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Start: 20:59:34
End: 22:18:32
Chatters: AmosNY, AYWalton, daviss, Khathu, rcs, Selma, Spivey, vkn

vkn: Good Saturday Evening to All I am in o tidy up the place a bit and to do the meeting and greeting until the red hatters arrive

Spivey: Hi vkn!

vkn: Howdy to you this evening ms spivey

Spivey: ROTFL. I just read your post.

vkn: lol

Spivey: I see everything is neat and tidy. Thanks! At least I am happy to be blue. I didn't like being white much.

vkn: out of puff breath puff puff from chair lifting puff puff

Spivey: Oh, you shoulda have waited for one of the men to come in. They need to do some work somewhere. Heaven knows, they usually don't do any at home!

vkn: okies

Spivey: Hi Selma!

vkn: owdy ms selma

Selma: Good Saturday evening folks

AYWalton: Good evening all. I hope you are all well.

Spivey: vkn cleaned and tidied the room before we got here AYWalton. She's tired now.

AYWalton: and everything is shining!

vkn: That migration author had a full house last night AYW I did not go but fokes be raving. Book TV taped the session

Selma: Oh... I forgot about ti

vkn: better I should say CSpan not sure about air time

AYWalton: oh really?

Spivey: Book TV? Is it on the Internet?

AYWalton: I might see if I can find it. Book TV is great!

vkn: Just happened last night and I have no schedule of when

Spivey: On tv. Duh! LOL. Sometimes it takes my mind a while.

Selma: I love Book TV

AYWalton: hello there, rcs. everybody is pouring in now.

rcs: good evening

Spivey: Is it a C-SPAN program AYWalton?

Selma: Evening rcs

vkn: howdy rcs

daviss: hi rcs!


Spivey: Thanks AYWalton. Many thanks.

AYWalton: yw spivey

Selma: Evening daviss

daviss: hi there Sel !

Spivey: AYWalton you believe a lot in education. This young man's story would touch your heart. His mother died a few days after being injured. He was in college. Lived in New Jersey. Because of his age, he could no longer get to school because he couldn't get a driver's license without a parent in the household. Had to stop going. I must ask him if he ever went back and finished

AYWalton: oh my, how sad. Do you ever see him these days?

Spivey: Yes. Occasionally, usually during the holidays.

AYWalton: who did he live with after she died?

Spivey: He was living alone for a time until his father returned. His father and mother were estranged when she died.

AYWalton: goodness. but he was a minor and living alone?

daviss: that is sad.. At least he regained a father in his life

Spivey: He was 17.

AYWalton: heartbreaking story.

Spivey: Had just begun college. I don't think people realize the tragic personal stories that came out of that attack. They don't make the headlines.

Selma: I watched the ceremonies today

Spivey: I don't. I can't really bear to be reminded.

AYWalton: I did not have the TV on at all. Can't stand to watch it all over again, either.

Spivey: Imagine that and I suffered no loss of any family member. Imagine what they must feel.

vkn: DNA Overview Q's & A's

Spivey: DNA? See nothing, know nothing, hear nothing time for me.

vkn: AYW would you do us the honor of briefing us on DNA based on our discussion of Friday

daviss: lol @ Spivey

vkn: AYW would you do us the honor of briefing us on DNA based on our discussion of Friday

AYWalton: I don't mind...... there are a variety of DNA tests that are out there on the market. For many----there is the desire to learn about their ancestry. Others want to know something about their current makeup. The tests for ancestry are typically done upon people following the history of their direct gender ancestry. with women there is an unchanging marker that a female gets from her mother. The mother got it from her mother, and her mother and her mother. Let's call this marker----a GREEN dot. With males---there is also a marker that can be traced as well, and this marker never changes. lets call the male unchanging marker-----the BLUE dot. DNA tests for ancestry look for the unchaning GREEN dot in women and unchanging BLUE dot in males. NOW-----all that being said-----DNA tests follow that DOT----and the results reflect a specific population of women or men where that color dot in most prevalent in the world today. to do that----the DNA company had to collect samples from around the world to have a point of comparison. in other words----to say that you have ancestry that reflects the population living among the Fantis of Ghana----somebody had to go to Ghana and collect their samples----so that later when someone in the US submits a sample----and the blue dot or green dot is studied----it can be said that your sample resembles the green dot or blue dot found today in that country. Now----when you take a test, that means that you---if you are female----are following ONLY the green dot that you got through your mother's female line only! you have other "dots" in your family history----but the one that your DNA test will reflect will only be that tiny sliver or slice in your history. Your father's mother's history won't show up in your green dot line---- BUT you can get one of your female cousins, who might descend from your father's mothers daughters to take the test to reflect that history. Keep in mind-----DNA tests only give you a TINY glimpse into your history. and ALL of your history---belongs to you. So-----if you take a DNA test---it reflects the history of all of the people who descend from that line----not just you. With males-----there is the unchanging marker that they get from their fathers. Well----if you have your brother take the test, and it reflects a population in Nigeria that has the same blue dot that your brother had---- it is still also YOUR history. it is just that the line is traceable by following his blue dot. But the ANCESTRY belongs to the entire family. everybody who comes from that same gr. gr. gr. gr. gr. (continue forver with those grs.) grandfather---the entire family can embrace that history. the test is only looking at one tiny marker---and the history belongs to you, even as a female descendant. Now the other test-----the one that tells you what percentage black, white, Indian, Hindu, etc, you are. that is different test that does not look at one kind of unchanging marker. that test looks at all of you overall markers and studies the patterns and determines based on what shows up... what markers reflect some specific ethic makeups. THOSE tests are admixture tests. such as 23&me. there used to be DNAPrint, which I think has a new name, now. for genealogy---I recommend the companies that test the unchanging markers---- the ones that follow the lines by gender. For men there is the patriclan test. for women there is the mtDNA test. all use the same procedure---swab of the cheek. Some deliver their information differently. with African Ancestry---they specifically match the results against he populations where they have collected samples and they have the largest sample of African DNA markers in the world. I also recommend that one takes the DNA test on a line that you have researched the most. that is my bias---primarily because one develops an attachment to the ancestor and his/her lineage. it is not a meaningless result with just a country. Other companies deliver information in another way. the National Genographic program gives you only deep ancestral history and tells you your Haplogroup Type. that is a classification of your markers and places them on a global map and tells you where your ancestors originated from---but it reflects history 4-5000 years ago. that is not close enough for me. Keep in mind that written history is not much more then 3000 years old. so that deep ancestral data is nice---but not enough to me. I do like having information that is delivered through FamilyTreeDNA. You also learn your haplogroup type---think of it like a blood type. most of us could not tell you the difference between type A or B, or O blood, but we know that it means something in the lab. well with a haplogroup type you learn that L3 is different from L2 and they are different from U4, etc. You can learn where some of your ancestors lived thousands of years ago. BUT---------FamilyTreeDNA---looks more closely at other markers---and it tells you WHO has markers that match yours. and that data is more reflective of the past 500 years (or less). Now for us here in America---a nation of immigrants----(willing and unwilling immigrants)---knowing who matches you within the past 500 years or less can be a real treat! especially since so many African families were split up in the Americas. finding out who matches you---might lead to lost relatives separated during the slavery era. I have so far----26 high resolution matches with FamilyTreeDNA. and that means we share the same ancestor from the past 500 years or less. there is another test to take to see if any of us share the same ancestor within the past 5 - 6 generations. My recommendations---- for African ancestral ties----African Ancestry. for connecting with lost cousins so to speak here in this era----I recommend FamilyTreeDNA. I hope I have not confused everyone. thanks for your time.

daviss: Good time to ask questions?

AYWalton: by all means---the floor is open!!

vkn: clap /\ clap /\ /\ /\ /\ clap

Spivey: Simplest I have ever heard it explained AYWalton. Thank you. Now I at least know something about DNA.

AYWalton: whew!!!

Selma: Great presentation

AYWalton: thank you.

daviss: very good AYwalton

vkn: Beautiful presentation AYW

AYWalton: I hope it was not too confusing. and oh---by the way-----most of you know Sadonya. well, she and I are High Resolution DNA cousins. we match!

Selma: Wow

AYWalton: yep!

Spivey: Not confusing, well presented. There are parts I wouldn't understand, but the explanation of why such and such a test is done was very clear.

daviss: Of the 26 HR you have did you go the limit on all the tests FtDNA has

AYWalton: I also match with Charles Barker, past president of the Indiana Afri. American genealogy society. no I have not done an upgrade from the HVR2. I might---but others have to take it too to find closer cousins. I have reseached that female line back to about 1800 and the tie (yes Selma) is Virginia.

Selma: Does the research of yours, Sadonya and Charles point to a specific person, or follow a similar migration pattern her in US

AYWalton: Sadonya's line, she says on her female side is GA.

vkn: ? Angela what follow up is needed for Steph, friend of Selma

AYWalton: but that does not mean that two sisters were separated, or a mother-daughther were separated.

daviss: I had my cousin take the test at FTDNA but at the time I could only afford the HVr1

Khathu: Good evening everyone

Spivey: Hi Khathu!

daviss: I guess I need to spring for the upgrade

AYWalton: for Stephanie----I think that she needs to find the right person descended on one side to take the test--with one of the children of Charles the person whose ancestry they were discussing. but I would have to see the lineage written down on paper, to make sure that there is someone to take it. daviss---did you test with FamilyTreeDNA? and did you do the HVR1 or HVR2?

Selma: I am not sure that her question was asked correctly (and correctly) is not the right word..

daviss: I paid for a cousin on my paternal grandmothers side

Selma: I kinda called her at the last minute

daviss: but I only got the hvr1

AYWalton: yes, you need to spring for a higher level daviss.

daviss: I suppose I should get the upgrade

AYWalton: did you take it, or the cousin?

Selma: That is what she wanted AY..the question was which person to test

AYWalton: I would want to see her pedigree chart---there might not be anyone to test, unless there are direct male cousins on the other side.

daviss: my first cousin took it on my paternal grandmothers side

AYWalton: so you did not take the test, daviss? was this a male cousin who took it?

daviss: no not with FTDNA I took mine with Ancestry but I think I will retake with FTDNA

AYWalton: yes, I would do that. they are very reputable.

daviss: a female took it AYWalton

vkn: open chat Applause again for AY

Spivey: Hi AmosNY!

Selma: clap, clap

AYWalton: aw shucks yall.............(blusing and all....)

daviss: Clap clap clap

AYWalton: blushing.

Spivey: LOL.

AYWalton: (ignore my spelling) I can't blush and type and the same time!

AmosNY: Hi Angela,Daviss,Khathu, RCS, Selma, Spivey,VKN.

Khathu: khathu is clapping for AYWalton

AYWalton: daviss----your cousin that took the DNA test---that only went up through her mother's line. You said a paternal side---it might not reflect your own history much at all.

daviss: I should have used FTDNA in the first place instead of Ancestry but they were on dsale and I got 4 kits

AYWalton: I don't know what labs they use. I know that National Genographic uses the same labs as FamilyTreeDNA.

daviss: the cousin is the daughter of my fathers sister

Spivey: News of a sort vkn. Yesterday I got a reply to a message posted on Genforum two years ago. More work. This young lady seems to think one of our common ancestors fought in the Civil War. Work, work, work. :( :) :) lol

AYWalton: sounds interesting, spivey.

vkn: sure does spivey

daviss: that should take care of my grandmothers line am I right AYWalton

AYWalton: going up the females only, yes, daviss.

daviss: right

Spivey: Yes it does. I never got a clue about any of that. But, this gentleman enlisted in Pennsylvania. Our ancestor would have had to leave his family if that is true. So, not so very sure.

daviss: my brother did the ydna for my fathers line

AYWalton: that's right. I have my brother testing on my dad's side. But will use FamilyTreeDNA for that one. as I know that line will end up European---so I may as well learn where in Europe.

vkn: If AYW is willing feel free to arrange a private chat with her effen she can squeeze it onto to her spilling over plate. or post to the DNA board

AYWalton: vkn are you referring to Selma's friend Stephanie?

vkn: to all here lol only hit with wet noodles lol lol lol

AYWalton: lol

daviss: VKN did you have another topic to discuss tonight?

vkn: No too tired to type daviss Just would appreciate any question on tree house

daviss: lol so its OPEN TOPIC lol

vkn: Thanx heap for asking daviss RCS I am tuned into Pandora radio for music. VERY nice

AYWalton: I am looking forward to coming to GA VKN.

vkn: Amos did you get the 4 houses? Me too AYW

Spivey: Open topic? Well, everyone should be sure to check both FamilySearch [Labs] and FamilySearch Beta [FSBeta]. Records are disappearing from the Lab site and showing up on the Beta site, so it is best to check both.

AmosNY: It increased to 5 houses in Indianapolis. I have to post them for sale on my various websites.

daviss: I do that daily Spivey thanks No upgrades for Texas though but I do use it for helping others

Spivey: I try to as well daviss. I didn't use Lab site that much because it didn't have many Georgia records. I am finding a wealth on the FSBeta site.

vkn: AYW I am on Camp Creek Parkway [ airport area] many hotels nearby two withing 2 miles or less than me

Selma: Dru will be there too vkn

AYWalton: oh wonderful!!! yes she is coming down as well. where is Duluth, VKN?

vkn: duh

Selma: Bedtime for me folks.. Good night.

vkn: what is conference site AYW

AYWalton: Gwinett Center in Duluth. is that far out of the way?

daviss: Is that near Spelman

vkn: There is an Ancestry day next Saturday at the archives via AHHGS

Khathu: good night everyone

vkn: ahhhhh must be Gwinnett county Not at all near Spelman daviss

AYWalton: Duluth GA is where it is.

vkn: Spelman is in what is called west end

AYWalton: Let me get the right address.

daviss: I see

vkn: Will have logs up early morn

AYWalton: Gwinett Center, 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Duluth GA, 30097

daviss: rcs do you know of anyone else that might research in KSC besides the Pillow researcher?

vkn: I will email you AYW are you sharing with dru

AYWalton: not sure yet, but possibly, VKN.

vkn: Sadonya will be here and BJ and Audrey Battiste who will meet with us I hope we can hook Mel Collier but not sure

AYWalton: oh how wonderful!!!

rcs: nope

daviss: all the heavies

vkn: What day do you present AYW

AYWalton: Goodness---kind of like old home day or something!

daviss: what conference is this?

vkn: t wanting to crowd ya

AYWalton: I shall present on Saturday.

rcs: Lorine Oliver is her name

AYWalton: lol

AmosNY: Niters all!

rcs: met her once

daviss: anyone else besides her rcs is what I am asking

rcs: not that I know

AYWalton: I was surprised that most of their speaker are with companies. e.Like Ancestry, or Footnote

daviss: ok.. I cant get a response from her

AYWalton: Footnote.

rcs: SHe hasn't been on afrigeneas for a while

vkn: Talk details at you later ayw got another shift to pull thanx daviss spivey rcs AYW and all for ebberthang

daviss: what conference is that AYWalton

AYWalton: the FHExpo in Atlanta in November. Family History Expo.

daviss: thx AYWalton, rcs and Spivey gotta run will chat later

AYWalton: yes, it is time to wind down also for me. have a great evening everyone. good night all.

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