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2013-06-13 • Juneteenth • Laundering


Start: 12:05:05
End: 13:23:50
Chatters: alt, daviss, deannie, HistoryBuff, Selma, seraph1959, Seventies, vkn

daviss: If you need me, call me LOL

alt: hey daviss, what's up? had your coffee? hello deannie, how ya doing?

daviss: Hello there alt! just brewing coffee now Hi deannie!!

deannie: Good afternoon computer is down at home so I have to chat at work

daviss: Thanks alt for handout

alt: daviss, have you checked your email yet today?

daviss: yes lol

alt: Oops, I see you got the handout LOL is that legal deannie LOL

deannie: Does anyone know the email address of the person that has Stampley (Port Gibson, Ms) in their family

daviss: sorry to hear about computer deannie.. if you are like me its like having withdrawals

Seventies: good afternoon alt, daviss and deannie

alt: not me deannie

daviss: Hi Seventies!

deannie: Yes, only when my boss is not over my shoulder lol Hi Seventies

Seventies: hi daviss! :}

daviss: do you see their post deannie

Seventies: hi deannie! :}

alt: daviss, that's stuff you already knew, but it is nice to see it in a "laid" out" format in one piece.

deannie: Stampley

alt: okay deannie LOL what's up Seventies

Seventies: oh nuttin'... :}

daviss: if you see one of their posts deannie you can click on name and see if they have email

Seventies: Very excited about the Forks of the Road page...

deannie: OK...

Seventies: deannie you should join. I think it may be a good source for you.

daviss: hope the email is still current

alt: deannie might ne interested in that page since she does MS Seventies

deannie: I am trying to get on the Post Gibson Reveille newspaper

alt: Oops, I'm slow reading what folks are saying today

deannie: What page Do tell

daviss: glad he mentioned AfriGeneas alt lol

Seventies: here is the group url on facebook deannie.

alt: you noticed that, huh daviss ... WE beat the AfriGeneas "drum" at AAGGMV LOL LOL

daviss: lol lol I always notice 'home"

alt: me too daviss

Seventies: Right now we're talking about my Laniers from Alabama.. lol

alt: Seventies, is your yahoo mail account still in operation?

Seventies: Yes it is. Are you trying to reach me?\ I haven't checked in a few days though.

alt: I sent you a copy of the handout on Obit research we were talking about yesterday to that email account.

Seventies: on the one listed in Selma's group messages? If so, I should get it.

daviss: hi Selma1

Seventies: Speaking of, hey Selma

deannie: Hi Selma

alt: hello Selma. what's up?

Selma: ALL the little darlins are still here..they went to Water Country yesterday..only folks who looked really wiped out were their Dads..LOL.. They said..we don't know how you and Dad did it

alt: I'll bet that was fun Selma... I used to do that 'stuff' in an earlier life, couldn't take it now LOL LOL

vkn: Howdy all y'all

alt: hello vkn, how "be's" ya?

Seventies: hi vkn

vkn: Deannie seems like a long time how you be? Seventies howdy

daviss: hi vkn!

alt: you 'running' on your new 'puter vkn?

vkn: Alt thanx so much for the very thorough handout on obits/funeral programs

daviss: heyyyy seraph1959

alt: well hello seraph1959 ... Happy Summer Holiday's to you LOL

Selma: got the email alt..but haven't read yet

seraph1959: Hello folks !

alt: re welcome vkn... you see my 'guy' mentioned AfriGeneas in his bibliography.

vkn: Selma I made much Slater progress since last we met without moving an inch lol

seraph1959: Not just summer holiday ...retirement holiday

Seventies: hey seraph1959... congratulations!

vkn: Seraph!!!!!!!!!!

seraph1959: thanks grinning

Seventies: Saw the pics on Facebook, you look relaxed already.. lol

alt: okay Selma... it's stuff you already know, but it nevertheless is a pretty complete 'paper'.

vkn: Daviss the Juneteenth poet I take a bow from the waist to thee !!!!!!!!! while rolling the snares

seraph1959: blood pressure the best it has ever been

alt: Oops 'scuse me Ms. Retirement..... congratulations are in order????

seraph1959: Teehee i's free now

vkn: lol @ Seraph

daviss: Thanks vkn, I was hoping it was good

Seventies: Oh yea... also Happy Juneteenth!

alt: Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty free at last LOL

Selma: Congrats seraph..

Seventies: seraph1959 anything going on downtown this year?

vkn: Good it is Daviss. You know your history and it makes music

seraph1959: Yes the two parades

Seventies: For Juneteenth that is.

Selma: Glad to hear that re: Slater vkn

seraph1959: i think Miller outdoor will have something too

vkn: Seraph I note you are making a BIG celebration this year

alt: ain't the "net powerful vkn... progress without leaving the house LOL

vkn: Puter on Saturday Alt. Talk about powerful

Seventies: ok seraph1959

seraph1959: yes Vkn , scrpbook retreat, scrpbook cruise, some genealogy trips and whatever else makes me happy

deannie: I have to run work to be done...thanks for the inform

daviss: later deannie

alt: a word of retirement advice seraph1959 ... be cautious about your time, folks will keep you busier than you want to be if you let them.

seraph1959: Bye deanne

daviss: that scrapbook cruise sounds wonderful Seraph...

Selma: Folks..gotta run..

Seventies: bye Selma enjoy

Selma: Have a great day

alt: take care Ms Selma

seraph1959: A few folks have said that, no is a part of my vocabulary I have already told family I am on a fixed income now , so no more loans

Selma: Hi Historybuff...Bye Historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

alt: Yeah, watch the do-re-me as well as your time seraph1959 LOL LOL

vkn: Was just listening to Bernice Jones Reagon perform her last number with "Sweet Honey In The Rock" Seventies. It was "Wade In the Water" composed/arranged by R Nathaniel Dett who we discussed briefly yesterday

daviss: hello HistoryBuff!

alt: Hi HistoryBuff, what's up?

Seventies: aaahhhh so did you enjoy the videos on the link I gave you? :}

vkn: Heyyyy HistoryBuff. Did not get to videos as yet. Will see tonite seventies

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff

seraph1959: remember those funeral programs that I inherited , I posted on AfriGeneas well some one contacted me about her great aunt, it was so cool to connect a family with a love one.

vkn: Terrific Seraph. Connects take time

alt: wonderful seraph1959 !!!!!

HistoryBuff: Indeed

seraph1959: so cool how afrigene

daviss: thats so true seraph1959..

vkn: lol lol lol how Seraph

HistoryBuff: Lol

seraph1959: oops AfriGeneas comes up in search engine for post darn predicted text hahaha

daviss: lol

HistoryBuff: LOL

daviss: The lady across the street was gathering up all her obits for me that she bought from NO before the flood. Unfortunately she passed away a couple of weeks ago

alt: daviss, been fooling with this DNA cr*p on 23+me, FTDNA, Gedmatch & the DNA AA ancestored FB page... like the song says "it's got me going in circles" LOL LOL oh my, how sad daviss

daviss: lol alt I was on the Chromosome portion last night

Seventies: oh she passed away. how sad!

seraph1959: I hope her family honors her wishes.

vkn: round and round and round alt goes where he comes out nobody knows

alt: that's for sure vkn

daviss: well, it was a sudden death no one knew she was sick

HistoryBuff: Sorry to hear that

daviss: she went to dr for a checkup and found she had an aggressive form of lung cancer. never smoked a day in her life either two weeks later she was gone

alt: is that right!!!!

daviss: so you never know

vkn: circling is good alt cause you be rechasing your own steps. That is what I was doing last night and in the fine print Selma "Negro woman and 4 children were taken by Legatee from Milledgeville to Charleston" !!!!!

daviss: lol I circle constantly

alt: like 'rinsing' da clothes, huh vkn.... it all comes out in da wash

vkn: lots comes out in the wash but water muddy still

daviss: tell me about it vkn

alt: and that's da truff vkn LOL

seraph1959: Daviss what city are your Price folks in ?

daviss: Pierce Seraph1959

seraph1959: No Price ...

daviss: Fayette and Grimes no

seraph1959: ok found some in East Tx

daviss: oh ok lol you know who I need in East Texas

seraph1959: do not know city but is grandfather 's brothers people

alt: Fayette county.. darn almost every State has a Fayette county LOL

daviss: I know alt lol where did you see them Seraph1959, what county?

vkn: Anyone here remember the diddy about Rinso Blue? Was one of the first non military ads I recall from about 1940. Clothes had to be rinsed in Rinso lol

daviss: I do vkn lol we used it often

Seventies: apparently they are still using Rinso?

seraph1959: I am in conversation with a cousin, he is slow to disclose ,said they left Gonzales and went to east texas

vkn: You be kidding, Seventies?

daviss: sheesh, wonder what the big deal is

Seventies: Nope.. read down to the section just above "in pop culture"

seraph1959: I am trying to respect folks privacy but I could just find on my own

Seventies: they sell it at the 99 cent only stores vkn

seraph1959: Is that like bluing?

daviss: yes seraph1959

vkn: Well I'll be........ Thx seventies lol Yes Seraph Then there was Octogon soap and Duz

Seventies: Funny how bluing makes clothes appear whiter... well white clothes anyway well daviss, you were typing... waiting for your comment.. lol

seraph1959: Love MY moms stories of making lye soap

Seventies: What did your mom use? Did they use lard to make it?

daviss: I changed my thoughts Seventies

vkn: lol yes red devil seraph

seraph1959: Grandma Zula took in laundry, I remember something about ashes would have to watch the video for the details

vkn: Still not understanding why clothes were boiled in the iron pot

daviss: and taken out with a long stick lol

Seventies: My grandmother used to wash the laundry in a bathtub... that was a physically strong woman.. sheesh

seraph1959: Yes she mentioned that almost like a paddle

daviss: they did not have slots for two quarters then Seventies lol

Seventies: lol daviss in the 1980's?? I think they did! lol

seraph1959: Grandma Zula ironed sheets too

Seventies: She was doing that when I was a kid!

daviss: scrub boards were cheap

vkn: and clothes pins to hang the clothes

daviss: yep

Seventies: Oh I used to hang clothes on the line. Hated it.

vkn: rub boards daviss

Seventies: with a passion.

seraph1959: I hung clothes as a kid we had a dryer but my dad liked his stuff line dried

Seventies: Okay imagine having to do it in the fall of the year. At least in East TX it is pretty mild during the fall and winter. Yeah my parents were super cheap.

seraph1959: looking at my manicure glad those days are gone

Seventies: At least that's what I thought at the time.

daviss: I suspect alt only emptied the trash lol lol

alt: oh no, I remember all of that stuff daviss

daviss: remember only lol

Seventies: lol

seraph1959: was alt pampered?

Seventies: Sure, he still gets his lunch served to him... lol

alt: the grand aunt who raised me was the "laundress" for the hospital where I was born.... that was a big time job in the 1930's & 1940's.

Seventies: Now remember, daviss started this. lol lol lol

daviss: I bet he was a newspaper boy lol I did???

alt: only in the summer time daviss LOL

Seventies: yes ma'am

seraph1959: thinking of alt in short pants and a cap Extra extra read all about it ...

alt: those photos have been destroyed and/or are off limits seraph1959 LOL LOL

daviss: hehehehee

Seventies: ok off to watch the jury selection for the George Zimmerman case. I hope they opt to fry him. If not I hope he gets a federal case for violating Trayvon Martin's civil rights. Have a good afternoon all. :}

alt: and they were "knickers" not short pants LOL LOL

daviss: boy seventies, you running already?

vkn: niters

seraph1959: lol

Seventies: well if you want me to stay... channelling Al Green.. lo

alt: who's Al Green????

Seventies: lol lol lol

daviss: lol lol

seraph1959: lol

Seventies: clearly no one knows who that is.. lol

alt: Love & Happiness ...

daviss: my mother did..she said if she married Al Green she would get well lol lol

alt: I'm outta here ... y'all take care

daviss: bye alt take care

seraph1959: bye alt

Seventies: lol lol all the ladies loved Al.. lol okay gotta run. Behave daviss... lol

daviss: ok so seraph1959 I hope to see you here often now

seraph1959: I hope so tooo

daviss: hollar at me when you head to the Clayton

seraph1959: I will on my to do list have not been in ages

daviss: Are you still in a Gen group in H-Town?

seraph1959: Going to plan road trip to Dewitt and Gonzales counties

daviss: great!!

seraph1959: no plan to rejoin Time really flies

daviss: Yes it does

seraph1959: pit would still be Monday if I was working

daviss: glad you have your two hobbies, genealogy and scrapbooking

seraph1959: need to get a new computer this iPad not too genie friendly

daviss: I better head out now.. Mother Hubbards cupboard is looking mighty slim

seraph1959: Ok see ya

daviss: I just thought of something. I have a Price Sims that may be where you got Price from

seraph1959: Price is first name

daviss: yes

seraph1959: oh ok

daviss: take care cuz

seraph1959: bye cuz

daviss: bye

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