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2013-07-05 • GedMatch confusion


Start: 12:04:58
End: 13:04:18
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

daviss: Hello there Seventies! :}

Seventies: hi daviss

daviss: how is it going/ ?

Seventies: pretty good. Sorry to bug the heck out of you lately. Just very excited about the pictures.

daviss: you are not bugging me. You have some wonderful photos that some folks wish they had....frankly its history

Seventies: I am very thrilled about finding the sister Martha Williams...

daviss: I would be too Seventies

khathu: hello seventies and daviss

daviss: hello khathu!

Seventies: Hi khathu

daviss: brb

Seventies: sssoooooo khathu looks like D.C. celebrated the 4th in style.

khathu: i guess

daviss: ok back

khathu: there was a lot of activities going on

Seventies: I bet.

khathu: parades, a concert and fireworks the usual stuff

Seventies: this was the first year in a long time that I've been home on the 4th. Usually we're in MS

khathu: it is a shame that Lorenzo Williams' pension application did not include any affidavits

daviss: hello alt

khathu: hello alt

Seventies: :(

alt: hello all, Khathu Daviss & Seveties, what's up?

Seventies: Hi alt...

khathu: That was a major bumper for me Now it stated he worked on a steamboat before enlisting I think he was a contraband soldier

alt: finding some "goodies" & unexpected information in the pension application, huh khathu?

khathu: This is supported by the fact that he allegedly enlisted in 1861-1862. African Americans could not officially join the U. S. Army until the Militia Act of 1862, passed in July 1862. If he did actually “enlist” at this time, then it is almost guaranteed that he did not do so officially unless he was passing as white

Seventies: Interesting

khathu: the info he provided is too detailed for him to be lying plus it has been pretty consistent from the 1890 Special Census through the 3x he applied for a pension. I think my search on this line has came to an endc

alt: sounds reasonable to me khathu, there is quite a bit of documentation of Blacks serving with 'white' units before the founding of the USCT's..... I guess "serving" doesn't necessarily mean they were officially macerated in unless they were "passing".

khathu: I have an unofficial CW ancestor or something like that

alt: Bennie McRae and some CW researchers have found many case of AA's serving with "white" Ohio units prior to the USCT... some of them even left their "white' units and went to serve with USCT units after the signing of the EP.

Seventies: Hi Selma

alt: Hello Selma

khathu: Hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, khathu and seventies..

daviss: Hello Selma!! Hello vkn!

alt: Daviss, things are 'jumping' on the DNA front with Hope Blackstock, Kathleen & now my reluctant AA match has made contact. Hello vkn... happy post-4th of July LOL

daviss: wow alt, that's great to hear......Wishing you the best in tieing all together

vkn: seventies khathu alt daviss selma

alt: thanks daviss, might be more than I can handle right now..... gotta be careful of what you ask for LOL LOL

vkn: congrats on your connections alt

alt: thanks vkn

Seventies: Ok well, since we are at a silent point in chat.. lol I now have two genealogy community facebook pages. The latest page is African-American Highland Falls, NY

alt: I'm also working with my dau-in-law in getting together a family history/genealogy book & tree for an upcoming reunion of her mother's ancestral lines.... whew!!!!!!

Seventies: nice.. good thing you have family helping you with all of this alt.

daviss: lol it looks like its the other way around

Seventies: lol

alt: I'm helping her Seventies LOL

Seventies: lol

daviss: was your d-i-l- family in the same general area as yours alt?


alt: one of the obits for an ancestor read 16 children, 45 grandchildren & 25 great-great grandchildren ....

daviss: wow, now that is a lot of lines to follow within itself


alt: they're in Springfield for over 50-60 years daviss, but originally from Rowan Co., NC & Banks Co., GA.


khathu: well have a fantastic weekend everyone

Seventies: So I raided my aunts photos she got from my grandmother Lucy before she passed away... and I found an aunt whom I though had possibly passed away, but no she just got married! lol Her name is Martha Williams-Brandley Hi HistoryBuff

daviss: I put in a couple obits yesterday

alt: good, Seventies ..... surprise, surprise surprise!!!! LOL

daviss: on the death records here AfriGeneas

Selma: Folks have to run..have a great day bye

Seventies: bye Selma.

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies, Daviss all

Seventies: alt it was a shock!

daviss: hello there historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt

daviss: I figure I can put in a couple a day and give the lady back her stash sometime next week

alt: daviss, I tracked down the "momma" of my elusive DNA cousin using zabasearch & intellius (sp) DA%N, everything is on the 'Net LOL LOL

HistoryBuff: LOL

daviss: lol you know it alt....did you make the call?

alt: yep, and she's gonna MAKE him help me LOL

daviss: lol alt! I know she was glad to hear from you

Seventies: lol alt

alt: she was ... it's been since 1975 at her G-ma's funeral when I last saw her.

Seventies: That's almost 40 yrs ago! whew1

alt: I missed her in 2007 when she was back here for her uncle's funeral.

Seventies: I want to get a female from my paternal family DNA tested and a male from my paternal family tested.

alt: yeah, you weren't even born then Seventie LOL

Seventies: I was, but just made the cut off lol

daviss: :o

alt: okay :)

HistoryBuff: LOL

Seventies: alt is a funny guy, huh? lol lol lol

HistoryBuff: :)

alt: daviss, where is the 'view' on 23andme that shows the ancestry composition of each pair of chromosomes .. you know the ethnic composition ... Euro/African/Asian, etc. or is that view on Gedmatch?

daviss: on the drop down menu where you see map, then chromosome that is also on Gedmatch alt

alt: okay, I'll keep searching thanks

daviss: HistoryBuff have you downloaded your raw to GedMatch?

HistoryBuff: No not yet

daviss: I actually like Gedmatch alt

alt: I'm learning daviss

HistoryBuff: Still exploring Gedmatch.

daviss: how so HistoryBuff?

alt: me too HistoryBuff ......

daviss: yes alt but you downloaded your raw data HistoryBuff has not yet.. They have different tools HistoryBuff

alt: Daviss, my problem (?) with Gedmatch is that it is based on population algorithm's and not on the "raw data" of the DNA.

daviss: don't you think they have to have both alt? in order to do their analysis

alt: the results from Gedmatch is ... how closely you match another population group based on on the algorithm's and not on what your DNA actually is saying.

HistoryBuff: I have to gene research piece meal to comprehend it. I'm constantly being distracted.

daviss: i see HistoryBuff

alt: yes, but for example if I included only folks who tested that are in the US of A then these studies would tell me that I'm more closely related to folks from TX than MS, or OH and that isn't what my DNA is saying. those are population probabilities

daviss: you should find that on 23 alt, when you go into Ancestry composition and then counties you check all countries

alt: but hey are "interesting'

Seventies: gotta run!

alt: now that one I'm scared of daviss, because the country of origin is what folks enter themselves as where their parents & g-parents were born.

daviss: of course or they did not answer at all. Its a known question

alt: right

daviss: but you share dna with others from outside the USA

alt: and the question only gors back to g-parents

daviss: 4

alt: my 'raw data' says I share DNA with ethnic groups who are found in other countries. I tell ya I know just enough to be confused about this stuff LOL

daviss: lol hooray for paper trail lol

HistoryBuff: LOL

alt: and I'm having problems with what DNA is saying and what are the population studies saying... the 2 are confusing the issue for me.

daviss: I see

alt: well, I gotta run for now, later's y'all

daviss: ok alt, have a good day I better head out myself take care HistoryBuff

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