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2013-06-27 • Cultural speak @ GZ


Start: 12:08:53
End: 12:45:39
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Howdy Doody Mz seventies

Seventies: Hi vkn

vkn: and how you be? Just finishing my cup of coffee

Seventies: I'm doing ok vkn... how are you?

vkn: Doing well oldest son will be here this weekend So glad about that.

Seventies: that's good. hi alt.

vkn: Howdy alt

alt: hello ladies

Seventies: hi Selma

vkn: Howdy Selma

Selma: Good afternon alt, seventies and vkn

alt: hi Selma .... Serena marches on!!

Selma: Yes she does... LOL

Seventies: SMH at this George Zimmerman case.

alt: I watched a little of the TV coverage.... commentators are too dramatic IMHO .... shades of the OJ trial.

vkn: Zimmerman is on overload for me

alt: great homepage look vkn!!!!!!!

vkn: Thanx alt

Seventies: hi daviss

vkn: Howdy Daviss

alt: Hello cuzzin daviss LOL LOL

daviss: hello all, sorry I am late. I am mesmerized listening to the trial of Zimmerman

Seventies: the defense is trying to impeach the young girl who was on the phone with Travyon Martin OK me too daviss

daviss: lost track of time

Seventies: I just wish that Dee Dee would get off the stand and slap the defense lawyer.

daviss: He is trying to get under this kids nerve like he is getting on mine

Seventies: exactly, they do not want her testifying at the actual trial. These are impeachment hearings right now.

alt: you think that would "help" the prosecution Seventies? :?

Selma: It might make us feel better..but then we would have to watch them haul her off to jail

alt: yep Selma

Seventies: the bottom line is GZ admitted to all of this stuff. On the phone with the operator, at the police station, etc.

daviss: IMHO she is talking in her cultural language and they do not understand what she is actually saying

Seventies: I understand her just fine. They are in Florida how do they expect people to speak? Like NYers?

daviss: you do but they don't

Seventies: Okay so what's going on with everyone's genealogy this week?

Selma: Obviously not much

daviss: what is that saying, Speak first to understand and then to be understood

alt: things are still going slow for me....just finding more documentation on folks I already have in my database.... no new confirmed connections 'cept maybe Ms Vicky's sister

daviss: nothing new for me either Seventies LOL alt lol lol

vkn: Mocavo has initiated Fireside chats 1st was last night with Polly Kimmel

Seventies: you're related to them too??

Selma: and who is Polly Kimmel?

alt: Gedmatch says we connect ... just a little bit.

vkn: She is into forensics for military dead who are unidentified

Seventies: Yeah I'm related to daviss on her male daviss line. Isn't THAT funny! lol

alt: yes it is Seventies

Seventies: Just a little bit.. :}

vkn: Some 73,000 bodies to identify

Selma: Wow..all this connectedness..

alt: wow, that's a lot of work

daviss: that's a huge project vkn but I am sure rewarding

Selma: and much appreciated by the families daviss

daviss: oh yes Selma

vkn: She is prez of her own company Well they do DNA to identify most are WW2 deceased

alt: I wonder if she works/worked with Megan Smolenyak who was doing something like this from a Cherry Hill, NJ military base.

vkn: Also head of her State Gen Society and works with FGS board Yes Alt it is all connected

Seventies: Ok I'm just really caught up in this case... Love you guys. See you tomorrow.

alt: I saw this young man Tuesday nite... he gave a dynamic presentation on the role of the USCT's during the Civil War.

vkn: Her finding techniques are most interesting

alt: I'll bet they are vkn

vkn: Clustering alt. Will check out your link alt

daviss: bye folks gotta run

vkn: Oh ok

alt: Zimmerman has captured our chat buddies

vkn: Next week will chat about redesign of AfriGeneas

alt: I got some messages on this, but can't see what they are about vkn.

vkn: Will notify in advance so chatters will know what to expect

alt: okay, sounds good.

vkn: We will be contracting for the change Sent mockup of suggestions tip of an iceberg Alt you cannot open? Selma one I sent to you came back

alt: I just get a message an an red "x" vkn... no, I can't open

vkn: hmmmm okies Guess I best dropbox

Selma: Sorry folks,, I was able to open and see vkn

vkn: okies Guess we best close out lol

alt: okay, skedaddle time .. laters y'all

vkn: Y'all be good

Selma: Bye folks

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