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2013-06-10 • Burwell Lanier


Start: 12:08:16
End: 13:12:34
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: Hey Seventies, what's up?

Seventies: hi alt how are you? hello daviss

daviss: Hi alt and Seventies! How was your week-end?

Seventies: good and yours? Let's talk about probate records.

daviss: it was good, saw old friends even though one event was a repast

alt: Hi Daviss, I'm doing fine ladies & I hope the same is true for y'all

Seventies: Here is one that I was looking over this weekend. This guys name keeps coming up... Clem(ent) G. Lanier of Autauga Co. AL

daviss: good alt


daviss: Ok so what is it that you want to know...Did you read the entire file?

alt: which image do you want us to look at?

Seventies: So to give you all a short-ish story. I from time to time look for Laniers in Autauga Co. AL where my grandfather was from. When I do look, the name C.G., Clem Lanier comes up. I've also seen his presumed brothers, Issac, William and Burwell (same name as my gg grandfather who was black). You can just glance. but is this the normal size for a probate record? Nearly 50 pages long? the only thing about this man is that he died after the CW in 1876...

alt: not sure about "normal size", but 50 pages isn't unusual

Seventies: There were lots of tax issues and someone else stepped in to be the executor of his estate. Some Mary Lanier.

alt: stepped in, or was named ???

Seventies: Petitioned and then approved by the court.

alt: okay

Seventies: She, Mary Lanier, petitioned the court. Then spent all of the estate money... at least that's what it looks like.

alt: She petitioned the court or was she petitioned BY the court?

Seventies: She petitioned the court.

alt: and her relationship to the deceased?

daviss: she petitioned then they granted

Seventies: yep. I think sis in law.

daviss: It should say for sure who she was you say she spent all the money, was it for taxes and monies owed for people

Seventies: I'll have to look again. I was checking out the other names from the county that I'd seen in the past.

daviss: owed to people rather OIC

Seventies: These people continue to pop up when I am looking for my Laniers... could it be a sign? :}

daviss: so there may or may not be a connect to your Lanier's could be Seventies

alt: looking at some of the later #'d pages looks like some were of property inventory & to pay debts of the deceased

Seventies: Yeah I was hoping that this man would've died before 1860 perhaps to get some sort of inventory. I believe that these Laniers are also connected to the Huntsville, Madison Co., AL Laniers... if so that would be great!

alt: his personal estate and property would still have to be "inventoried" regardless of death date.

Seventies: hi vkn

alt: just would not be any "slave property", if there ever was any.

Seventies: right, that's what I was looking for alt.

daviss: hello vkn!!

vkn: Y'all be lookin' good

Seventies: thank ya!

alt: you too !!!!!! LOL

vkn: lol thankee

alt: Seventies, have you looked at this person in the 1870 & early census records for possible slave ownership?

Seventies: Well I will go over that will with a fine tooth comb. I'll also see if I can find probates on the brothers, William, Isaac and Burwell. Yes, he does have slaves in 1860...

vkn: Burwell is a good southern name

daviss: good idea seventies

Seventies: it is?? lol

vkn: yessum

Seventies: Well all I want to know is if those Laniers are connected to my Black Laniers..

alt: then you have an idea of the # of slaves he may of had prior to the end of the CW 1860 & 1870 slaves schedule & then the regular census records for those years giving personal property values along with real estate values.

Seventies: For my Burwell Lanier to be named after the 'father' of these men... interesting. alt, I'll do that. thanks.

alt: how old was your Burwell Lanier in 1870.. 1880 etc.?

Seventies: in 1870 about 30

vkn: Y'all be good I be running ~~~~~~

alt: then he could be a male slave about 20 y/o in 1860

Seventies: yes. I don't even know if they had FPOC in Autauga, Co. AL

alt: and maybe even 10 y/o in the 1850 slave schedule

Seventies: I'll take a look. Y'all know I don't do much research in Alabama.

alt: I think there were FPOC Wicker's in Autauga Co ca the 1850's

Seventies: So I feel kind of 'wobbly' when looking at those records.

alt: don't be ... records are records...

Seventies: Ok this is the Lanier household in 1900.. any names familiar? lol Head Berwell Lanier M 61 Alabama Wife Charity Lanier F 58 Alabama Son Thomas L Lanier M 28 Alabama Daughter Bettie Lanier F 20 Alabama Daughter Laura Lanier F 18 Alabama Daughter Liana Lanier F 15 Alabama Daughter Luela Lanier F 13 Alabama Son William H Lanier M 10 Alabama She and I are exactly 90 years apart in birthdays... lol Hi HistoryBuff.

alt: not to me.. except William Lanier as in the linebacker for the KC Chiefs football team Willie Lanier LOL

daviss: hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

alt: oh, and of course Laura

daviss: Hi Selma

Seventies: LOL alt. Aren't you FB friends with L.T. Lanier.. lol Hi Selma

alt: Hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, history and seventies

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma.

Seventies: oh alt, how can I get into the Forks of the Road FB group. I definitely have some docs to share.

alt: they had a 'thing' for the letter "L" for the femalle Lanier's, huh?

Seventies: That's right up my alley. So glad that page has been started. Yes.. my mother's very same logic for naming me Laura.. lol Maybe it was in the divine plan.. What's new with you HistoryBuff? Selma? Any CW USCT events going on in your locales? what about you alt?

Selma: I spent 2 1/2 hours at Chuckie Cheese this brain is still fried

daviss: seventies Forks on FB is open group

alt: big time Seventies Ohio CW150 events all over the place LOL LOL

Seventies: I know, but you still have to be approved to get in... Sorry Selma about Chuckie Cheese lol

daviss: Boxley is your friend so I am sure yoy will

Selma: Kids..loved it

Seventies: I hope so. :}

alt: shoot a message to Bennie or Boxley Seventies

HistoryBuff: Just plugging. along 70s.

Seventies: ok I will, just wanted to give them a chance to update me. I am really looking for other folks to connect with who have family in that area. I saw a lady from Natchez who is friends with some of my extended family members... Thought that was interesting. She's also on Forks of the Road group.

HistoryBuff: Nice

Seventies: Natchez is a small city. Most of the people there are descendants of the formerly enslaved population.

Selma: Was there a FB office there?

Seventies: yes Before the FB, they were hq'd there.... covered LA, Southern MS and even all the way up to Arkansas.

Selma: So it was probably an area with "contraband" from other areas flocked to

Seventies: Yes...

alt: Selma, I'm with you today.. had a visit by a granddaughter and her 4 kids yesterday afternoon.... ages 11 y/o down to 3 mos.... Happy to see'em

Seventies: From Wilkinson Co. I see a lot who came from that area that joined the 58th USCT... Linda Rudd has seen many from her ancestral area of research. lol alt!

Selma: Have one more coming in tonight

Seventies: Yea 4 little balls of energy is a lot.. lol

alt: that probate record should keep you busy for a moment or two Seventies

Seventies: yeah. It will At least it confirmed the relationship of the other white Laniers I'd seen in Autauga Co. AL a relationship

alt: that's a start... where did they come from prior to Alabama?

Seventies: I don't know, probably the Carolinas

alt: okay

daviss: The will may state

Seventies: Lots of Carolina people, at least in what I've seen, went to that area of Alabama

alt: and isn't Mobile in that county, or at least near that county?

Seventies: No.. Autauga Co. AL is central AL, near the Black Belt region Mobile is on the Gulf Coast

alt: okay why do I have Autauga connected to Mobile in my mind?????

Seventies: Not sure. They had some FPOCs in Mobile. Maybe that's why. A community of FPOCs

Selma: Good folks..gotta run..

daviss: ok sel

Seventies: ok have a good day Selma

Selma: Have a great day

alt: seems like there is a French Huguenot (sp) connections between those 2 counties

Seventies: Perhaps.

alt: I know the Wickers connect to both counties

Seventies: okay... I figured that they would be in Mobile.

daviss: The Chastain's also

Seventies: Ok. Someone asked me about the Ladniers also who are from the Mobile area.

alt: right daviss and the are definetly French Huguenot

Seventies: And they would've come from Virginia, at least some of them, right?

daviss: yes

Seventies: dang digety dang, its already 1:00 pm lol

daviss: 10 for me seventies

alt: right Seventies, there were Chatains that came to America with the LaFroce family in the late 1600's that settled first in the Goochland/Henrico county areas of Virginia

Seventies: I thought so alt. Ok I just got my answer on the Laniers.. lol

alt: I have copies of some LaForce documents where the Chastains were signatories (sp).

Seventies: Here are the white Laniers in 1870. Looks like William and Isaac are brothers. Clem may be another relation to them Burwell C Lanier M 49y Tennessee Laura P E Lanier F 35y Alabama Burwell C Lanier M 16y Alabama John F Lanier M 13y Alabama Isaac A Lanier M 10y Alabama Virginia H Lanier F 6y Alabama Fulton C Lanier M 3y Alabama Mary L Lanier F 5m Alabama George M Harris M 50y Alabama Mary A Harris F 46y Alabama Arthur L Harris M 13y Alabama Julia Kibbill F 14y Alabama Ok I will have to explore this much deeper. I don't even know why I'm looking at these people.. lol

alt: cause you're a "researcher" LOL

Seventies: I guess.. lol researcher = nosy... lol

alt: okay, but I say ... curious

Seventies: Well yes I am curious.

alt: kind of weird too LOl LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: ha ha haha :} maybe I'm supposed to find them to find my Lanier ancestors...

alt: you bet Seventies

daviss: btw Seventies, I enjoyed your Reunion blog

Seventies: Thanks daviss. I appreciate that

alt: I'm outta here y'all take care

daviss: bye alt, take care

Seventies: ok have a good one alt Thanks for reading it daviss.

daviss: always a pleasure Seventies

Seventies: So I got two invites... one to do transcription and the other to talk about the CW 150 regarding the USCTs

daviss: both would be good for you

Seventies: Thanks...

daviss: where would the talk take place?

Seventies: By phone a pre-recorded conversation with the people who did the Memphis tours. I've known them since 2007.

daviss: oic

Seventies: So gotta get some stuff together... :} Ok dearie daviss, I have to run. Its monday and lots ofwork to do.

daviss: ok later take care

Seventies: you too

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