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2013-07-23 • So! What's New in Hosting


Start: 12:05:56
End: 13:16:04
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, vkn

vkn: Good afternoon daviss

daviss: Hava a great day folks hi vkn

vkn: Going to get a piece of fruit daviss

daviss: I have to run

vkn: hope you are rested oh ok

daviss: I need to run vkn

vkn: ok run run run

daviss: car problems bye

vkn: bye Daviss had to leave

alt: howdy ma'am

vkn: Howdy alt I see your society is making web changes

alt: what's up?

vkn: all is relatively quiet

alt: AAGGMV ??? yes, we want to transfer to another host.

vkn: I see Will look later

alt: yes, much more than our current host and many genealogy societies across the country are using this service. no need for "deep" programming skills and much easier to update

vkn: That is good to hear alt!

alt: and the shame of it is that the 'powers that be" seem to ignore the plight of the inner city residents and more or less say "let just them kill each other"

vkn: seems so it is too bad

alt: it really is

vkn: Not safe to go to a library It is so frustrating

alt: I saw Armstrong Williams on C-Span over the weekend.... Man, that guy is "SICK"!!!

vkn: So many of the Black right wingers have a malady Cornel West is sick

alt: not sure how old he is, but he stated that never in his life time has he ever been discriminated against.... talk about denial!!!

vkn: wow

alt: yep,and I "used' to follow Cornel West... not sure when he was "converted"

vkn: Well preparing for my research trip Gathering up all the bits and pieces of the past 20 yrs

alt: pen, paper, search plan LOL

vkn: lol Well it will be fun

alt: always is FUN

vkn: WDYTYA airs tonight

alt: okay

vkn: Selma is wondering about a watch session

alt: what time 9:00 PM Eastern???

vkn: Yes and on a new network

alt: oh!!

vkn: Alt are there bandwidth restrictions on your to be host

alt: I don't really know any of the tech stuff vkn.... just that many gen societies are satisfied with them and the "price is right"

vkn: I see and the about cost? oh free lol

alt: not sure about that either, but it is cheaper than what we are currently paying

vkn: Howdy Selma

alt: hello Selma

Selma: Good Tuesday afternoon alt, and vkn Alt Who Do Think You are will be on TLC

alt: I saw the Ann Arundel Society's page and they had a photo of Khathu on their Home Page.

Selma: Kelly Clarkson is the subject tonight

alt: she's a country & western singer??

Selma: She sang at Obama's inauguration

vkn: oh really I think that is the group he spoke to alt

alt: right vkn on Khathu

vkn: So will we watch as a group???

Selma: Well it is Tuesday..but do we go to the Tuesday Chat room or the other room

vkn: You decide

Selma: Oh jeez..

vkn: lol

Selma: Where is daviss..when I need her.. LOL

alt: sleeping in & catching up on her rest Selma LOL Oops, sorry to hear about auto problems

vkn: Sorry I did not get a chance to see her when she was here

Selma: I am excited about your upcoming research trip vkn

vkn: Me too Great expectations

alt: just be cool and not try and do too much vkn

vkn: It will be a teaching journey

alt: and don't be disappointed if what you're 'really' looking for isn't there.... that is par for the course, at least it is with me LOL

vkn: turning the Slater finding over to a niece who is eager to learn

alt: wonderful!!!!

vkn: Then she will team with the oldest granddaughter to continue

alt: I've been following the 'younger' folk on the African Ancestored DNA facebook page and it is scary.. the lack of interest they seem to display in learning about family history.

Selma: I am glad to see that there is someone to continue your work vkn

vkn: Alt do you have any takers on your request for volunteers

alt: they all want to quickly get back to Africa not yet vkn, just put the request up this morning... have had a couple of :likes" that are n

vkn: Great to ask. Hope you get takers who are credible

alt: me too vkn.. hopefully a new & improved look will generate interest & possible new members working members

Selma: "working" members..thats the key.. LOL

alt: dues paying & working members LOL LOL

vkn: alt the new kid on the block is mobile access so you need an app for the youngsters

alt: right vkn

vkn: research on the fly

alt: yep I saw that when I sent a PDF email to my dau-in-law and she receive it on her "phone" sitting right beside in my computer area here in the house.

vkn: It is amazing.... and I am learning to use ancestry on the ipad BTW alt what about the new search approach I have not noticed anything new

alt: look at the options for "events'

vkn: Then I saw AYW was giving thanx for the old ancestry search

Selma: Me too AY

vkn: okies "events"

Selma: What is under events

alt: the drop down for "any events' I've been using the "lived in" option for historical records and getting all kinds of hits

Selma: Oh...interesting, will have to check it out

vkn: I know you mentioned the residence feature a few days ago alt

alt: that is after entering name & area "lived in" you can even enhance to look for certain time periods vkn, I even looked for Buchanan in Inkster found a Charles A. in the Detroit City directories using that feature

Selma: did you send to the poster alt?

vkn: wow Doll will be glad to hear that

alt: nope, didn't want to 'intrude' on the thread

vkn: please intrude lol

alt: used Ancestry entered Charles Buchanan Detroit and got many hits scrolled until I found the timeframe she was looking for and boom there was Chas. A.

Selma: You did mean for the poster to go thru the census didn't you vkn? Don't think they understood

vkn: Did y'all see the wedding reporting posted on Newspapers It was the wedding of my youngest sister Well it is Doll Hargrove so she should understand

alt: saw it but couldn't zoom for readability

Selma: Oh

vkn: uh oh could not read well I will try and repost LOTS of pomp and circumstance

Selma: Were you in the wedding party vkn?

vkn: No that was during my Columbus Ohio period

Selma: My husbands Godmother was from Columbus..Grace Booker married name Hunt

vkn: In the school system selma?

Selma: She was from Columbus..but when I met her she was they were living in Baltimore.

vkn: I see

alt: vkn was booging @ the 502 on St. Clair Selma LOL

Selma: Before she retired she was head of the YWCA in Baltimore A lovely kind woman

vkn: lol lol lol also called the Nickel O Deuce

Selma: LOL

alt: yep

Selma: Alt are you a Mason?

alt: no I'm not Selma

Selma: OK..

vkn: no BPOE for alt

Selma: Have something I would like to return to someone who is

alt: Selma, you got the newsletter ???

Selma: Yes alt..haven't had a chance to read yet

alt: okay, just so you got it

vkn: Send it to me also Alt

alt: will do vkn

vkn: thanx muchly

Selma: Have to run folks..

vkn: See y'all at 9 2nite

alt: okay Selma take care

Selma: Have a great day Yep..see you tonight

alt: perhaps vkn, perhaps LOL

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