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2013-06-14 • Arizona Heat


Start: 12:04:56
End: 13:02:48
Chatters: alt, daviss, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Happy Friday! about time! lol Howdy daviss

daviss: lol it was hard getting on this morning howdy back Seventies

Seventies: oh really

daviss: I am convinced that this heat has a lot to do with puter acting up

Seventies: I'm watching another movie on Folkstream, "The Language You Cry In" yea you're supposed to only have it in a place no more than about 115.

daviss: oh really! Is it good well I think its the outside weather

Seventies: that's the story of the connection between Sierra Leone Mende and the Gullah. Its great! It's about an hour long

daviss: especially when the wind is blowing hot air

Seventies: I just can't get over the concept of hot dry air... lol

daviss: lol I hear ya

Seventies: I mean its like having a blowdrying just blowing. Lord!

daviss: hahahaha

Seventies: I hate blowdrying... lol

daviss: dry naturally

Seventies: yes... you know I got good hair! :}

alt: what's up ladies?

daviss: heyyyy alt! How are you today?

Seventies: Howdy dear alt.

daviss: uh oh alt, you are dear lol

Seventies: Here is a link to the film I'm watching...,270

alt: oh, oh "dear" :|

daviss: hahahahaaaa

Seventies: I've been kind of curt lately. Sorry. Its this doggone furlough business.

alt: how many days will you be furloughed & when Seventies?

Seventies: They have $1.5 BILLION dollars to build a new building with Contract workers, BUT can't pay me my money. And I may lose my insurance during the furlough 11 days alt. from July - Sep 30

alt: why would you lose your insurance during furlough?

Seventies: And BTW no budget has been passed for FY 2014 so this will happen yet again. Because, they will not take out the money and once the furlough is over you'd have to pay the past due premiums PLUS interest... and there is no backpay coming.

daviss: hmmmmm

Seventies: And no other branches are furloughing their civilians. The entire thing is just truly a slap in the face.

alt: that's strange Seventies, it would seem like you would just lose 8 hrs. pay for those furloughed days.

Seventies: Well its 16 hours per pay period.

alt: is the furlough only being applied to DOD?

Seventies: No several federal agencies are on the chopping block The big one was the TSA and Air Traffic controllers But all kinds of people will eventually be affected by this failure to pass a budget...

alt: yeah, that's a "stringer" 20% loss of salary for the period of the furloughed days .. 11 days would be over 2-3 months, right?

Seventies: yes... But they will be doing it again come FY 2014 in October.

alt: I used to know all of that Budget Year, Fiscal Year, Apportionment Year stuff.

daviss: I know how you feel Seventies having gone through the same thing once upon a time, and also my kid went through it last year Especially when you have children

Seventies: Its crazy they still haven't passed a budget

daviss: They have a new breed up there seventies

alt: it doesn't seem fair to single out "specific" agencies to NOT be affected.

Seventies: And payroll taxes went wwwaayyy up... look I have a bottom line too.. Its getting to the point where I think they are pretty much saying 'Let them eat cake'

alt: guess you have to look at the bright side for comfort Seventies .. you do have a job with relative peace & security. whatever that is worth. ;)

Seventies: yes, I do. But at the same time, I want my congress people to take a 20% pay cut as well until they can do their job.... Anyway...

alt: I can feel your pain Seventies, as a former Civil Servant, I remember us "Feds" always getting "scre*ed" when it was time to pinch.

Seventies: Yep So what's new in the world of history and genealogy?

alt: genealogy is relatively slow so I'm catching up on Gedmatch & the genetic genealogy 'stuff"

Seventies: I was telling daviss the other night that I have my places to visit list completed for my trip to MS/TX. And while we were talking, I added more places! lol and I'm going to put my children to work helping me with the research... and they're going to LOVE IT! lol lol lol

alt: when will we see you in "beautiful Ohio"? LOL

Seventies: I'm not sure... I would love to go up there as you know I have peoples up there. :}

daviss: Uh, will they really love it or will you be the loved one Seventies?

Seventies: One of the ladies I met here moved back to her home in Cleveland, OH...

daviss: hello vkn!!

alt: hello vkn, how you "be's" ???

Seventies: they will love it... I have interviews to do... :} Hello vkn!

vkn: howdy all everybody seventies alt daviss

daviss: :?

Seventies: I just want to really have this last hurrah with my children you know what I mean? They'll be heading off to the real world this time next year :} Oh yeah, I want to visit out West too... :}

alt: enjoy them while you can Seventies

daviss: The Long, Long Trailer ride

Seventies: did you all enjoy that Texas doc about prison songs?? I loved it! The music reminded me in style of what we used to sing in church.

daviss: I listened to it Seventies

vkn: not yet me

Seventies: check the link posted up above vkn another doc I was watching this morning.

vkn: back to genealogy will hear your link later seventies

Seventies: okay

vkn: I posted the R Nathaniel Dett link Alt

alt: okay vkn .. thanks!!!

daviss: I saw that Dett post also vkn

Seventies: Well I'm not tired yet of my new fav facebook group, But I'm going to give someone else the chance to post.. lol lol

vkn: Having luck with my Slater slave holder suspect

alt: one step at a time vkn... seems as if you're making progress

daviss: good vkn

vkn: amazing

alt: and all from the comfort of your home LOL LOL LOL

daviss: &%^%^*) BRB

vkn: Son and grandsons leaving 2morry morn

alt: translation daviss LOL LOL LOL I hope it has been a great visit vkn.

vkn: wonderful visit

alt: what are the ages of the grandsons?

vkn: 8 and 13

alt: oh my, I know you had a wonderful time with them

vkn: lol yuppers cooking breakfast

alt: at that age they'll eat ... forever!!!!! and all of the time!!!! LOL

vkn: lol

daviss: ok back!!!

Seventies: grits, bacon, biscuits and scrambled eggs??? hold the gravy please.. lol

vkn: boiled eggs

Seventies: boiled eggs?? what kind of southern cook are you?? lol lol lol

vkn: oh well

alt: a good one Seventies

daviss: I went to get a cup of coffee and coffee all over the counter

alt: Oops!!!!

vkn: wupps daviss

daviss: I forgot to put the pot in sheesh!!

alt: oh my!!!

vkn: my my my

daviss: now I don't even want any ......

alt: that would get one out of the mood

vkn: i can see why daviss y'all be good

alt: you too vkn ... careful too LOL

daviss: I guess I will leave too so I can pout some more

alt: and Ms Anita has some things for me to do .. so laters y'all

daviss: bye alt bye seventies

Seventies: What the???

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