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2013-07-26 • Black Celebrity DNA


Start: 12:06:20
End: 13:32:02
Chatters: alt, daviss, History_Buff, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

daviss: hi there vkn!

vkn: Howdy Mz Lady

daviss: hi alt!!

alt: hello ladies!!! how's it be's LOL LOL

vkn: Howdy Gentleman Alt

alt: why ty vkn

vkn: lol

daviss: I may get thrown out of chat..Its starting to rain and seems like it happens every time

vkn: oh dear

alt: a rainy day in AZ

daviss: yep but no way Georgia style lol

vkn: lol

daviss: I swear vkn we could have used a rowboat lol

vkn: I hear that

alt: daviss, for some reason my DNA page on Ancestry won't "load", are you having any problems with them?

daviss: I have not been in alt, but will check

Seventies: good day alt, daviss and vkn

daviss: ok alt, I just got in

alt: I called them and they gave me a 'song & dance' about Java & other add-ons & possible browser problems.

daviss: hello Seventies!!

alt: hello Seventies, what's up?

Seventies: Are you using Firefox alt?

vkn: are you rolling Seventies?

daviss: wow alt, I just went in and got my page

Seventies: No not yet. Soon though.

alt: no Seventies.I'm using Chrome and/or IE

daviss: I am using Chrome

Seventies: Oh Chrome causes problems and I stopped using it. I went old school and went to using Firefox Mozilla

alt: I can get to every other feature of Ancestry using Chrome .. only having problems with the DNA page.

daviss: odd alt

vkn: Is Chrome new to you Alt?

alt: truly daviss no vkn, I've been using Chrome & other Google features for at least 2-3 years now.

vkn: You may just need to refresh Alt

Seventies: Sometimes apps aren't made to be compatible to Chrome. That could be another issue.

alt: okay vkn, I've cleared browser history, updated Java & other add-ons

vkn: okey dokey

alt: I'll get it fixed, but it is irritating as heck!!!!

daviss: :o

vkn: Chrome is much smarter than I am. So I stick with FF and Safari

Seventies: welcome to the technology world lol

alt: okay vkn... I've just gotten used to Chrome and it 'feels comfortable'. Seventies, when I was in the "technology world" 30-40 years ago my "stuff" worked

daviss: I like Chrome also but not I/E

alt: me too daviss

daviss: lol alt like the old fashoned phones

Seventies: I hear ya alt! Feels like eons since I've been in the tech world too... lol

vkn: Well I enjoyed Chrome at one point. Then "they" upgraded it and I got left behind . lol Techies be alt Daviss and Seventy

alt: yep daviss, and you could 'fix' stuff, now they just throw it away and get something newer LOL

daviss: not me vkn you know I can not grip anything in this ole head of mine

vkn: takes time daviss

daviss: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

alt: me neither daviss, I know what I know and that ain't much LOL LOL

Seventies: alt so true!

daviss: Taylor wants a Mac for the start of school I hope she has saved up enough money from her lil summer job lol

Seventies: well she should be able to buy it at a student rate.

vkn: Yeah Taylor !!!

alt: not to worry Taylor, Moma has you covered LOL LOL

daviss: Tyler is saying Yeah with you vkn lol he will get her old one

alt: Moma = Momma

Seventies: lol

daviss: whew alt, I thought you meant grandmama

alt: oh no daviss

vkn: lol

daviss: I am grumpy enough hehehee

alt: yeah daviss

vkn: Saw a interesting video on DNA yesterday

daviss: oh really vkn, which one was that

Seventies: online or on TV vkn?

vkn: I think that is it On line

Seventies: I dig the opening music...

daviss: I had not seen that one

alt: isn't she, or her family from Columbus, OH?

Seventies: who did Judge Hatchett's DNA test? African Ancestry? Thanks for sharing vkn daviss got knocked out!

alt: that sounds like An African Ancestry "commercial"

daviss: sorry bout that

alt: yeah, the certificates are from AA, right?

vkn: Ouchies So did I get knocked

daviss: brb

Seventies: If you skip further you'll see that there are other companies used.

alt: all but FTDNA

vkn: Y'all I think this is how mis information is so wildly spread

alt: why wouldn't her haplogroups match from all companies????

vkn: Interesting

Seventies: Hi Selma

vkn: Howsy Selma

alt: hello Selma

vkn: She is an Adams Alt

alt: now see, that's what gets me ... can't trace to a country of origin and then mentions a "continent" jeez!!!

daviss: ok back Hi Selma

vkn: double jeez

alt: no, she shares the same haplogroup as John Adams watching as we chat

vkn: oh ok me gots lots to unlearn and learn

alt: Hello khathu

vkn: Howdy khathu

Khathu: Hello everyone

daviss: hello khathu!


Seventies: Hello Khathu

vkn: we are sort of DNA ing

alt: ridiculous!!!!! 40 years following the CW and he becomes an educated property owner as if that was unusual.

daviss: where are you alt lol I had to reboot

alt: watching the youtube link daviss

daviss: ok I am late to the party

vkn: It is good and superficial

alt: at the 11-12 minute mark

daviss: ok thanks

vkn: See Alt people are misguided

alt: let me shut up LOL LOL

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

vkn: no not time to be quiet

Khathu: What strategies if any, has anyone taken to determine or verify the dna relative(s) on 23andMe?

Seventies: I'm working on one now. .77% over 3 segments Mother German, Father AA.

daviss: I joined the page ISOGG and read some of the posts

vkn: I have not tested as yet

alt: using the paper trail Khathu .. problem is, most testers don't know beyond their immediate family lines

Seventies: I had to explain to him 'how' our DNA would likely connect.

Selma: They are basing the results of about 3,000 black folk people or that was what was said 2 weeks ago..seems small to me

Khathu: So where would you start with the paper trail

Seventies: He spent a lot of time talking about his paternal mother's family.

Khathu: I have someone who is listed as 3rd/4th cousin .90% shared, 3 segments If they are my 3rd cousin that would mean we share a common gg grandparent correct

Seventies: That's more than the average 3rd cousin... a 3rd cousin wouldd be .781%

alt: I started with my Y & mtDNA haplogroups and then traced to my FPOC ancestors... the longer enslaved ancestors were a little more difficult

Khathu: @Seventies huh?

Seventies: I would be looking more at a second cousin once removed Talking about % of shared DNA

Khathu: please explain

alt: that's a problem with the DNA relatives.. it doesn't get into the "removed' aspects of genealogy

Seventies: If you had a 3rd cousin straight down the line with two common gg grandparents, it would be about .78% shared DNA

alt: they're into a 'blacker than' % ... ridiculous!!!!!

vkn: lol "creeper"

Selma: What the heck are you watching alt?


alt: the youtube video vkn gave us Selma

Selma: Afternoon Historybuff

alt: Hi HistoryBuff

Selma: Oh..who is the subject..or what is the subject

History_Buff: Hey Khathu, Selma, vkn, daviss, Seventies and alt

vkn: Howdy History

Khathu: Hello HistoryBuff

alt: celebrities who have had their DNA tested Selma

daviss: Hello Historybuff

alt: snoopy dog is 23% NA.. that is "huge" !!!!

History_Buff: You like that huh, alt?

alt: not really History_Buff, this is like a comic routine

vkn: A circus

Selma: Who put the video out..or produced it?

alt: truly vkn & to me it isn't funny

History_Buff: Hey Alt, I did follow up on the Washington County , OH burial place I mentioned about the USCT and Gist. That was the location I was speaking of.

daviss: lol Snoop Dog alt not Snoopy Dog

vkn: I think African Ancestry?

alt: really History_Buff .. was the person actually named Gist?

Seventies: You're both wrong he's now Snoop Lion.... lol lol lol lol

Selma: LOL

alt: Oops daviss, see what I know LOL

daviss: lol

vkn: Seventies what happened to Dogg ?

Seventies: He became a Rastafari. In the future, His family is going to have a hard time finding him in public records... lol

vkn: ooohhh from the Blue mountains of Jamaica or Addis Ababa

History_Buff: The cemetery was called Gist and a history teacher from Washington Senior High School was heading an archaeological project with his students there in Washington County, OH but I don't recall the soldiers's names. However, a student discovered an ancestor on the burial site

Seventies: Naw, his family is from

Khathu: Have a great everyone

vkn: oops seventies lol

History_Buff: Later Khathu

alt: yes the Washington HS in Fayette Co. & the teacher is Paul LaRue .. I worked with them in research Clark, Champiaign, Logan & Miami countites History_Buff

History_Buff: Great.

alt: Burke, Norman, those are the two most famous USCT's from Washington county, OH

History_Buff: He made a presentation at the AACWM during the Grand Re-opening two years ago.

vkn: So much for that much which is not much re DNA

History_Buff: lol

alt: I'll have to watch that agin vkn

vkn: and explain it to the rest of us

Selma: Why alt? will go from a Headache to a Migraine

vkn: lol Selma you are too funny

alt: I'm a sadist Selma LOL or what is the other word for punishing one's self?

History_Buff: lol

vkn: and a grumpy sadist at that, from his own words folks lol

Selma: Anyone listen to Blog Talk last night?

vkn: I missed last night

History_Buff: Sorry I was out like a light.

daviss: I did not Selma, I missed it again. Sometimes 6 pm is too early for me

vkn: Well one good thing we can listen later

History_Buff: Yep

Seventies: Alright leaving for the day! Have a good one!

daviss: was it pretty good Selma?

vkn: u 2

alt: History_Buff .. have you sen this site

History_Buff: Laters Seventies.

daviss: bye Seventies

Selma: Ummm interesting...

History_Buff: Yes Alt, I was just reviewing it yesterday.

alt: washington county is in the eastern section

Selma: I have been mulling over it daviss..

History_Buff: Yes, I saw that and even printed it out for my records.

alt: I helped Paul and his class with the western section on the left of the map

History_Buff: I'm preparing for a museum tour with my family reunion. Very nice Alt.

daviss: sounds like a hmmmm not so sure about that Selma lol

Selma: I will say that the speaker focused on the scholarly works being written...and I think it is actually Paul Heinneg's work which has changed the conversation

daviss: ahhhhh, I see

vkn: It's about time Selma

alt: oh last nite... yeah Selma that was too academic for me I did enjoy it tho'

Selma: and he was not part of the conversation..but for the larger genealogical community I can tell you his work caused and continues to cause much consternation

alt: you betcha Selma

Selma: He lets the "record" speak for itself..and the record speaks VOLUMES

alt: tri-racials & Melungoens don't care much for Paul's work

vkn: I recall your saying so when his work was first introduced Selma in fact I think you introduced it and Paul to AfriGeneas

daviss: clap, clap, clap @ Selma

Selma: it ain't just tri-racials and Melungeons

alt: he found the lost colony LOL LOL LOL

Selma: The speaker I thought painted a "more benign" picture of the early early 1600 time frame than I think

alt: yeah, they kinda of tip-toed around Obama's white ancestry having a Black man in the mixture.

daviss: oh yeah!

Selma: Although I am aware that there were Africans who appear to have been indentured..I believe that "most" were already seen as the "other" and enslaved

alt: right Selma

daviss: yes so true

Selma: It already was the way of the Atlantic World in which the British was operating

vkn: Did yall read te article/profile of te urrent poet laureate that was written in the AJC and posted on Writers forum

daviss: not yet vkn

History_Buff: No I had not.

vkn: Bi racial child from Mississippi Written by a member of my HUNTER-LESLIE research

History_Buff: I'm sorry, AJC?

daviss: Where are your Leslie's from vkn..I knew a fella here by the name of William Leslie from NY?

vkn: Jackson County Florida Daviss

daviss: ok

History_Buff: Oh the Atlanta Journal Constitution?

alt: it would seem that there would be more bi-racial children in the South than the North.... more Blacks to mix with & more FPOC in the south than in the north ... but that's just statistics

vkn: and that is Marianna

Selma: Just found vkn..browsing, interesting, will read later

vkn: yes the Journal HistoryBuff

alt: there goes the nap, huh Selma? LOL

vkn: Well alt what are the stats on Gay Couples who are bi-racial

Selma: No nap today..have things to do and places to go...

alt: not sure vkn, but that aspect seems to get an unusual amount of commentary/publicity

vkn: Just by observation it seems the numbers are high

daviss: I would think so too vkn

alt: I agree with that vkn & daviss

vkn: Well I was thinking about your North South stat

alt: yeah, most folks don't realize there were more 'free' Blacks in the south than there were in the north but here were almost 4 milion black in the south at the time of the CW to less than 1/2 million Blacks in the north.

History_Buff: Interesting. Where is this article, Vkn?

Selma: Well folks have to run..have a great day

daviss: Ok Selma have a great day

vkn: Intimacy in da South and distance in da north

alt: you bet vkn

vkn: On writers History

History_Buff: Okay thanks

daviss: big bucks and that can go both ways :?

alt: the difference between too big & too close north vs south as relates to Blacks, even today

vkn: Intimacy and prejudice in da South and distance and liberalism in da north

alt: yep, you got it vkn

vkn: Oops gotta run y'all

daviss: bye all

alt: well , y'all can you do it without me LOL LOL I'm outta here

daviss: lol bye alt cya HistoryBuff

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