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2013-07-27 • Alt makes a NC Leap!


Start: 21:05:12
End: 21:29:41
Chatters: alt, jhonora, vkn

jhonora: Evening vkn!

vkn: Howdy jhonora and what is new with you

jhonora: Doing well vkn, just back from my Knights of Peter Claver convention in Philly

vkn: Wow how many participants

jhonora: I came back to find two emails from people looking for their families here in N.O.

vkn: And what was theme and focus

jhonora: This was a small year, about 700 participants. Next year will be about 1,200.

vkn: 2 families huh? 700 is a goodly number

alt: well, good evening vkn & jhonora

jhonora: Yes, one fellow seems confident that he has identified his ancestors in the inward manifests

vkn: howdy alt

jhonora: Evening alt!

alt: wow jhonora !!!! congrats on a successful event.

jhonora: Thanks, alt Has anyone heard anything regarding Ancestry's attempt to get rid of "old search"?

vkn: Alt I am using your questionnaire format in building a summary for my SLATER research visit for the 1839 period backward to 1830

alt: yep, it's 'posed to be gone by the end of the year (2013) wonderful vkn, you getting the traveling package together nicely jhonora, I've been 'practicing' with the 'new' search and I'm beginning to like it.

jhonora: But aren't they working on a "new" "new search"?

vkn: Is considering assigned me a student helper

alt: not sure about 'new' 'new', but what they have up and working now is pretty powerful as you get used to using it. at Milledgeville vkn?

vkn: Yes Alt

alt: wonderful!!!!!

vkn: Alt and JHonora I am not able to distinguish old Ancestry from new Ancestry I did try the residence approach you mentioned alt

jhonora: The new Ancestry has a streamlined design, which allows you to narrow your results along the sidebar, similar to FamilySearch

vkn: okies

alt: a bit of more good news.... the cohabitation records that Barnetta published for NC.... the iactual mages of those records are now online @ familysearch.... I just found my Peter & Louisa Lawrence record in (image) in Edgecombe Co., NC says they were 'legally' married in 1866 and had been co-habitants for 19 years prior to that date of 22 July 1866. I'm doing a Happy dance!!!!! LOL LOL

jhonora: That is wonderful alt! Those records always seem to jumpstart our antebellum research!

vkn: oh really? I wonder if she is aware of that. I will give Barnetta a call. Glad you are a happy dancer Alt

alt: me too vkn ... tell her I found the Edgecombe Co. NC records online @ family search with images

vkn: 19 years is a great history with images yet wow wow wow

alt: yeah, I have them enslaved in the 1850 & 1860 slave schedules and as freed folks in 1870. now I have the co-habitation document talk about a happy camper LOL

vkn: That is so wonderful ALT. Yes the research never ends

alt: and it is just geting better & better vkn.

vkn: So much rich information available

alt: so true!!!

vkn: If only we could make time stand still

alt: jhonora, you're living in a wonderful time and young enough to take full advantage of these technology "leaps".

vkn: JHonora can you help the young man in his searching

jhonora: Yes, it is wonderful. It makes us really appreciate the work of those who do transcription projects.

vkn: or JHonora is he just outing his family?

jhonora: Well, I am recommending to him that he check the sales for the particular slave trader in N.O.

alt: well, let me go and do some more digging... jhonora, good to see you and hear of your successful convention & vkn, you're doing a wonderful job in preparation for your upcoming trip .... y'all take care.

vkn: okies

jhonora: Same here, glad to hear of your find alt

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