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2013-07-15 • Zacariah White in AL


Start: 12:15:49
End: 13:35:54
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Seventies, vkn

daviss: hi alt! Ok

Seventies: hi daviss and alt.

daviss: hi there Seventies!!! How's it going?

Seventies: so very excited to 'see' me.. glad about that! lol Busy... Trying to get some things together for Thursday. I found somethings I'd been missing like my camera charger. The boys are ready to go, I'm ready to go.

daviss: Yessssssss lol I knew you were getting ready for your trip so I did not expect to see your letters here lol

Seventies: well I am at work, but I think I'm going to take Wednesday off.

daviss: well thats a goodie to have {Camera charger}

Seventies: yes. well the camera has a rechargeable battery. Couldn't find the darn thing for months. I put it away..really well... lol

daviss: I thought Friday was your last day?

Seventies: No flying out on Thursday AM

daviss: ok

Seventies: Reunion starts Friday afternoon out in Sibley. So I'm excited about my African-American Highland Falls page on Facebook.

daviss: I can imagine

Seventies: Lots of people coming onto the page. up to about 63 people. Looking for news stories and other history to post.

daviss: has anyone posted any history

Seventies: I got some information on my e-mail account about the Highland Falls Reunion that is hosted in ATL each year.

daviss: not meaning you and your crew

Seventies: well its going to be a mix of old and new things. not focused on strictly history. More like a community page. I think people have been waiting on this for a while. I'm so glad its going so well at this point.

daviss: good so keep it up "Congrats"

Seventies: So we have a memorial photo album. For pics and obits of those who passed in the community. we had a couple of recent deaths so people are posting about those.

daviss: thats great

Seventies: Thank you daviss!

daviss: ms polite lol

Seventies: You should check out the Obit of Mary Crabb. Think you will like that one.

daviss: will do!

Seventies: I have to practice my good manners or I'll lose them! lol lol lol

daviss: What is the oldest obit you have? we need a smiley for multi- tasking and one for someone who is at work

Seventies: Mary Crabb... lol so there are some photos and a couple of obits.

daviss: ok

Seventies: Sorry got a phone call.

daviss: ha I bet you are sorry

Seventies: speaking of phone calls... Jimmety cricket alt's been on his call since I came online! lol

daviss: lol don't be calling my partner Jimmety cricket

Seventies: lol

daviss: lol lol

Seventies: Are you ready to go on your trip madea?

daviss: I read another post yesterday about two sisters who found eah other on 23&me

Seventies: I read that too.

daviss: No, not yet lol I still need to procrastinate

Seventies: Not me... I need to get it one and done! Almost done. I got a great deal on some clothes for my boys... $5 for designer Hilfiger T's and $10 for Hilfiger shorts and Nautica button downs.

daviss: The only thing I've ever been fast at was running when I thought mom was going after her switch lol

Seventies: lol lol lol I BET! lol lol lol

daviss: Oh speaking of deals the grands came back with lots yesterday

Seventies: What did you get?

daviss: Tyler came home with his dress Stacy Adams

Seventies: go 'head Tyler! What did you get?

daviss: They are very good looking shoes. I did not go the only thing they bought me back was a hamburger because I did not cook lol lol

Seventies: I bet they are.. my kids wore Stacy Adams at that age... nice ones too. Now they are too daggone expensive.

alt: still talking bout Adams Reunion "stuff"

Seventies: lol

alt: whew!!!!

daviss: He has always been into sneakers as his choice so I was surprised he picked those lol. Well his uncle Anthony bought him a couple pair lol alt wb

Seventies: That was nice!

alt: y'all check out my post on FaceBook at the Walter C. Pierce Project in Wash DC & also AfriGeneas .. please

daviss: alt, how did your presentation go? sure will alt

alt: went well daviss .. short talk & a lot of Q & A

Seventies: alt you are the bomb-diggity!

vkn: howdy doody

daviss: alt Seventies called you Jimminy Cricket first :} :? hello there vkn!

alt: was able to "recruit" a couple of possible new members for AAGGMV from the presentation

vkn: aggi tating daviss lol

alt: Hi vkn

daviss: thats great alt

Seventies: No I didn't call you Jimmety cricket, I said "Jimmety Cricket!" lol daviss stop trying to aggitate

daviss: lol @ vkn

Seventies: she sure is vkn. Hi vkn

alt: I saw it daviss.. I was reading the chat as I was talking on the phone

vkn: heyyy seventies and alt

alt: [Seventies] speaking of phone calls... Jimmety cricket alt's been on his call since I came online!� �

daviss: hahahahaha

Seventies: ok so I forgot my punctuation mark... lol shoot me! lol

daviss: vkn is it still raining in Atlanta?

Seventies: I know where its NOT raining. lol Its so hot here I think I'll be able to cook on the sidewalk

vkn: no rain where i am daviss

daviss: Still Seventies.. sheesh

Seventies: Yes we had a few days break, but the heat is turning up again... Supposed to hit a heat index of 105

vkn: bj was here over weekend

Seventies: How is she doing?

daviss: thats nice vkn

vkn: she is well

Seventies: good. Glad to hear it. Well I'm heading towards Alabama, cannot wait to get there either. :) I'm an alabama genealogy newbie!

vkn: yeah

Khathu: Hello everyone

Seventies: Hi khathu

vkn: howdy khathu

daviss: howdy khathu!

vkn: daviss be italic

daviss: lol vkn look how long it took me to discover it

vkn: lol

daviss: My big fat thumb hit the wrong button lol lol

Seventies: So Khathu, what is new with your research on the FPOC in Washington D.C.? The family you were researching.

Khathu: I am trying to get a hold of the Mt. Zion Church records and I need to re-visit the DC Archives to look at some land records again as well visit the NARA for some tax assessment and land records

Seventies: nice

vkn: good khathu

Khathu: I am also working on my book of slave era research have a great day everyone

daviss: khathu must be at work swinging door

vkn: what is focus of slave research era khathu

daviss: he is no longer in chat vkn

vkn: oops i will post fraser slaves from a blog on yesterday

daviss: oh vkn, did you ever settle on someone to look into your research ?

vkn: sent by saundra brown i be the looker daviss

daviss: Are those in your line

vkn: not at all

daviss: meaning paid vkn

vkn: me me me

daviss: lol lol lol ok

vkn: will be in Milledgeville for a week with niece from san diego

daviss: Is milledgeville Ga or Ala?

vkn: ga

daviss: ok and how far is that from where you are?

vkn: 2 hours to middle ga mostly white black folks

daviss: not bad at all

vkn: Seventies what AL counties

daviss: Nothing but good words coming from MAGGI

vkn: Yes good words from the AfriGeneas scholarship recipients Seventies what AL counties other than autauga

daviss: Are any of the winners on the pictures posted on FB vkn?

vkn: have not looked today Working on BENHAM reunion stuff

daviss: you know, I am hearing they many of those who went booked for next year already.. When is the Benham reunion vkn?

vkn: same time as yours but in Chicago

daviss: vkn the will and Inventory I have for my paternal White ggrand has an alabama connect but does not list county mine is this week vkn

vkn: grrrreat but should be easy to find via the plantation records daviss what is name of planter seventies do you have a slaver suspect

daviss: thats just it vkn he came to Texas but not sure when. The will was made out in 1853 He also lists being in Ms

vkn: in al or tx

daviss: common name of james White

vkn: uh oh

daviss: Texas son Zachariah White was given land in Ala

vkn: ALcounties very young in 1853

daviss: but so far can't find him or his death

vkn: mostly ms territory mobile madison or dallas are best bets Huntsville was state capitol

daviss: He had two sons in Ala Zacariah and William. Not sure if his son Rueben was there or not but he left Matilda Inge some Negros in Mississppi

vkn: i would focus Madison county for starters daviss

daviss: ok I will zero in on Madison...thanks so much

vkn: welcome many free black there did yo folks go by name of white

daviss: yes

Seventies: I'm back?? lol

daviss: hahaha

Seventies: Why????

vkn: ahhhh were you locked out

Seventies: I'm supposed to be off my lunch hour. was working with the boss

vkn: i think alt got kicked byeeeeeeeee

daviss: byeeeee

Seventies: bye

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