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2013-06-07 • NJ Black Birth Records


Start: 12:07:20
End: 13:06:28
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: hey daviss, what's up?

daviss: hello alt!

Seventies: Hello alt and daviss!

daviss: its hot as heck here so far...gonna be around 110 today I need a pool lol

alt: foolin' with gedmatch & I have 2 matches that you share with .. Erma L. & Margaret Berry-McWilliams

daviss: hello Seventies!

alt: Hello seventies

daviss: you match Erma!!

Seventies: It's about half that here daviss and raining due to Tropical storm Andrea

alt: daviss, can you 'splain this to me? LOL LOL yes daviss, I lowered the threshold to 5cM & I see your name on my listing...but we don't match on anything :(

daviss: I have to look at Margaret B Williams alt but Erma L's dad and mine are brothers

Seventies: I was just reading online about the new AA birth records found in NJ I recall that someone posted a query from a NJ county for help with AA records in the county on Afrigeneas. Someone from the county records dept

alt: WOW Daviss!!!! Erma L & I match at 5.1 cM on Chr 14.

daviss: interesting alt, but no sign of me anywhere?

vkn: Y'all be speaking Greek

Seventies: right vkn... lol

alt: not as a match daviss, but your name is on the listing at the 5cM level

daviss: hmmmm ok alt

alt: Daviss is gonna have to 'splain it to me too LOL

daviss: lol lol lol recombination I suspect alt lol

alt: Lisa L (bearnut) and her folks are matching me at like the 20-30 cM level

daviss: somebody somewhere on a distant shore

alt: yep, my peeps might be involved with your NC connections years ..... (generations ago

daviss: yep

alt: so what's up with vkn & Seventies

Seventies: I got nothin' lol

vkn: robert e lee

Seventies: Oh it was my blogiversary a few days ago... lol I am terrible with anniversaries and birthdays... lol

alt: thought that sounded like a song vkn " I got plenty of nothing" LOL

Seventies: Stilll fooling around with this blog entry... ugh.. frustrating. I'm just ready to get myself on the road...

alt: just write it like you feel it Seventies, that's what I'm told bloggers do

Seventies: I haven't felt like it since Sept 2012! I have some blog entries in draft as well...

daviss: and also it will flow just fine

Seventies: Oh also, I have someone who is looking for transcription help

vkn: howdy selma

Seventies: They are doing a film on the Wilmington Race Riots...

alt: Hi Selma

daviss: Hi Selma!

alt: "they" ?????

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and vkn

Seventies: Called Wilimington on Fire. He's going to e-mail me a 2 page doc. I will need a second pair of eyes on that. Any takers? Hi Selma You will be listed in the credits... :}

daviss: thanks but no thanks Seventies

alt: thanks, but no thanks LOL

Seventies: ok

alt: oh my, great minds LOL

daviss: lol

Seventies: Ooh y'all lucky vkn took the rolleyes away.. lol lol lol

alt: we must be cuzzins daviss LOL

daviss: hehehehee

vkn: not that i know of

Seventies: Long time ago, vkn you had a smiley that rolled its eyes... lol loved that thing!

vkn: ahhh

alt: Selma ... Jo Willie is in the French Open semis YEAH!!!!!!!!

Selma: I know alt....we (or I should say Mom) just watched 4 hours of Jo

alt: go mom lol lol

daviss: Good luck with that Seventies

Seventies: Okay Happy Birthday to Prince Nelson Rogers, Jr.

Selma: Who is Prince Nelson Rogers?

Seventies: that's what I say when I'm being sarcastic daviss... lol Prince

vkn: Selma my Sclatter died in 1839

alt: and he asked .... who is "Prince"?

Selma: I at least know that alt.. LOL The white slave owner sclatter?

alt: I do too Selma,, but I gotta "jab" at Seventies when I can LOL LOL

Seventies: LOL

vkn: yes Selma

Selma: and he died where vkn? I haven't printed out or re read yet

daviss: vkn where is Hapeville?

vkn: by the Hartsfield Javkson airport daviss

Seventies: I know I've probably said this before, but I am so anxious to have a facebook group for AA's genealogy in SW MS...

vkn: actually the airport is in hapeville

daviss: ok, the reunion committee changed the hotel from Alpharetta to Hapeville

alt: I just read an interesting article on the recording of slave births in the northern states prior to 'gradual emancipation" ... seems they recorded them so the officials would know when a person became eligible to be freed under those emancipation laws.

Seventies: I just mentioned that alt.. lol

alt: is that what you were referring to Seventies

vkn: name of hotel daviss

Seventies: yeah. There was a poster who posted a query from NJ on Afrigeneas as well I believe regarding a similar record set.

daviss: I think it's a Best Western vkn

Seventies: What and where is Hapeveille?

alt: was the article written by an LDS genealogist Seventies?

Seventies: Yes, the LDS is saying that they 'discovered' these records. But I suspect that they were at the local and county court houses the entire time. hold on y'all. I'll brb.

vkn: okies daviss

alt: they were/are, but the local official didn't really seem to know what they had and why the records were kept for black births & not white births during that time period ... early 1700's in northern states

vkn: interesting

daviss: I imagine in those back basement and boxes there are loads of files and records to be discovered

alt: I thought that was an interesting twist also vkn yep, you bet daviss

daviss: Especially those with a big "C" on them lol

alt: the writer pointed out the 'legal' reasons for recording the births of the enslaved children.

Selma: Which was?

alt: their parents were on the path to gradual emancipation and any children they had would still be 'slaves" until they reached the ages of 25-28 y/o and this was their way of knowing when that age was reached ... 'legally'

daviss: here is the article Selma

alt: ty daviss

vkn: ty

daviss: I think that is the one alt

alt: it is daviss .. thank you!!

vkn: i will read later

daviss: A part of the mission is to go through those courthouses and get records isn't it?

Selma: Laws are always written to benefit the folks who write them...

alt: the interesting twist to this story is that Black children born in Ohio/Indiana during the early 1800's were "free" and the black children born in NY & some of the northeastern states were NOT born "free". until the mid 1830's & 1840's

vkn: true Selma

alt: at least not "legally" I never thought of that "process"

daviss: i wonder how many free persons were actually stolen and sold back into slavery

vkn: Black changes the nature of things

alt: dunno daviss, but have read of it actually happening.

daviss: I did read a narrative of this happening to one lady in Texas well she was stolen and taken to Texas mabe stolen is not the word

Seventies: Anyone get a chance to listen to the link on the Burkle Estate in Memphis?

alt: so a positive unintended consequence of the black laws for Ohio & other states was the freedom registration papers "proving" a black was a FPOC.

daviss: she was a free woman of color,

alt: I went to the site, but haven't listend to the link Seventies .. I'm always interested in UGRR stories.

Selma: Yes alt...

Seventies: Its pretty interesting.

Selma: BRB..

Seventies: I thought that would add to the layer of where this conversation was going.. .the plight of FPOC in America.. and the not so free.

daviss: I see the announcement is on the Forum regarding the Dr Rose set vkn

vkn: yes daviss

daviss: very good Too bad he did not get to see the result

vkn: sales were slow in las vegas

alt: yes Seventies, I think FPOC stories are as wide & diverse as slave narratives a lot of 'particulars' as relates to time & place for FPOC as well as the enslaved

vkn: Oh he did see the results daviss

daviss: oh ok vkn

Seventies: Agree alt.

alt: wb Selma

daviss: wb Selma

Seventies: But what strikes me is the kidnapping...

Selma: There are probably more than we know only really hear about the individuals who manage to get someone to help them in the courts or get their stories out.

Seventies: exactly...

alt: some good reading is about the 'slave cacthers' coming into Ohio following the passage of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law ..2 good examples online are the Addison White & the Wellington Rescue cases.

Seventies: Kind of like the human trafficking of today.

Selma: Slavery was BIG BUSINESS in this country and in South America and the Caribbean

alt: VERY BIG BUSINESS Selma... in some cases (states) it was the driving economic factor to any wealth a family may have

vkn: oh yes the Solomon Northrup case was noteworthy of s fpoc being re enslaved

Selma: We have a tornado watch until 8 PM

alt: the founding family of Brown Univ. is a classic example

vkn: oh yes the Solomon Northrup case was noteworthy of a FPOC being re enslaved alt daviss selma seventies

Seventies: The movie is being re-made. about Solomon Northrop

daviss: oh yes vkn I had forgotten about Northrop

alt: a story posted on AfriGeneas by Bennie several years ago.

vkn: will take a look

alt: Addison White's case happened right here in my area of Ohio Mechanics burg is like 15 miles away from Springfield

daviss: gotta run folks..take care and have a good week end

Seventies: you too daviss

Selma: I have to run too folks..have a great day

Seventies: Selma.. lol ... yesterday I choked on your dust, you were out of here so quick@

vkn: lol

Seventies: She got me again.. lol

vkn: bye yall

Seventies: I need to go ahead and get out too... later alt

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