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2013-06-28 • Bernice avec 23&Me


Start: 12:07:38
End: 13:01:35
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Heyyyyy Selma

Selma: Afternoon vkn Reading Melvin's post on FB..he found his folks named in a NC will in 1830..they were later taken to Mississippi

vkn: I need a Sla[one T ] er consult with you

Selma: Ok vkn Afternoon alt.

alt: hi ladies.. Selma & vkn ... good friday to you.

vkn: Howdy Alt

Selma: taken to Mississippi in 1850

vkn: Wow for Melvin Would like to consult with you alt re my one T Slatter

alt: okay vkn wow for Melvin ?????? Hi 'Zona lol

vkn: I am dissecting an old doc on my Allegro where she bought a property in 1867 and getting new insight

daviss: hello alt, Selma and vkn!

vkn: Heyyy Daviss

alt: now that is nice vkn.. an AA woman buying property in 1867

vkn: and paying cash too alt

alt: now that is sumpin' course I guess "credit" wasn't extended to AA's unless they had some kind of position of power in the community at that time. and a woman too

daviss: how's everyone!

vkn: doing good

alt: I'm still 'reeling' from the DNA show last night daviss

daviss: nice show alt wasn't it?

Selma: Afternoon daviss..

alt: hmmmmmn :|

daviss: What did you learn different alt?

vkn: It was an excellent presentation by interviewer/Bernice and interviewees

alt: not much... maybe a different perspective from the guests

Selma: What I learned is that folks are looking for the magic bullet..with no context..just my opinion LOL

alt: there you go Selma

daviss: most are Selma except those that are true genealogist I think

vkn: I arrived late and had to grasp a lot but enjoyed the environment

AYWalton: Good aftenoon, all. Howdy alt, daviss, Mizz Selma.

alt: I wonder just how much folks think they can get from a test that costs less than $100.00? Hello AYWalton

vkn: Daviss i think people are jumping at conclusions genealogist or not

AYWalton: I see you are all discussing last night's chat on DNA from Bernice's show.

alt: now that I agree with vkn re: jumping to conclusions

AYWalton: the show was quite lively indeed. The largest in attendance, I think a record was broken for sure.

vkn: DNA Pool is a teeny boat in a big sea

alt: now it was "lively" no doubt about that AYWalton

AYWalton: Did I understand it correctly when one of them said only about 300,000 people were tested with one of the companies?

alt: hello Seventies

Seventies: good afternoon alt, AYWalton, daviss Selma and vkn

Selma: That is what he said AY...

daviss: Hello Seventies

AYWalton: that is not even a droplet in comparison to the millions of people on earth.

vkn: But Selma has concluded that previously so we actually have trendings

Selma: That is what he said re 23 and me had AY..and they had the largest sample.

AYWalton: so all of the discussion about centamorgans,and snips and snaps just derails us from discussing possible paper trails.

alt: that's what I heard too AYWalton .. and that was for 'autosomal DNA which is ALL that 23andme reports on genealogically.

AYWalton: I do enjoy seeing the names of people with whom I match, to appreciate that back in the line somewhere paths have crossed. But much of it won't ever be figured out.

alt: not from the 'depth' and "level' of the RF ausomal testing & matches

AYWalton: I find one kind of exception. If one lives in a "destination" city from the Great Migration, and large numbers of people in your genea circle have tested and you all have ties to an ancestral community--it is no surprise that you might learn that you are cousins. But those who don't have large numbers of associates who have tested, are less likely to run into, or find new cousins. and 300,000---that is extremely small.

vkn: indeed

alt: and place that example in the context of the Middle Passage AYWalton

AYWalton: another excellent point, alt.

Selma: Its like the folks from the NY Burial Ground being related to the Inuits from Alaska..the pool they were comparing them to was too, too small

AYWalton: and the odds are less likely for us to figure out the puzzle if you have enslaved ancestors. Two siblings may have been on the same ship, but then sold away from each other, never to meet again.

alt: exactly AYWalton

AYWalton: exactly. And Native Americans generally don't test, so again the NA/Asian numbers don't mean much at all. And again---300,000 is not a lot of people.

vkn: The presenters I thought had a solid knowledge base and were excellent presenters who complimented each other.

alt: I know MY genealogical research is really centered around only 2-3-4 of my family lines and virtually nothing on my paternal family beyond my grandfather.

AYWalton: this country alone has what---130 or 140 million people? That is not even 1%. And many of us have lines that go back pretty far, but on just one line. Not the 16 gr. gr. grandparents's lines.

Selma: Something about it is not clicking in my head at all...but that is just me

alt: I think we're around 250-300 million

AYWalton: no it is not just you, selma.

vkn: Bernice also presented in a smooth manner. Her queries were solid.

alt: right Selma.. I can't get my arms around it either.

AYWalton: I admit that I enjoy playing with data, and knowing that maybe 300 years or so, daviss and I had a common ancestor, walking around. But will we know who it is? (It's probably her Mariah hiding out somewhere.) Probably we will never find that out. Bernice is an excellent host. And she handles the callers and chatters smoothly. Good radio presence.

Selma: Yes she is..she keeps good control and keeps the conversation flowing

alt: yes, I thought she did a fine job jgggling between chat, phone calls & her guests.... very smooth job by Bernice

AYWalton: She has a good sense of rhythm, and pace, and watches the clock and keeps the flow going nicely. that is a hard thing to do and to watch the clock as well. She had over 75 people in the room and additional callers listening by phone, numbered over 300. and DNA is one of those hot topics.

alt: she's good.... hats off & kudos to Bernice!!!!!!

daviss: The questions were coming so fast in chat, I did not get the answer to my question lol

AYWalton: I think that still many also don't want to acknowledge ties to African Americans.

vkn: I saw 80 peeps in the room when I entered about 9:45

AYWalton: I think one of the guests was defensive about that, saying that they didn't think so. Well I know so. We all do.

Selma: Yes we do...

AYWalton: But that is the difference in perspective. Kind of why some of us are not surprised that Paula Deen used the N word. We already know that, and kind of yawn at the current news of the week.

Selma: I also think that although some folks are doing it..they do find it invasive when folks contact question is..why bother

AYWalton: (when we need to be worried over the Supreme Court ruling and not a southern woman saying something we know that they all say.) But our perspectives are so different.

daviss: thats because in her gen world they may accept it

AYWalton: We KNOW their resistance and many of them don't know their resistance.

vkn: AYWalton that person , to me, was counting dollars and did not want to risk losing any, Black or White so the response was tightly measured.

daviss: Genealogist I mean, not the average person

AYWalton: good point, vkn. it was a delicate path to tread one.

vkn: indeed and loaded

AYWalton: A room full of Black people talking about DNA filled the room with mostly anonymous guests.

alt: I'm surprised at the 'lack' of genealogy & family history that most of the folks who contact me looking for a connection have about their own families

AYWalton: And one person also asked about Dr. Kittles. There is a concern that Afr. Ancestry is outside of the mainstream. exactly alt, I agree with you there. Most have no knowledge of their history at all. So how can we make headway with that? I worry that too many non-genealogists are busy discussing centamorgans and they have never looked at a census or vital record.

alt: yep AYWalton

Selma: You there seventies?

AYWalton: I read some of the posts on Facebook, and have no idea what they are talking about and I don't think they do either. Ok--so two people share 17% on two segments. What does that mean in English? And who is the common ancestor? Only research will tell that story.

Selma: AY..saw on FB that Melvin found his folks in a 1830 NC will

vkn: Well the DNA people had excellent marketing in the outset Remember how many dollars Lisa Lee spent before she gave up the DNA ghost

AYWalton: Yes, I saw that two---another line opening up for him. Again---through the paper trail and research.

alt: and not realizing or thinking the SNP/STR's are gene patterns on chromosones.. they speak as if we inherit chromosones, when it is chromsones comprised of genes that is inherited

AYWalton: I don't recall that about Lisa, vkn. What happened?

daviss: so did Lisa Lee not have a paper trail?

vkn: and now the market seems more affordable for the average Josephine

AYWalton: Wow. It was far more expensive in the beginning.

vkn: she spent up to $3000 dollars Angela

AYWalton: wow!!! I didn't realize that!

Selma: Delete that comment later vkn

vkn: It is all posted on the DNA forum

Selma: OH... LOL

alt: I've spent probably 1,500 & that is excluding autosomal DNA, but just in upgrades to my Y & mtDNA.

vkn: and I recall that E.T. cautioned all about results expectation

alt: which they didn't even begin to discuss last night possible upgrades to autosomal testing

AYWalton: but I am thinking with only 300,000 people tested, I guess it is rather remarkable that I have 670 "matches". Of course most of them are "4th to distant" cousins and a majority of them are white. My closest 4 matches are Black folks.

daviss: do those 300 thou people include those that were already in the system for the health results AYWalton?

AYWalton: so sending out invitations to share genomes, is not necessarily going to get most of us anywhere or any closer. I don't know, daviss.

alt: from their Roots into the Future prgram we know that less than 10K of that 300,000 are AA's

Selma: The majority of genealogists are white, females over the age of 50..they probably account for the majority of samples

AYWalton: I think that we probably match many of those whites through their gr. grandfathers who may have fathered children with enslaved women. And for some like alt's line some may have been indentured European women who had children with enslaved men.

alt: or white woman who had chldren with black men LOL LOL LOL

AYWalton: many FPC's did. (yep I got ya covered, alt!) lol

vkn: lol

alt: right on AYWalton

Seventies: Someone framed that question on 23 and me.

AYWalton: I know that Bernice has found lots of cousins in the DC area as it turns out because about 8 or 10 of them in her genea-circle have roots in Old Edgefield District of SC. So this being a destination city during the Gr. Migration, the cousins are showing up. But that is an anomaly.

alt: exactly AYWalton

AYWalton: I don't live in a destination city where my Arkansas or Oklahoma Ancestors went. I am here on the east coast when folks from my part of the country went either west to AZ and CA, or north to IL and MI. And Sedalia and I are DNA cousins over on FamilyTreeDNA, but we don't show up at all on 23andMe.

Seventies: In my locale, we have tons from North Carolina

AYWalton: And she and I are high resolution matches.

daviss: They use different tools don't they AYWalton?

AYWalton: I think so, daviss. Plus she and I took the mtDNA test with FamilyTreeDNA, and the autosomnal is a different kind of test.

daviss: to say "genealogical timeframe"

AYWalton: Different results and algorithms.

alt: and for me on my maternal lines they date back to to FPOC and colonial whites.. no way I'm finding 4-5 cousins fro the kate 1700's from VA/MD/KY, etc. who weren't part of larger AA communities

AYWalton: That's interesting alt. and have lots of persons in your circle tested, alt? Not many in my circle, have tested at all.

daviss: I have picked up two ladies who match me on 23 and on Ancestrydna. However the cm's and snips are different In fact on Ancestry they run higher

alt: no, not my circles AYWalton, but I have 800+ matches on 23+me & over 1,000 on ancestryDNA probably 80-90 % 'white".

AYWalton: I have enjoyed playing with the data, but we have to keep in mind that the DNA data does not replace the work that we have to do on paper.

daviss: true AYWalton

Selma: You are talking to the choir here AY..

AYWalton: I think the chat was so full, because with DNA-talk there is the underlying fact of sex and race. So the room was bursting at the seams with those underlying facts.

alt: I have euro folks telling me about their ancestors from the late 1600's, early 1700's here in America and expect me to know of the connections ... yeah right

Selma: You mean the stork didn't bring me

daviss: lol

vkn: be nice selma lol

AYWalton: lol you are too funny!

Selma: Well this funny person has to run

AYWalton: no stork, he just fell off the turnip truck!

alt: cousin Selma, our ancestors were on the same boat, just some went to Chicago & others went to San Francisco .. so to speak LOL

AYWalton: Good discussion folks. I better run as well, folks. Working on MAAGI stuff.

Selma: You all have a great day

vkn: we be three

daviss: :?

alt: amigos LOL

vkn: good peeps

daviss: ok

alt: is it "that' time?????

vkn: will consult with you on tues next alt

daviss: guess so alt

alt: okay vkn... oh, karoshi will be in my area tomorrow, hope to meet her.

vkn: will send you a redlined doc in advance

alt: okay vkn. be looking for it

daviss: talk to you both later have a good one

vkn: okies

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