he ha always sustained
: a character for honesty and industry so far as we know and
: believe, and is entitled to all the privileges of a free person
: of colour. Given under our hand and seals, this 27th day of July
: 1841.

: // F.S. Marshall

: // R.J. Hawkins

: P. 141

: Mendenhall data …….

: Know all men that these presents that I George C. Mendenhall of the
: county of Guilford in the State of North Carolina have nominated
: constituted and appointed and by these presents do nominate
: constitute empower and appoint WILLIS WHITE of said county &
: State aforesaid my true And lawful attorney for me and in my
: name and for me and on my behalf to take possession and take
: charge of the two following slaves of mine, now at my residence
: in Guilford County, N.C. to wit: HULDAH a Negro women about
: eighteen year of age of tolerably stout size, and good height,
: of dark complexion and head of rather unusal form, being the
: daughter of WILLIS & SARAH. Also of her second child a boy
: also of dark complexion born the 22nd day of July 1854 named
: NEBO GUANT – and with said White’s own wagon & horses, at my
: expense to take and to remove the said HULDAY & child to
: Chillicothe or some neighboring town or county in the State of
: Ohio, Said White to leave home about the early part of September
: 1854 with SAMUEL WHITE & others in company on his way to
: Indiana, and my slaves to be left at some convenient point so
: they may go to Logan County in Ohio to the care of JOSHUA MARMON
: and ASA WILLIAMS who is to send for them.

: And I hereby empower the said WILLIS WHITE to do and perform in my
: name all necessary and lawful acts, and sign all necessary
: papers in my name if any required, in safely transporting said
: HULDAH and child NOBE GUANT into the state of Ohio.

: In testimony whereof I have hereunto set may hand and seal this
: 15th day of august 1854.

: // George C. Mendenhall

: P. 142

: State of North Carolina Davidson County
: Court of Pleas & quarter session august Term 1854

: ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

: State of North Carolina
: Guilford County

: Whereas I have returned form Davidson Court and my mind inclines to
: send by WILLIS WHITE my Black Boy named COLUMBUS about 6 ½ years
: of age and son of MAHALA cousin to HULDAH being a boy whose
: clothes caught on fire and who was very badly burned and
: scarred, both on body and face. The said WILLIS WHITE has agreed
: to take said by COLUMBUS and I George C. Mendenhall have agreed
: to send boy COLUMBUS with HULDAH & child to Ohio. Therefore,
: I hereby authorize and empower WILLIS WHITE to take possession
: and to take charge also of COLUMBUS and take him with HULDAH
: & child to Ohio.

: This 19th day of august 1854 George C. Mendenhall

: P. 143

: Jamestown, Guilford County, North Carolina July 14th 1854

: To Asa Williams – Edith Williams & Joshua Marmon.

: Having had the assurance personally and by letter from Asa Williams
: that arrangements were made and would be made for taking care of
: Colored Persons who were within the verge of different Quarterly
: Meetings in Ohio, and such as might be sent from a state of
: Slavery to that portion of that free state, I have of my own
: free will on the 11th day of this month 3 days since started the
: following of my Slaves to the house of Joshua Marmon as the
: letter of Asa Williams of Apri; last directed – to wit: 1.
: WILLIE about 55 years of age – a good Miller – Sawyer and
: somewhat a Blacksmith & Wagon Maker, quite a capable &
: handy man, no education scarsely.
: 2. SARAH his wife, about the same age, feeble and not of good healt
: 3. BAILEY (Dr. G.) the grandson of WILLIE & SARAH, a boy born
: the 12th day of July 1852, nearly white. A smart boy.
: 4. KATEY – near 40 years of age – low and fleshy – very mild – of
: excellent disposition and very good about any house, light
: complexion
: 5. RICHMOND, Katey’s son born 15th of august 1848. Neither light or
: of dark complexion - a fine boy.
: 6. SALLY – of dark complexion, tolerably tall and slender – very
: nimble, brisk & too talkative – a good weaver – cook &
: good washer woman, and can easily manage any household affairs.
: She is about 35 years old and she and Katey are both sisters of
: Willie.
: 7. MARTIN – son of Sally born 29th of January 1848 Slender and not
: strong.
: 8. CLARKSON (Thomas) Son of Sally born 14th of June 1851 round full
: face and a smart boy also.
: 9. HENRIETTA Daughte of Sally born 9th of March 1853 a smart little
: girl running about some. All 3 of Sally’s children are of dark
: complexion.

: I purchased a new two-horse wagon for this voyage 1st of last
: February as I wrote to Asa Williams.
: I employed John Wite Esq. of Randolph County who resides between 15
: & 20 from miles me, a fine lively man, son of the former
: Sheriff of that county & he himself for years Deputy Sheriff
: to go and superintend the whole travel and see my wagon & 9
: Slaves driven to the house of Joshua Marmon in Logan County and
: there deliver the 9 persons of Color and their trunks and
: baggage and after resting some days in that neighborhood to
: returnwith my wagon & two horses home to me. We had the
: colored folks fairly fixed off with clothing, bedding and the
: means to traveling. John White employed a young man about 19,
: Felix Frazer to go with him to aid in driving home the wagon.
: And White may choose to buy a few good horses & if so on
: fair terms, then Frazer would not only be company, but of
: service to white on his return to NC. I shall write to white at
: 2 or 3 points on his way & at Columbus the last. I have
: nothing to leave for our colored folks there, they can all earn
: their own living & that of their children with proper
: management.

: We have been still, entirely still, on the subject of this
: expedition to Ohio. We have not mentioned the subject to a
: single person white or black in North Carolina except to Willie
: himself & he not even to his wife – not a word to either of
: the others (John White only excepted). This may seem strange to
: you residing in Ohio, but an impression very strong has been
: made on me through most of the 1853 and all of 1854 so far, and
: often repeated was the impression that stillness, even to the
: not speaking a word was the very first and important duty in
: securing success, and we have been much favored & my wife
: Delphina is now and for some time has been as fully satisfied of
: this as I am myself .

: What I write is therefore is not for publication or public
: inspection, and necessity only causes me to write at all. We are
: full believers in the 3rd verse of the 6th chapter of Matthew on
: this subjext. Delphina & myself went North and attended New
: England Yearly Meeting the middle of June at Newport & there
: saw many friends. Please drop me a line by next mail after this
: is received.

: Most Respectfully,

: // George C. Mendenhall

: John white is a most reliable man,
: As to all he does or says through very
: Cheerful & live.

: The above named persons of Color have all each adopted the name of
: Mendenhall, so that their names will hereafter stand as follows

: PP 146, 147

: Deed of Emancipation of George C. Mendenhall to 28 of his slaves.

: Deed of Emancipation and Freedom from George C. Mendenhall of
: Guilford County in North Carolina to the following named and
: described slaves of his sent by his consent and by his direction
: and brought by himself to the State of Ohio.

: This Indenture Witnesseth that the said George C. Mendenhall in
: consideration of his own views and of the proper construction of
: the Declaration of Independence adopted on the 4th of July 1776
: by the American people. And the further consideration of his own
: views of the duties of man to his fellow man hath made this deed
: of emancipation to his said slaves as follows: 1. WILLIE - about
: 55 years of age.
: 2. SARAH Wife of Willie about the same age.
: 3. BAILEY their grandchild son of their daughter Huldah
: 4. CATHERINE call Katey, about 40 years old.
: 5. RICHMOND her son born in august 1848
: 6. SALLY another sister of Willie next younger that Katey.
: 7. MARTIN son of Sally born in January 1848
: 8. CLARKSON son of Sally born in June 1851
: 9. HENRIETTA daughter of Sally born in March 1853
: 10. NANCY LOUISA daughter of Sally born Jany. 1853
: 11. HULDAH daughter of Willie & Sarah now having 2 children
: 12. NEBO GAUNT, son of Huldah, born July 1854
: 13. COLUMBUS son of Mahala, badly burned and about 10 years of age.
: 14. DOLLY very dark color aged about 60 years
: 15. ADELINE, daughter of Dolly also black aged 22
: 16. REGINA daughter of Adeline quite dark complexion
: 17. MARGARET also daughter of Adeline, age 8, dark
: 18. PHEBE ANN also daughter of Adeline, 4 years old
: 19. MADISON, son of Adeline, one year old
: 20. MAHALA, about 44 years old & very large
: 21. CAROLINE about 16 or 17 years old daughte of Mahala
: 22. SUSAN daughter of Mahala about 10 years old
: 23. MIRANDA also daughter of Mahala about 5 years old
: 24. MARY lame in one hip, niece of Willie about 24 years old
: 25. JANETTE daughter of mary about 10 years old
: 26. MISSOURI daughter of Sally about 12 years of age
: 27. EDMUND brother of Willie about 40 years old
: 28. WALTER nephew of Willie & Edward about 17 years old

: All of which slaves are now in the State of Ohio in Logan County
: and all of whom came to this State by my consent, to become
: entitled thereby to their freedom. And the said George C.
: Mendenhall doth hereby invest all said slaves with all the
: rights and privileges of Free persons of color, according to
: laws and constitution of the State of Ohio.

: In Testimony whereof the said George C. mendenhall hath hereunto
: set his hand and affixed his seal in Logan county and State of
: Ohio this 28th day of June 1855.

: Witness
: // I (or J) White
: // Asa Williams //George C. Mendenhall
: // Exum Johnson

: Recd and Recorded July 2nd 1855 - Jas Leister Clk

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