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2013-06-12 • "Forced Breeding"


Start: 11:55:44
End: 13:20:15
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: I'm on time today.. even early!,82 hello alt

alt: hi early bird LOL

Seventies: Yeah, I didn't want to be teased today! lol

alt: I wouldn't dare tease you.

Seventies: lol thanks Things are going well on the Forks of the Road group. Finally! Someone who knows that there were black people in Adams County!

daviss: hi alt and seventies

Seventies: hi daviss

alt: Hi daviss, what's up on "Zona?

daviss: nothing but the heat alt

Seventies: the temp

alt: yeah Seventies, I see you're helping Boxley get the site off to a good start.

daviss: heat alert all day today

alt: stay inside and be safe daviss

daviss: no worries alt...

Seventies: Ok while you're sitting inside in the cool AC, you should check out Lots of good folk type mini docs from all cultures in the U.S.

daviss: I will stay in for sure

Seventies: So has anyone read my short blog entry "Uncle Thurman was a Gandy Dancer" ??

daviss: nope

Seventies: lol

alt: not yet Seventies

daviss: Whats a Gandy Dancer?

Seventies: A Gandy Dancer was a man who worked on repairing the RR tracks during the 20th century. hello vkn

vkn: Good afternoon to all good people!!!!!

daviss: hi vkn!

Seventies: daviss, they specifically speak to the African-American men who were fortunate enough to get a job with the RR...

alt: Hello vkn, how ya doing today?

Seventies: vkn, did you have any family members who were Gandy Dancers for the railroad in GA or AL?

daviss: oh really seventies, so they were only AA specific? What were the Chinese workers called/

vkn: doing good alt No Seventies at least not to my knowledge

Seventies: I don't know... lol

daviss: ah ha!

Seventies: But those railroad chants sounded just like the church least in the Baptist/holiness tradition.

daviss: wonder why the term Gandy? I guess its like calling PP George huh

Seventies: Gandy was a company that made railroad tools

daviss: Oh ok thanks

Seventies: Hi Selma

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and vkn

vkn: Selma

daviss: Hello there Selma!

alt: I would imagine AA "work songs" all had a gospel 'tinge' to them Seventies railroad, cotton fields, coal mining, etc.

daviss: oh yeah alt

alt: Hello Ms Selma... nice direction you've pointed "Cherokee" with you wealth of resources .. Good Job!!!!

vkn: The compositions/arrangements by R. Nathaniel Dett reflect & display what you say of the "worksongs" alt

Selma: Actually..I believe she might have the book..

alt: not familiar with Mr. Dett vkn

Seventies: gospel tinge... lol they are all soul

vkn: We will have to get you familiar alt, lol

alt: okay Seventies .... okay vkn, gonna check him out after chat.

vkn: lol

Seventies: I remember hearing the same type of singing in church songs when I was growing up. The call and response etc. And I'm just 21... lol

Selma: Yeah right..we know better.. LOL

Seventies: lol

alt: 21 ... dividing by what Seventies?

Seventies: lol lol you all are so funny!

daviss: In some small baptist churches here they still do that type of singing led by the deacons

vkn: to the ???? power lol

alt: there you go vkn.... sitting here watching some guys across the street doing some roofing work... man, I know it's "hot" up there on that roof.

Seventies: Yep its called long verses or something like that daviss... I posted a link on the Family Griot FB...

Selma: Its gonna be 90 something here today...for daviss..that is probably balmy

vkn: Humid in Hotlanta this day

Seventies: We're in the upper 60's today.. Maybe 70

daviss: 112 or higher

alt: oh my daviss !!!!!

Selma: Like I said..90 is balmy for daviss

vkn: Been Slater surfing for a good portion of the 3AM

daviss: heat alert

Seventies: lol yeah she laughed at me when it was 77 low last week

Selma: Anymore luck vkn on the Slater search?

Seventies: Here is another one from FolkStreams. "I Ain't Lying: Folktales from Mississippi"

vkn: Fun to manipulate results via HeritageQuest

Selma: Comment..there is a person posting on a number of the forums about finding "death notices"..does anyone know what she means?

Seventies: I don't know what in the world they post about sometimes.. lol

Selma: I guess not a Comment but question

vkn: No real luck at search selma but broadened views of what is out there as friend Joseph would say lol

Selma: Hey where is Joseph?

Seventies: Maybe they are talking about newspaper death notices or legal death notices

vkn: Send me a link Selma I am not familiar with the posts

Selma: For the time frame she seems to be talking about..don't think they were putting death notices in newspaper for black folks..unless they killed a bunch of folks

Seventies: okay

vkn: did send Daviss one about 'incest" etc Selma lets post the Q to Tim Pinnick about when notices were initiated in papers

Selma: The poster is obviously finding something..

daviss: Their terminology vkn, mabe they don't realize that there was a profit in that Grrrrrr that was to the incest statement vkn

Selma: Actually Tim..just responded to her post which she originally posted on deaths of 3 children

alt: just had a presentation at our AAGGMV meeting on death notices/obits would y'all like a copy of the handout?

vkn: Gotcha Daviss which raises another question Send handout Alt

daviss: yes alt

Selma: My suggestion that she get hold of the Death Register for that county might yield more would also give her an opportunity to see who else was dying and when

alt: If y'all wnat a copy send me your email addtress to

vkn: Q:would we called "forced breeding" incest during the period of enslavement as we do in post civil war

alt: hmmmn , good question vkn

Seventies: Well forced breeding is a very generic term

vkn: Oops

alt: I would think that the "breeders" would be very careful about who they had "mated with" to ensure a healthy child. ... so no actual incest in the strictest sense of the word

daviss: breeding pens

vkn: Well will report back later in week on what the literature indicates

alt: okay vkn

vkn: The research work of Wilma King indicates behaviors

daviss: money was their behavior

vkn: Just thinking how the vocabulary of today did not even exist in my growing up

alt: I've often thought about my enslaved ancestors who had many children if their children were fathered by just one man, or if they had multiple partners "forced" upon them.

daviss: that vkn or the meaning of same alt women were probably "expected" to have at least 5 children

alt: a great-great grandmother in particular who had 8 children, supposedly by the same man, but they were "owned' by different pwners and lived on separate farms/plantations.

Seventies: sad alt.

alt: I think that was a "common" thing Seventies, of course I could be wrong.

Seventies: Well the children could've been leased out.

vkn: Well in the TN/GA mountains there was an institution for lack of an actual term called "constabulary' where breeding was organized and supervised

alt: example.... the first lady's enslaved family ... the great-grandmother had children by the "master" and also with another enslaved person. it would be interesting if DNA could be done and it was determined that 'so called brothers' had different paternal haplogroups.

vkn: I will try and find the reference and post

Seventies: Oh you are referring to how the 'massa' could have sexual relations with any African woman he wanted to, regardless of if she was 'married' or partnered with someone else.

alt: if 25-30% of AA males have Euro haplogoups that would indicate that it is not too far=fetched for there to be multiple fathers among what we believe to be monogamous slave relationships.

Seventies: Here is a story from a women in MS telling the story of her grandmother.

daviss: brb

alt: when we go deep behind the 'scene' there are things we really don't want to know, or even possibly accept as fact.

Seventies: "If the master went in the little shack and decided to meet with their mama, there was nothing that nobody could do. That's why Aunt Sally was bright and she was dark....that's how it was when she was coming up 'cause she was slave" A quote from the interview I just posted.

alt: I can believe/accept her statement Seventies all of mamma's children aren't necessarily daddy's children.

Seventies: So I think considering the conditions, it wasn't so much a lack of monogamy, but the complete control through rape. Demeaning the man and woman who were enslaved.

alt: yes, we know what it was Seventies

Selma: Yes

vkn: Even to today alt

daviss: yep

alt: and sadly today we're doing it to ourselves in too many cases.

Seventies: It certainly affects the way I think of having an interracial relationship. I don't do it.

daviss: that wasn't love Seventies for sure

alt: rape & the breeding process certainly weren't daviss

daviss: it was the love of money

Seventies: Well I've said my piece. And we've been doing that for many generations. So let's not just look at TODAY... some folks in their senior years don't know who their fathers are. I had a close relative who had a daughter whom he completely ignored. Fortunately WE had a good relationship with this persona and their family. We = the rest of our family. I gotta get going.

daviss: exactly seventies and it won't change that fact. Seniors, juniors etc.

alt: true Seventies, I'm not meaning to make it a "cookie cutter" statement, but today is definitely different from even my youth.

daviss: look whats happening now in the military

Seventies: ah huh... remember, alt, I grew up around a lot of black folks from 100 to 1... lol I've seen alot. lol

daviss: and they still dont get it

Seventies: Nothing new under the sun... I've figured that much out.. lol

alt: you're saying I didn't grow up around black folks Seventies ???????

daviss: :o

Seventies: No I'm saying that there is nothing new under the sun.

vkn: With that I agree Seventies

Selma: Except for Twitter.. LOL

Seventies: And now I gotta go... Have a good day all!

alt: oh yes there is ... thank you Selma LOL

daviss: run seventies

vkn: With that I agree Seventies they just name it different

Seventies: lol daviss...

daviss: my mom used to say its all a wheel within a wheel. it rolls the same way

alt: that'll work for me daviss

daviss: me too alt lol lol

alt: good luck vkn.. upgrading anyhting has gotten to be a headache for me. oh my vkn... how do you transfer all of your "stuff' to a new 'puter?

vkn: with a special cable happens in minutes alt

daviss: leave that texas stuff on your old puter and I will pick it up next month LOL

Selma: Ummmm Our own techie Fearless Leader

vkn: lol

daviss: lol lol notice I said Texas

vkn: lol

Selma: Folks..gotta run..need a nap Bye

daviss: later

vkn: bye

daviss: ok alt they left us to do the heavy lifting again

alt: lights, I got'em daviss

daviss: heyyyy

alt: you can have the chairs LOL LOL

daviss: lol ok I am a strong woman

alt: W-o--------m-a-n

daviss: have a good day partner

alt: laters

daviss: lol bye

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