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2013-06-04 • Seeking Demeanus Vitals


Start: 21:31:36
End: 22:10:32
Chatters: daviss, deannie, ihhmag

deannie: I'm here

daviss: heyyy deannie

deannie: hi daviss it's us again

daviss: lol I see How ya doing?

deannie: about you

daviss: aww its going I guess

deannie: Listening to my daughter talk her new job about the children with special physical needs

daviss: Oh that should be a rewarding job do you just have the one?

deannie: she has always like being with children....and from what I hearing now she loves this job which is also her major Yes and i had her at 38 years old

daviss: good for her..It takes a special person

deannie: She is my proud and joy...she keeps me young

daviss: hello ihhmag!

deannie: hi ihhmag....I have been looking for you

ihhmag: Oh Yeah? Hi. Hope all is well. Hi daviss.

daviss: so you two know each other, thats nice'

deannie: Have you located the ancestor that you where looking for in NY

daviss: How's it going ihhmag?

ihhmag: Demeanus? daviss everything is going well. Thx

deannie: I give the inform to the chat room but I do not think they located anything

daviss: Demeanus is the surname?

ihhmag: I recvd an email from someone on Demeanus and they believed it is French. Yes. Demeanus.

daviss: hmmm whats the first name and what period?

ihhmag: Right now I am searching for birth vital on daughter born to second husband David A Brown. The first name is Jane Demeanus and maybe husband or brother Peter Demenus. Jane 1700s and Peter during 1846.

daviss: nothing on Family Search at all?

ihhmag: Jane I found in the NY census and Peter in directory on Fold3.

daviss: thats great ihhmag oops wb ihhmag

ihhmag: thx.

deannie: we thought you did not what to chat with us lol

daviss: lol lol

ihhmag: no hit wrong key.:}

daviss: Do they have birth records on Fold3 for your area of search?

ihhmag: For which person?

daviss: for whoever you are looking for, I guess it would be the Brown child

ihhmag: No. Found a Charlotte Brown birth city in Long Island but not sure if she is the product of Jane Demeaus and David Brown. Any suggestions?

daviss: Have you checked any newspapers forf birth announcements

deannie: What year...was she a free person of color

daviss: Or a Death Certificate

ihhmag: Any free sites you know of for newspapers? Jane is listed as a free person. No ordering of a death certificate until I have an exact date with more info.

daviss: Not sure about New York

ihhmag: Is time up?

daviss: I just found this link

deannie: what time

daviss: It may help

ihhmag: For chatting,

deannie: it only the 3 of us

ihhmag: Great.

daviss: be right back on phone oh gotta run folks.....come back please ihhmah

ihhmag: I will. Thx.

deannie: will ihhmag I guess the chat is over but do come back,,,,

ihhmag: deannie thanks. take care.

deannie: I will out of time this weekend but do go to the Saturday of Sunday rooms

ihhmag: ok. see ya.

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