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2013-06-25 • Its MAGGI Time


Start: 21:16:32
End: 22:47:12
Chatters: deannie, debinva, ihhmag, Sadonya, Selma, vkn

Sadonya: good evening

ihhmag: Hi Sadonya.

Sadonya: how are you tonight

ihhmag: Great. Just find the mid-wife for my father's birth in 1929. Now looking to find his father who was entered as white but just to erase as white.

Sadonya: lol you mean on the birth record?

ihhmag: Yes.

Sadonya: my mother was entered as white on my sisters birth certificate

ihhmag: what year?

Sadonya: she was far from white 1955

ihhmag: father's born in Mississippi. I have a first and last year and age at time of my father's birth of his father. Can Sorry, hitting the wrong key. Can't seem to find his father in the census.

Sadonya: that is not unusal for Mississippi I have the same issue

ihhmag: I had to go a directory and I started from the A's looking for an address of any persons that matched the addresses on the certificate. Got to be too long so I started with the first letter of the last name of the mid-wife and found the midwife. Now trying the same with the white father.

Sadonya: hey Selma

Selma: evening ihhmag and sadonya

ihhmag: Hi Selma.

Sadonya: check the father as black in case they made a mistake

ihhmag: I thought about that but the story from my father (and his mother) that the man was white.

Sadonya: okay

ihhmag: What are you working on?

Sadonya: me several familes\ its reunion time so I do family books for them to present at the reunion

ihhmag: Nice. How elaborate? Hi Debinva

Sadonya: I have FTM I look up as much as I can find census records, marriages, death certificates, obits funeral programs, Military records. pictures and anything else I can find

Selma: evening debinva

debinva: Hi I was reading the posts to catch up. It's a challenge to work on a Smith line.

Sadonya: I print the gen report for each major family unit yes it is debinva

ihhmag: Hi Deannie

debinva: Hi Deannie

Sadonya: hello Deannie

deannie: Good everyone debinva,inhmag, sadony, selma

Selma: Evening deannie

deannie: I going to do a little catch on on the room

debinva: Anyone researching in Richmond, VA?

deannie: No,I going to St louis

Selma: NGS will be in Richmond in May 2014

ihhmag: I have family member from Virginia. Not taking a trips anytime soon.

Sadonya: how close is Richmond to Alexandria?

debinva: Is anyone researching family lines from Richmond? I have a Smith line, and it's difficult to lock it down like I can do with my other lines.

Selma: Sorry have to call..have a great evening

deannie: Sorry...the a idea....the first person in my tree my ggggrandmother Patsy Tyler br 1795 is said to come from Virginia might be worth a trip hi

ihhmag: Sorry, have to go. Maybe next Tues. Have a great one everyone. Bye.

debinva: My gggrandfather is John Smith and his wife is Mary Smith. It's so hard to track them from Richmond to Philadelphia, Pa. They started in Richmond, but my ggrandmother said she was born in Danville, VA, which is in Pittsylvania County VA.

Sadonya: debinva I feel your pain did you find them in Phily?

debinva: Found Mary Smith in Philly with her daughter.

deannie: Ok,,,I do not know where my line comes from by the time at get there I will have more inform

debinva: Deannie: who are you researching?

deannie: Tyler (there in Mississippi in 1870, but the census say they were born in Virginia

debinva: Selma likes to point out that most lines come from VA.

Sadonya: Va hd camps that poduced slaves

deannie: I would like to go the state looks beautiful

debinva: Va keeps really good records too.

Sadonya: deannie check for her name in the slave births

deannie: Which sites can I check...or just do a google search

Sadonya: some of them are on google books

deannie: ok

debinva: Well, it's time to say good nite. Hope everyone finds their family members who are waiting to be discovered. Have a blessed evening.

Sadonya: great

deannie: i just located a pages of a bible with a name of a husband of a gggreat aunt He name was Anding but her changed to Anderson he married my gggreat aunt sister...he was a Civil war soldier Hi vkn

Sadonya: check civil war database

vkn: Howdy deannie & Sadonya

Sadonya: hey vkn

vkn: nnie my granddaughter just started working for Oprah and needs a place to stay near Harpo Deannie any suggestions Wants to be in a safe area

deannie: Is she at the studio

vkn: Her ducats are limited

deannie: do you know where she work... I work near downtown does she what to rent

vkn: She is in LosAngeles but plans to move to chi in 6 July

deannie: that's soon

vkn: yes to rent about $800

deannie: when the University of Illinois Circle Campus is a great old is she is area great college area and it close to downtown...and it near Oprah studio

vkn: Give me your email Sadonya you are posting nice pics

Sadonya: check this site for the soilder thank you I got your email

vkn: glamour to the max

Sadonya: lol

vkn: Got to figure how to promote chats more

Sadonya: I agree


vkn: Thanx Deannie I fell asleep and most missed chat

deannie: It the summer, lot of people are your inform in the AAGHSC in our newsletter a lot of our members might not want to on in, but the younger ones will...send it to the society

Sadonya: we had 3 or 4 others that left already

vkn: Great idea

deannie: and its free

vkn: Was daviss here or selma or seventies

deannie: I need to read before I send lol No, but we chatted on sunday

vkn: okies

deannie: Selma was

Sadonya: Selma DebinVA & ihhmag

vkn: son had a big performance with the hubbard dancers of chicago

Sadonya: awesome

vkn: at the Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles Ben Vereen was there Sadonya are you ready for MAGGI and you too Deannie

deannie: I getting my things together and we chat...

Sadonya: dont know what it is

vkn: The institute in St Louis Sadonya

deannie: I'm work on my binder because we are going to do research while we are there...I have family there...

vkn: Great Deannie Angela is helping to pull that together Sadonya

Sadonya: ok i will have to talk to her

vkn: Sounds like its gonna be a good one 4 days of learning

deannie: Me and about 5 members of our group are staying 5 days...we are still on the college campus...$25 a night a bargin

vkn: That is a super great bargain

Sadonya: sure is

vkn: Plus $300 for registration

deannie: I thinks other colleges should do the the same...I want to go to Port Gibson, Ms but there is not hotel or motel there I have been trying to talk to housing director but he has not email me back...because Alcorn College is there training ticket under $50.00 round trip

vkn: Seventies may have a resource in MS Sadonya when is a good time to talk marketing?

deannie: family is in Port Gibson, Fayette

Sadonya: do you want to talk tonight

deannie: I have been going to join the Facebook pages for Mississippi

vkn: oh ok Yes briefly gotcha

Sadonya: ah ha

vkn: Gonna get a bottle of water and close blinds so give me 5 minutes Sadonya and Niters to the two of you

deannie: do you what to call it Sadonya

Sadonya: call what? oh you mean end chat?

deannie: yes...sorry

Sadonya: okay see you next week

deannie: ok...have a great week

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