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2013-05-26 • Partnering for conferences


Start: 11:35:23
End: 12:58:16
Chatters: alt, daviss, deannie, Selma

deannie: Monring hI alt

alt: good Sunday morning to you deannie

deannie: I have to get my glasses hold on

alt: can't see what you're talking about, huh? LOL

deannie: Right Everything is clear How is everything going

alt: I'm doing well & how about you?

deannie: daughter is home, she has a summer job and I am working on my trip everything is good

alt: wonderful... a summer job is great!!!!

deannie: Yes, she will be working a park distant summer camp with child with disablity this is her major in school Her first job outside of school jobs

alt: okay, that's great that her job is in line with her college studies.

deannie: Ditto....are you planning any trip this year

alt: not really, my only trip planned is to go to the FGS conference in Ft. Wayne at the end of August. your trip(s) are to ????

deannie: I have spoken to some 3rd or 4th cousin waiting on them to get back to me. Because I'm working on there GGrandmother slave owner that I think I have located

alt: okay, is this an ancestor of your's also?

deannie: I going to St Louis, Ft Wayne ( only our annual trip), and I want to go back to Jackson, Ms.....I want to visit my great cousin who made 99

alt: wow!!! sounds like you have a busy summer ahead.

deannie: Yes, she was married to my ggrandmother's older brother

alt: okay. thought so

deannie: I want to go to DC....I just need to find someone to go with....

alt: folks must be laying in today.... getting ready to burn some meat LOL LOL

deannie: It has been slow in all of the chat rooms...I went in on Tuesday only one person was in I going to put a ad in our newsletter

alt: for traveling partners ?????

deannie: Yes, Marlene use to be my traveling buddy but she's not doing much traveling due to medical issues

alt: oh, sorry to hear she isn't doing well

deannie: No, she's fine...she's unable to do a lot of walking, I like to travel by train mostly, she can't do the train

alt: oh, okay .... that's my probelm too, can't do too much walking.

deannie: I think that what I going to do...I even had to find a new buddy for the Ft Wayne trip I suggest that I newsletter put a travel corner to let members know when other are planning research trip...I will every trip on other members family reunion if it's going where I can do research....

alt: that's a great idea for a Newsletter... A travel corner ....

deannie: yes,,,because when I go to meetings and learned that someone has gone to somewhere I could have done research..I could have going for less. Also, I would do even do some of their genealogy info from family member, while they enjoy the family......

alt: again, a good idea

deannie: Thanks Hi Daviss

daviss: hello there alt and deannie!

alt: hey daviss, good AZ morning to ya.

daviss: thanking ya alt lol I was just reading back and see that Ft Wayne is on your minds...thats great Wish I could join ya

deannie: Ditto

alt: wish you two could be there also... they have a 'decent" AA track of sessions, but all of the sessions sound very interesting.

daviss: good speakers too alt

alt: yep daviss,

daviss: brb gonna grab a cup of coffee

deannie: I planned to go but no one from the society was saying they were going...I have to start traveling by myself...It's not far for I should have looked into if more

alt: okay

daviss: ok back

alt: company helps, if they are also into genealogy deannie, but like with my wife, who has no interest whatsoever, it can be a bummer LOL

daviss: and I always have to travel alone deannie that could be a chore alt. That should require quite the planning

alt: hello Selma, glad to see you could join us.

daviss: now if it in a Las Vegas or something like that lol lol

Selma: Afternoon folks....

daviss: Hello Selma!

Selma: now on TV playing in French Open..

alt: yeah daviis, gotta find her a nearby shopping Mall, or a Casino LOL

daviss: lol

deannie: I know, my brother and sister went with me to a courthouse once...I stayed in there 5 hours, when they came back for lunch they said are you finished, I said no so they left me for and 3 more...When they returned they could not understand what I was doing so long Hi Selma

Selma: Hi deannie I would say most folks don't understand deannie..only those of us who research

daviss: well deannie that was good. I swore i will never ever go with my brother or sister to the courthouse.. that banter started about 20 mins after I got there lol

alt: right Selma ... I think Anita watched her on the Tennis Channel.. so I won't spoil it for you LOL

Selma: No think that was Serena alt, this Am

alt: oh, okay Selma

deannie: My other family members are the same, but they always what to know something

alt: that's typical deannie .. they wanto to know, but don't want to dig out the information.

deannie: Ditto, alway will not give information to help build the tree.....

daviss: and the one time I went to the cemetery, I did not get to stay long because my sis in law stepped in a sort of sink in the ground and slightly twisted her ankle that bought out the scarey thoughts for them and that was the end of that lol lol

alt: Memorial Day .. do y'all remember when it was called Decoration Day and was always on the 31st of May?

deannie: Hi daviss my family won't even go to the cemetery

daviss: I think we were in the Decoration Day times when I was much younger alt

deannie: No alt I'm not that old lol

alt: I knew you were a baby deannie LOL

daviss: I think some places still celebrate it don't they alt?

alt: could be.. I'm not sure daviss

Selma: I don't remember it being called Decoration Day..

alt: really Selma!!!!! you're a baby too, then LOL

Selma: Or it could just be something I have forgotten.. I remember we use to celebrate ARbor Day in School.. LOL

daviss: it seems like I have alt in my young mind lol

alt: naw, you "be's" a baby.

daviss: Oh yeah that too Selma

alt: yep Selma and Veteran's Day was Armistice Day, always on the 11th of Nov.

daviss: Yep

alt: I think when we went to those holidays being celebrated on a Monday causing a long weekend we forgot the reasaons for celebrating those days.

daviss: what was the name of the guy that blew his horn as the kids marched behind him lol

Selma: You are probably right became a Shopping Event..

daviss: sheesh my mind is blank. It was to symbolize the planting of trees

Selma: Johnny Appleseed?

daviss: yep Selma thats it lol

alt: you're excused daviss, it's still early for you LOL

Selma: Right alt..she hasn't had her coffee yet

deannie: Back

daviss: ole Johnny Appleseed hehehehehee would you rather go back to the original days for celebrations alt or does the Monday suit you as well I know at the times of all those changes I was happy

alt: now that I'm retired it really doesn't matter to me daviss, but when I was working the 3 day weekend looked good to me then.

daviss: yep

Selma: Yes..having 3 days in a row is good

deannie: I enjoy them

alt: yep, they were some happy days for me, not gonna say the good old days.

daviss: I was chatting with a couple people the other day about how we used to see all the ladies going to work with the white dresses on early in the morning to clean houses not having a holiday off

alt: "the Help"

daviss: yes

alt: yep, catching the bus to go to work, or maybe a car pool cause not too many families had cars.

daviss: working their butts off so there kids could get a good education

alt: yep

Selma: or the train

alt: my towns were so small Selma we didin't have trains LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

daviss: I always will remember this one lady who had about 7 or 8 kids and her husband was what you would call a hustler

Selma: Should have said the Subway

deannie: I do not remember seeing the ladies...but I remember the mothers on my block going to other odd jobs to help with the Public Aid checks

alt: didn't have those either Selma ... no Subways where I come from LOL

Selma: Tokens were 15 cents when I was a mother said it was 5 cents when she was young..heaven knows what it cost now

deannie: It was 12 cents in Chicago with 5 cents for a transfer on the bus or train

daviss: we had a trolley that came through town and it was 10 cents

alt: I remember the 'bus tokens" here.. priced about the same as Subways Selma.

deannie: Now its up to 2.25 with a transfer 23 cents

alt: wow!!!!!!!

daviss: 2.50 here all day pass

deannie: No one trip A one day pass in Chicago is 10.00 it just went up in March it was 5.75

daviss: The few times I rode the bus, when I got off I would hand my bus ticket to someone who was standing to get on

alt: in the old days back here .. mid to late 1800's, the rich white folks had homes, really shacks for their help built in the alleys behind their mansions... that solved the transportation problem for their help.

daviss: senior citizen like me it is a buck eighty five

deannie: We did that here...we also leave them on the bus in the windows and other passages get them

daviss: that alt or they spent the week and came home on the week-ends

alt: yes daviss and those were the 'good old days" LOL LOL LOL

deannie: I lived on a block that had those homes, I grow up across the street from the oldest black catholic church/school Holy Angels in Chicago...The street is called Oakwood Blvd. It's in the Bronzeville neighorborhood now

alt: I hear now in NYC the really rich have a floor in an apartment building and the "help" lives in an apartment a floor above, or below them, in the same apartment complex.

daviss: wow alt then after they work their butts off for them, they leave their wealth to the dogs or cats :o

alt: yep daviss, ain't that a b*&Tch!!!

daviss: SMH!!

deannie: lol I have to run have a great and safe holiday

daviss: later deannie

alt: time for me to split also... y'all take care

daviss: ok alt see ya]

Selma: Me too

daviss: guess we can cut the lights out Selma....A womans work lol

Selma: Daviss..have a great day

daviss: U2

Selma: Bye

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