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2013-06-25 • Cartwright Bible


Start: 12:03:35
End: 13:07:10
Chatters: alt, daviss, khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

khathu: hello vkn

vkn: Howdy Khathu Hope all is well with you

Seventies: Hi y'all

vkn: Howdy Seventies Hope all is well with you

Seventies: I'm doing ok

vkn: and that's good there is a public official in DeKalb County GA named Burwell Ellis seventies

khathu: Hello Seventies

Seventies: hello khathu :}

vkn: Just here for a few

Seventies: What's going on with you today ms vkn?

vkn: Just finalizing family projects so whoever next can continue or change direction

Seventies: Ah okay... reunion time huh? Speaking of reunions... We are tossing around the idea of the Callins folks getting together in Alabama in a couple years.

khathu: Hello Selma

vkn: We have a group who dines on Sunday's No real reunion seventies

Seventies: ok Sunday dinners. nice. Hi Selma!

Selma: Good Tuesday afternoon Khathu, seventies and vkn

vkn: howdy Selma hope you are well

Seventies: hi alt....

Selma: Ah..I was wondering where Grumpy No. 1 was..

vkn: Howdy Alt hope you are well

alt: hello all .... khathu, Selma, Seventies & vkn

Selma: Afternoon daviss

alt: & daviss

Seventies: hi daviss.. what y'all coordinated to come in at the same time alt, daviss and Selma? lol

daviss: uh, am I sleeping still lol

Selma: Its a plot seventies.. LOL

khathu: Hello alt and daviss

Seventies: lol clearly... lol

vkn: Howdy Daviss hope you are well Nice pics you are posting

daviss: Hi alt, khathu, Selma Seventies and vkn!!! thanks vkn

Seventies: Any people here who have done a long distance reunion? Ah i'll post in the family reunion forum on Afrigeneas.

vkn: That bow is a beau daviss

daviss: lol lol vkn

alt: what's a 'long distance' reunion? planning, strategy, reservations????

daviss: my Texas cousins are doing that now Seventies for Atlanta's reunion

Seventies: All of the above alt. Contracts would have to be in order, etc. etc. We do have a few feet on the ground in AL, but not many.

alt: okay, in that case, not me Seventies

Seventies: daviss, that worked out for y'all. Let me know.

daviss: We are all set to go 3rd week of July seventies

Seventies: Let me know how it goes AFTER the reunion happens... lol You know how it is.. lol

Selma: LOL Do you have folks on the ground in Atlanta daviss..why was Atlanta chosen

daviss: They have done it on more than a few occasions Seventies.. The last one we went to was a blast

Seventies: I think one of the challenges for family reunions is getting people excited to come. The marketing of it all. An aspect often overlooked. You wanna have some strategies to get the family excited about spending their money and spending time together.

daviss: I do have a nephew and his wife are on the ground. The one thing that was changed was the hotel...The Tx folks picked one that was too far out

Seventies: that is good.

daviss: Now we have one that is closer to the airport

khathu: I finally received copies of the Cartwright Bible

Selma: Location..location is a key

Seventies: and. . . ???

daviss: Other than that seventies we are good to go

khathu: The information filled in some gaps I had

Seventies: ok daviss. khathu, what were you able to get from the bible?

khathu: Actual birth, marriage, and dates of death The wife full name and the names of all of Rev. Cartwrights children

Selma: Who recorded the info Khathu

Seventies: so you struck gold. excellent.

khathu: the Bible was published in 1828. The first entry was 1783 and the last was 1854

alt: what are the 'inclusive" dates of the Cartwright children? from when to when?

Seventies: brb y'all.

alt: okay, i see khathu

khathu: @alt 1802-1824

daviss: should the publish date be 1783 khathu?

alt: okay, the bible was published/produced in 1828 ... and the earliest date recorded was 1783 and it was recorded ?????

khathu: 1783 is the year of Rev. Cartwright's birth. The Bible was published in 1828. It was most likely given to him by the United Methodist Church

vkn: prolly so

khathu: Since they were the publisher of the Bible and it is around the same time he was ordained by the United Methodist Baltimore Conference

alt: okay... so Rev. Cartwright stared entering data ca 1828 by recording his birth date as 1783.

khathu: I really can't say who entered the information

alt: and probably all of the dates prior to 1828. regardless of the who, what & when .. you have a treasure!!!!!!!

khathu: What I can say is that the Bible was held by the youngest daughter for a time period since the info on the 3rd generation pertains solely to her

vkn: indeed

daviss: isn't that the truth

alt: you have copies of pages from the bible??? not copies of the bible, right???

khathu: I am going to the Baltimore Conference Archives on Friday to gather information on Cartwright's activities within the United Methodist Church I have digital copies of the Bible

alt: right... still a treasure!!!!!!!

Selma: Maybe you will find something that he actually "wrote" and you can compare handwriting

khathu: hopefully the birth dates are matches up with the other documentation I have located on the family.

alt: now this is the United Methodist & not the Methodist Episcopal, if I'm understanding correctly.

khathu: United Methodist

alt: okay

daviss: Well any comments on the Supreme Court ruling this morning?

khathu: On my own line I have been able to finally locate the mother of one of my gg grandmothers

alt: refresh my memory.. this is the African/Colored Methodist church located in G'Town?

khathu: Mt. Zion Methodist United Church in Georgetown

alt: wonderful khathu, how were you able to locate that information? Okay khathu...

khathu: I had to basically research the entire community and do a process of elimination

alt: ah so... good ole "cluster research" LOL LOL

khathu: the ages threw me off. Mary Jackson was born around 1860 in Rapides Parish, Louisiana She got married to Douglas Crawford in Avoyelles Parish 1876. I am able to locate only one Mary Jackson within the surrounding areas in the 1870 Census. However, this Mary Jackson is listed as being born in 1865 She is living in the household with a Celeste (39), Corrine (23), Ceasar (7), Ella (6 mos.)

alt: I swear to "cluster research" that's why I have 23K folks in my database.. I keep everything that is even remotely connected to ancestors at particular times in particular places.

khathu: I have 10K myself

alt: you're getting there khathu LOL LOL

Selma: Do you think her age was recorded incorrectly

khathu: Yes, I think the age was listed incorrectly, especially after tracing the individuals in household through the 1900

Selma: Actually it has been my observations that woman like to "shave" a couple of years off.. LOL

alt: naw Selma, lol lol

vkn: lol

khathu: in addition, Mary named her first child Ella

Selma: When we did the 2010..I reminded the women in my genealogy group not to LIE about their age..(some already had)

khathu: And looking at the community Ella wasn't a very common name especially among African Americans I am currently missing the identities of 8 ggg grandparents - one on my paternal side and 7 and my maternal side Unfortunately, half of them will remain unknown

alt: what time period are you into with ggg grandparents khathu?

khathu: Before 1830 Some of them are ggg grandfathers

alt: okay, that's a rough time period for US ... Enslaved or FPOC.

khathu: mother's baby daddy's maybe

Selma: Folks have to run..Khathu come back and let us know what you find at the Archives

khathu: Will do

Selma: Have a great day

vkn: good sharing khathu

khathu: thanks vkn two of them i am holding out hope on locating. the other ones i think are lost causes

alt: theat's the gg grandparent generation for me khathu..... I have them and the ggg grandparents on the materanl lines only because they were FPOC.... I'm woefully lacking information on as near as my great-grandparents on my paternal lines I need 'big time' help on slave research for my paternal lines from the 1850's back.

vkn: what is the plan for starters alt

daviss: ok back

khathu: slave research can be a real pain

daviss: are your paternal lines in Ohio also alt ?

alt: just keep plugging away vkn.. researching NC, Edgecombe Co. in particular and KY, Grant & Kenton counties for records in the 1850 and earlier time frame.

vkn: sounds good alt

alt: No daviss... I'm looking at NC, KY and then Indiana before they get to Ohio.

daviss: oh so your gg dad was a North Carolinian alt, so was mine

vkn: besides all question do not require an answer

alt: yep davis in the Tarboro area near Princeville in Edgecombe County, NC

daviss: :?

alt: Oops, dropped an "s' sorry bout that daviss LOL LOL

daviss: :}

khathu: enjoy the rest of the day everyone.

vkn: take all care

daviss: k

alt: must be quittin time?

daviss: come on alt lets go and leave seventies to put everything up

alt: okay lol lol

daviss: lol bye

Seventies: ah huh daviss, see now I was going to help you with Mar..... LOL Ooops gotta run!

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