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2013-05-31• Autosomal?


Start: 12:07:28
End: 13:24:42
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, vkn

Selma: Good Friday Afternoon daviss

daviss: good afternoon to you Selma!

Selma: Oops morning for you.. LOL

daviss: How's it going? Here we are pushing the heat mizer's buttons Its already 86 degrees

Selma: It was 90 here yesterday daviss..I swear daviss I don't know how you stand the HEAT..all year round...

daviss: lol I guess its from living here so long. BUT, it gets cold in the winter time to me lol Knaidel and chicken lol or is it chicken and Knaidel lol lol Spelling Bee word

alt: what's up ladies?

daviss: heyy alt and HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, Daviss and Selma.

Selma: I watched that last night daviss...I couldn't have spelled any of those words.. LOL Afternoon alt and Historybugg

alt: what's up ladies?

daviss: lol me either Selma

HistoryBuff: :}

Selma: is Tiger doing?

alt: he's 1 under and hasn't started yet today Selma

daviss: Tyler said he will not even try to enter if thats the words they give lol

Selma: Oh... I had the 2 little darlins last night..I made them watch... they were like Wow They watched for a little then said..can we watch the Disney Channel

daviss: lol lol lol

Selma: they did watch Jeopardy with my mom..and my grandson got 2 right answers he was PrOUD Afternoon vkn

vkn: howdy y'all

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn how are you?

alt: hello vkn.. how's it going?

Selma: alt..Tiger is already on the course..

vkn: doing laundry historybuff lol

daviss: hi there vkn!

Selma: Me too vkn.

HistoryBuff: I heard that .

vkn: alt selma daviss history

alt: okay Selma

vkn: brb

daviss: here we go again.....must be the heat

HistoryBuff: It's 81 degrees here in DC.

daviss: I have been going over a school census for Grimes County Texas again this morning. I wish I could get one like this for Harrison County texas.

HistoryBuff: Which year was the school census. ?

daviss: It lists all kids starting in 1873 with white and colored columns

HistoryBuff: Which type of school was it if I may ask?

daviss: I would assume that the Colored was a Rosenwald but they were counted under Enumeration Returns

HistoryBuff: Okay. Thank you. I need to review the history behind the Rosenwald school but what was the criteria to be eligible to attend that particular type of school?

vkn: back

daviss: The Superintentant submitted and verified Section 22 of "An Act to establish and maintain a system of public Free Schools in the State of texas.. names of all youths between the ages of six and eighteen The Rosenwald schools were for AA's

HistoryBuff: wb Vkn. Thank you, Daviss. I appreciate the information.

vkn: thankee

HistoryBuff: I've been attempting to research the military records of the FLOTUS's USCT ancestors via Fold3.

daviss: I was thinking this list had other years but looking at it its only for 1873. I need to get the other years..

HistoryBuff: I see Daviss.

alt: you have folks on the 1873 listing daviss?

daviss: I was able to get a list of kids that attended a Navasota school that was attached to a school reunion. It lists kids from the class of 1880 until 1967

vkn: daviss finger broken

alt: hey daviss, do you give lessons on Gedmatch?

daviss: no, just a 2 finger typist and a keyboard looker lol lol

vkn: lol

HistoryBuff: lol

daviss: I do know a bit of Gedmatch info alt :? what can I help you with

alt: okay, I need to see if I can "find" some of the stuff other folks are reporting to find on Gedmatch.

daviss: oh ok

alt: let me 'cruise; it for a day or two and I'll then have my questions ready for ya

daviss: happy to help

alt: thank you ma'am

daviss: >3 HistoryBuff are you getting into your results yet

HistoryBuff: Yes, I did find a record or two for both men, Ceasar Cohen and Jerry Suter/Sutton.

daviss: oh alt in answer to your prior question, I have underlined like Surnames and will see if I get any possibles

HistoryBuff: I'm downloading one now for my records. Here's a link of the AACWM Founders Day narrative,

daviss: thanks for link HistoryBuff

alt: okay daviss, I think I'm getting the hang of gedmatch and some of the features

Selma: Folks..I have to run..have a great day Bye

daviss: later Selma

alt: daviss, do you have matches on Gedmatch that show up on 23andme and/or AncestryDNA?

daviss: yes alt, Bearnut for one she should show on yours also.

HistoryBuff: Sorry I had to jump out. My mouse wasn't allowing to use the message box.

alt: okay, bearnut does show up on my gedmatches .. 4 people under her username

daviss: Actually its her cousin that matches me but others in her family match a paternal cousin of mine

alt: so you have a cousin of cousin of mine LOL LOL LOL

daviss: lol lol alt I am trying to figure out why the ones that match my 1st cousin does not match me lol but mabe its through their father

alt: that sounds resaonable daviss

daviss: their mother and my father are brother and sister

alt: sounds like they are the descendants of an ancestor of the brother/sister spouses. ?????

daviss: HistoryBuff did you download your raw data to GedMatch right alt

HistoryBuff: No Daviss. I'm sorry. I've been distracted. I'll definitely do that.

alt: that' where this stuff gets 'tricky' the downstream connections I call them.

daviss: It sure does alt. I just want to be able to understand this in common language

alt: I see that looking at the relationships betwen my greta-grandkids who are 1st cousins, but have no connections to the ancestors of the aunt/uncles ancestors. auint/uncles by marriage I should say

daviss: Triagulation is what I need to figure out alt

alt: me too lol lol

daviss: lol

alt: I notice on those "composition" apps that folks seem to omit the "or" statements when they look at the percentages of French-Yoruba ... or Hungary-Youruba .. or Italian-Yoruba

daviss: hmmmm are they separated by % via each..or

alt: and they seem to think that where a tested person lives means that they have ancestors from that area ... I know I don't have any ancestors from Ubekestan LOL

daviss: the closest is the dominant one lol becky becky stan stan

HistoryBuff: Awww Ms Vicky! lol lol

daviss: hahahahaha

alt: the connection French%-Yoruba% "or" Italian%-Yoruba% "or" German%-Yoruba% "or" ....... The constant is Yoruba and they can't really tell if the other componet is Frenc, Italian, German ... all they know is that it is western Europe.

daviss: oh I see what you are meaning..

HistoryBuff: Interesting indeed.

daviss: If the autosomal contains all three. You will see what components you are on 23 under the countries of your makeup but its only for 4 grands

alt: and each combintation usually adds up to 100%. and those country's of origin are 'self-reported' from the surveys you fill out in your profile.. so who knows.

daviss: I dont know alt, I did not answer that Q

HistoryBuff: brb

daviss: I think I only put texas on mine USA and not sure if honest answers were input by folks

alt: for example.... you see Bahamae... Grenada, Jamaica as country of origin for parents/grnadparents... but aren't those folks ancestors from the Caribbean ... ususally West African????

daviss: I would say so

alt: so what does country of origin really tell us???? that could just as well be State like you said TX/OH/NC.. etc.. oh well 8)

HistoryBuff: I'm back

daviss: :o the more tools the merrier alt lol

alt: I reckon daviss.. says a skeptical, doubting Thomas :|

daviss: thats how i feel about Surnames alt. I have yet to have one Surname Match besides the ones I submitted to 23

HistoryBuff: :}

daviss: I manage about 5 or 6 and on each one I don't get a surname autosomal match

alt: don't get me started on surnames...... I have 1 Thomas surname match from over 1,000 y-DNA matches on FTDNA.

HistoryBuff: lol lol

alt: and only 2 Thomas surname matches from 766 23andme autosomal matches.

daviss: so that would mean that no-one input their data and let alone up to the limit of what, 67 is it? meaning on y-dna alt

alt: 1 Thomas match from 12, 25, 37 & 67 marker levels on Y-DNA test. and that is at the 12 marker level

daviss: see what I mean alt for us its so difficult Tyler does not have any yet 33 markers

alt: oh, oh I've just been told my Chat time is up... there's honey-do's to be done LOL ... laters y'all

daviss: ok alt cya later have a good one

alt: see ya'll Sunday.. hopefully

daviss: ok bye HistoryBuff, I wonder if the archives have anything on the Rosenwald schools?

HistoryBuff: If Rosenwald was part of any federal program and there are photographs. It may be. Worth looking into.

daviss: I C

HistoryBuff: :) Well I will catch up with you next time. Take care.

daviss: u2 cya

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