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Welcome to Forum-Carib!! Our Forum covers the numerous islands of the West Indies and the countries of North, Central and South America that border on the Caribbean. Diverse cultures have developed in many areas as a result of multiple European backgrounds in their histories. Island-hopping is not a new phenomenon, and emigration is common, so records may be found in a wide variety of places. Let's work as a TEAM, sharing our methods, tips, and resources to help each other find our ancestors.

There are many potential localities involved; for ease of exploration, we ask you to include the name of your island or country in the subject line of your post.

Please read the Terms of Use before you post.

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AfriGeneas Caribbean Research Forum

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[JAMAICA] Stewart
[JAMAICA] Black/Mixed raced Allisons in Jamaica
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Re: Jamaica Research
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Re: [JAMAICA] looking for my ancestors
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Re: [JAMAICA] BENT relative from Colombia
Re: [JAMAICA] Brockington-Dochee
Re: [JAMAICA] Brockington-Dochee
Re: [JAMAICA] BENT relative from Colombia
Re: [JAMAICA] Jacob A. Dochee
Re: [JAMAICA] BENT relative from Colombia
[JAMAICA] Slave names 1817
Re: [JAMAICA] Slave names 1817
Re: [JAMAICA] Slave names 1817
[Misc] Warrick
[JAMAICA] Obits & Memoriams
[JAMAICA] Slave Names 1817
[CARIB] Virgin Islands
Re: Enslaved Puerto Rican Ancestors
[HAITI] John D. Garrigus - History Prof. at JU
[CARIB] New website
[JAMAICA] Daily Gleaner 1944
Re: [JAMAICA] Daily Gleaner 1944
Re: [JAMAICA] Daily Gleaner 1944
[Other] info on maternal grandparents/Antigua-Barbuda
[Other] info on maternal grandparents
[JAMAICA] Paternal Grandmother--Cassandra Stothart
[BARBADOS] Gittens
[CARIB] BOYLE * SYDNEY ~ Search approach?
[CARIB] A Country Study
[JAMAICA] Loyalists who fled to Jamaica (Mainly from South C
[CARIB] New Quarterly Publication
[BARBADOS] Edwards~manumission
[COSTA RICA] Burials in Buenos Aires, 1821-1900
[BARBADOS] Planter means...another view
[BARBADOS] Planter means...
[GUYANA] Schultz Barker Briggs Hinds Guyana
[JAMAICA] Records On Line
[BARBADOS] History of Antigua...
[GUYANA] Caribs & Arawaks
[JAMAICA] Caribbean Resource Page
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[JAMAICA] Manumissions 1820-1825
[TRINIDAD] The Merikins
Re: Can You Raise the Bar on Black History Month?
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