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2013-06-02 • Pullman Porters research


Start: 11:47:44
End: 12:57:21
Chatters: alt, daviss, deannie, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Grandsons and their dad visiting from Denver. Here for a week. Talk at y'all later.

alt: hey daviss, what's up?

daviss: heyyyy alt hows it going

alt: I was here earlier & no one was in the building LOL

daviss: what time do you come in on Sundays

alt: I usually get in here around 11:30-11:45

daviss: oh I see lol

Selma: Good Sunday Mornin/Afternoon alt and daviss

alt: Hello Selma.. looks like the folks are starting to 'drop in'

daviss: Hi Selma

alt: hello deannie

deannie: Morning everyone

Selma: Mornin deannie...

daviss: Hi deannie!

deannie: HI alt,daviss,deannie, selma.... The room has been a little slow for a couple of week

daviss: That always happens this time of year though summer blahs lol

alt: I reckon .. summer blahs... starting early LOL

deannie: I see...this is the time I will be working on putting my inform in my computer in binder I'm working on putting some kind of work space a little table of something on my deck so that I can work outside

alt: I've been 'surfing' this AM and finding some connections I've often wondered about dating back to the 1880's or so.

daviss: so its pretty cool there in the summer

alt: all on familysearch using their census, birth,death, marriage records for Ohio & Indiana

Selma: Sorry just arrived..have to run..have a great day

alt: one stop shoppping LOL LOL

deannie: yes sometime We have cool evening

alt: back to the "mines" talk to y'all later

deannie: I see this a short chat...what about you daviss

daviss: well lol we can chat about your research if you wish I have only been trying to mine something to blog about lol

deannie: If you wish...I'm working on how did I get my information from Ancestry to my family Tree 2011

daviss: you mean that you have a tree and you want to add new info?

deannie: yes...I see the leaf but I do not know how to attach it to my tree I know if ask you will not talk to me like I should know it

daviss: ahhhh I see let me look at mine lol I see a review button heyy deannie go to the person's tree then look under options

deannie: My stupid computer has locked on me hold on

daviss: then you will see save whatever person you pick to your computer I guess. I have never done it

deannie: I will have to write it down because my computer want let me to my tree

daviss: I hope that will work for you

deannie: Ok....I have backup my tree so I what be afraid to experiment Thanks daviss...I will work on it

daviss: ok let me know if it works Marlene

deannie: She doing fine...I my computer took me out

daviss: say hi for me

deannie: I are your cousins doing

daviss: They are great, talked to them yesterday

deannie: How is their research going Great tell them I said hello

daviss: I sure will let me know the next time you go over to the library. I am hoping to get something on a Pullman Porter uncle I have his DC and hopefully he is on something there

deannie: Ok...I have some day off/.....send me the inform and I will put it in my library folder

Seventies: Hey.. y'all still here??

daviss: ok thanks, I sure appreciate it

deannie: Hi Seventies......

daviss: no, we are over there :o

Seventies: Glad I dropped in. Hi daviss and deanni hahahaha

daviss: Hi Seventies lol

Seventies: deannie... hi. :} I was working on my research plan for this summer... I think i've got it down.

deannie: Daviss...send me what job it had on the Pullman and as much inform work time frame...because that how you look for their paper...I have an great uncle who died 1927

daviss: good for you Seventies

deannie: Ok where are you going or doing

Seventies: so that's all I'm focused on right now.

daviss: wow, what info did you find on your uncle deannie? That will keep you busy Seventies

deannie: I did not looking long...because when I went I did not know his job

Seventies: It will Was this information on a draft card deannie?

daviss: ahhhh I see, how did you find out what he did I wonder if that info is on his DC I just know he was a Pullman porter

Seventies: Well y'all I'm going to go walking down to this river...such a nice day out today. About 84 degrees.

deannie: No, it's on his DC but i do not have it with me, I just had his name. They go by your job what staion or city you worked out of, their books are BIG

daviss: Ok Ms Seventies, have a great day

deannie: OK....have davis I have to run also..I have to get me a new cell phone service....U S Celluar in the Chicago area has gone out of business. Spirit brought them out but I do not like them they are too ahigh for me so I going phone shopping service is up on Friday

daviss: ok you take care also deannie

deannie: Ok chat with you later

daviss: good luck with your phone shopping take care Seventies and take a brisk walk

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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