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2013-07-21 • Reunion in Mississippi


Start: 10:38:15
End: 12:29:04
Chatters: deannie, khathu, Statustray, vkn

deannie: Hi Statustray we are a little earlier

Statustray: Hey there deannie... g'morning to you... yup super early.... hehe ;)

vkn: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy status

Statustray: Hey there vkn... g'morning to you ;-) Hey, hey, hey!! lol......

vkn: and mawnin to you

Statustray: Sorry it has been a while since I was last on here... I hope you've been doing well ;)

vkn: soooo what is new with you no major complaints and you

Statustray: Was up in Cinci a week ago for a family reunion... have another reunion coming up next month in MS. ;)

vkn: how goes the research

Statustray: Nah, no major complaints for me either... hehe....

vkn: wow you be reunion busy

Statustray: Yup fo sho! lol......

vkn: are many people turning out

Statustray: The one in Cinci was about 250 folks.

deannie: Morning

Statustray: Hello again deannie ;)

vkn: howdy deannie

Statustray: The one for MS, so far we only have payments for about 50 ppl

deannie: I left the room and got business how is everyone this morning

Statustray: the deadline was supposed to be this past friday I'm doing well deannie... thanks for asking... when u chat'd me earlier sorry i didn't see it as i had received a phone call

deannie: Where r you going in Mis

Statustray: Laurel, MS.

deannie: where is that near ditto her on breakfast but we did not have an meat so my niece run to get some

vkn: seventies is in MS on a research trip

Statustray: Close to Hattiesburg, MS. It's been a long time since I spoke with her.

deannie: Ok...I have family in Fayette, Post Gibson, and in the delta Shaw, Mount Bayou, and Greenville yes I am going to Greenville in October

Statustray: To get to Greenville from Laurel, you would head north up Hwy 49- if memory serves me correct.

deannie: My family always starts something during my chat time

Statustray: But, Greenville is not on Hwy 49 though.... I'm drawing a blank on the highway that runs thru it.... but the majority of the trip is Hwy 49 Hahahaha deannie... I know how that goes ;-)

deannie: I think it 61...that's the way I know best

Statustray: I'm familiar with 61 as well. I attended ASU and it's right off of Hwy 61.

deannie: That's how my family came north...

Statustray: Ahhhh.... i see

vkn: status asu means

Statustray: I have family in Rolling Fork, Greenville, Jonestown, and Clarksdale, MS all along Hwy 61 (so to speak) Alcorn State University

vkn: ohhhhh

Statustray: sorry about that.... I just assume folks with ties in MS know about ASU.... *my bad*

vkn: lol

deannie: Rolling Fork is one on the places some of my ancestor went to, I see it on some of their place on the census

Statustray: to be honest though, I didn't know anything about Alcorn until I went to college there.... as I was not brought up/raised in MS

vkn: I at first thought Albany State then Alabama State Alcorn never entered my mind lol

deannie: I went to visit Alcorn to do research because it in Port Gibson, but I never receive inform back from them

Statustray: PG (Port Gibson) are right up the road from one another.... and on the other side of PG is Vicksburg (to the north), and Natchez to the south.

vkn: My brother Clennon King created confusion at Alcorn

deannie: There are not hotels in Port Gibson and I have written to see if I can stay on campus..not reply

Statustray: Hmmm.... there used to be at least one hotel in PG..... but it's been a long time since I "stopped" in PG though.... years and years.

deannie: If I want to stay for a week what would you suggest...they are no hotels or motels close

Statustray: And you're gonna be on campus the majority of the time?

deannie: I show the one in Port Gibson :{ Not

vkn: maybe find aprivate home deannie

deannie: Ok...I have family there but they do not know me. I what to get to know them but not invade until I do Maybe writing or calling the City Commerce office bn

Statustray: Yeah, I can certainly understand that for sure.... that's a very good idea to not do that.

vkn: good point deannie what brickwall do you have status and you deannie

Statustray: If it were me, I would probably stay in either Natchez or Vicksburg. There is the accommodations on campus, but I "think" those are for visiting parents, and I don't know a lot about them and I've never seen the rooms. brickwall: Trying to locate information on Buck & Jenny Keys in Smith county, MS. They were both slaves. A person made a post on acestry about 10+ years ago (Mario Keys), but I have been unable to locate him. of course they both lived after slavery times had ended.

deannie: My backwall is the one I would like to solve where was my ggrandparents in 19oo...I look for them everywhere...I going to one of my older cousing home today I will interview her

vkn: good deannie where do you think he was

deannie: how far is Natchez. one of my ancestor getting marriage there after the war

vkn: and nothing for ten years status

deannie: Jefferson county, Claiborne county, and Texana county, LA

Statustray: It's about 40 or so minutes from Alcorn State University to Vicksburg, straight up hwy 61.

vkn: status i thought your research wasflorida

deannie: OK I will get a trip for my society for next year

vkn: you mean go as a group deannie

khathu: good morning

vkn: Howdy Khathu alt is late

deannie: hi khathu

Statustray: Hey khathu... sorry about that... I had another telephone call. Let me scroll back up and see what I missed.

deannie: yes,,we went last year about about 14 of us...the Mississippi study group....

Statustray: deannie: Natchez is about 30 miles south of ASU. So a little bit closer.

deannie: Our study group go to the study for rearch...the Missour group will be going to St Louis again maybe will go around MAAGI next year

Statustray: vkn: Yup, nothing in the past 10 or so years. I actually came across the post 10 years too late... lol....

vkn: MAAGI really hit the spot

deannie: Ok I will look for a place there

Statustray: also vkn, I have been living in florida for 20 years now this month, but 99% of my research is in MS ;)

vkn: ahhhh i knew there was a fl connection

Statustray: deannie: Vicksburg to the north, and Natchez to the south. I've never stayed in a hotel in Natchez, but have in Vicksburg as my better half is from Vicksburg.

deannie: I enjoyed it...I meet a lot of people...also the cost of housing was cheat Ok... i will check both places

vkn: 25.00 a nite was excellent for rooms

Statustray: :} And when are you going there to MS?

vkn: harlem bookfair is on booktv this weekend

deannie: I'm going in October to visit a new cousin, but my group will be going next year

Statustray: booktv??

deannie: what is booktv

vkn: yes c span

Statustray: Oh yeah... sorry I forgot... u said that earlier....

deannie: ok

vkn: Excellent discussion on role of Black church

deannie: when is it on

vkn: It was on EARLY tis morn but I do not know the schedule

deannie: ok maybe I can locate it

vkn: what is your KEYES research plan Status and can we help

Statustray: To be honest, I don't have a plan other than to try to talk with other elders within the family and to continue to try and link down Mario Keyes :(

deannie: I working on getting my ggreat uncle civil war penison I learned where he was born and the pension might give me a slave owner I have to run...I have a cousin in town also going to see her after she comes from church

Statustray: It's gotten quiet on here

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