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2013-07-17 • Spotswood & Penman KY


Start: 12:06:34
End: 13:24:48
Chatters: alt, HistoryBuff, karoshi, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: heyyyy vacation lady heyyyy seventies vacation lady guess daviss is atlanta bound howdy alt

alt: what's going on ladies? howdy vkn & Seventies

vkn: seventies is out good session yesterday alt

alt: out to lunch? I''ll have to pose that question to her when she returns LOL

vkn: lol

alt: Yes it was vkn... Khathu's "book'" generated a lot of dialogue, good dialogue.

vkn: excellent dialogue alt howdy history been missing you

alt: questions I didn''t get to ask... does he speak to slave skills, family life, religion, etc. or is he just doing lineage connections thru various record sets?

Seventies: Hey all!

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn Alt

alt: Hello HistoryBuff, how goes it?

vkn: i have no idea

Seventies: I was just opening the door for you. :)

vkn: lol lol lol

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies. Getting deep in reunion plng

alt: hey Seventies ... I heard you were "out to lucnch" LOL LOL

vkn: lol

HistoryBuff: How's everyone?

alt: oh, oh

vkn: seventies is prolly multi t

alt: as ususal LOL

vkn: I be good history

alt: when is the big reunion day HistoryBuff?

Seventies: LOL ha ha ha alt Yes I'm just trying to relax a little before the trip. *sigh*

HistoryBuff: August 9-11th

alt: when is the trip and for how long Seventies? right on ya, huh HistoryBuff?

Seventies: Leaving tomorrow afternoon and will be gone until 26 August... :}:}:}

vkn: History I did not try the calendar thingy cause I am calendar rich

Seventies: :} :} :} :}

HistoryBuff: Yep

vkn: Are you driving seventies

alt: wow!!!!! you'll have to be re-trained when you return Seventies ... that's a long time 6 weeks (???)

HistoryBuff: Good 4 you 70s.

alt: yes, that is a 'goodie' Seventies

Seventies: Yep I will have a ton of work to do when I get back.

vkn: Daviss is due Atlanta this afternoon

alt: no doubt!!!!!!

Seventies: Who cares, they furloughed us anyway. Hi Selma

alt: Hello Selma.. beating the heat??? LOL

Selma: Afternoon alt, historybuff, seventies and vkn It is oppressive here alt.

Seventies: Ok so my African-American Highland Falls facebook page is doing well.

vkn: Heyyy Selma

Selma: Bought myself a Cheese Danish just to make myself feel better

alt: wonderful Seventies

vkn: Good for Highland Falls

Selma: I didn't know you had one seventies

Seventies: lol I have to laugh because the administrators of the other Highland Falls pages have been checking us out.

alt: of course Seventies "they" always want to know what "we" are doing LOL

Seventies: LOL you read my mind alt! Was just going to type that! Oops...

vkn: Nothing like competition and I ditto what Selma is saying and will delete

Selma: My level of paranoia is high and where is Mizz Daviss today?

alt: I have a good one for you .. one of Anita's tennis partners, of the "other persuasion" (sp) says she is an AfriGeneas follower ... LOL LOL

Selma: She should be it is a great site.. LOL

alt: we know it Selma

Seventies: well, they didn't care about what we were doing anyway, so they shouldn't care now. daviss is on a plane to ATL

alt: her tennis partner had not connected alt to the guy who posts on AfriGeneas frequently LOL LOL

Selma: Oh right the Reunion..wonderful

Seventies: I'm hoping that she shares some pics with us.

alt: I'm sure she will Seventies, at least on Facebook

Selma: VKN did you get my message re: the Choctow Freeman (sic) posting?

Seventies: I don't know if y'all were aware, speaking of freedmen, but Angela's page was featured on a site called Shadow and Act.

Selma: No not aware..what is Shadow and do you all keep up with all this stuff

vkn: yes selma

Seventies: Shadow and Act is a page that deals with African-American films and Black Hollywood. Not a gossip site, but very insightful.

Selma: Ok..will take a look

vkn: okies to look later did history get kicked

alt: Selma, as you say .. this social media stuff is just too much LOL

Seventies: Here is the article. She covers the story of Sarah Rector.

vkn: I hear that fokes be already signing up for next year MAACI

Seventies: That's good.

alt: isn't that wonderful vkn !!!

Seventies: that's all I have today folks.

vkn: super great peeps like the focused and intense

Selma: have your tea and crumpets ready for the British Open tomorrow

alt: that's gonna be a big job for the faculty.. to come up with "new" presentations each year... or do they do the same thing every year, or session? what does IGHR do Selma? sure do Selma, GO TIGER!!!!!

vkn: ouchies historybuff

HistoryBuff: Sorry about my abrupt departure.

Selma: There are new topics alt..or variations and expansions of topics..

alt: wb HistoryBuff

Selma: they have 5 or 6 tracks

vkn: HistoryBuff i thought you were kicked

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma

Selma: Afternoon historybuff

alt: okay Selma, I guess you could go to a differnt track each year... the track would not have to change much from year to year.

HistoryBuff: Thnx Alt. I was Vkn

Selma: It is very intense...

vkn: what device are you using HistoryBuff

alt: not good for me .. old dogs & new tricks... rough combination LOL LOL

HistoryBuff: Sanyo smart phone

vkn: okies history

Selma: Phone call folks gotta run

HistoryBuff: I stood up from the table and got logged out.

Selma: Have a great day

vkn: same for old tricks alt

HistoryBuff: U too.

alt: old tricks & new dogs, huh vkn LOL

vkn: lol

karoshi: Hello everyone!

vkn: and the old tricks seem new with these smart devices

HistoryBuff: Indeed. Hey karoshi

alt: oh yeah, I sure can't handle the devices vkn

vkn: howdy karoshi how goes it

alt: Hello karoshi, sorry we couldn't connect .. how was your trip to Xenia?

karoshi: It goods vkn!

HistoryBuff: :)

karoshi: Goes*

HistoryBuff: Xenia?

karoshi: I spent a little time at the library. But didn't really find anything new. Didn't really find anything new the whole trip. Though I did find Spotswood Penman's will from 1895.

alt: vkn, my dau-in-law was here the other day and we updated her family tree for her family reunion this weekend.... sent her the updated PDF file to her email and she showed it tom me right away.. she got it it here in the house on her cell phone. 59 pages

vkn: alt wow 59 pages swinging door historybuff

HistoryBuff: My apologizes. Keep hitting the wrong button. Fingertips are stubby.

Seventies: Y'all I gotta go... see you soon!

alt: yeah, the phone thing surprised me vkn.. there it was, the email on her phone.. like right now!!!!

vkn: wonderful and scary at the same time alt

alt: sorry to hear your trip to the library in Xenia wasn't more successful karoshi

HistoryBuff: I was trying to say, nice fiblnd karoshi.

alt: for sure vkn

karoshi: Thanks HistoryBuff. It was interesting for sure.

HistoryBuff: Yw.

vkn: and able to print also i reckon

karoshi: He leaves 2 acres of land to his sons but only if they build a mill on it and fix the dam.

alt: karoshi, did you go across the street to the courthouse while in Xenia karoshi ... Oops forget that last comment, it was Saturday

karoshi: He leaves my 2great grandmother a horse. But if there isn't a horse to be had she gets money to buy one.

vkn: lol will her a horse

karoshi: No alt I didn't. I didn't have much time because our family reunion was at 1 in Columbus.

alt: interesting "bequeaths" karoshi

karoshi: Lol! I know vkn. He leaves most of his daughters horses.

alt: okay, your time was very limited

karoshi: I did find something that I had a question about. What exactly are guardianship papers?

alt: quick answer ... papers giving responsibility to some adult for underage surviving children

karoshi: Ok, that is what I though, but would they be given just because the death of a parent or were there other reasons?

alt: death, separation, divorce

karoshi: Interesting.

alt: parents deemed unfit .. several reasons possible

karoshi: Apprenticeship?

alt: another quickie ... responsibility to teach, train someone in an occupation within a given period of time occupation, trade, or skill

karoshi: But would guardianship papers cover apprenticeships?

alt: they could... the guardian could be given the "job" of assuring the training of the children for whom they have benn given guardianship rights

vkn: could be conflicting interests

karoshi: Due to lack of documents it is making things quite hard with my KY families. Also found out that most families, even close to town didn't have electricity and running water until the 1960's.

alt: was this ancestor from KY in the "horse" business?,, that's BIG in KY

karoshi: Not directly but they married into it. I have one Shelby Barnes that is in the horse racing hall of fame.

alt: ah so, okay electricity & running water.. that was the case for a section in west Zanesville, OH just 2-3 years ago.

karoshi: WHAT??? That is crazy!!!

alt: you would think so !!! but I'm also sure it is not so unusual in some parts of Appalachia

karoshi: So basically I have a large group of people all free before the Civil War. Who own property and are buying and selling property from at least 1859. But where they come from I don't know. Which is maddening!!

alt: how bout their birth locations on the 1860 & later census records

karoshi: Kentucky. Everyone says Kentucky. But there are no traces passed 1800-10. Also, no land deeds.

alt: If you know the counties in KY you might look for manumission papers for those freed before 1860

karoshi: Not even for Spotswood Penman who obviously had land from 1830 on.

alt: might be found in book of KY & VA Land Grants

karoshi: I looked. No dice.

alt: okay

karoshi: It's like they just appear.

alt: from where ??? Virginia/Maryland?NC ???

HistoryBuff: Maddening

alt: in KY

karoshi: They all say KY. My Ohio families come from Virginia, Marland, and NC. But these KY people always say KY.

alt: I would look for both Spotswood & Penman as surnames in the census and follow the State by State

karoshi: There are no Penman's in the area before them. But there are some further up in KY. Maybe from Virginia.

alt: remember KY was a part of VA until 1792

karoshi: And with the Virginia and KY split. It makes it crazier. I will keep at it though.

alt: and then the county boundry line & name changes in KY

HistoryBuff: That's the spirit!

alt: olks named in Kentucky Co, VA ... Jefferson Co., KY, Shelby Co., KY & Oldham Co., KY and it is all the SAME place. I have folks named ......

karoshi: Did they come to Ohio?

alt: yes, in 1813

karoshi: Ok. I have a feeling that my Stewart's are connected to the Gallia Co. Stewart's from VA.

alt: could well be karoshi .... most Stewart's I know came from either VA and/or NC .... from nearby bordering counties counties on or near the VA/NC lines

karoshi: There are 5 branches of Stewarts in this little area of KY to are all free before the civil war. Yet, I can find no connections. There are only two slave owning Stewart's in the same area and they never freed any slaves.

alt: you've got yoru work cut out for ya LOL LOL

karoshi: :) Yes!

HistoryBuff: Sounds very interesting

karoshi: It is quite the puzzle HistoryBuff

alt: so karoshi, you're back in FL?

karoshi: Yes sir.

alt: okay. glad you had a safe & wonderful trip.

karoshi: Thank you! Alright I'm off to a doc appointment.

Khathu: hello everyone

alt: did you get to see the Winburn/Webb family in Xenia?

karoshi: Thanks for all your help!

alt: yw karoshi

karoshi: No alt I didn't! I will go next trip. I was kicking myself that I didn't remember to go see them!

alt: Hello Khathu, just about to "duck out" what's up Khathu?

Khathu: Nothing much.

alt: hump day, huh?

Khathu: I was just popping in have a great day everyone

alt: I'm gone too HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Okay take care all.

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