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2013-06-24 • Historic IRS


Start: 12:06:10
End: 13:11:13
Chatters: alt, daviss, karoshi, Selma, Seventies, vkn

daviss: heyyy alt!

alt: what's up daviss?

daviss: nada alt, even though I am trying to see if the Zimmerman trial is on TV how about you, whats up?

alt: hmmmmm, not sure if it is going to be TV'd.

daviss: I was hoping it would be well did you sort out anything DNA this week-end?

alt: Reading on the AA ancestored DNA Facebook page... it has gotten away from DNA and gone pretty much into a "history of African Civilizations" type page.

daviss: hmmmm I always come back later lol I went over that blog by Roberta Estes last night regarding the X chromosome

alt: I saw this page by Steve Morse & thought it was pretty good

daviss: hmmm I must read it, thanks

alt: did you meet Roberta Estes when we were in Ft. Wayne?

daviss: brb

Selma: Good Monday morning alt and daviss... Wimbledon is on TV...Mom is watching Nadal

alt: Hi Selma. yep.. Anita is "playing' too LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: daviss just stepped out for a moment so, anything big on the genealogy horizon for you Selma?

Selma: Nope still recovering from the little darlins.. LOL

alt: okay, that takes more time than in the past, huh?

Selma: Yep..don't bounce back like I use too.. LOL How is your research going..

alt: got some "new" indian stuff LOL

Selma: Oh great ..what?

alt: Shawnee Heritage I; Shawnee Genealogy and Family History, by Don Greene and Noel Schutz, 2008. The Laforce family is mentioned with thie "indian" families AFTER the capture in Kentucky.

Selma: In Canada?

alt: It mentions their Indian family names & how they went to Missouri, Kansas and then Okla following their removal from Ohio ca 1815-1820 time period. yeah, the Canadians too... Elliott, Baby, McKee & LeDuc

Selma: Are we talking about the white LaForce family?

alt: hello vkn.. how you "be's"?

vkn: howdy

Selma: Afternoon vkn

alt: no, the slaves Selma

daviss: whew, ok back..sorry alt!

alt: wb daviss

daviss: hello Selma and vkn

vkn: doing tolerably well

Selma: Afternoon daviss

daviss: then it would be about 112 degrees Selma lol

Selma: Good grief

vkn: alt daviss selma

daviss: I am getting a early morning headache. I don't think I will answer another phone call today ;)

vkn: uh oh

alt: oh, oh

daviss: so if you all want to call me let it ring 3 times and hang up LOL LOL then I will call you back

alt: that's the signal, huh LOL LOL

daviss: hahaha thats what my mama used to say when we went out of town

alt: saving on those long distance calls back in the "day"

daviss: let her know we got there safely lol

Seventies: Hi y'all

daviss: and yes alt save that money :|

alt: hello Seventies, what's up?

vkn: selma I sent you a new listing of books

Seventies: the temp

daviss: hi seventies

Seventies: lol

Selma: Yes..I know vkn..been "under the weather"..will review later

vkn: howdy seventies

Seventies: Hi Selma, daviss, alt and vkn. Did I miss anyone?

Selma: Afternoon seventies

daviss: Hope you are feeling better Selma

Selma: medication works.. LOL

daviss: lol

Seventies: for now... lol

alt: this is the week to get your DNA questions to Bernice for her show on the Thursday the 27th.

Seventies: last night I spent some time looking up the Parker family of Autauga Co, AL.. interesting information. Looks like some left Autauga and went to Mobile, AL

Selma: Her guests are DNA experts?

daviss: Oh yes, thats right.Thanks for the reminder alt

alt: yes Selma, from 23andme

karoshi: Hello everyone!

Seventies: helloooo karoshi!

alt: hello karoshi

daviss: hi there karoshi

karoshi: Hope everyone is well!!

Selma: Afternoon karoshi

vkn: howdy karoshi seems like a long time

karoshi: It has been vkn. On the road for work.

vkn: ahhhhhhh ok

karoshi: And I'm off to KY and Ohio on Wednesday! lol

daviss: I need to look at all my dna peeps I manage alt..I think she is matching one or two of them LOL

alt: if you get in my area give me a call karoshi

Seventies: have a good time karoshi

karoshi: I will do that alt. I haven't planned getting that far yet. Though, I really should. You're in Miami area right?

alt: Dayton/Springfield... bout 40 miles west of Columbus.

karoshi: So far I'm planning on Chillicothe and Columbus, though I need to get out to Washington Court House.

alt: okay karoshi

karoshi: Oh ok. If I drive back home instead of fly I'll come see you. That way I can take 75 down.

alt: right karoshi

karoshi: Anything new guys?

Seventies: Nah not really. have you all ever found more on a collateral family than your own family? lol

karoshi: Yup!

alt: no new folks, just more information about folks being found on Familysearch/Ancestry.

daviss: not me Seventies

Selma: daviss..I saw where the person on Facebook looked at 489 images of FB before finding her ancestors..she was looking at RG 105 Think it was Louisiana

daviss: yes Selma I read that also

Selma: I saw you commented on her dedication.. LOL

karoshi: I don't have any new ones either. Though I do have some confusion in one of my Lett families.

daviss: I looked at Harrison County when I ordered that reel years ago. I had it for two weeks but found nothing for my peeps. It was rather scarce and contained mostly the teachers pay etc for the Bureau I guess I could get Grimes County reel and see what that may contain on my paternal side

karoshi: Found some interesting things while reading old newspapers. One relation was the first person in Kentucky to be sent to the electric chair.

daviss: oh my daughter found the 1865 Internal Rev document when she was trying to get the forms for 2011 to file for me ;) She was surprised to see it there link if anyone cares to read it

vkn: thanx

daviss: No telling what you will find in those papers karoshi. Was the person AA

Selma: Thanks daviss..interesting..gonna print out

alt: very interesting daviss .. I didn't realize the IRS had been around that long.

daviss: me either alt

Selma: Somebody had to pay for the War

karoshi: Yes they were daviss. Accused of assaulting a little white girl in 1910.

vkn: all those wars

alt: wow karoshi, that is a biggie!!!

karoshi: It said they had to call in the military to quell any mob activity.

daviss: karoshi take a look at a blog I wrote regarding nearly the same thing.

alt: Dr.'s appt @ 2:15 .. gotta run, so y'all take care.

Seventies: Its so hot here that I'm tired... ugh.

daviss: sorry was bumped out I have an extra fan Seventies

karoshi: Whats a Freeman's claim daviss?

Seventies: How about an extra air conditioner? lol It has to be about 90 inside easy.

karoshi: Oh never mind. Freeman was person.

daviss: oh ok lol so that means that you all don't have the air conditioner turned down Seventies mabe they are saving money

Seventies: work calls... ugh... its supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow and if they they don't fix the AC it will be over 100 inside the office by 9 bye y'all.

daviss: bye

karoshi: That was great daviss. Great job!

daviss: yes karoshi and the grands finally found out what happened

karoshi: That is the best part!

daviss: yes for sure

karoshi: I'm getting out of here too. Cleaning to finish. Have a good day everyone!

daviss: ok karoshi see ya next time Selma and vkn, if you don't have anything else, I will get the lights and the door So I will take that as an okay? bye Selma bye vkn

Selma: Sorry folks

daviss: lol

Selma: Starting yapping on phone Talk to you all later

daviss: bye

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