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2013-06-06 • Slaves Robt E Lee


Start: 12:08:33
End: 13:02:10
Chatters: Family, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: howdy historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn

vkn: and how you be today

HistoryBuff: I'm good How about you?

vkn: not too bad how goes the research Watching pictues on laptop monitor oops desktop

HistoryBuff: Got a lot of studying to Do re: DNA analysis &. Interpretation

vkn: DNA gets me confused I have a 23&Me kit here now Howdy Selma

HistoryBuff: I need to be able to explain it

Selma: Afternoon History and vkn

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma

vkn: Selma I just downloaded the SCLATER family of Virginia from Persi

Selma: Great vkn.. Who did the work?

vkn: Not remembering lol

Selma: LOL

vkn: It is only 26 pages

Selma: What journal is it from? PES PERSI is just an index to the periodicals.. Where is PERSI available?

vkn: Maybe I hit the books tab

Selma: It is a wonderful resource

vkn: But the download is on desktop and I am on laptop

Selma: OK

vkn: I guess Angela is on way to Southern California Then she goes to B'ham

Selma: She definitely has more ENERGY than me

vkn: PERSI on HeritageQuest Selma me also

Selma: OK

vkn: Power outage here today for a few hours

Selma: Does it have to do with the Storm vkn? We will have heavy rain and wind starting tomorrow afternoon

vkn: Yes Andrea I think

Selma: I have to go to the store..have company want to pick up some things before it hits

vkn: Storm is on way to Eastern coast

HistoryBuff: Understood

Selma: Yes..we have weather alerts scrolling across our TV at the bottom We have a lot of boaters warning about the wind

vkn: This one hit near Clear Water FL

HistoryBuff: Umph

vkn: so what means umph History lol

HistoryBuff: It's an incredulous expression.

vkn: oh ok

HistoryBuff: :}

vkn: Still trying to find a SLATTER slaveholder who has no vital info VERY strange

Family: Hey y'all, HistoryBuff, Selma and vkn

vkn: Dies intestate with an inventory but no history

HistoryBuff: Hey Family.

vkn: Howdy Family how you be

Family: I am fine... how you? Did we lose Selma to tennis?? lol

Selma: No I am here..

vkn: Good to see you here. How goes the research Family

Selma: and who is Family?

Family: Pretty good. Just fine tuning my research plan for this summer. Seventies.

vkn: ahhhhh so

Selma: I have said more than once..I can only keep up with 1 name per person.. LOL

Family: I made a big ole list of repositories I'm going to visit.. lol okay okay brb

Selma: It was a joke

Seventies: Wa-La I'm here... lol

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies. Lol

vkn: Me too Selma so my focus is SCLATER for now but I do toy a bit with Lee Patterson whose folk say he is a descend from a Robert E Lee slave I guess Khathu is making his presentation long bout now

Seventies: okay...

Selma: BRB

HistoryBuff: K

Seventies: Robert Lee from VA??

vkn: Yes Seventies so goes the folklore

Seventies: I was under the impression that his enslaved 'property' was all from the wife. Am I wrong? His claim to fame was that he was a military man who went to West Point...

vkn: Well there is a question about who owned whom

Seventies: As there should be. . .

vkn: but Lee claims to have owned none

Seventies: the way I understand it is that after his father in law died he was left his land and slaves. Perhaps there was another Robert Lee... which is likely... lol

vkn: Yes same understanding as I have

Seventies: Oral history has its limitations.

vkn: I think from Rappahannock VA?

Selma: He was the executor of his father in laws estate.. The father in law did emancipate a number of them

Seventies: wow, I didn't know that.

vkn: Is there an inventory Selma?

Selma: Hold on

vkn: holding lol

Selma: I will have to check..

vkn: HistoryBuff any new with BELL

Seventies: okay.... but that's some interesting information.

vkn: Most interesting

HistoryBuff: Not at this time. Vkn.

vkn: okies thanx

Selma: Folks..have to run and get Storm supplies..(extra food) company and need to keep them happy, if it really does rain bad tomorrow. Will check my Lee make sure I am correct Will send in an email later

HistoryBuff: later. Selma.

vkn: Thanx so very much Selma

Selma: OK..hold on I am back

HistoryBuff: I'm moving on also. Bye all.

Selma: I found it vkn and seventies

vkn: okies spill the beans take all care History

Selma: I found this in VA RG 105... It appears to be a copy of the father in laws will

vkn: okies

Selma: See if you can open

vkn: hold on

Seventies: Looking at it now...

Selma: actually begins on image 216... It was the Custis estate..his father in law was a Custis

vkn: I am looking will save to computer Thanx a zillon for the link

Selma: You can also Google Custis slaves..there is website or something which talks about the slaves he emancipated on to WALMART..where America shops

vkn: lol

Selma: \Bye..have a great dy

Seventies: I'm heading out too. later y'all

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