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2013-07-10 • MAAGI Class Chat event

** Chats Lobby

Start: 12:31:57
End: 12:31:57
Chatters: lms

lms: Hello,


Start: 12:01:52
End: 13:08:55
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Hotlanta, Janet, linda, lms, RLC, Selma, Seventies, vkn

daviss: Hi there vkn :) hi Hotlanta!

vkn: and howdy to you Daviss

daviss: Glad you are here Hotlanta....I will be visiting your fair city next week

Hotlanta: Happy Hunting Daviss and Vkn

daviss: thanks I sure need it

Hotlanta: Is it next week already

daviss: I also am hoping that I will be able to get over to a Cemetery where an uncle of mine is buried

vkn: How many days is the Atlanta visit daviss and what is your free day?

daviss: I need to check to see what time we will arrive on Wednesday. So from Wed to Sun

vkn: Ah and where is the cemetery daviss

daviss: They will be putting out something today for the schedule so I will know more then Let me get the name of the cemetery, hold on

vkn: okies would like to get you to lunch at The Pecan

daviss: hi alt

vkn: Howsy alt

alt: Hello daviss & the folks from GA

vkn: lol

Hotlanta: Ga folks signing on

Seventies: Good afternoon all! alt, daviss, Hotlanta and vkn.

alt: My DNA cousins Hope Blackstock is 'singing the praises' of AfriGeneas

vkn: Howdy Seventies

daviss: I am having problems pulling it up now vkn I will keep looking

alt: Hello Seventies

Hotlanta: Heyyy seventies

daviss: Hello Seventies ok got it.. It's called Companion Gardens

Seventies: How is everyone's research going? I see that 23andme did an upload yesterday. No new matches for me.

daviss: Southview Cemetery

vkn: Thanx daviss Seventies they notify when uploads are done?

alt: haven't looked at 23+me in a couple of days ..last time I looked I was up to 850 matches.

daviss: nothing new for me Seventies but still have another 10 folks I manage to check

Seventies: I'm under 500 alt.

Hotlanta: I have yet to send mine in

Seventies: I'm still waiting to hear a response from this Mazique guy. He is as slow as molasses. I guess once my boys graduate from college I'll receive a response. lol

alt: I guess it all depends on who might be related to us that have tested Seventies .. cause we could have hundreds of thousand of relatives out there.

daviss: We have to get you going on that Hotlanta lol

Hotlanta: lol

vkn: Poor vkn is too enveloped in Milledgeville

Seventies: :}

alt: That thing I posted the other day on the LaForce woman.... she would be a 6th great-grandmother and had 5 siblings... she had 54 children & one of her grd-daughters had 16 children... so how many descendant from that branch almost 250 years ago could I have that I know nothing about.

Hotlanta: wow

alt: not 54 children, but 5 LOL

Seventies: I was going to say, OMG lol

Hotlanta: whew

vkn: Double whew

alt: what a relief, huh vkn LOL LOL

daviss: Lol that would be money time even back then lol

alt: see what an uncorrected typo can do for you....

daviss: I wonder what the record is for the most children a woman has had

alt: daviss, the pic you posted of Mariah's son.. how is he related to the guy whose Ancestry composition almost mirrors mine?

daviss: One lady who lived near me when I was growing up had 16 He is mariah's great grandson

alt: I have several in my lines that had between 10-16 children.


daviss: His father is the grandson and Joseph Taylor is the son

vkn: My mother is 14 of 14

Seventies:,_Georgia Where my children's father is from. My grandmother had 14, 12 lived to adulthood.

daviss: my grandmother on paternal side had 8 but so far that is the most I have seen so far oops alt wb

vkn: Lyons is barely missing Middle GA

alt: ty daviss ... is this fella my age, younger or older than me?

Seventies: ok, its a teeny tiny town... :)

daviss: lets see, he is about 76 He was the baby boy

vkn: teeny weeny

alt: okay daviss, I was trying to figure out to what generation he would belong for that admixture.

Seventies: lol yes teeny weeny lol

daviss: that is a straight y line

alt: okay daviss

Seventies: I have a quick question, should I or shouldn't I blog from the road this year?

daviss: off the top of my head I dont know his hap but it starts with R lol

alt: I just posted a 'neat' chart on the AA ancestored DNA Forum that shows the % of admixture by each of our 22 chromsome pairs. by each = for each

daviss: hmmm I have to take a look at that so its a standard % for everyone ?

Seventies: Good afternoon RLC.

daviss: Hello RCL! oops RLC

alt: no, it gives the % admixture for each chromosme for each individual person.

RLC: Hello I am coming from Angela's class at MAAGI - good afternoon everybody

daviss: Good afternoon and welcome!

alt: Hello RLC, nice meeting you

vkn: Howdy RLC

lms: I am joining from Angela Raji's class at MAAGHI

Janet: Hello from Angela's class at MAAGI

RLC: Angela wants you to know she's not able to get in the room - java applet at the site's computer disabled :)

daviss: awww sorry to hear that

vkn: Janet Howdy

alt: are you having fun & learning a lot at MAAGI RLC?

RLC: OMG! She is amazing with a dynamic personality - so many jewels being dropped!

daviss: You know we all wish we were there with you?

alt: wonderful RLC, happy to hear Angela is 'dazzling' you with her knowledge & personality.

daviss: What is your class topic now RLC

RLC: :) [daviss] you are... really, I also want to thank for sponsoring the award making it possible for me to attend.

daviss: Congrats!!!!

alt: wonderful!!!!! You are an AfriGeneas winner RLC.

RLC: Thank you ! The topic is what blog genealogy - she listed a plethora of resources books, blogs online and reasons for blogging!

vkn: Congratulations RLC

alt: Hello Ms Selma

RLC: Thank you so much [alt] truly am grateful and assured that is my path, thank you to vkn. :)

alt: Hi Linda & Janet glad you're able to join us

Seventies: Hello Selma

daviss: Hi there linda and Janet welcome to chat Hi Selma!

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon alt, daviss, vkn, Janet, linda, RLC and 70's

Seventies: Hello linda and Janet

RLC: Greetings Selma, Linda and Janet

vkn: Howdy and welcome linda

Janet: Oh my, hello all!

vkn: Howdy and welcome Janet

alt: where are you ladies from? I'm located in Ohio.

Seventies: WB daviss

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Seventies: Hello AYWalton

RLC: Folks from the AfriGeneas core may know of the enchanting Ms. Electra Price... alt I'm from Oakland, CA

Selma: Well lookey who made it to the Room..

linda: Thank you Von!

Selma: Afternon AY

vkn: AYW!!!!!!!!! you made it !!!!!!!

alt: hello AYWalton

daviss: Texas is my research area but I live in sunny Arizona lol

AYWalton: Yes, I am on a borrowed Mac for the moment, Mizz Selma.

daviss: Heyyyy AyWalton!

Selma: You mean oppressively hot Arizona

daviss: ha! lol

AYWalton: Topic of the day in our room: BLOGS!

RLC: hmmmm Texas - I have to unearth my info- [daviss]

alt: I know Electra!!!!!..... I knew her uncle Russell Price from here in Springfield, Ohio

Selma: AY..has 2 of the best blogs out there (or is it 3)

daviss: oh ok AYWalton, hopefully you will gain new bloggers

AYWalton: Do you have any favorite blogs to recommend? I hope so, daviss.

Selma: Yours

vkn: never woulda guessed that ayw lol lol lol

daviss: Whew RLC!!! I love you already lol

RLC: lol

AYWalton: By the way Vicki, I have shown them Mariah's Zephyr.

RLC: [davis] ;)

daviss: why thank you AYWalton

AYWalton: What unusual blog can you recommend for the folks in the class?

Hotlanta: howdy rlc janet linda

daviss: do you need links

AYWalton: yes, daviss, what do you have?

daviss: I like the Atlas blog and of course Mel Collier has a nice one

linda: hi - hotlanta

alt: for those who might be interest in Native American & DNA .. "The Native History Project" Blog AYWalton

RLC: [alt] Ms. Electra is pretty awesome and put me to task immediately upon hearing that I was pursuing a genealogy trek.


alt: wonderful RLC ... you "hooked up" with one of the BEST in Ms. Price.

RLC: [alt] :)

daviss: George Geder has a nice one also let me get the link for Seventies blog

vkn: ouchies janet and linda

alt: wb Janet & Linda.... the road be's bumpy sometimes LOL

daviss: those are a few blogs out there AYWalton but we really need more people to blog

alt: and Prof Dru's blog "Finding Your Folks"

daviss: yep alt that is an excellent one

RLC: [all] wonderful sources duly noted, thank you

Seventies: Well y'all I need to hit the highway. I think I'm going to call in sick tomorrow. Got things to do and people to see.

daviss: you are very welcome

alt: so, are you a cohort of Lisa Lee RLC?

Seventies: Enjoy the rest of chat.

daviss: Seventies took off too fast lol

RLC: Charles Brown alerted me of her and I love the site, hoping to meet her today :)

Selma: Seventies has a blog...Family Griot

RLC: "Family Griot" thank you

linda: Thanks! I just wrote that one down

daviss: yes I just gave the link

alt: RLC Tell Lisa Lee .. her cousin Art Thomas says hello & for her to behave LOL LOL

Selma: You are so efficient daviss.

daviss: :o

Selma: You are related to Lisa alt?

vkn: yeah for daviss

daviss: :o

alt: Yep, we have a Canadian connection Selma

Selma: YOu families met up in Canada..or did her folks take the VA route

alt: dating from the late 1700's - early 1880's

RLC: LOL I sure will - Angela mentioned she's a colorful person, I'm looking forward.

linda: we are going to lunch now

RLC: Angela has to pack up and we're all going to lunch - Bon Apetit all

alt: enjoy lunch ... nice meeting yawl LOL

daviss: Ok linda and RCL it was great chatting with you

vkn: enjoy MAAGI

daviss: visit us here sometime

RLC: truly a pleasure and definitely will be back, #BlessU

daviss: back at cha

alt: ditto

vkn: well that was nice

alt: that was very nice of AYW took bring her class to chat

daviss: sure was

Hotlanta: very nice

Selma: I was thinking that RLC was Richard Schaffer at first

daviss: He was thinking about going wasn't he?

alt: me too Selma, but I think she is from CA

Hotlanta: RLC is from the Oakland CA area

daviss: there are some great pictures they are posting on FB

alt: I got an email from RCS and he said he was going to try and get to lunch with the MAAGI group.

daviss: thats right, he lives around there

alt: yep daviss

Selma: It sounds like a good time is being had by all..and I am glad

vkn: me too

alt: me too Selma MAAGI is an 'historic & ground breaking event"

daviss: First time event and just think if any kinks are to be found next year will be better

Hotlanta: Hope for more scholarships next year

alt: i' hoping it has "legs" daviss & a long shelf life.

daviss: thats for sure alt and if this is any indication it will be. When the economy picks up I am sure more folks will be able to attend not sure how many is comfortable for that setting

alt: I like the odds/ratio of men to women .... from the photos LOL LOL

daviss: hahahaha alt

Hotlanta: but of course alt lol

alt: wonder if Anita would let me go next year ?... by myself LOL

Selma: Ha

alt: just a thought Selma, just a thought LOL

daviss: be sure and show her the pictures alt lol

alt: oh no daviss

daviss: lol

vkn: NAW

daviss: well peeps I better head out... have a great rest of the day

vkn: How is the GZ trial going

Selma: I don't know vkn..I don't watch

vkn: okies

Selma: On CNN they were talking about the Boston Bomber who will be in court today

alt: me neither Selma.. I watched one day and it was too dramatic.. the questioning by the Lawyers

vkn: from crisis to crisis

alt: shades of OJ

Selma: Yes vkn...

vkn: y'all be good

Selma: Yes..both of you have a great day

alt: and according to some , all of it is the fault of the POTUS LOL

Selma: LOL

vkn: lol

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