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2013-07-03 • Hiring a researcher


Start: 12:05:21
End: 13:14:46
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, khathu, Selma, vkn

khathu: hello vkn

vkn: howdy brb

alt: hello khathu & vkn... Happy pre-4th of July

khathu: hello alt

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, khathu and vkn

daviss: hello alt, khathu,Selma and vkn! How is everyone? ok then, how are you Selma?

alt: hello folks... daviss, Khathu, Selma

daviss: :o

alt: Happy pre-4th of July to all

khathu: i'm well...just trying to refocus on my research

daviss: thanks alt and to you as well

alt: Daviss, if you're available may I give you a DNA call later this afternoon? Things are happening!!!!!!

daviss: you surely can

alt: okay, thanks

daviss: HistoryBuff

alt: HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

Selma: Afternoon Historybuff

daviss: How's it going

vkn: back

daviss: hi there vkn

vkn: had to make a cup

HistoryBuff: It's going.

vkn: daviss did zipper work

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn

alt: y'all see the message posted by Hope Blackstock on AfriGeneas? I have her Epps/Rickman family on my family website & she is a DNA couisn.

daviss: I am still trying to figure it out

vkn: how about that alt

daviss: I downloaded three and then deleted them

vkn: oops

HistoryBuff: Trying to develop a city for family reunion in August.

vkn: little late HistoryBuff

alt: good luck with that HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: city tour

alt: whew!!! that's better HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Thanks Alt

daviss: what do you mean develop a city

alt: Does the city have a convention bureau HistoryBuff

Selma: You mean focusing on "your own family" khathu.. Cause you were doing great work on the Cartwrights

vkn: raining cats and dogs in metro atlanta

HistoryBuff: Sorry I meant city tour.

alt: send some to daviss vkn

vkn: will do

HistoryBuff: The major planning has been under way since last August.

alt: in what city are you having thr reunion HistoryBuff?

HistoryBuff: DC

alt: oh, that could be a problem... there is soooo much to show in DC.

HistoryBuff: There are so many choices

vkn: that should be a snap HistoryBuff

alt: one stop could be the Frederick Douglass home .. a beautiful view of the City from the hill

HistoryBuff: It's the museum capital of the nation.

alt: and of course the CW Monument, if that's not too far away.

Selma: Are you going to have a bus historybuff?

HistoryBuff: Yes to both Alt. Mlk memorial included.

alt: sounds like you've got a plan HistoryBuff LOL

HistoryBuff: Yes Selma got it reserved already.

daviss: you have to reserve a visit? oops sorry I am late to the party lol You are talking about the bus

HistoryBuff: LOL

Selma: Reading article in Washington Post..Mandela's family is feuding about where he will be buried after he dies...

daviss: wow Selma!

Selma: I don't want to hear or read anything else about it..

alt: yes, I read that Selma...

HistoryBuff: That's awful to hear.

vkn: Mandela has two families

daviss: Are those the kids feuding?

alt: and you just know the "Press" isn't going to let it go. :(

vkn: Did he die?

Selma: Just read the article the article the Post. No he has not vkn

vkn: gee whiz

alt: didn't the g-son remove other bodies from a family plot... or to a family plot in their "home town"?

vkn: Well he certainly has been pushed to the edge by the press Selma

daviss: ok Sel, I will read

HistoryBuff: It would seem that he would have expressed his wishes in writing

alt: it would seem so HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Such a nasty situation

alt: but as we all know .... family knows best :|

vkn: and such a man of peace

HistoryBuff: Indeed. The final analysis is a different matter.

daviss: He very well may have put his wishes in writing somewhere

HistoryBuff: Let's hope so.

Selma: Anymore on your Slater/Slatter/Slaughter...s vkn

vkn: not yet Selma

khathu: @Selma yes- I have been working off and on with several family lines where the oral history regarding the slaveholding family is very detailed i just haven't been able to substantiate the oral history yet

vkn: Alt did a great job to clarify the questions Selma I am in a hire a researcher mode

Selma: It has come to that vkn.. LOL

vkn: Time is not on my side lol lol lol

alt: either that or find someone you can "talk it thru" with vkn.. I find talking out loud and with someone often brings to light things that we have read, or heard.

vkn: Maybe I could get Mark Lowe

Selma: I would trust him

daviss: talk later folks I need to take a run...

alt: Mark is good, but he is busier than than ...... Laters daviss , look for my call

daviss: will do alt

vkn: i am sure

alt: anytime better for you daviss

Selma: You are going to have to find someone who can research the slave owning families connections

alt: , poof, gone like a flash LOL

vkn: Alt I do find FULCHER in Paul's work

alt: vkn, I would suggest you write out "specifically" what you are looking for if you hire someone.... otherwise they may just cover ground that you've already plowed that's what you said vkn.... are they on/in his book re:Fulcher

vkn: Thanx alt I do have a timeline and events log

alt: okay., good vkn

Selma: What state and what time frame did you find the surname in Paul's book

alt: just be very specific about what you're looking for.

Selma: Another "Arab Spring" going on in Egypt

vkn: In NC Selma

khathu: I would agree with alt about being very specific when hiring someone

alt: a cousin and I had a 'pro' do some work for us... they came back with 'stuff' we already knew cause we weren't very specific about what we already had and what we were looking for.

vkn: time frame specifics escape me

Selma: Spoke with a friend yesterday..she paid someone, and the person sent her material that she have sent her to review.

khathu: i would suggest that you write up what you have gathered with sources citations and provide that to the researchers in addition to what you are looking for

vkn: I hear that Alt

alt: there you go Selma

vkn: Thanx Khathu

alt: good approach khathu

khathu: that should help you avoid the pitfalls that many of us have made when hiring someone i usually hire persons to pull records for me

vkn: Hopefully it will

alt: there is going to be some overlap, but you're looking for information beyond what you already have

vkn: absolutely

alt: like what , if any are the relations between Slater/Fulcher/Dunston and when and where did they originate &/or end.

vkn: Agreed

khathu: alt that would be a little too broad. I would narrow that down vkn needs to be as specific as possible

Selma: Isn't this Georgia vkn?

alt: vkn has the will and deed of conveyance that "alludes' to these relationships I think she wants the know how, when why & where

vkn: yes Selma but the paul fulcher work is NC

khathu: i would also suggest that you start off with one question to see how the researcher is doing

HistoryBuff: See that's one of the tasks I am continuously refining-what my search focuses are.

khathu: vkn what is the assumed connection from the will

Selma: have the Will of the Mary Denton/Dunton that is mentioned in the document you sent us

vkn: No will of Denton/Duston as yet Selma that is the next pursuit actually that is the current pursuit

alt: a basic & for sure question ... is Mary A Fulcher one and the same as Mary A. Dunton/Denton?

vkn: and Alt Allegro was a laundry woman

alt: I figured that might have been her occuaption vkn.. Laundry women did quite well financially in those days.

vkn: Also her son Alonzo was a Page in the GA legislature when the Cap was Milledgeville

HistoryBuff: Are we talking about the late 1800s, Alt?

alt: so she did the laundry for families that well-to-do & well connected.

vkn: 1866-1867 apparently

Selma: She bought the property in 1866...wasn't the area she was in during the War under Union control

vkn: good question selma but I would say yes

alt: so it is possible she was making and accumulating money as a laundress even before the end of the CW.

Selma: Yes..

vkn: yes

Selma: That is what was happening in the contraband camps here in the Hampton area

khathu: have a great day everyone

alt: you too

vkn: Allegro sent her son Charles to Hampton with a $50.00 gold piece

HistoryBuff: Nice

Selma: You gotta send me the info I can go down to HU next week

vkn: Okies Selma and thanx a mil

HistoryBuff: Is HU for Hampton University, Selma?

Selma: Yes historybuff

HistoryBuff: Okay. I'm so used to hearing HU for Howard University.

Selma: True..true Well folks..gotta run...

HistoryBuff: Laters Selma

Selma: Have a great day... Bye

vkn: Will call you Alt

alt: example of laundrees & money.. Fanny Carter, a FPOC, bought 2 lot's of land in the 1820's in Urbana, Ohio... gave 1 lot to the A.M.E. church that was founded there in 1824... she was a "laundress"

vkn: hmmmmm

alt: okay vkn, looking forward to your call... later's and have a good safe 4th of July y'all

vkn: Good 4th History

HistoryBuff: Take care.

vkn: U 2

HistoryBuff: U2

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