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2013-06-11 • DEMEANUS • SLATTER


Start: 21:07:44
End: 21:48:34
Chatters: ihhmag, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy and Welcome

ihhmag: Hello. How r ?

vkn: and how are you this evening ihhmag I am doing well

ihhmag: great!

vkn: How goes the research? Remind me of your search name

ihhmag: Right now got a few things on my plate. I am all over the place. Demeanus or Demenus, Cooper and Hall.

vkn: okies You may want to consider a narrow focus Oh yes now I remember DEMEARIUS

ihhmag: Yeah. Demeanus has been the latest I have come across some things.

vkn: Good for you. What did you find?

ihhmag: No....Demeanus.

vkn: oops [ not wearing glasses] DEMEANUS

ihhmag: Well, I came across a John Demeanus born in Madagascar who had a wife named Jane [Wilson]. My Jane Demeanus could be the Jane Wilson but I haven't connected totally yet.

vkn: What span of years are you searching and in what location?

ihhmag: From 1700-1892.

vkn: Okies and where are the locations

ihhmag: New York seems to be the region but I found a Henry Demeanus in Pennsylvania 1794. In the military.

vkn: So you have found them in 1940-1892?

ihhmag: Yes.

vkn: Great

ihhmag: I have not found any records on John Demeanus. Not in the census.

vkn: and how do you relate to John?

Selma: Good evening ihhmag and vkn

vkn: Howdy Selma

ihhmag: Thats what I not sure of. I know Peter Demeanus was colored and lived in New York b. 1815 d.1860 and was married to Emmeretta Demeanus. She was a colored nurse. Just got her death certificate on Monday. Hi Selma

vkn: Sounds like an interesting search ihhmag

ihhmag: :}

vkn: ihhmag have you itemized a set of questions to be answered?

ihhmag: Pretty much.

Selma: Where were Peter and Emmeretta Demeanus born?

ihhmag: New York. Selma what r u working on?

Selma: Mostly Virginia and West Indies..and anything that interests me

vkn: Well Selma I posted my first census finding of my mysterious Jas F Slatter

Selma: I just saw that.. ihhmag..are you a looking for a connection to a Demeanus? wills or deeds, tax or any other types of records for this Jas F. Slatter

ihhmag: I know Jane Demeanus is related. I am looking to make Henry, John, Peter and Emmeretta a strong connection.

Selma: Jane Demeanus and John who was born in Madagascar were living in NY? What time frame?

vkn: I will be posting found info from 1837 and 1839. He died 1839 intestate.

ihhmag: Have an abt 1790 for Jane. Don't have 1 for John.

vkn: Letter of Admin included my SLATER family as 5 slaves Selma

Selma: wow vkn.. Who inherited vkn?

vkn: Heir is un named Selma

Selma: you found Jane on the census..but not John?

ihhmag: right.

vkn: My ancestor Allegro/Allegra shows first purchasing a property for about $700 cash in 1867 Baldwin County GA Inventory for Jas F totals $32,000

Selma: Someone I know who lives in Richmond Virginia is a descendant of slaves brought in from Madagascar

ihhmag: wow. that is interesting.

Selma: Besides slaves this wealth included, home, land and other personal effects vkn

vkn: Yes evidently he was a Tobacconist based on inventory items listed

ihhmag: where do you all gather your information?

Selma: Libraries, courthouses, microfilm, books etc...

vkn: Numerous record sets ihhmag House is listed Selma but no land/location /purchase description

Selma: What do you use ihhmag? Anybody written a history of the place where he resided vkn?

ihhmag: mostly free and subscription websites. next will be going to LDS center to see if can come across more info.

Selma: I mean the town, know that includes info on prominent citizens

vkn: Nothing found as yet Selma to include him but much written about Baldwin County GA. Was once Capitol of GA

Selma: There is an index to what they have available on microfilm on line ihhmag

ihhmag: right.

Selma: At my local FHC..I now have to order what I want on line..and then it is sent to the center

vkn: aaaahhhhh

Selma: Folks..long day for me..

vkn: okies selma

ihhmag: bye Selma.

Selma: Nice to meet you ihhmag... Good night folks

ihhmag: u 2

vkn: niters

ihhmag: yeah.

vkn: and niters to you too ihhmag

ihhmag: bye.

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