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2013-06-03 • Driving this Summer


Start: 12:07:44
End: 13:09:05
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies

Selma: good afternoon daviss

daviss: hi there Selma!

Seventies: Hi daviss and Selma!

daviss: Hi Seventies!

Selma: Afternoon seventies

daviss: I may get bumped out, the puter has been up and down for 2 days now. I think its the heat

Seventies: ok... love the picture of Bruce daviss...

daviss: lol and he hates it

Seventies: What's wrong with it? Looks great! Ok I finished my list of places to go this summer.. holy smokes bat man! lol lol lol

daviss: thats what I told him. He was a nice looking guy back in the day Good for you Seventies..I just did a map quest to see if we should drive to Atlanta but it is a rather long trek

HistoryBuff: Hey all

alt: what's up ladies? Hi daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma & Seventies

daviss: hi alt and historyBuff

Seventies: hi alt and HistoryBuff.

Selma: Afternoon history buff

Seventies: Its probably about 2 days drive, easy daviss.

daviss: 27 hrs via mapquest

Selma: back just tightened up reading those words..27 hours

Seventies: You'll need a break by the time you make it to Louisiana.

daviss: lol Selma

HistoryBuff: D

alt: me too Selma, 8 hrs. a day drving is my max.

daviss: airplane tickets 1500 dollars

Seventies: whew!

alt: whoa!!!!!

Seventies: Hey this is why I am driving this summer. I do not have that kind of money. Or the patience for the TSA foolishness.

daviss: Sooooooooo that may dictate what we do

Seventies: I say drive you can visit some wonderful places on the road. that's what we used to do when I was a child and we traveled down south.

HistoryBuff: Sounds like my travel to Mobile AL next year.

Seventies: I remembered that I have a travel bucket list that I can fulfill this summer. Excited about that too!

daviss: Seventies we used to travel all over in the car. Packed empty shoeboxes with fried chicken and other goodies lol

HistoryBuff: I could imagine Seventies.

alt: what would be your route dirving daviss? NM/TX??/?? .... GA

Seventies: We did that a couple of times daviss. :) And I just loved picking up brochures from the rest stops.

HistoryBuff: Yes indeed

Seventies: It would probably be best if y'all picked up I-20

daviss: yes alt I could go two ways, down through tucson or up through Flagstaff. its only a 30 min difference. But the drive through the top of Texas would not be as long I heard groans from daughter and Tyler lol Taylor " thinks' she wants to drive

HistoryBuff: Lol

daviss: what places will you be going Seventies? Besides Ms

alt: that drive would be a very nice experience for Tyler... get to see a lot of 'new' country.

Seventies: I want to visit the Wheat African Cemetery and Stax Museum.. anywhere else is fair game. Also considering the petrified forest in northern MS...

daviss: yep alt he would enjoy that.

Seventies: that's why you should drive daviss.

Selma: Didn't know there was a petrified forest in MS..seventies?

Seventies: Yep

alt: me neither Selma


Selma: Thanks..interesting

Seventies: Yep... it is very interesting.

daviss: who would a thunk it

Seventies: I get around... lol

daviss: ours lol

HistoryBuff: Thnx 70s

daviss: These United States are full of wonderful sights and scenes

Seventies: So I want to document a couple of plantation cemeteries this summer. Mainly the York Plantation cemetery out in Sibley.

alt: it doesn't seem to say where in MS the forest is located?????

Seventies: Flora, MS Not too far outside Jackson, MS alt.

alt: okay, I was going to ask where is Flora, MS LOL

Seventies: lol well does anyone else have plans for this summer?

alt: we're 'playing it by ear'... no special plans as yet.

HistoryBuff: Planning a family reunion here in DC

Seventies: ok. I was thinking earlier today that my dad's family (Lanier's) need to have a reunion. I can only hope...

daviss: Put it together Seventies

Seventies: lol that would be like mixing gas and a match... lol

Selma: LOL

daviss: oh alt, I saw your name on Gedmatch under a Virginia Calhoun

Seventies: lol yes let's change the subject.. lol has anyone had difficulty getting logged in to Gedmatch, other than me?

daviss: I don't match her but I match her dad I was on last night Seventies Thats when I saw alts name

alt: OOps, was surfing for a minute

daviss: lol lol alt

Seventies: daviss are you still looking for Hopkins?

daviss: yep Seventies, now everywhere I look I see a Hopkins

Seventies: Sadonya just posted some pics of Starling Hopkins on Facebook.

alt: Okay daviss, I'll have to check out me & Virginia LOL

daviss: ok lol

Seventies: is that some kind of Selma joke? lol

daviss: yes we talked about them Seventies but nada yet

Seventies: okay

alt: I still don't understand the options on Gedmatch.

daviss: I forget what chromosome you show up on hers alt. I think its 9 dont hold me to it

alt: okay daviss, I'll check her out ... is that from the list & then do a one to one comparsion? and do you know ... is she "white" of "colored"? LOL of=or

daviss: she is the latter lol

alt: okay, btw I got a new listing from AncestryDNA this AM 35 "new" matches.

Seventies: alt, how do you like AncestryDNA so far?

daviss: 35 wow are any of them close

Selma: ummm..jeez alt..

alt: I'm not really sure of how I like AncestryDNA Seventies Haven't looked yet daviss, just saw the eamil from them about 20 minutes ago.

daviss: lol I just looked in my email and I have 20

Seventies: ok. I see some people putting up the icons on where their presumed ancestry came from based on AncestryDNA's analysis... totally bogus IMO daviss what do you think of AncestryDNA?

daviss: I like 23 better but I am hearing once they get new tools in they will be much better

alt: as Steve Handy says in his last tutorial DNA WILL NOT!!!!! tell you where your ancestors came from.

Selma: Gotta run folks..

daviss: so true alt

Seventies: bye Selma

Selma: Have a great day

daviss: later

HistoryBuff: It's been a learning experience

alt: for sure HistoryBuff

daviss: hard for people to get that through their heads alt

HistoryBuff: Next time folks. Bye.

alt: bye HistoryBuff

Seventies: Later HistoryBuff

daviss: bye HB

alt: I think so daviss ...

daviss: that or they want to believe alt

Seventies: For example, I guess a lot of our people are coming back with roots in Jamaica. Huh?? lol

daviss: I don't have any yet at least amonst the 4 grands that i have

alt: yeah , those "island' origins are laughable to me Seventies .... how did they get to the Islands & from where? unless they ar indigenous "Indians".

Seventies: I do have quite a few distant relatives, emphasis on distant, with R1 roots for my grand dad... totally confused as how he could be related to all those R1s... lol alt, exactly. I just don't get it. I think its just what I thought it was at first, a gimmick. Speaking honestly here, I think that most of these companies are directly attempting to get a good amount of African dna in their database without having to spend the money ie field research like Rick Kittles and his company did.

alt: the 23+me .. country's of ancestry ... isn't that dervied from the survey the folks being tested fill out?

Seventies: I definitely believe that's what 23andme did with this Roots promotion. Yes.

daviss: Not sure alt because most people can only go as far back as say to their ggreats

alt: for me all four grandparents where USA born.

daviss: that is the question that is asked. Now non AA' can

alt: and isn't that all the 23+me asks in the survey... back to grandparents.

daviss: thats what I am saying so I dont think thats where they got it

Seventies: well on their wheel of dna... what I call it.. they have SubSaharan African and that's all.

daviss: and as far as 23 is concerned the Roots thing was done as a health inititave not as a gen quest

alt: good question for Bernice's DNA show.

daviss: we hopped on that because we wanted the autosomal results

alt: I did it because it was "free' I had my auDNA done by FTDNA & AncestryByDNA 5-6 years ago.

daviss: right alt and you did it not for the health angle I think most people who could afford the test went to FTDNA

alt: DNA with Black folks is like the "super fly" phenomena IMHO LOL LOL it's a fad and the 'thing to do"

daviss: of course alt, especially those not in the genealogy field you had yours done yrs before Its another tool for us

alt: and like the 60's & 70's daviss... provong I'm blacker, more proud, hipper & more revolutionary ... okay, off the soapbox.

daviss: as my mom would say alt, its all a wheel within a wheel and will come back in time

alt: yep.. and when you get old-er the spinning wheel gets "old" LOL LOL ... you've seen it before if you live long enough.

daviss: yep

alt: you hear that Seventies LOL LOL LOL

daviss: hahahahahaha

alt: sorry bout picking on the youngster... :(

daviss: yeah right alt :?

alt: well let me go watch Slone Stephens whip up on Maria Sharapova .. laters y'all

daviss: ok take care alt later Seventies!!!

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