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Start: 12:10:48
End: 13:35:21
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies

daviss: Hi there alt!

alt: hey daviss, what's up?

daviss: I had it in my mind it was Friday....I was in for a shock about 20 minutes ago lol

alt: oh, oh ... now you've got one more day before the weekend and time to "boogie-down" LOL LOL

daviss: lol How about you, how's it going?

alt: just cruising the 'Net & looking for "stuff"

daviss: I hear ya alt anything good?

alt: hello HistoryBuff, how goes it with you today?

daviss: hello HistoryBuff!

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt and Daviss It's going how about you?

alt: yeah daviss, I'm filling in a lot of blanks and putting together family lines from the mid to late 1880's forward with the new stuff on FamilySearch, 1940 Census and other record sets

daviss: sounds good alt I was going through Google Books looking for something that suited my fancy. So far all are previews and snipits No interestings freebys for Texas so far freebies

HistoryBuff: Indeed. I don't like it when folks broadcast their cell phone conversations. Then they accuse you of ease dropping.

alt: yeah, that's a bummer, just enough to pique your interest and then boom, that's it.

daviss: thats so true IMHO

alt: I saw an Obit today.. the guy who passed, I was able to trace him back to family connections in the 1830's...

daviss: oh really alt...Friend of Family or curious? oops never mind. I see family connection

HistoryBuff: Nice Alt

daviss: HistoryBuff are you near the Archives in Wash?

HistoryBuff: I can get there tomorrow. What's up ?

daviss: I was just curious about how far you are from there. I have never been out that way Do you ever go there to do any research?

HistoryBuff: About 5 miles from home.

daviss: oh wow, thats awesome hey Selma!

Selma: Afternoon atl, daviss and Historybuff

daviss: How's it going Sel? One of my favorite cousins was named Selma

HistoryBuff: I have done research at both the DC and College Park MD sites. Hey Selma.

alt: Hi Selma, what's up? beside Tiger.. teeing off abut 1:25 LOL LOL

daviss: Whats the difference as far as holdings are concerned HistoryBuff?

Selma: Oh I didn't know he was playing today...

daviss: dam*** another ricin letter to Obama

Selma: What tournament is this alt

alt: the Memorial in Dublin, OH .... Jack Nicklaus' place

Selma: Plus the Spelling Bee today on many things to watch... LOL

daviss: all three mailings sent from Shreveport Louisiana. 30 miles from Marshall sheesh

HistoryBuff: Daviss I was researching military facilities for WW1 and WW2. Lot going on today.

daviss: I see, and were those facilities the ones your family were in

HistoryBuff: I was trying to where and how they were relevant.

Selma: Do you have a connection to Marshall daviss?

daviss: yes Selma, that is where my maternal family is from.

HistoryBuff: Just trying to understand adjutant reports.

daviss: Mariah's home town lol lol

HistoryBuff: Adjutant general records

daviss: I see HistoryBuff

alt: I've looked at Adjutant General's records at the State level for Ohio, but haven't looked at any from the Federal level. the AG's office in Ohio is where I found the Grave Marker registration for my USCT Civil War ancestor.

daviss: Is that someplace you can go and get your photo that you took when you enlisted or was drafted in the service??

HistoryBuff: Got to look at bldg plans maps requisitions, etc

alt: I'm not sure about enlistmen/draft type records daviss I think these records are more about the accounting of military service.

daviss: I see

HistoryBuff: right Alt

alt: I think .. now don't take that to the bank LOL

daviss: I wonder how someone would get school records for those that went to a base school?

alt: good question.. I'm sure those records are somehwere.

HistoryBuff: More logistic records field project reports.

daviss: That would be great to have. I attended so many schools on bases its not even funny. I do have that one school pic from MFB School in 51 but none of the others

HistoryBuff: It is worth looking into.

alt: that right, I keep forgetting you were a military "brat" daviss LOL LOL

daviss: lol alt

HistoryBuff: :)

Selma: How long do schools keep elementary school records or do they

HistoryBuff: Good question

alt: dunno?, another good question Selma

daviss: I wish I knew Selma.. I did go to the District here and got some old pictures for a group that is trying to put together a program but that was about it

alt: I know my hometown library has HS yearbooks dating back to 1917.

daviss: I have been asking around trying to find out what happened to all the school trophies and awards these schools earned from back in the day

HistoryBuff: Interesting

Selma: I would imagine it would be an issue about space for school districts

alt: yes Selma, very much so

HistoryBuff: Yep

Selma: Huntington HS was the black high school here, when they closed it..they dumped all the trophys, and other memorabillia

daviss: sheesh

Selma: Those things that still exist were donated by former students..

alt: those records mught be something that is kept at a regional NARA office.... like we have 5 here in Ohio for each section of the State.

HistoryBuff: Time for me to gp. Laters good folks

daviss: bye HistoryBuff

Selma: Number of years ago..a woman who was a graduate..wrote a book found old pictures..etc..

alt: wow!! I know that is a treasure!!!!

Selma: It was trully a labor of love...

daviss: Thants for sure on both counts

Selma: Lots of folks who attended that HS are still "pissed off" that they dumped their stuff and I don't blame them It happened to alot of the black schools

alt: I went to the library in Piqua and copied every page of the HS yearbooks that I appeared on .. from school years 1949-1952 LOL LOL

daviss: I don't either and the same goes for all these old church records in the country

Seventies: hi alt, daviss and Selma

Selma: Good for you alt.. LOL

daviss: Thats what happened to those in the church my family went to

Selma: Hey Mizz are officially and fashionably LATE

Seventies: lol yep. Just coming back from an office luncheon.

Selma: Was the Food good?

daviss: Hello Seventies!

Seventies: considering where we're at.. yes, it was OK. :}

alt: hello Seventies .. glad you could make it ... late or not LOL LOL

Seventies: thanks! :} alt and daviss I've been shopping around for websites... I'm still in absolute love with the Atlas family site. Simple and functional. though some of their links are not working, still love the concept. I'll also be working on getting content this summer. That is my plan anyway.

alt: yes, Nicka Sewell Smith has done a great job with that site... Isn't that her job ?....webpage design

Selma: Is that the family in Louisiana seventiew?

Seventies: yes that's her family site. But another family member does the actual web design and work.

Selma: What is the link seventies?

Seventies: She's my genetic cousin...

alt: okay, I see


Selma: Ok..I am there

alt: is that right.. she is a cousin of yours?

Seventies: yes on my grandfather's side... A genetic cousin.

alt: and a genealogical cousin too

Seventies: Oh speaking of genetics, how closely related is someone who shares .69% dna over 3 segements. Would you consider that to be fairly close? I got a new match yesterday.

Selma: You know that is an Alt question?

Seventies: I do... :}

alt: isn't that what genetic genealogy (DNA) is about? what does 23andme state.. what is their cousin range Seventies?

Seventies: it says predicted 3rd, but 3rd to 4th cousin to my grandfather.

Selma: So in "years" term in relationship to your grandfather..what does that mean?

alt: I think they are saying 3rd to 4th cousin of yours back to a common ancestor(s) Seventies .. problem is they don't get into the 'removed' factor.

Seventies: right alt, and that's what I'm trying to figure out.

Selma: Good grief..that sentence just gave me a headache I have to see it on paper...

Seventies: Selma, I think its someone's like a descendant of an aunt or uncle of my grandfather.

alt: hehehehehe @ Selma... that's my job, to be confusing LOL

Seventies: Selma, me too... daviss, where are you??

alt: those that I've connected with DNA wise and have a paper trail for there is always that 'removed' factor.

daviss: why lol

Seventies: lol cause, I'm askin' lol So there could be any number of possible combinations with this relationship.

alt: ture Seventies

daviss: ok since I am a minding kind of person I will say 'I am here'.. lol

alt: any number and still possibly only one connection

Selma: Folks..I am going to have to "remove" myself..

Seventies: Well I've e-mailed this gentleman. Awaiting a response. I've also e-mailed his second highest match .66% over 4 segements in March, still awaiting a response.

Selma: Umm..think he is trying to tell you or not tell you something..

daviss: good luck with that Seventies.. Is there anything in their profile that has Ms as a state?

Selma: I suspect some folks do DNA..but really don't expect folks to email them.. LOL

Seventies: No, just male Exactly... duh! lol

alt: Seventies, I'm finding most of the folks on 23andme are into this DNA stuff as a "fad", they either don't know diddly about their family genealogy, or don't care.

daviss: I think that they don't know how to get beyond 4 grands

Seventies: ok I get that, but for black folks it doesn't really tell you anything except admixture. And most of us know what our 'admixture' is already. smh

alt: and they certainly don't care to "share" information ... that's my experience.

Selma: Have to run folks..have a great dy day

daviss: bye Selma'

Seventies: Well then, they are wasting their money. lol

daviss: they probably don't think so

alt: that's true in my opinion Seventies, but perhaps some are there for the "health" aspect of 23andme

Seventies: You know what they say, a sucka is born every minute.. lol

daviss: I know I dont think I have and I know very little about my maternal line

Seventies: But you've gone back to your great and great great grandparents, right daviss?

daviss: I know little about my maternal side and more on my paternal line. The point being is I want to go further because thats my passion. Some only want to see what their make-up is

alt: A problem with this DNA stuff is that the connections are clear cut like to a direct ancestor, but they are generally to a sibling's descendant of a direct ancestor... an Aunt or uncle's child

Seventies: yep. and that's why collateral family resarch is important.

alt: are= are not

daviss: important to us who do this kind of stuff Seventies I know a few people who only want the results to take to their family reunion beyond that it does not register

Seventies: I used my AfricanAncestry results for that.

daviss: they don't do autosomal

alt: right daviss..... and as genealogists doesn't it irk the heck out of you when someone says they have a 'complete' family tree and only have it back for their direct ancestors.

daviss: right alt or you go to the tree and all you see is their name and a hundred Private ones

alt: grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Seventies: lol Got to love 'genealogy' lol

alt: meaning that they have only gone back as for as the mid 1900's love genealogy, but detest stupidity. and that's not being 'snobbish'

daviss: I see on the dna FB folks are putting up their pedigree chart. Its a good idea but I wish the state and county they are searching was there also lol

alt: I've noticed that daviss this last 'tutorial' by Steve Handy on what DNA IS NOT is very good.

daviss: yes it is alt

alt: he goes into what DNA cannot tell you.. and I hope folks will read it and take heed.

daviss: and if possible print it out

alt: yep, I'm forwarding it to some of my relatives that I think are confused with their blackness, whiteness, indianess, or whatever LOL

daviss: lol lol alt

alt: well, time for me to skedaddle... Tiger's on

daviss: ok alt, will see ya later Ms Seventies, since you came in late, you put the chairs up, cut out the lights and close the door.. and with that I will bid you adieu

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