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2013-06-11 • Discovering unknown siblings


Start: 12:15:32
End: 13:30:19
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies

Selma: Afternoon here by your lonesome

daviss: Hi Selma! lol yep I'se here How's it going?

Selma: Kiddies on the way to Busch Gardens

daviss: oh ok, I took my young'uns years ago to the one they had in Cali

Selma: I went 3 years ago when they were all here..but can't do it this year

daviss: No idea if its still there or not. Shoot it had to be around 1970 or so I may have to check and see if its still around. Mabe make a trek there instead of Disneyland every year lol

Selma: When I was a kid Coney Island was the big deal in the NYC area

daviss: Besides Disneyland went up to about 80 dollars now we used to head to Long Beach also. Ride that roller coaster was fun then lol did your mom go with them \

Selma: Good heavens no...

daviss: Anything new in Va as far as research with your group?

Selma: We are not doing any projects if thats what you mean We had a meeting Saturday..speaker talked about the book they have done on AA in New Kent County

daviss: The book, does it cover names of students or just the education aspect

Selma: Teachers, students etc...the schools were segregated until 1960 something so this is the black schools I will send you a link to the flyer for the book and an article that was in the paper about the authors

daviss: ok thanks I spent yesterday going through a will and trying to find the names of slaves listed in the 1870 census but so far no luck. I was using the Slave Owners last name so that may be my downfall I tried a few oddball names without putting in a last name but no luck that way either BRB Selma, gonna grab a glass of water

Selma: Ok

daviss: ok back So Selma, what is the youngest age of those in your group?

Selma: Miss Victoria/Angela 2 years 3months

daviss: lol lol

Selma: Oh you mean my genealogy group?

daviss: hahahahaha yes

Selma: Probably Dru..and she is turning that should tell you..We do have someone in her 40's

daviss: Its just hard to get anyone earlier than 50 here to stay Wish they would not only for their expertise in new ideas but it would sure compliment us

Selma: I think it is an issue in most groups daviss...across the country.

daviss: I guess, but then I guess it takes time for that. I know I started late with my research and later in joining a group

Selma: It is a time consuming endeavor and younger folks..have other things going on in their life My younger was a senior in HS when I started... I wasn't working at the time..and I was obsessed for about 5 months, spent at least 3 days in the library from about 10 to 3..

daviss: lol I think that was me too I would drive to Mesa where the LDS Research center was on my days off

Selma: Daviss..I gotta run

daviss: ok take care Selma Have a good day

Selma: Will see you this Tuesday? If I can stay awake.. LOL

daviss: hopefully lol

Selma: Bye

Seventies: daviss... what happened?? lol

daviss: SMH

Seventies: well I went for a walk... lol

daviss: lol well you are excused then

Seventies: ok thank you... lol

daviss: walking is good for you and I imagine the view is awesome

Seventies: yes, its pretty nice weather out today despite the rain earlier.

daviss: I am afraid to ask for rain lol

Seventies: I can imagine that you are! lol Is the family ok. I heard more tornadoes have hit the mid west.

daviss: The wind is blowing the trees pretty hard but its hot air

Seventies: I can't even imagine. No humidity.. goodness!

daviss: I had not heard that yet today Seventies I was late turning on the news

Seventies: Well the midsouth, Kentucky or Tennessee

daviss: OIC

Seventies: So I am tracking my Laniers... found one who married a Love and moved to Morgan Co. AL in north AL.... I think that she married one of the ex-slaves of the Love family Julia Lanier-Love

daviss: Where were they married

Seventies: In Autauga Co, AL

daviss: ok Hi alt!

Seventies: They had two children Hadley Love 1902 and Charlie Love 1914

daviss: Lots of Love

alt: Ha, thought y'all would get away from me, huh?

Seventies: They married in 1899

daviss: Lots of Love's in Texas

Seventies: lol daviss did!

daviss: lol alt

Seventies: alt question, what direction do you think the Forks of the Road group is going to go in? I'm sort of unsure.

daviss: Nat Love aka Deadwood Dick was from Tn

Seventies: okay

alt: I wish them well Seventies

Seventies: I do too, but I'm not sure of what kind of info they are looking for I want whatever I post/submit to be relevant.

daviss: I am sure it will be Seventies

Seventies: ok thanks alt

alt: I'm sure anyhting you post about the area they are interested in is going to be beneficial to them Seventies

Seventies: Ok so I am in the process of tracking down the children of Burwell and Charity Lanier...

alt: how many and from when to when Seventies?

Seventies: I discovered that many of the children Burwell had were named after the children of the white Laniers.. I was astonished.

alt: okay, so if after 1870, it should only take you a couple of hours to get the vitals on them Seventies

Seventies: the same people I spoke of yesterday, Clem, Isaac, William and Burwell Yep... I spent a couple of hours working on it last night. Marriage, census and deaths... lol

alt: oh, you should have then up to the great-grandchildren in a day or so

Seventies: Oh I know some of the descendants already from previous research.

alt: put her to work, huh Daviss?

daviss: yep lol

Seventies: I don't know about alladat! lol

alt: I heard of a good one yestrday..... The daughter of a friend of mine who is deceased sent me an email... seems she has s sister, 34 years her senior, that she never knew anything about.

Seventies: whoa Any other info on this new sister?

alt: this sister (?) read about the fathers death in his obit.. He died about 6 years ago.

Seventies: wow...

alt: yeah, that's what we're saying WOW!!

Seventies: Any plans for them to meet up? Does she want to even know this sibling. Seems like the older sister probably knew about her.

alt: dunno just got the email last night... went online and found the father and the suspected mother in the 1940 census as 17 y/o's. stay tuned

Seventies: Best of luck to her in this new discovery.

daviss: I will alt, I hope they can connect

alt: yeah, that's what I say Seventies

daviss: Its a toughie

Seventies: yes it sure is.

alt: me too daviss, yeah and true, it is a toughie

Seventies: I think I may be hearing from some more of my lost family members soon.. someone from LA came to my website looking at my uncles' obit and photo. He had an estranged daughter who lived out there.

daviss: You never know reasons be they good or bad, its still numbing

alt: I can relate... I found out about an older brother at my father's funeral when I was 11 y/o.

Seventies: That's just an emotional thing AND to find out in that manner.

alt: he was 25 years older than me.

daviss: Yes alt, it has happened in one of my family lines as well.

Seventies: How did you deal with it alt? Did you all ever have a sibling relationship? Or are you closer with your nieces and nephews?

alt: now his son, who lives in California keeps in touch me. and also his daughter in California

daviss: good for the both of you alt

alt: funny being called Uncle Art and i never knew either one of them until about 10 years ago. only met the son in person and have only talked to the daughter on the phone... and guess what, she is even older than me

daviss: WhoooHoooo

alt: this world is a strange place and some strange things have happened in it

daviss: yep

Seventies: lol that is funny!

alt: it is now Seventies :)

Seventies: But it happens all the time I have an aunt only 5 yrs my senior...

daviss: I better run Uncle Alt

alt: okay baby girl

daviss: see you two later lol

alt: later's

daviss: bye Seventies

Seventies: bye daviss see you soon!

alt: good luck on your research Seventies

Seventies: I need to eat... alt thanks! Have a good day!

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