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Manumission Papers Filed In Logan County, Ohio


A very long post, but I hope it will help someone in their research.
This also gives an idea of what was involved in "freeing" one's slaves and what the slaves may have had to endure in a "Free State"
Notes: Logan County, Ohio Recorders Office Freedom Papers Filed 1834-1855

Papers filed by “colored persons” that they were free men or women or statements that they had been freed by their “masters”. This is to avoid being rounded up by men hunting escaped slaves and returning them to the south.

Page 101 – entry No. 1

The State if Ohio Logan County

I, N.Z. McColloch clerk of the court pf common pleas of the county of Logan aforesaid do hereby certify that the bearer EATON WILKISON BANKS a Free man of colour was born free of the body of ANTHONY BANKS and NANCY BANKS free man and woman of colour as per certificate of record in this office.

The said EATON WILKISON BANKS is a dark brown complexion five feet ten inches high twenty one years of age has a scar on the finger next to the little one on the left hand also two scars below the knee of the left leg rather slender but well made.

In witness whereof I have here to subscribe my name and affixed the seal of said court at Bellefontaine this sixth day of June 1834 // N.Z. McColloch clk.

Affidavits were filed that this person had known certain colored person for so many years, “ has conducted himself as well as any colored ma in his neighborhood”;

State of North Carolina Northampton County

We as acting Justices of the peace do hereby Certify thath MICAJAH ARTISS a man of colour, of yellow complexion about five feet eight or nine inches high aged twenty three years is born free.
Given under our hands this 3rd of March 1834

// John Peele, JP

// Bryan Randolph, JP

JASON HICKS and CHRISTOPHER HICKS from Southampton County, Virginia affidavits filed 1835

Page 126 – JOHN NEWLIN’S Deed Orange County, NC

“from motives of benevolence and humanity have manumitted and set free from slavery and the bonds of servitude, all of the said slaves so directed by the said will, decree etc. to liberated, all of whom have now assumed and are designated by the names following, ALFRED NEWLIN, JAMES NICHOLS, PETER NEWLIN, EDWARD NEWLIN, EDWARD NEWLIN, ANDERSON NEWLIN, JOHN NEWLIN, CALVIN NEWLIN, FRANKLIN NEWLIN, DAVID O. NEWLIN, JOHN W. NEWLIN, ALEY NEWLIN,


and heretofore been known by the names of Alfred, Peter, Jim, Ned, Anderson, Jack, Calvin, Frank or Franklin, David (a child), John (a child), Ala, Werly, Willis, Ellen, Tabitha, Arlena, Defa, or Delphina, Letha Ann, Rilla, Mahala, Burchey, Sam, Eliza, Milton, Alson, Malinda, Edward (a child), Munnr, Bill (a child), Jesse, Nancy, Kissy, Sally, Daniel, Matilda, Martha, Polly, King, Sally, Kissy, Jarmy, Chap, all of whom are now in Logan County, Ohio and I do hereby manumit and set free from slavery and the bonds of servitude all said persons so bequeathed to me, and meant And intended to be liberated by said decree, etc. And I do hereby give, grant and release unto the said above named slaves and persons being in the number of forty-two and to each of them all my…………


P. 135

EWING S. BANKS son of ANTHONY and NANCY BANKS born free – affidavit filed June 1852 “ is of a dark complexion, about five feet 10 inches high, about 45 years of age has two scars on his right hand, is rather well made and has a child, intellingent countenance.”

P. 135

State if North Carolina Halifax County

We do hereby certify that we have known CARTER JAMES, the bearer hereof for several years, that he about twent-three years old, of a light complexion and has a scar on his right leg, that he is about 5 & 5/12 feet high, and that he ha always sustained a character for honesty and industry so far as we know and believe, and is entitled to all the privileges of a free person of colour. Given under our hand and seals, this 27th day of July 1841.

// F.S. Marshall

// R.J. Hawkins

P. 141

Mendenhall data …….

Know all men that these presents that I George C. Mendenhall of the county of Guilford in the State of North Carolina have nominated constituted and appointed and by these presents do nominate constitute empower and appoint WILLIS WHITE of said county & State aforesaid my true And lawful attorney for me and in my name and for me and on my behalf to take possession and take charge of the two following slaves of mine, now at my residence in Guilford County, N.C. to wit: HULDAH a Negro women about eighteen year of age of tolerably stout size, and good height, of dark complexion and head of rather unusal form, being the daughter of WILLIS & SARAH. Also of her second child a boy also of dark complexion born the 22nd day of July 1854 named NEBO GUANT – and with said White’s own wagon & horses, at my expense to take and to remove the said HULDAY & child to Chillicothe or some neighboring town or county in the State of Ohio, Said White to leave home about the early part of September 1854 with SAMUEL WHITE & others in company on his way to Indiana, and my slaves to be left at some convenient point so they may go to Logan County in Ohio to the care of JOSHUA MARMON and ASA WILLIAMS who is to send for them.

And I hereby empower the said WILLIS WHITE to do and perform in my name all necessary and lawful acts, and sign all necessary papers in my name if any required, in safely transporting said HULDAH and child NOBE GUANT into the state of Ohio.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set may hand and seal this 15th day of august 1854.

// George C. Mendenhall

P. 142

State of North Carolina Davidson County
Court of Pleas & quarter session august Term 1854


State of North Carolina
Guilford County

Whereas I have returned form Davidson Court and my mind inclines to send by WILLIS WHITE my Black Boy named COLUMBUS about 6 ½ years of age and son of MAHALA cousin to HULDAH being a boy whose clothes caught on fire and who was very badly burned and scarred, both on body and face. The said WILLIS WHITE has agreed to take said by COLUMBUS and I George C. Mendenhall have agreed to send boy COLUMBUS with HULDAH & child to Ohio. Therefore, I hereby authorize and empower WILLIS WHITE to take possession and to take charge also of COLUMBUS and take him with HULDAH & child to Ohio.

This 19th day of august 1854 George C. Mendenhall

P. 143

Jamestown, Guilford County, North Carolina July 14th 1854

To Asa Williams – Edith Williams & Joshua Marmon.

Having had the assurance personally and by letter from Asa Williams that arrangements were made and would be made for taking care of Colored Persons who were within the verge of different Quarterly Meetings in Ohio, and such as might be sent from a state of Slavery to that portion of that free state, I have of my own free will on the 11th day of this month 3 days since started the following of my Slaves to the house of Joshua Marmon as the letter of Asa Williams of Apri; last directed – to wit:

1. WILLIE about 55 years of age – a good Miller – Sawyer and somewhat a Blacksmith & Wagon Maker, quite a capable & handy man, no education scarsely.
2. SARAH his wife, about the same age, feeble and not of good healt
3. BAILEY (Dr. G.) the grandson of WILLIE & SARAH, a boy born the 12th day of July 1852, nearly white. A smart boy.
4. KATEY – near 40 years of age – low and fleshy – very mild – of excellent disposition and very good about any house, light complexion
5. RICHMOND, Katey’s son born 15th of august 1848. Neither light or of dark complexion - a fine boy.
6. SALLY – of dark complexion, tolerably tall and slender – very nimble, brisk & too talkative – a good weaver – cook & good washer woman, and can easily manage any household affairs. She is about 35 years old and she and Katey are both sisters of Willie.
7. MARTIN – son of Sally born 29th of January 1848 Slender and not strong.
8. CLARKSON (Thomas) Son of Sally born 14th of June 1851 round full face and a smart boy also.
9. HENRIETTA Daughte of Sally born 9th of March 1853 a smart little girl running about some. All 3 of Sally’s children are of dark complexion.

I purchased a new two-horse wagon for this voyage 1st of last February as I wrote to Asa Williams.
I employed John Wite Esq. of Randolph County who resides between 15 & 20 from miles me, a fine lively man, son of the former Sheriff of that county & he himself for years Deputy Sheriff to go and superintend the whole travel and see my wagon & 9 Slaves driven to the house of Joshua Marmon in Logan County and there deliver the 9 persons of Color and their trunks and baggage and after resting some days in that neighborhood to returnwith my wagon & two horses home to me. We had the colored folks fairly fixed off with clothing, bedding and the means to traveling. John White employed a young man about 19, Felix Frazer to go with him to aid in driving home the wagon. And White may choose to buy a few good horses & if so on fair terms, then Frazer would not only be company, but of service to white on his return to NC. I shall write to white at 2 or 3 points on his way & at Columbus the last. I have nothing to leave for our colored folks there, they can all earn their own living & that of their children with proper management.

We have been still, entirely still, on the subject of this expedition to Ohio. We have not mentioned the subject to a single person white or black in North Carolina except to Willie himself & he not even to his wife – not a word to either of the others (John White only excepted). This may seem strange to you residing in Ohio, but an impression very strong has been made on me through most of the 1853 and all of 1854 so far, and often repeated was the impression that stillness, even to the not speaking a word was the very first and important duty in securing success, and we have been much favored & my wife Delphina is now and for some time has been as fully satisfied of this as I am myself .

What I write is therefore is not for publication or public inspection, and necessity only causes me to write at all. We are full believers in the 3rd verse of the 6th chapter of Matthew on this subjext. Delphina & myself went North and attended New England Yearly Meeting the middle of June at Newport & there saw many friends. Please drop me a line by next mail after this is received.

Most Respectfully,

// George C. Mendenhall

John white is a most reliable man,
As to all he does or says through very
Cheerful & live.


PP 146, 147

Deed of Emancipation of George C. Mendenhall to 28 of his slaves.

Deed of Emancipation and Freedom from George C. Mendenhall of Guilford County in North Carolina to the following named and described slaves of his sent by his consent and by his direction and brought by himself to the State of Ohio.

This Indenture Witnesseth that the said George C. Mendenhall in consideration of his own views and of the proper construction of the Declaration of Independence adopted on the 4th of July 1776 by the American people. And the further consideration of his own views of the duties of man to his fellow man hath made this deed of emancipation to his said slaves as follows:

1. WILLIE - about 55 years of age.
2. SARAH Wife of Willie about the same age.
3. BAILEY their grandchild son of their daughter Huldah
4. CATHERINE call Katey, about 40 years old.
5. RICHMOND her son born in august 1848
6. SALLY another sister of Willie next younger that Katey.
7. MARTIN son of Sally born in January 1848
8. CLARKSON son of Sally born in June 1851
9. HENRIETTA daughter of Sally born in March 1853
10. NANCY LOUISA daughter of Sally born Jany. 1853
11. HULDAH daughter of Willie & Sarah now having 2 children
12. NEBO GAUNT, son of Huldah, born July 1854
13. COLUMBUS son of Mahala, badly burned and about 10 years of age.
14. DOLLY very dark color aged about 60 years
15. ADELINE, daughter of Dolly also black aged 22
16. REGINA daughter of Adeline quite dark complexion
17. MARGARET also daughter of Adeline, age 8, dark
18. PHEBE ANN also daughter of Adeline, 4 years old
19. MADISON, son of Adeline, one year old
20. MAHALA, about 44 years old & very large
21. CAROLINE about 16 or 17 years old daughte of Mahala
22. SUSAN daughter of Mahala about 10 years old
23. MIRANDA also daughter of Mahala about 5 years old
24. MARY lame in one hip, niece of Willie about 24 years old
25. JANETTE daughter of mary about 10 years old
26. MISSOURI daughter of Sally about 12 years of age
27. EDMUND brother of Willie about 40 years old
28. WALTER nephew of Willie & Edward about 17 years old

All of which slaves are now in the State of Ohio in Logan County and all of whom came to this State by my consent, to become entitled thereby to their freedom. And the said George C. Mendenhall doth hereby invest all said slaves with all the rights and privileges of Free persons of color, according to laws and constitution of the State of Ohio.

In Testimony whereof the said George C. mendenhall hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal in Logan county and State of Ohio this 28th day of June 1855.

// I (or J) White
// Asa Williams //George C. Mendenhall
// Exum Johnson

Recd and Recorded July 2nd 1855 - Jas Leister Clk

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