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2013-07-01 • Mt Zion UMC


Start: 12:15:46
End: 13:02:22
Chatters: alt, daviss, khathu, Selma

khathu: good afternoon alt

alt: hello kahthu how's it going? I see you're making progress with your Cartwright project.

khathu: i wouldn't necessarily stay i am making progress I'm visiting more repositories

alt: oh, okay then my mistake

khathu: I had more info on Rev. Cartwright than the Baltimore Conference Archives

alt: is that right!!

khathu: so I made copies of the records I had and donated them to the archives

alt: wonderful thought!!!!

khathu: i provided them with the Bible records, manumission documents, burial info, and a few court records

alt: I'm sure it was greatly appreciated.

khathu: absolutely I haven't been too successful with accessing Mt. Zion UMC records I was informed that the person who handle records has been out sick so typical for Black churches

alt: oh my, that's usually the case.... one person responsible for the record keeping and not a group of members when we visited that church 15+ or so years ago "they" didn't seem to be aware of the historical significance of their church records

khathu: one would think that they would have several copies of the church records housed at several repositories it is sad because they are known for being the oldest Black church in georgetown i will follow up with the pastor

alt: right.. and I thought that one of their 'problems' was that there were no members living near the church... it was a matter of the members coming to the church on Sunday from the surrounding communities of the G'Town area where most of them resided. it was stated that Sunday was the only time you would see AA's in that neighborhood ... church members

khathu: anyway, after church service yesterday, i went to the church cemetery and found several grave site of the Cartwright family including Gracy Duckett the mother of Alice Duckett who married Lewis Cartwright the son of Rev. Cartwright you are probably right. the church is dying.the bulk of the membership was over 50

alt: wow!! isn't the cemetery, or courtyard on the church property as I recall???

khathu: no it is a few blocks away. i went there with my church clothes on

alt: okay LOL

khathu: there are very few headstones left

alt: also as I recall, there was an attempt then to buy the lot/property that the church sits on.

khathu: i can see that

alt: it would bring "BIG" bucks because of the location in G'Town.

khathu: Yes, it would and I can see that eventually happening

alt: and also it would help to remove the presence and history of Blacks in that area.

khathu: but the church is dying though that is the problem.

alt: I hope that never happens

khathu: they need to attract younger members with families to maintain and grow

alt: it will probably end up with an historical marker being placed on that spot... " here lies the former Mt. Zion UMC church" or something similar

khathu: unfortunately i will probably attend again

alt: great!!!! big plans for the 4th?

khathu: No

alt: we don't have any plans either... i was reading where Melvin Collier made a huge discovery during his trip to a family reunion in NC. in the area of slave research for one of his family lines

khathu: i saw that as well.

alt: one of those WOW!!!! moments

khathu: i am waiting on a few microfilm from Salt Lake to substantiate some oral history pertaining to slavery Hello Selma

alt: are you still doing volunteer work ay the FHC there in your area?

Selma: Good afternoon alt and khathu Alt I have been out all Mom said Serenea lost... UGH

alt: Hello Ms Selma... boo hoo & tears for Serena yeah, she wasn't 'into it' today, something just wasn't there.

Selma: Thats what my mother said.. Khathu you are doing great work... and Wow on Mel's find..

alt: yes!!!! on Mel's find

Selma: There is quite a bit of research on the Bass family..gonna see where this Council Bass fits in

alt: I did a quick search on Ancestry for Council Bass & found several interesting records.... 1810/1820 census records in NC and an 1850 census record in MS along with an 1792 marriage bond for that name in Bertie Co. NC

khathu: thanks Selma

alt: I was wondering the same thing Selma .. Does this Bass fit into Paul's Bass research????

khathu: I am currently waiting for the DC archives to confirm my theory that Gracey Duckett and her daughter were owned by Samuel Whiteall in Georgetown

Selma: Well the Bass family is one of the early arrivals here in VA..

khathu: hello daviss

daviss: hi there alt, khathu and Selma...

alt: hello daviss..

Selma: 2 of the sons marry Indian women (according to at 1600 something or another bible) the daughters of the Chief of the Nansomond tribe. One marries the daughter of the chief.. as far as I know the other children marry other English settlers Hey daviss.. Such sad news in Phoenix the firefighters

daviss: yes Selma its terrible...also the town is over half gone

alt: I skimmed thru Paul's Bass work on AfriGeneans and didn't see the name Council, but that doesn't mean that there is not a connection.

daviss: One guy was saved because he was taking the truck to another place

alt: how far/near is that to you daviss?

daviss: oh its a couple hours drive from me alt northern Ariz

alt: still too close for comfort, huh?

daviss: several small fires popping up because of the extreme heat

alt: scary, wishing you safety & the best daviss.

daviss: oh yeah alt thanks The Bass person you all are talking about, are any in Angela's line?

alt: I'm in another discussion with a 'crazy' right wing cousin of mine (AA)... he is spouting the line that the NRA was formed to protect the rights of gun ownership for Blacks.

daviss: SMH alt

khathu: have a great day everyone.

alt: daviss, and he's sent several youtube video clips of conservative AA republicans spouting the same thing. Malcolm was right... "WE" is the enemy

daviss: well as I say all the time consider the source

Selma: LOL

daviss: lol well sorry I was late to chat but I have to take off lol to much to do

alt: okay , take care

daviss: you know alt, a woman's work lol lol

Selma: LOl Time for me to run too..have a great day

daviss: lol bye you two

Selma: Stay Cool and safe daviss

alt: woman need to 'get organized' LOL LOL

daviss: thx

Selma: bye alt..

alt: bye

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