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2013-07-28 • The Bride's Book


Start: 11:42:36
End: 13:23:59
Chatters: alt, daviss, keli1, selma, vkn

alt: hello trisha, want some company? :) hello vkn

vkn: Happy Dancer Alt Morning

alt: what's up?

vkn: I can tell you are still smiling All is well no problem with the link you posted

alt: I kept getting an error when I tried to access the link.

vkn: At least I had no prob

alt: okay, no problem

vkn: and the info on the GEDCOM uploading was/is good for all

alt: yes, I think so

vkn: Wondering about posting wedding info historically as a project Could do the Atlanta Daily World and the Chicago Defender

alt: that type of story is always good .. historically... we (Blacks) did more than just jump over a broom in the master's front yard LOL

vkn: The descriptions are fun as well as historic So elaborate

alt: Yes, I have one to post about 1900 ,,, the invited guests were very intersting and the gifts presented were described in full detail

vkn: jumped over the entire neighborhood

alt: right

vkn: Well you may recall that gifts were displayed in advance of the event

alt: I remember the gifts, not sure about when they were presented/displayed.

vkn: one room in home of bride was cleared and gifts put on tables

alt: ah so, now I remember

vkn: Then there was the "keeper of the Brides Book" Who itemized what each person gifted

alt: they really followed the rules of etiquette... was it Emily Post, or was this before her time?

vkn: It went on for days No Emily Post was the ruler to the T Emily Post was 2nd to the Bible

alt: yep

vkn: Every home had one

alt: hello keli1

keli1: Good afternoon!

vkn: Howdy keli1 So what is new keli1

keli1: Nothing new hear, still dealing with simple but hard genealogy challenges, LOL

alt: hi daviss

vkn: Howdy Daviss How you be

daviss: hello there alt, keli1 and vkn!

vkn: keli1 for example

keli1: Hello to Vicki in AZ, how are you doing?

alt: I saw where Shamele, Debbie Aboot & a couple of other AA ladies attedned the GRIP --- Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburg this past week.

daviss: I am as well as could be expected thanks What was their take alt?

keli1: I saw that as well, I considered attending it

alt: dunno, just saw a photo online with them in the photo.

daviss: ahhh ok

vkn: alt is GRIP similar to MAAGI?

keli1: I completed a long time ago the application for first families and never submitted it, I must do this

alt: I would imagine so vkn. first families of ????

keli1: MAAGI focused on AA not sure if GRIP does

vkn: Is that John Logan or?

keli1: you know if ancestors are documented during certain times they get a certificate recognizing it

alt: I doubt it re: focus.. there were only 4-5 Black ladies in the photo of about 25-30 people and it was a course on Land records

keli1: it is called First families, also MAAGI is of course open to all

vkn: ahhhh I see, thanx

alt: I know keli1 I'm a member of the OGS 1st families of Ohio lineage society having documented ancestors in Ohio prior to 1820. actually before 1803 & Statehood

vkn: keli1 is your first familiesVA ?

keli1: yes same thing Art, they have different categories

alt: I went in OGS FFO in 2005... Also Settlers & Builders .. ancestories in Ohio before 1851 & the CW veterans families for a CW ancestor.

keli1: These first families (Davis) are PA

alt: okay keli1

daviss: How far back have you been able to go keli1?

alt: what is the criteria for PA keli1?

keli1: on the Davis in PA 1838, but believe I can go back further to VA, I don't believe they began in VA, for VA I can go back fairly far, on Worden-back to England-1500s

alt: getting into a lineage society is a great way to "verify" your documentation.... most societies act as 'gate keepers' and won't let you in if your i's aren't dotted & your t's crossed.

vkn: Del Jupiter has 1st families Florida

alt: ah so, great for Del Jupiter

keli1: I agree, same with DAR, it is all about the documentation,

alt: Florida must be back into the 17th century for FF of Fla.

keli1: awesome vkn on Del Jupiter. all this chit chat means i am suppose to finish that project.

daviss: surely keli1 you don't have more than one project going lol

vkn: Del may just be Pensacola not sure

daviss: what about you vkn how far back?

keli1: PA1638-1790, 1791-1865 and 1866-1900

vkn: 1808 is eldest HENDRIX-BELL but breaks in events and documentation.

alt: I figured Pa would be very early as it is an original colony.

daviss: Is that in Fla vkn or Bamer?

keli1: last night i typed up as many surnames I could think of and will continue to add, that is my new so called project. where in Florida vkn

vkn: VA-PA daviss but not specific to 1st families

daviss: ok vkn

alt: oh man, that could really be a biggie keli1 re: surnames, especially if there were a lot of daughters in the ancestral lineage... new surnames thru marriages.

vkn: Jackson County Keli BLACKSHEAR-KING

keli1: I lived in Tallahassee for years before I moved to VA.

vkn: Have LESLIE in Fernandina keli1

daviss: wow keli1

alt: on surnames.. can you imagine the 'new" surnames from your family if say from a family of 15-16 children as in the old days there were 9-10 daughters.. hence 9-10 'new' surnames in that ancestral line.

vkn: Ex president of Spelman has Fernandina 1st roots

keli1: I wonder if you are related to the King's, who married a Murphy in my family. hmm, the King's now live in Atlanta, lived in Grand Rapids Michigan, Detroit, etc.

vkn: No known Murphy keli1

keli1: Art, I can't imagine, it was mind blowing, just the little I have done

vkn: Lots of FPOC Fernandina

keli1: Paul King married Monica Murphy, I am trying to think of Paul's mother. hmmm..

alt: keli1, I'm still finding relatives from the Reno lines out of Medina, Ohio due to them having 8 daughters and their marriges created new surname relationships with their children.

vkn: My Paul King is a SLATER married an Amaya Portland from Spain

daviss: so far I have no Adams, Murphy, Slater, King, Reno , Portland hendrix Bell or nada {sniff, sniff}

keli1: oh my goodness Art, 8 girls, geez, I am still trying to determine if my guy served in civil war out of Ohio, have to take a break

vkn: sniff

keli1: Art, you will not track the woman, you will have to track her kids then go back, LOL

alt: but you're probably related to a family where there was a female in the family of an Adams, Murphy, King, slater, Reno, Portland, Hendrix & Bell and their surname changed with a marriage. right keli

keli1: art, any links to Imes?

vkn: Fancy move Keli1

daviss: oops keli1 wb hope so alt!

alt: vkn, you know Hendrix, like in Jimmy Hendrix is a variation of Hendricks.. who btw has ancestors from Urbana, Ohio ... his grandpa

keli1: My Davis's were only in Ohio for about 5 yrs, brought land and then left -

alt: not sure keli1 right keli1, but the were a bunch of ex-Ohio folks in the area of mIchigan were they settled.

vkn: oh really alt? my HENDRIX/HENDRICKS/HENDRICHS is VA WVA rooted

keli1: Joseph Davis first wife is Mary Belle Imes, I think they were married in Ohio, but haven't been able to prove it -yet Interesting vkn, where in WV?

vkn: none specific keli1 just in the census schedule

alt: keli1, there might be a marriage record on ... wouldn't hurt to look for an Imes/Davis marriage, if you haven't already an Ohio marriage on .. I've seen them for AA's as early as 1807.

keli1: vkn, if in Jefferson county, let me know, I have lots of resources. Yes have checked family search and have to continue on a regular basis

alt: i knew you had keli1, but just had to mention it anyway LOL

vkn: Thanx keli1 lots of quilt pieces with no matching threads. Thanx. Making a note of you as resource

keli1: I visit family search on a daily basis, darn shame, they are about 100 yrs ahead of ancestry, so I check them first and they scan up about a million records a week

alt: I was telling vkn last night that familysearch has added the "official" marriage for the NC co-habitation records ... yesterday I found my Peter & Louisa Lawrence's marriage it 1866 .. it stated they had been co-habitants for the previous 19 years. and there was an image of the actual record.

vkn: It is amazing

keli1: oh my goodness that is awesome!!!!! 19 yrs, now you can go back a bit on the 19yrs?

alt: yes keli1, I have followed the family from the 1850 slave schedules into the 1870 census and of course up to 1940.

daviss: thats wonderful alt!

keli1: woohoo! I am hoping for more to come....

vkn: Indeed it is wonderful

alt: take a look at my story .. I don't have a blog, but here is the story

keli1: oh I will,

vkn: Do you have other NC mysteries Alt

alt: oh yeah vkn .. most of my NC ancestry is a mystery to me.

vkn: The AAH has all NC Cohabs alt

alt: really!!!!! hello Selma

daviss: libraries alt

vkn: At least the marriage records are

selma: Good afternoon folks

keli1: Hello Selma! I access thru school

vkn: Howdy Selma but alt you be beyond average

keli1: well folks I need to eat-it was good chatting and thanks for the motivation to submit my first families to PA, great reminder, good for us all to do like Art and Ohio, ttyl

vkn: okies keli1 good to chat

alt: take care keli1

vkn: what device are you using keli1

daviss: talk later keli1

keli1: oh I am on my ipad

vkn: okies thanx keli1

keli1: food and cspan-3, american history tv, "Religious Identity in Early America, airing now, if u are interested bye!

daviss: bye me I am gonna do some more family searching lol

selma: Not too much alt

alt: daviss, practice with the new search

daviss: lol alt I have already

alt: is it getting easier to use?

vkn: I need to learn

daviss: I like the old one better to tell you the truth

selma: the cohabitation records on family search alt

alt: me too, but I can live with the new search as I get used to it

vkn: What is easier to like Daviss Have you tried it Selma

alt: yes, Selma .. well NC marriage records which includes the co-habitation records

selma: No I was just reading back and saw what alt said Oh ok.. Was that information not provided in Barnetta's book

vkn: What is easier to like Daviss

selma: Is it the actual image?

alt: I dound my ancestors who were in Barnetta's books with the actual record image on familysearch

daviss: To me its not bad vkn It may be because of the Its always been that way concept lol

selma: Ok...great

vkn: okies understanding

alt: yep, the actual image w/ marrying official and the # of years the co-habitated Selma .. try Peter & Louisa Lawrence, edgecombe co NC

selma: I will... Does it show the whole page? Or was it a separate certificate

alt: I saw just their record selma .. separate & by itself

daviss: did you know both names already alt

alt: but you can go forward or backwards for surrounding records yes daviss okay vkn, thanks!!

daviss: did yours download yet alt?

selma: I like browsing..

alt: I like the individual records cause you can print and scan without 'cropping"

daviss: ok Selma

selma: Have a great day

vkn: okies selma

alt: takec are

daviss: I am still slow...what is USCTERS

alt: well y'all I'm off to do some more 'gold mining' take care

vkn: USCT peeps

daviss: oh

vkn: bye for now

daviss: bye :(

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