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2013-06-30 • SLATER • USCT research


Start: 11:10:15
End: 13:16:03
Chatters: alt, daviss, keli1, Selma, vkn

vkn: Deannie thanx for your emai address. Granddaughter found a place!!!!! Celebrating 30 years The shared apt she found is at 6615 S Kimbark Ave, Unit #3 Chicago, IL 60637 I do so much appreciate your willingness to assist

alt: Hello vkn. good sunday morning to you.

vkn: heyyyyyy alt

alt: vkn, you got my "interpretation" of your Allegro Slater document?

vkn: and a million thanx to you

alt: you're welcome... that's what I "think" it says


alt: okay.. I wasn't sure.... thought it was Dunton, but these 'old eyes' sometimes see what they want to see.

vkn: Is FULCHER admin of Mary A Dunston estate ie is Mary deceased?

alt: I think Mary A. Dunston is .. Mary A. Fulcher and Wm Fulcher has been assigned the admin for her estate.

vkn: He [FULCHER] is listed as Trustee okies

alt: I think a Trustee in this instance is somewhat for an Adult what a Guardian is for a Junvenile. ????????

vkn: My wild guess/thoughts In the lst of slaves in the inventory of SlaTTer the first child is Mary

alt: like the property was in the name of Mary A. Dunston.... who is now Mary A. Fulcher that's how I 'read' it.

vkn: These slaves or at least Allegro is Black by choice Just suppose Mary is a sister to Allegro and Mary marries FULCHER ?????

alt: Is Allegro a child of relationship between a white man/enslaved black woman?

vkn: Bizarre but possible

alt: now that could be another scenario vkn.

vkn: white man and enslaved mulatto mother

alt: it is obvious that there is a relationship between Allegro & the Dunston/Fulcher combination.

vkn: I agree. I may try and make a trip to Milledgeville courthouse in September to try and determine I am also considering hiring a researcher to sort it all out

alt: this is similar to the Pratcher story that Melvin shared with us.. difference being Aaron Pratcher was a free black man and the mother of his children was an enslaved black woman...... therefore the children were born as enslaved persons and could be dispensed with as seen fit by Fannie's slave owner. hello keli1... good to see you, it's been awhle.

keli1: Good afternoon

vkn: Howdy keli1 how you be ?

keli1: Well I have not been able to get in -not understanding why on the new computer, can get on with ipad

alt: the mysteries of the computer age

vkn: Yes alt the Pratcher story is amazing

keli1: I am doing good! All is well here. How is everyone here? Art, I have downloaded the plugin 5x.

vkn: what is 5x

alt: vkn, as usual I have similar situation(s) in my family history... free/enslaved relationships between black men/women & white men/enslaved black women. LOL

vkn: I do appreciate your sharing those alt Case histories can most definitely be instructive for all

alt: y'all see my facebook posting of the photos of cousin Rhonda Adams Medina with both Pres. Mandela & Pres. Obama?

keli1: Case histories are always good leads and tips for me to explore in my own research.

vkn: keli1 what are you working on research wise

alt: she's a fortunate young lady to have known and worked with both of these men. hi Selma.. how you doning this fine Sunday afternoon?

vkn: Howdy Selma

keli1: the escaped slaves from Jefferson Co. over 500 trying to document some of the routes out--and of course any blocks I made have, LOL

Selma: Good Sunday morning folks...

keli1: Howdy Selma!

alt: keli1, did most of those Jefferson county folks go to Penn, or the Ohio/Indiana/Michigan route?

keli1: I am sitting in my room, its a mess, boxes, etc, that need to be moved and I am being a procrastinator...

Selma: Not sure that Mary wife and Fulcher and Mary A. are same person.

vkn: Speculation is a usable exercise though an often faulty research tool

Selma: wife of Fulcher

keli1: we have two documented routes to MD, so we are figuring there are more. visit:

Selma: procrastination is my middle name

alt: that was my interpretation Selma .. ... one & the same. Oops.lost Slema

vkn: I am exploring that Selma

Selma: Clicked myself out..

alt: hehehehehe @ Selma

keli1: Ma said today, do you want me to have Bryan (my brother) help move the boxes for you? I felt bad.

Selma: I know alt..I read your post very good

alt: aren't mother's helpful keli1?

keli1: yes they are and funny as all get out at 83!

vkn: There are 2 Wm Fulcher in Jackson county in 1860 One has a wife Mary the other a wife Caroline

alt: father/son.... uncle/nephew..... cousins?

vkn: One Wm is a year older than the other

Selma: I saw that vkn..I think the younger is your person

alt: ah so.... uncle/nephew or cousins probably

Selma: Did you look at 1850? How was your trip home keli..I hope uneventful

daviss: Hello there alt and keli1

vkn: Howdy Daviss

daviss: Hi Selma and vkn!

alt: is there a real estate value for these Wm. Fulcher's that might indicate who is who & also are they listed on the 1860 slave schedule as slave owners? might be something else to check out.

keli1: it was good, no rain, I did not stay for dinner, the library was awesome, and contract signed, we are good to go, so our planning continues, they loved the theme Hey there cousin Vicki!

Selma: Davis, daviss...I thought about you at 6 AM EST..when they said it was 97 in Phoenix and would be 116 later on the day..I had to Fan myself

alt: Hello daviss .. how hot it "be's" in 'Zona?

vkn: lol

keli1: LOL @alt

alt: hotter than 'Lanta LOL LOL LOL

keli1: they are dripping out there in place they shouldn't be!

vkn: rain in Lanta

daviss: lol lol continue fanning Selma and fan faster it shoud be closer to 119

alt: oh wow!!!!!!

keli1: I have a question, found a civil war registration, but so far have not been able to document any service, any ideas, I am all over the place and can't find anything, there are 561 in white, 27 blacks with the same name

vkn: whoa!

alt: but that's "dry heat", right? LOL LOL

Selma: A dry Heat.. Lol

daviss: lol and hurtful heat

keli1: Art, he registered in Ohio, so I have checked 54th Mass & 27th

Selma: Are you going out today daviss..or do you stay in when it reaches 110

alt: have you checked the CWSS website to see if he actually served in the CW?

keli1: that is hurtful heat. geez.

Selma: Wow are being a revolving door

daviss: not unless it is straight to a mall and hang out lol lol

vkn: brb

alt: keli1, my ancestor from Ohio served with the 32nd Reg't out of PA.... so he wasn't in the 54th..55th...or the Ohio 5th or 27th.

keli1: yes, I checked, I think today when I viewed I noted in the list he is "colored" but in total numbers he is not, wonder if that is a hint to go back thru the white ones.

daviss: Keli1 do you have Fold3

keli1: yes I was on fold3 but have not checked 55 or 32. hmmm

alt: could be a possible keli1, there were 'colored' who served in white units... not usual, but it did happen, especially with fair-complexioned AA's.

Selma: Oh I have whats her names you want me to check

alt: keli1, you can just check for the name & Union Army on the CWSS site, if he served he'll be listed regardless of unit.

Selma: Juanita Moss (suppose to have taken to library last month)

keli1: sure Joseph Brand Davis b. 1838 PA, was living in Canaan Twp, Wayne Co, Ohio at the time, 1863 again on ancestry 581 white, USCT 27 with the same names. I will check again on the CWSS site, it has been a while, this a wall stuck in my side and I need to get it out

alt: fibe joseh brands

keli1: typically I see him as Joseph B. Davis

daviss: Good luck with that keli1

keli1: they show 383 on CWSS and ancestry 581

alt: Oops, Joseph Davis who served with the union army

Selma: only Joseph Davis (no B or Brand) Joseph Davis, 1st Infantry, LA, Company D

daviss: Are they all around the same age?

alt: bunches of Joseph Davis, might have to refine search for USCT's

keli1: yes, I did locate one in the 55th KY yes lord, he was 24 when he registered

Selma: So what kind of record did you find for him keli?

keli1: nothing

Selma: Oh..

vkn: drats

alt: daviss, I checked your sister, my cousin out on Gedmatch.

keli1: I was trying to stick with the Ohio groups since he was there and he is the only colored on the registration sheet, but you know what, I might look thru the whole register for another colored and see what group they went to, its a long shot but worth it

daviss: lol alt

alt: for sure keli1, these men went all over the place (country) to join the USCT and the 5th & 27th from Ohio were organized rather "late" in the war

keli1: and he didn't register till 63"

daviss: so that should narrow it down some

Selma: What kind of "registration sheet" keli?

keli1: registration for civil war

alt: after '63 is when "most" blacks were allowed/required to register after passage of the EP.

Selma: Ok I guess I have not seen one Does he return to Ohio? after the War Isn't that when they got the bounty too alt?

keli1: I guess it is a registration where they kind of "signed up", June of 1863, yes if he served he returned to Michigan not Ohio

alt: yes Selma it was like the draft registration for me keli1 .. we had to 'register' at the time of our 18th birthday, doesn't mean we served.

keli1: I just keep getting info on the units/etc, but nothing to pinpoint him down and also checked pension and don't find anything, so I just have to assume he did not serve. thanks for the questions, it helps move thru this stuff true Art, he was 23, single, but married some time right after that, cause first born child was in 1864 in Mi

alt: and if he served he might not have received a pension keli1, but there would be a 'service packet'... my CW ancestor died before the pensions were authorized, so therefore no pension, but I have his service record.

daviss: did you check to see if he may have mustered out

keli1: hmmm good thought Art. nothing in the pension files, BB looked for me

daviss: Don't they have a list like that?

keli1: I have a small timeframe gap, so that is why finding out if he actually served would make sense. thanks for all your input

alt: daviss.. I had a discussion with a DNA 'enthusist' of African descent... they said their DNA "proved" they were from Ethiopia... I asked why didn't it prove they were from Kentucky? end of discussion on what DNA proves LOL

Selma: Oh jeez alt

daviss: alt alt alt lol

keli1: LOL, love it! i love the DNA but also still maintain a bit of doubt, etc...but it is more of just not comprehending it is there a way to just search mustering out?

daviss: DNA does not lie but the roads are tangled and muddy to reach where we want to go

alt: the "compendium" that AYW always references has all of the units that served and the rosters of those who were mustered in/out but you need to know WHAT unit they may have served with to determine muster in/out status

keli1: but i don't know what unit he was in or what state the unit was from

alt: then you have a 'monumental task' in front of you :(

Selma: Was there some kind of CW vet group in the area in which he lived after the War keli You know they have those reunions

keli1: yes but just need to back in another way to locate it, I think researching the other colored that registered from the same area might help.

alt: like maybe a GAR unit in the Michigan area keli1

keli1: well what is interesting the veterans group in Benzie Mi always puts flags on his headstone, but can't tell me why or any reference, but he gets a flag, the others have military info on them

alt: oh, you might look for him on the 1900 census (?) the one that list CW veterans still living in the enumerated areas.

keli1: I am scanning the census now

daviss: good idea alt

keli1: Selma on ancestry; U. S. Civil War draft registrations records 1863-1865

alt: check the column that lists CW veterans... somewhere on the far right of the page.

daviss: its 30 or 31 I think

Selma: Ok keli..I use Fold3..usually looking for specific people and their service records Been searching for a friend ..service records for men buried in a cemetery in Portsmouth VA

keli1: ancestry just updated the 1900 census

Selma: When they say "updated"..what does that mean

keli1: who knows, LOL...

Selma: I was just wondering.. LOL

alt: I think they are reworking their census records with corrections & indexing for use with the "new" search features and image screen Selma

Selma: Oh jeez I wish folks would stop "improving" stuff..

keli1: I don't see anything on 1900 about being a vet

alt: me too.. since reading where the 'old' search will no longer be used after Dec 2013 I'm practicing my ancestry searches with their 'new' search features is it 1910 keli1????

Selma: (sighing)..I guess I better do the same alt.

keli1: I think so, not 1900

Selma: When did he die keli?

keli1: 1915

Selma: Yes its the 1910..looking at blank form Its no. 30..3rd one in from the right Whether a survivor of The Union or Confederate Army or Navy

keli1: nothing in the last three boxes

alt: right Selma I just pulled up the blank form then according to the census he "probably" did not serve keli1

keli1: true, my thoughts! what is interesting they have three zeros in the last three boxes, only in his on the whole page

Selma: Interesting...what about the pages before and after

keli1: it is hard to read and not true about the zeros, it was another line, (bad eyes)

alt: often the enumerator used those ending boxes to "tally" various entries from across the page.. perhaps that s why he has 0's .. what numbers are there for the others?

keli1: if interested in Gettysburg, live on cspan3 american history tv,

alt: getting ready to take Ms Anita out for a bite to eat and then some "gambling".

Selma: Hit the jackpot alt...have a good time

daviss: yes hit a big one alt

alt: I hope so Selma.. we're certainly due for some winnings

keli1: sounds good Art & all, I need to tackle one box, thanks for your help.

Selma: Time for me to run folks

alt: laters y'all

keli1: Selma want to go to charles town

Selma: To gamble?

daviss: ok folks have a good day

keli1: yes lol

Selma: Not really...they got rid of the machines that make the noise.. Thats what I liked.. LOl

keli1: that is Jefferson county

daviss: so if you two go today I will go also lol

Selma: you have a research thing in mind too.

daviss: there are 3 within 10 mins of me

keli1: LOL...sounds like a plan.. oh yes, I go every couple of months, was just thre a couple of weeks ago

Selma: You are just looking for an excuse to go daviss.

daviss: lol lol

keli1: lol, ttyl

daviss: later folks lol

Selma: No..staying indoors today under the AC

daviss: bye

Selma: Have a great day folks..bye

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