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2013-06-26 • HBCU's Need Contributions


Start: 12:03:22
End: 13:09:46
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon alt.

alt: what's up Seventies ?

Seventies: Oh not much. Just sitting here eating lunch. I enjoyed your post on facebook about your father's family. Nice map

alt: what "we" having?

Seventies: Rotisserie chicken, green beans with potatoes and lemonade.

alt: thanks...I enjoyed sharing it lunch sounds good

daviss: hello alt and Seventies! How are the

alt: 'sup daviss?

daviss: I hope I am here lol

alt: you're here LOL

daviss: ah ha!

Seventies: hi daviss

daviss: How's it going you two?

Seventies: pretty fair..

alt: watching tennis on the patio and enjoying the breeze.

Seventies: nice... its great outside, hot as hades inside.. AC still broken.

alt: that's at work Seventies ?

Seventies: yes. On Monday it hit 95 inside the office.

daviss: wow but cool lol

alt: looks like 'we' have some tough times ahead with the recent decision by the Supreme Court.

Seventies: Maybe we can now get up and stop making excuses. We need lawyers who are working on our behalf and we need feet in the street and in the ballot boxes.

alt: its the turn of you young folks ..I did my thing in the 60's..... but I still remain vigilant.

daviss: They are right now organizing the march for the 14th Aug

Seventies: You never give the enemy your plans of attack..

daviss: plus there are numerous petitions out there now

Seventies: Again, never give the enemy your plan of attack. This is an outright war against our people.

alt: isn't that the anniversary of the '63 March on Washington?

daviss: listen Seventies they still have uncle co***ons in our ranks even when we met in secret yes alt it is

Seventies: Let me tell you, when you request permits you know the government takes your name gives you a ticket and makes you come to court. Its all legal. I've seen it happen here 3 times. Since when did protesting become a criminal offense.

alt: when they call it disturbing the peace..... civil disobedience was a crime

Seventies: exactly. criminalizing our rights to gather in public. But then again, they've been doing that to black people all along. We should expect it.

alt: and you do it anyway... giving up some of your 'comfort zone'.

daviss: thats right...

Seventies: What comfort? Most of us are working poor anyway.

alt: you just don't know Seventies

Seventies: alt, at least you have retirement and SSN I'm under FERS and they are just killing my paycheck! All of my taxes went up and my medical expenses as well, but my benefits went down. huh??

alt: I agree there Seventies, gov't employees had it stuck to them when the Retirement system was stopped Civil Service Retirement System

Seventies: Haven't had a COLA raise in 3 years, now we are being furloughed. There is no FY 2014 budget. The gov't is making colleges extremely expensive, the college loans are d@mn near impossible to get... Shoot, its hard as heck out here!

alt: been there done that Seventies ......

Seventies: I suspect I'll be furloughed again come October. Hi Selma.

alt: I hate to pull that 'worse than you' game, but......... :|

daviss: The more the reason to get out there seventies and fight for those things. Its hard as heck but it wont change unless we do that

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon alt, daviss, and seventies

alt: hello Selma

daviss: hey Selma

Seventies: Remember when the people came out and protested the congress and the senior protestors spit on John Lewis?? So I expect to see you all out there too.

daviss: durn it Yes I remember Seventies,

Selma: The seniors I saw were screaming "get the government out of health care"..I was screaming you idiots..Medicare is the government

daviss: I also remember those who marched across the Pettis

alt: we all have to 'do' what we can, when and where we can.

daviss: right Selma Even if you cant get out there and march, pick up the phone and make those calls

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Selma: Well, well, lookey who is here..Afternoon AY

daviss: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Howdy alt, daviss, Mizz Selma, Soulchile! I hope everyone is doing well today.

Selma: Hot and humid here AY

AYWalton: same here. Sinuses really feeling it for sure!

alt: Hello AYWalton

daviss: well but ticked off from yesterdays ruling, happy to be on this side of the dirt

AYWalton: wassup daviss? I saw your Mariah moment on FB!

daviss: lol

AYWalton: I know that is a true mess And sadly our Uncle T on the Supreme Court went and sold his folks down the river and made sure they were thrown under the bus first! Geesh!

alt: Selma... heck of a match between Sharapova & this other girl

Selma: You ain't kidding alt..Mom is watching and she is giving me updates They are both screamers alt..

alt: for sure LOL

daviss: Yes he did and then he put turned on the hose while they were under the bus AYWalton

alt: she got her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Wow..Sharapova lost..

daviss: strike put

AYWalton: true, daviss! and that ruling was put in motion when Daddy Bush nominated him to the Bench! How horrible! most folks don't realize the long lasting effect when someone is elected---their nominations to the Supreme Court are the most important things that they do. And Daddy Bush did this! And baby bush did his own harm, too.

Selma: He felt demeaned by Affirmative Action..heck he is serving on a court with 3 woman who got into Law School with that..they obviously don't feel demeaned

AYWalton: I sure hope that Obama can turn the tide a bit more. Maybe there will be another opening in the next three years.

Seventies: Hi AYWalton. nice to see you!

daviss: from what I understand he used it also

AYWalton: I think so, daviss. likewise Seventies.

daviss: heck his A could have picked cotton and worked his way through school like my Uncle Prof did if he felt that demeaned

Selma: Can you imagine the hysteria if he gets to nominate another justice.. Folks are already foaming at the mouth

daviss: and while he was being demeaned he could have fell in love with a black woman instead of using her They will try their best to put whoever it would be through the wringer ok off my soapbox

Seventies: I thought I'd be able to chit chat with you all to day, but getting interrupted...

daviss: well seventies at least you are here

Selma: Got my AAHGS newsletter yesterday..with conference schedule. The are having sessions on Sunday morning

AYWalton: I saw that! but they did not tell the speakers! and folks have their tickets.

Selma: Oh, oh not a good idea

Seventies: Work is releasing us early because of this A/C situation.

AYWalton: to leave on Sunday! they will have to make adjustments to that!

Selma: Saw Drusilla's name on Sunday

AYWalton: plus even the audience will have to make adjustments.

Selma: Glad I hadn't done anything yet..

AYWalton: but most will probably ignore it and still leave on Sunday.

Selma: Gonna make hotel reservations today

AYWalton: they have to think about that one fast.

Seventies: Where is the AAGHS conference this year?

Selma: Tennessee Nashville..

alt: don't give Roberts, Scalia , Aliota (sp) & the others a free pass

Seventies: Nice. You will enjoy the shopping, theaters and such.

Selma: Where seventies?

AYWalton: Nashville is a good city.

Seventies: In Nashville, TN

Selma: I lived in Clarksville for 3 husband was stationed at Fort Campbell He has family who still live in Nashville..plan to visit

alt: In my day I used to love me some Tenn State & Fisk in Nashville.

Seventies: Oh and don't forget Meharry medical :}

AYWalton: Meharry is right across the street from Fisk. Jubilee Hall still stands. And homes of so many writers from the Harlem Renaissance. Right there on the campus.

alt: I was checking out 'chicks' didn't do too much at Meharry.

Seventies: lol alt

AYWalton: lol

daviss: lol alt

Selma: daviss..weren't you looking for somebody who went to Meharry?

AYWalton: you are a mess, alt! Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn: Howdy to each and all

daviss: My Great grandfather Selma, found him in the yearbook

Selma: Bet alt was a "smooth talker" in his day Afternoon vkn

vkn: back atcha AYW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daviss: I would love to know if they had a picture

AYWalton: what year was that, daviss? I think some of the yearbooks are online somewhere! Fisk has such a rich history!

alt: I wasn't smooth Selma... too 'country' LOL

Selma: I remember who folks are researching..and not what I am suppose to do today

AYWalton: VKN aren't you a Fisk alumna?

daviss: Yes they are AYWalton, I posted link on the Forum here several yrs ago

alt: hello vkn

AYWalton: I thought so.

vkn: AYW Sadonya was here last night and was not aware of MAGGI

daviss: What!!! Hmmm

vkn: AYW old Gold and Blue here "ever on the altar" lol

AYWalton: LOL!

Seventies: Hold on, I know alt was a pretty boy back in his younger days.. lol hi vkn

Selma: LOL

vkn: and 2 u seventies

alt: felt it too Seventies ......ouch LOL

AYWalton: VKN do you know if there are records from the days when they had the preparatory school? Most HBCUs had prep schools back in the day. I have always wondered if such school records have ever been researched. ever on the altar, huh vkn? I love it :)

Seventies: Would those records have been archived with the regular school records after a while, AYWalton?

vkn: All Fisk records are intact AYW

AYWalton: That is quite interesting, to know. Have they ever been researched? Seems like they could be an interesting resource for genealogists.

vkn: and at Talladega all records are intact including what classes were taken by each student

Seventies: Indeed AYWalton

AYWalton: Some of the HBCUs should consider having them once again. They would not have to be boarding schools, but simply competitive day schools. Many Jesuit universities have prep schools.

Seventies: If I'm not mistaken, TSU has a 'charter school' all the way up through high school.

AYWalton: Boston College still has BC High School. Georgetown has Georgetown Prep, and St. Louis University still have St. Louis Univ. High School. I think it is a good concept.

Selma: So many of these HBCU's are in financial straits.. Think St. Paul's here in Lawrenceville VA is closing

Seventies: Selma and the sad part is that there is no need for them to be.

vkn: soo many as in MOST Selma

AYWalton: sad, but true.

vkn: Seventies students do not pay loans and endowments are almost non existent

Seventies: Getting off early... gotta go! Love yous guys! See you later!

daviss: Wow

vkn: grads do not contribute

AYWalton: so sad about that. And places like Meharry should be rolling---I mean their alumni are doctors and dentists!! They HAVE money!! Nobody is asking them to turn in their salaries, but seriously most do not contribute. so sad.

alt: so true vkn... alumni contributions to HBCU's are drastically "low"

vkn: Well the point is that it is the numbers not the dollars that count %s and alumns are offended if you ask for donations

AYWalton: good point. Going to run, folks, I am prepping for MAAGI and working on syllabus materials. Have a great day!

vkn: good luck

alt: me too... I'm outa here

daviss: Is Sadonya going to sign up to go vkn To MAGGI not too late

vkn: she only heard of it last night daviss

daviss: I see

Selma: It has been posted on the Forum's vkn

daviss: lol thats what I was just going to say and more than once

vkn: and she sits the new grand and is unemployed

daviss: ok understood

Selma: Ok..well she has lots of distractions..called LIFE

daviss: I see they struck down DOMA today

vkn: deannie is ready to roll to maggi

daviss: yep deannie has it all down pat

vkn: deannie is ready to roll to maggi

Selma: She seems to be very Organized..unlike some of us.. LOL Well let me take my unorganized self and get a nap

vkn: me too

daviss: ok Selma have a good day U2 vkn

Selma: Have a great day folks..bye

vkn: okies u 2

daviss: bye

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