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2013-07-09 • MAAGI begins today


Start: 11:11:49
End: 13:06:41
Chatters: alt, daviss, deannie, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

deannie: Hello from St Louis...MAAGI I will be in class when the session start...but if I can get in I will

daviss: hello there deannie! Thanks for checking in from MAAGI!! oops shoot!

Seventies: good morning, daviss

daviss: Good Afternoon to you

Seventies: Its still hot...

daviss: R U at work and still in a hot environment?

Seventies: Yes still at work, not as hot as it was yesterday. But the better part of the morning the systems were down. Can't win for losing.

daviss: yeah, I hear ya

Seventies: Okay so now that you've oogled over my photos.. whatcha think? I saw many of these growing up. I bugged my grandmother so much about them.. lol

daviss: Like I said, I love your photos. The are gems and I am glad you posted them

Seventies: Thanks!

daviss: I really love old pictures and wish I could see someone I recognize black and whites are awesome IMHO

Seventies: Thanks. I made sure that I posted those military pics just for you.

daviss: If you think about it, all those pictures tell a story especially in their faces

Seventies: Indeed.

daviss: Thank you for that Seventies

Seventies: One of my favorites is the picture of Sonnie Parker. People really dressed back then. Real sharp and clothes were so well tailored. People took pride in their appearance.

daviss: The one I like out of "all' your pictures is the one of your grandmother Lucy Callins in the hat

Seventies: thanks daviss, hi alt

daviss: hi there alt

alt: what's up y'all .... Seventies & daviss

daviss: WB deannie thanks for coming in from MAAGI hi Selma!

Selma: Good Tuesday afternoon alt, daviss, deannie and seventies

daviss: I saw those pictures deannie and you were right there in the middle..great poto

alt: Hello deannie & Selma

daviss: dang another misspell

Selma: Hey is it going in St. Louis?

alt: I saw you on FB deannie... having BIG fun in St. Looie LOL

deannie: Hi gen buddy....I'm class with Bernice and Thomas MacEntree....but I will not be able to chat because I will get lost in class...but I am learning thing...class for the morning is great

Seventies: hi deannie

daviss: Good for you deannie

Selma: Well take good notes you can share when you return

deannie: Thanks...the me in the green shirt taking notes

Seventies: Hope you all are enjoying yourselves out there in St. Louis.

deannie: Yes we are learning things and meeting new friends....alt I have not been to Dunkin donut yetlol

alt: give our warmest wishes & regards to your fellow classmates & AfriGeneans deannie

Seventies: lol So what's new in the world of genealogy today all?

alt: I won't be there this time deannie LOL LOL

deannie: I will and I am showing some of them how to get on

daviss: thanks for that deannie

alt: things are hopping so fast genealogy wise or me that I can hardly keep up Seventies ..

Seventies: :) Keeps you on your toes alt!

alt: this 'old guy' needs to learn new tricks to keep up Seventies

Seventies: Someone was saying on FB that they have a dna match over 17 segements who will not accept a request from the on 23 and me. tragic.

Selma: How did your meeting go with your daughter in law alt?

Seventies: me too alt. So much to keep up with while still having to focus on my own stuff.

daviss: Did you all read Nicka's happy dance?

alt: wonderful Selma.... we now have over 45 pages of genealogy narrative covering 8 generations on her maternal family lines

Selma: Jeez..that is up from 38 are on a roll

Seventies: Ok I did find something new. Something fun. lets you create a word cloud in the shape of an item. I used the Africa word cloud. Love it!

alt: 17 segments ... hmmmn did they say on how many chromsomes Seventies

daviss: Seventies was that a flat out decline or just a no answer?

Seventies: Not sure alt. It's Hausa Mann who is also selling a DNA kit for African DNA. Y chromosome kit. I think it was a no answer. But that's a lot of matching DNA

daviss: well I read just yesterday someone just answered after a year

Seventies: I thought I was going to have to wait FOREVER for my match to respond. Thank goodness he did. Only took about 4 months. who's at the MAAGI conference, just deannie?

daviss: I just cancelled about 10 folks that I sent intro's to over a year ago and then resent

Seventies: ok Don't leave, I'ma go get some lunch. :)

daviss: well seventies you better hurry lol lol lol

Seventies: In the meantime, check out my family in Baton Rouge, LA for the 2009 reunion. ok ok I'll hurry back. :}

Khathu: Hello everyone

daviss: hello khathu!

Selma: Afternoon khathu

daviss: Nicka was saying that her mom and sister just got re-aquainted after 70 years that is wonderful! wounds healed etc whats up with you khathu?

Selma: 70 years?

daviss: yes Selma

Khathu: I just discovered that the NARA has tax assessment and deed records for Georgetown, I am really excited about that It will definitely assist with my Cartwright research

daviss: that is good news for you khathu.. Much luck

Khathu: Thanks, now if I can only get in contact with someone at the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, Heritage House to look at those church records

deannie: what city is the church

daviss: Did you get a working phone number deannie what course are you in now?

Khathu: Washington, DC Yes, I even went to the church one Sunday

deannie: The Tech class with Bernice

Khathu: I have had little success with black churches

daviss: oh ok, good one deannie!

Khathu: I stop considering them resources

deannie: Yes...I learn a lot about facebook

daviss: oh really khathu Are you staying on campus deannie?

Seventies: Ok I'm back. Hey khathu! sort of... lol

deannie: yes...$25 can't beat it...and the rooms are great...I will sent pictures on my facebook pages (tomorrom)..Deannie Tensley

daviss: I will be on the lookout

deannie: Most of the ladies from Chicago never were away to college last night we all had on pj and had a gen chat nite it was great

daviss: I love those PJ parties after a session deannie another way to learn a few things

Seventies: Dru Pair is posting a lot of pictures as well.

daviss: thx seventies I will check those out as well

Selma: Afternoon vkn

daviss: hello vkn!

vkn: howdy all y'all

Seventies: khathu, read your piece on FB... great food for thought.

deannie: we have some upward bound kids on the other wing of the it's like we are college also......I did not go alway to college about I visited my this is memories for me...just a grown up verison

daviss: vkn, deannie is checking in from MAAGI

deannie: Yes

vkn: Deannie how goes MAAGI

daviss: brb java java time

vkn: alt daviss Khathu Selma Seventies

Khathu: The one from Adisa

Seventies: hi vkn yes that one.

daviss: ok back alt what is your latest coup with your dna peeps

vkn: Evernote is updating with a new text editor

daviss: I am hoping that Wilson guy would check back in but so far no luck vkn I need to be in that tech class with deannie lol

vkn: lol Going to Milledgeville in August

Seventies: ooh okay wow!

daviss: that is not that far away vkn.. I hope you have much success

vkn: Niece coming in from San Diego to assist

daviss: I know you have everything all laid out what you will be looking for

Seventies: I was looking at that fella Baxter Smith and he owned property in Milledgeville in 1818. as well as in Cahawba.

vkn: Yuppers 3 days worth

Seventies: :}

vkn: Gotta catch up with seventies

daviss: oh yeah vkn then you may have to stay until Sept lol

vkn: lol

Seventies: Well good luck with the search vkn. If you run across any Baxter Smith's or any bills of sale for a Charity in his name, please let me know.

vkn: yassum

Seventies: U R the bestest!

vkn: we all be best

Seventies: indeed.

deannie: Class has ended I going to eat in the cafe with the students..and i learn more about google there ever.......

vkn: I like the alt and daviss article about not paying

daviss: ok deannie have fun

vkn: Great deannie

deannie: chat with you this later......

Seventies: Okay I've got to run off. Again. Have a good day all.

vkn: I thought Ewell and Cindy had settled their differences

daviss: I don't think it was settled among the majority of gens vkn

Selma: Who is this Ewell person?

vkn: at least I read somewhere that Cindy had dropped suit First name is Barry Selma

Selma: Ok..he has a blog?

daviss: Barry Ewell who had a site and supposedly used all Cindys stuff word for word

vkn: yes Selma

daviss: I had not heard that the suit was dropped interesting

vkn: He has a whole section on AfriAm genealogy

Selma: One that he wrote..or took from someone else?

vkn: I sent the three of us in here the link Daviss about the suit drop I will try and send again wupps

daviss: ok vkn because I did not get it and also dont forget poem

vkn: will not forget In process of cleaning off hard drives

Selma: Oh did you get your new computer vkn?

vkn: 20 years of stuff Yes but not yet connected Selma

Selma: Well folks..time for me to run Have a great day..

daviss: U2

vkn: Organizing first bye

Selma: organizing..whats that.. LOL

vkn: lol

daviss: lol

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