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2013-07-02 • Getting Started


Start: 12:14:09
End: 13:19:58
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: hello daviss, how you doing?

daviss: heyy alt, doing pretty good. What about you?

alt: hanging in there... Melvin collier's Blog has me looking at the BASS folks in Darke Co., OH who came out of Northampton NC... I think they may be part of the same very large BASS community from that area.

daviss: may be something there then alt Good luck with that

Selma: Afternoon alt and daviss

alt: keeps me off the streets & busy LOL

daviss: hi Selma! How's it going?

alt: Hello Selma

daviss: I can imagine alt. BTW have you and Kathleen found the connection yet?

alt: and I found out this morning that Larry Hamilton of my AAGGMV genealogy partners is a DNA cousin of Melvin Collier.

daviss: hi there vkn

vkn: hey hey hey

alt: Hello vkn

vkn: alt daviss selma

alt: not yet with Kathleen .....

khathu: Hello everyone

daviss: wow alt, it keeps getting better and better for Mel. I can imagine that larry has his ducks in a row also

alt: Hello khathu

daviss: hello khathu!

vkn: khathu

Selma: Afternoon vkn and Khathu

khathu: I'm just now leaving DC Archives.

Selma: BRb

daviss: Those paper trails they both have may connect at the "T"

alt: Larry is still searching for his possible NC connections to Melvin daviss.

khathu: Found a couple of land records pertaining to the Cartwright Family.

daviss: How long did you stay khathu

alt: is the land in the G'Town area khathu?

daviss: good for you khathu, always good to come away with some fruit

khathu: They only allow the public in on Tues and Thurs from 9-12. The only thing they allow you to look at is land records.

daviss: Hello Seventies!

khathu: Yes the land is in Georgetown

alt: hello Seventies.. good 'seeing' ya LOL

Seventies: hi daviss! Hi everyone!

vkn: howdy seventies

khathu: hey seventies

alt: Wow khathu. I bet that land would be worth a 'pretty penny' today.

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Seventies: Hi Selma, alt khathu and vkn

daviss: go home and get your church fan seventies :?

khathu: I reordered the pension file for Lorenzo Williams and found additional info that was not in the first copy they sent me.

Selma: Is the air conditioning not working seventies? Wow...

alt: Lorenzo Wiliams ????

khathu: alt - the family still owns one of the houses

Seventies: nope not at all Selma. Furlough starts next week Monday.

Selma: Can't you just go to Archives and look at the whole thing khathu?

alt: is that right khathu ... still AA property owners in G'Town ... who woulda thunk it LOL

khathu: Lorenzo is my ggg grandfather who stated that he fought in the CW with an all white regiment. No because the file is housed at the VA.

alt: ah so, now I remember.

khathu: I believe that he was not officially enrolled

Selma: Oh right I forgot

khathu: His application is too detailed for him to have made it up. Plus he reapplied like four times.

alt: Selma.. I was just saying that I think Mel Collier's BASS connections from NC are part of the group that came to Darke Co., Ohio ... I know the Ohio folks are shown as connecting in Paul's work.

vkn: Incidentally the FULCHER name is in Paul's work. Have not explored as yet.

alt: there should be a lot of good stuff there khathu since he applied 4 times. As Selma keeps saying vkn .. all roads lead to VA.. so we have to take a step furhter back on our folks in the lower southern states and look for a VA/MD/NC connection


khathu: Unfortunately, it is not alt. He did not have any witnesses testifying on his behalf. It was all just his word against the War Department.

vkn: agreed alt

daviss: hello HistoryBuff

vkn: howdy historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

khathu: Plus there was only one other Lorenzo Williams in the Illinois Regiment that he claimed to have served with.

alt: wow!!! that's ruff khathu

khathu: Yep.....

alt: who are we looking for in this record vkn?

khathu: I was able to acquire the name of his first wife who I believe is the mother of my gg grandmother.

alt: well, you're moving right along and making some progress khathu

vkn: My triangular Slater/Fulcher/Allegro alt

khathu: Yes, I am chipping away a little bit at a time.

Selma: Khathu..were his children raised by another family..the girls

alt: those are all 1st names vkn ... any particular name here we should 'key' on?

khathu: According to oral history they were raised by a white family. I haven't been able to prove it

vkn: My triangular Slater/Fulcher/Allegro alt just to determine connections if any. On the slave sales Alt the name is SLAUGHTER

daviss: What state is that Slaughter from vkn?

Selma: Don't forget Dunton/Denton? surname vkn

vkn: GA daviss

alt: Okay vkn.... nice record set to have

vkn: Yes Selma thanx

daviss: ok vkn. I just remember old man Slaughter who carried a shotgun looking around his green patch when he thought someone was stealing them lol lol

khathu: Have a great day everyone. I'm off to NARA.

vkn: Litigation between Cyndi's List and MyGenShare Dismissed Barry Ewell provides confirmation that litigation between Cyndi's List and MyGenShare was dismissed.

daviss: dang khathu you keep running in and out, do you need me to throw you a lifeline? ()~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) Grrrrrrrr

alt: Selma, I think I'm starting to get the 'hang of' the Ancestry new search ..... not as bad as I thought, matter of fact in some ways it works better than the 'old' search.

daviss: I still would like to see that African American search though alt even though I use all aspects

vkn: African American Research #7: Take your family back to 1870 - Step 2 #8: Collecting evidence from vital records - Step 2 Insights

alt: better, if you have an idea of who, where & when you're looking for folks where is that reference from vkn?

vkn: The quotes are from Barry Ewell

alt: okay, thanks vkn

daviss: ;) wb History Buff

vkn: ouchies historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, Daviss, Selma and Vkn. Thanks Daviss. My phone kicked me offline.

daviss: WB HistoryBuff

alt: I'm finding with the 1940 census available that if you have someone and AA on that census you (an experienced researcher0 should be able to quickly get back to 1870 as far as vital records are concerned.

Selma: Afternoon historybuff

daviss: thats why I cant say I am experienced alt I guess :?

alt: between Ancestry & Familysearch along with a few other sites I'm having great success daviss

daviss: I hear ya alt and I am still sticking to my story but that is only me and my story. I use all those sites to help others and have had good success

alt: aw come on daviss, you just aren't finding something 'very specific', but I know you're having success

daviss: no not really alt

Selma: It still depends on places that time frame and what records were genearted in those places during those time frames..and whether they still exist or onl ine

alt: really!!! I'm finding all kinds of good stuff... mainly 2nd marraiges, or 1st marriges in some cases I wasn't aware of.

daviss: right and I know that the trip I should take would have to be in the research area

alt: I'm even finding me lol lol lol

Selma: LOL

daviss: lol

Selma: Scary isn't it.. lOL Alt..Sloane is back on the court

alt: sure is Selma

Selma: I think she is the only American left

alt: okay Selma, thanks it would be great if she could beat Bartoli

daviss: When I get back from Atlanta alt and Selma. I am going to start a jar just for my two counties. Save up for at least two weeks of hotel fees, car rental and the other things I need. If I come back empty handed I will give up on them

alt: just keep on plugging away daviss.... Melvin C's latest find should be an inspiration to you on not giving up.

daviss: I figure two weeks should be enough

alt: I'm off to watch some Tennis .. laters y'all

HistoryBuff: Later Alt.

daviss: I wish alt because I have heard all of Mel's successes through out the years and he has had paper trails, oral history and other things to work with. I do commend him

HistoryBuff: I concur.

daviss: I Love it when people connect and have good success

Selma: Me too daviss...figure it gives folks hope

HistoryBuff: Me three

daviss: as for me i will help others if i can

Selma: Sometimes its the luck of the draw...these folks didn't know we were going to be looking for them.. they were just living their lives

HistoryBuff: Indeed you are helpful to others, Daviss. Everyone in the chat is.

Selma: I like helping other folks..I get excited when I find stuff

daviss: Yes and if you grow up hearing stories you are bound to find something that seems familiar

HistoryBuff: Indeed again, Daviss. Indeed Selma.

daviss: I do too Selma..

Selma: Yesterday I spoke to the wife of my husband's cousin..she was telling me something I had not heard before. I knew the family owned land in WVA..turned out there were plans to build a little town..there was a store, bank etc...

daviss: wow Selma!

Selma: Cousin is leaving for Cruise..gonna send me info when she returns..

HistoryBuff: Sounds like a intended Black wall street

Selma: I had walked part of the property in the late 1970's, saw foundation of house..but didn't know about the other part

daviss: thats wonderful Selma! Now how long will she be gone lol

Selma: 2 weeks... LOL

HistoryBuff: or a Freemanville.

daviss: sheesh!!! lol Did you take a picture of the foundation?

Selma: Of course not..I wasn't doing research then.. Hey I was young having kids...who had time I was trying not to have them drive me crazy

daviss: so right Selma lol lol . If my X had not wanted to find his natural father I may have come on the scene later than I did father and mother

Selma: It takes time and patience...and most of us don't have that when the kids are young.. When I started my youngest was in HS..and the others were in College plus I was unemployed..which really frees up a lot of time.. LOL

daviss: But Selma when the later age is upon us we have to have something to keep our mind sharp. This is surely one way to do that

HistoryBuff: ?

Selma: Oh without question..cause we have to take those bits and pieces and fit them into the puzzle..

daviss: yes history

Selma: Crossword puzzles were my other passion..the skills with that help...

daviss: ask away HistoryBuff

Selma: Had to give that brain couldn't handle both

HistoryBuff: Oh okay. question answered. Well it's time for me to run off and get back to the j.o.b.

daviss: I always liked crossword puzzles and even dabled in working for a process server on the side

Selma: Bye history

daviss: trench coat and all lol bye historybuff

HistoryBuff: Bye Selma and Daviss.

Selma: LOL @ daviss.. Well time to give this brain a nap..

daviss: ok take care Selma

Selma: Yoau have a great day daviss...see you tonight

daviss: take care

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