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2013-07-02 • AZ Fire Disaster + MAAGI


Start: 21:03:19
End: 22:04:21
Chatters: daviss, JenJen, khathu, Selma, vkn

vkn: good evening Just went to your FB page Sadonya

daviss: helloooooo there vkn!

vkn: howdy doody daviss

daviss: how's it going?

vkn: doing well and what about you did those fires get under control?

daviss: no, it is still 0% contained They have a hard row to hoe. It is so sad

vkn: ohhhh dear and how far from you

daviss: right now on TV they are showing all nineteen pictures

vkn: I see

daviss: One man was saved because he was taking a truck back before he hiked back

vkn: I saw that story

daviss: He is probably having a very hard time

vkn: I bet

daviss: Yarnell is about a two hour drive from where near It is a small country farming community

vkn: I see Sounds like arson to me

daviss: well it could be lightning caused by the monsoon. They have dry lightning without rain

vkn: okies

daviss: and because we have had no measurable rain the area is really dry. Lots of trees in the area. pine and others

vkn: Mother Nature can be fierce

daviss: an ember can travel long ways especially when you have winds that are hot yep thats for sure vkn

vkn: I never will forget the Sycamore Canyon fire in Santa Barbara Daviss It is ever seared in my memory

daviss: The only time i was surrounded by fire was during the Watts Riot vkn...One way in and out

vkn: ahhhhh I recall that. The Delta's had their conference in LA that year

daviss: Cali earthquakes, Ok tornado, Okinawa typhoon' I remember living here as a kid we had lightning storms. scared the C*&() out us us

vkn: We survive lots

daviss: yes, thats for sure vkn....

vkn: Were you living near Watts?

daviss: yes, i had my daughter and they set fire to a store in the front and a Lumber yard in the back that surrounded our apartments.... My mother who was fair skinned braved all that was thrown at her to come get me and my daughter

vkn: Oh dear what street were you on ? I am triialing Family Tree Maker

khathu: good evening

daviss: hello Khathu

vkn: good evening

daviss: I lived in the projects at the time vkn and my mom lived in the Crenshaw district

vkn: Son Alonzo left this morning. Is now back in San Fran

daviss: you all had a good visit vkn

vkn: It was indeed great daviss

daviss: whats up with you khathu? Were you able to score at Nara? Are you just now using FTM vkn? What did you use before?

vkn: Reunion for the Mac daviss

khathu: I just put in a request for some CW pension files. I will look at them tomorrow

daviss: ok vkn

khathu: daviss are you going MAAGI?

daviss: I wish khathu!!!

vkn: First time to try FTM. It is not Mac friendly I think RCS is going

daviss: Hopefully I can get there next year..This will be the ground breaking Yes, i saw that vkn. good for him I did a map quest for the driving distance from here to St Louie. It is still a long way...19 hr drive

vkn: AfriGeneas is providing 2 scholarships

daviss: thats wonderful vkn....have they been notified yet?

khathu: nice

vkn: I think so but not sure. We only provide the ducats

daviss: aha!

khathu: alright ladies, have a fantastic evening

daviss: I was thinking that since Mo was in the middle It would not be so far but dang that would be too far to drive

vkn: that is a distance 'sides you got a reunion lol

daviss: lol that was my thinking about next year

vkn: OIC

daviss: I knew i could not make it this year. Two funerals and three or four road trips was too much money

vkn: Did you go to ProQuest yet

daviss: not yet vkn, I will more than likely go later on tonight

vkn: okies will chat 2morry daviss

daviss: I was glued to the Zimmerman trial today

vkn: glum oops selma

Selma: Evening folks..yep I am still awake

daviss: lol hi Selma almost 10 pm Selma lol

Selma: I know late for me.. LOL

vkn: soooooooo late

Selma: Company stopped by.. LOL

daviss: ohhhh no wonder

vkn: its a wonder bye y'all

Selma: I come to the Tuesday night chat MOST of the time..and stay up for Bernice's show

daviss: bye vkn

Selma: When I have stopped into Sat night has been empty

daviss: yes it has been. I think its that time of year when the games are on and the summer blahs

Selma: Is Khathu going to MAAGI

daviss: He did not say. i meant to ask

Selma: Well I will let you leave daviss.. LOL

daviss: lol well thank ya mam

Selma: Good night

JenJen: Tried to catch y'all! Miss y'all!

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