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2013-07-23 • WDYTYA?


Start: 20:55:33
End: 22:20:05
Chatters: AYWalton, debinva, evpace, HistoryBuff, ihhmag, keli1, Sadonya, sadonya, Selma, suthernbella, vkn, yportermoore

Selma: Evening folks Welcome to the Tuesday Night Chat..for tonite the Who Do YOu Think You ARe Chat Evening Mizz Pace

AYWalton: Hello there folks!

evpace: Hello all. I have been looking forward to WDYTYA even though people of color are not featured but as an amateur geny I need all the pointers and clues I can find.

AYWalton: I was in the wrong room. I may have directed others to the WDYTYA room. Hello Ihhmag, welcome!

Selma: Ok,,we can move We can check back and forth AY Evening ihhmag...

evpace: My teacher, hello.

Selma: I am glad to see the show back on.. ihhmag..we are watching Who Do YOu Think You Are its on TLC

AYWalton: evpace!!! So good to see you! We missed you at MAAGI two weeks ago. Wish you could have joined us!

Selma: She only shows up when we are watching the show.. LOL

ihhmag: Hello everyone.

AYWalton: Hmm she is selecting a family tree option I see on Ancestry.

Selma: We need alt..he is the Ohio guy Evening History Buff

AYWalton: gracious they are off to Ohio already!! Howdy History Buff, thanks for joining us!!

HistoryBuff: Hi Selma, AYWalton, evpace, ihhmag. Thanks for the heads up

ihhmag: Like everyone Im watching Who Do U Think

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

AYWalton: she is asking very directed questions being a novice.

vkn: ( howdy all)

AYWalton: where are you based, ihhmag?

ihhmag: Oklahoma.

AYWalton: greetings alt!!!

ihhmag: hello.

evpace: I toured Ft Sumpter July 3

Selma: So he only enlisted for 3 months the first time

AYWalton: that's super, evpace! that's almost around the time that Uncle Sephus was captured. but not at the same place.

HistoryBuff: Nice evpace.

Selma: In 1864?

ihhmag: Anyone have a link to finding out more about the Freedmen Bank Records for Baltimore and New York?

suthernbella: Hello everyone!

HistoryBuff: Hey Suthernbella.

ihhmag: Hi suthernbella

AYWalton: welcome suthernbella! glad you have joined us. where do you live, souterrnbella?

Selma: Evening suthernbella..welcome to the Tuesday night chat..watching Who Do You Think You Are

suthernbella: Thanks everyone for the welcome. I'm new so I'm gonna to lurk until I see what's going on. lol

HistoryBuff: ihhmag, have you tried searching for Freedman Bureau records in

suthernbella: I am in Georgia Cool show, Selma!

Selma: Are you just beginning researching suthernbella Its on now suthernbella..on TLC

HistoryBuff: Cool beans. I am in Washington, DC. Hey Sadonya.

ihhmag: Yes. That is where I found a record. Was wondering if more years are available?

suthernbella: No, Selma. I've been climbing my tree for a few years now.

vkn: suthernbella I am also in Atlanta

Selma: Then you are not a novice suthernbella

suthernbella: Then again, I suppose that is "new" :-)

evpace: Also the National Archives for FB records,

Selma: Is your research centered in Georgia suthernbella

ihhmag: Thanks evpace.

sadonya: good evening

Selma: Evening Sadonya

ihhmag: Hi sadonya

suthernbella: No Selma. My research is in Perry, Macon and Lee Counties in Alabama, Lynchburg, VA and Brooklyn, NY. I have a little GA, but not much. Hi sadonya!

Selma: I do some Lynchburg, VA research

suthernbella: Yay for Lynchburgh! I haven't had much luck there actually. It seems VA has it's own thing going with records. I was looking for a researcher.

HistoryBuff: You might try searching in with this link, and Sorry that was for ihhmag.

ihhmag: Thanks historybuff.

HistoryBuff: yw.

suthernbella: Where are you searching, Selma?

Selma: Virginia and everyplace else that interests me

suthernbella: oh cool! How long have you been researching?

Selma: Quite awhile.. Since the 1990's.

vkn: Andersonville is an emotional experience for many

HistoryBuff: ihhmag, you might also try search the National Archives Atlanta Research center,

suthernbella: lol @selma

HistoryBuff: I am sure it is, Vkn.

ihhmag: Historybuff does Natl Archives Atlanta hold a lot of records?

Selma: What surnames are you researching in Lynchburg suthernbella

vkn: (howdy evpace)

Selma: WB Historybuff

vkn: wb History

evpace: Howdy guru.

suthernbella: My great grandparents, Arvis Williams and her parents Stephen Williams and Elizabeth Harvey. I placed Stephen and Elizabeth on 1900 and 1910 Census, but can't find them before or after that. They had one other child, son James. I have the marriage records of both children but I can't find anything about Stephen and Eliza.

HistoryBuff: Sorry took a wrong turn. Thanks Selma and Vkn.

suthernbella: I wrote the vital records office for the state and they were unable to find birth records on Arvis and James and no death records or marriage records on Stephen and Elizabeth.

vkn: Howdy Deb in Va

suthernbella: Hi Deb!

debinva: Good evening everyone

HistoryBuff: Hey debinva .

Selma: Evening debinva...

vkn: evening debinva

ihhmag: Anyone have any info about Liverpool, London & Globe Ins Co in New York during 1846-1880?

Selma: What year was Arvis born? and Stephen and Elizabeth Harvey? Not me ihhmag..

debinva: I did 23andMe. So far, I know what I knew before. Would like some names of distant relatives to make it all worthwhile.

suthernbella: Arvis born Jun 1882, Stephen born March 1862, Elizabeth born Mar 1864.

Selma: Well he survived...cause she is there visiting the Prison Camp

suthernbella: How long did it take for you to get results Debinva?

AYWalton: Am I back in a room with the crew?

vkn: wb ayw

HistoryBuff: wb AYW.

Selma: WB AY

HistoryBuff: Yeah for pension files.

evpace: Suthernbella, for a period around 1913 and earlier VA did not keep births/ vitals, Library of Virginia can give you the specifics.

suthernbella: thanks evpace. I didn't know that.

HistoryBuff: Friendly fire, eh?

Selma: VA kept birth and death on a county level from 1853 to 1896..

debinva: Suthernbella: about 4 weeks. Frankly, they told me what I already knew--% AA, % White. The new information was to confirm my Mongolian ancestry, which explains my Mongolian spot.

suthernbella: That's the thing, Selma, i don't know exactly which county.

Selma: then discontinued and picked up again on a State level in 1912 Lynchburg is an independent City in VA..not in a county

suthernbella: interesting results, debinva. I like the thrill of the chase so i told myself I don't want to know too much at one time. lol. Is that weird?

HistoryBuff: She's getting emotional about her findings.

Selma: Yes she is..

vkn: Wow she is emotional to the Max

Selma: What happened to AY again WB debinva

HistoryBuff: wb debinva.

suthernbella: Oh that makes sense Selma. I didn't know what the Independent City business was about. I will make a call and fire off an email request tomorrow to test the waters and see if they can look it up for me.

debinva: Suthernbella: don't worry--you won't.

HistoryBuff: LOL!

vkn: debinva wb

HistoryBuff: He's a Wyatt Earp, eh? lol

evpace: We saw Josh in earlier seasons.

vkn: seems so

debinva: What is wb?

HistoryBuff: Boy she got a lucky break.

suthernbella: lol @debinva. my biggest mystery is with my Brooklyn family. I'm telling you, nobody knows anything and I mean nothing! So, I wanted my brother to take it for that purpose. Sometimes he gets funny about his DNA and not knowing "where it's going and what they're doing with it". You know the privacy rights type. lol

HistoryBuff: wb AYW

ihhmag: She sure did.

vkn: WB AYW

AYWalton: Ok I made it back.

Selma: Evening yportermoore..welcome to the Tuesday night chat..watching who do you think you are episode on TLC

suthernbella: welcome back AYWalton!

Selma: WB is welcome back debinva

AYWalton: Thanks southern bella

debinva: I got kicked off too. Okay Wb=welcome back. What is going on?

suthernbella: You're welcome, AY!

vkn: Ether Deb

ihhmag: What about colored soliders pension files during the Civil War. Not much information on theirs.

AYWalton: I was thrown out when Mozilla crashed on me.

HistoryBuff: Clarkson just found out her 3-grandfather was a county sherriff and just saw his photo. wb Selma

Selma: Kelli Clarkson is getting lots of info

debinva: I understand people being concerned about taking a DNA test. No matter what the company says, they can do anything. Unless you sue them, there's no remedy.

AYWalton: Had to switch to my tablet

HistoryBuff: Nice.

vkn: Is that new toy acting up AYW

Selma: OH good heavens ihhmag..there is tons of info in Pension Records for USCT soldiers

AYWalton: Inhuman I have found amazing family data from us colors troops.

ihhmag: Where?

Selma: The records are at the National ARchives ihhmag

evpace: African Ancestry does NOT keep your dna, it is destroyed.

AYWalton: At the national archives where the records are kept.

ihhmag: Under what heading for Natl Archives for colored soliders?

HistoryBuff: Bureau of the United States Colored Troops.

ihhmag: Thanks HB.

AYWalton: All pension files are at the same place.

HistoryBuff: yw.

Selma: Have you found someone who served ihhmag in the USCT

HistoryBuff: So now, she's a descendant of an Ohio state senator.

ihhmag: I believed a Perry Cooper from Maryland could be related.

Selma: LOL... Temperance

AYWalton: But temperance was critical for women who were victims of violence.

HistoryBuff: Then you may want to look at the compiled military service records for the Union side of Maryland .

ihhmag: Still at Natl Archives, HB?

AYWalton: Welcome Yvette

Selma: Good evening yportermoore..welcome to the Tuesday night chat..

HistoryBuff: Referring to Maryland state. In fact, check out Archives Online of Mar

Selma: We are watching Who Do you think you are ..and chatting

yportermoore: Hello..Finally figured out how to get in the room 8)

HistoryBuff: Hey yportermoore.

yportermoore: WDYTYA comes on later in San Diego

AYWalton: Also if your ancestor was a USCT, check the pension index.

HistoryBuff: Archives Online of Maryland.

vkn: She is in Columbus Ohio

HistoryBuff: Wonder who was governor of Ohio during that time period. Historic news articles are a treasure.

AYWalton: She is asking directed questions.

vkn: Alt will know lol

HistoryBuff: lol I concur.

suthernbella: Yes they are HistoryBuff! I found an article on my grandfather, July Jones. He owned a lot of property, was registered to vote and was debt free in the 1800s and met the General passing through at that time. It was in the AJC. :-)

AYWalton: A heritage book.

HistoryBuff: Happy to hear that you did find some information. :) AJC Adjutant General Court records? Hey Keli1

Selma: Evening keli

AYWalton: I see that Josh Taylor is quite the star this year.

suthernbella: Yeah, he kinda disappeared. He was buried in a private cemetery in a town called Irwinville that has sense closed down. I would love to get more information on him though. His land was taken though. I found the probate records.

keli1: Good evening!

suthernbella: hi heli1!

evpace: Check out the headstones, rather impressive I say.

AYWalton: He is the co-host on the Genealogy Road Show that will be in the fall.

keli1: How is everyone doing?

suthernbella: Doing great, keli1. How are you?

ihhmag: hi keli1

AYWalton: Greetings Dr. SHELLEY.

Selma: Who is producing that show AY?

evpace: Genealogy Road Show?

vkn: Great Keli1

HistoryBuff: So are you doing the happy dance, suthernbella ?

AYWalton: PBS

keli1: HI Angela! and all.

suthernbella: Absolutely HistoryBuff! It just seems that the town would have recognized him since AJC thought enough to put him in the society column. The town doesn't even have a Genealogy Society.

AYWalton: Lisa Lee And Nicka Smith were also finalists.

Selma: I saw on FB where LIsa went to the taping

AYWalton: Nice headstone.

keli1: Lisa just sat in on another taping of the genealogy road show, she said it was good

AYWalton: I wonder if she is related to Christine Rose.

HistoryBuff: Good job. Most of the AJCs were appointed to maintain much of the military records for most military records.

vkn: Who is Christine AYW

HistoryBuff: Congratulations Suthernbella. :)

suthernbella: That's good to know. One day I hope to take a trip to the Archives and just hang out in there for a couple days to see what I can find. They are really helpful. They sent me the records of my uncle from the Tuskegee Experiment. I absolutely love genealogy. It's the best thrill for me yet. :-)

keli1: Christine wrote the book on the GPS

vkn: okies thanx

HistoryBuff: Welcome to the club, suthernbella.

AYWalton: Where are you located suthernbella

Selma: Well are in a room with folks who feel the same

ihhmag: Who Do U Think is good but I like African American Lives better.

Selma: We also have a 12 Noon EST chat..a Saturday night chat..and Sunday chat

suthernbella: That's awesome because my love says I spend more time with "unliving" people than I do with living ones. So, it's nice to be around people who have the same passion. :-)

Selma: As you can see this is what we do all day.. lol

keli1: I like them both

AYWalton: We watch them together when we can.

suthernbella: This is awesome, Selma! I didn't know anything about the chats that go on over here. I am definitely going to be logging on over here. lol

ihhmag: Thanks everyone. Good-nite.

Selma: Good night

vkn: wb Sadonya It was a good show

HistoryBuff: Good nite ihhmag.

AYWalton: Glad you could all join us.

suthernbella: good night ihhmag

evpace: Nite All

Sadonya: I could not get in the room

HistoryBuff: Nite evpace.

suthernbella: nite evpace! thanks for your help!

Selma: Night evpace

AYWalton: Yvette glad you joined us

Sadonya: sorry I missed it

vkn: Good turnout AY

keli1: Good night all! See you next tuesday.

debinva: Nite everyone.

AYWalton: Good night all.

yportermoore: Good night

HistoryBuff: I hope I can join in next Tuesday.

Selma: noon we meet in the Lunch Bunch chat room

suthernbella: I will certainly be back next Tuesday! It was fun. Nice meeting all of you!! I thank you for your help, Selma. i will definitely be on tomorrow.

Selma: Time for me to run folks...Good night

HistoryBuff: Nice meeting you also suthernbella.

suthernbella: thanks, HistoryBuff! Thanks for you assistance.

HistoryBuff: yw my pleasure. Time for me to sign off also. Nite Sadonya, Suthernbella, and Vkn.

vkn: Sadonya I need some help from you on benham

Sadonya: okay let me know what

suthernbella: Does anyone know how to save the chat transcripts? I can scroll up to get the website that was recommended for my research. :-(

Sadonya: suthernbella where are you researching?

suthernbella: Lynchburgh, Independent Cities, VA.

vkn: lemuel benham

Sadonya: suthernbella thats Selma's speciality VKN was Lemuel in Bartow County?

suthernbella: Yes it is! She gave me a website and I figured I could scroll up and write it down later. Now it's not showing up.

vkn: yes

Sadonya: vkn she wants to know how to get a transcipt of the chat

vkn: child to geo and harriet

Sadonya: okay I will check him out he may have come through here

vkn: logs go on line tomorrow night get her email address

Sadonya: suthernbella you can come back to chat and to get log

suthernbella: awesome! thanks vkn! you're a godsend. :-) i will do that, sadonya! thank you both for your help! i'm calling it a night. nice to meet you both and chat with you again soon. good night

vkn: on phone will call you in aminute

Sadonya: okay

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