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2013-05-22 • RootsMagic 6


Start: 12:04:31
End: 13:14:25
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Just dropping in for a sec

daviss: Hi vkn!

vkn: howdy doody daviss

Selma: Afternoon daviss and vkn

daviss: How's it going with you ? Hi Selma!!

vkn: howdy doody selma

daviss: I am just doing my first stretch!

vkn: lol heyyyy alt

Selma: Afternoon alt

daviss: heyyy alt!

alt: hello ladies, how are y'all doing today ?

daviss: I am good and getting geared up for a 100 degree day alt

alt: wow!!! daviss stay cool, or try to sstay cool LOL

vkn: 2 s stay lol

daviss: Gonna try alt :o lol @ vkn

alt: Selma, I was looking at a feature on 23+me... I have DNA cousins whose grandparents came from Grenada ... surnames of Norman, Bridges & Bell.

Selma: Wow... alt.. Those names don't ring a bell, but I can call a cousin Do you know what part of Grenada

Seventies: Hello alt, daviss, Selma and vkn

alt: okay Selma... No, it just says in htese folks profiles that their g-parents were fro m Grennada.

vkn: howdy seventies

alt: Hello Seventies

Selma: Grand parents...did they come in early 1900-1920..many came via Panama where a number of Grenadians went to work on the Canal

alt: I have no idea of when or how they came Selma. These are sel-reported bits of information from the testees, not even sure how factual it is.

Seventies: Ok Selma, my son did his Spanish course project on Panama. I was discussing this issue with him. And let him know that Marcus Garvey also traveled to Panama as a migrant worker.

daviss: hello Seventies!!

Selma: Well if true..the FHC's have church records and marriage records on microfilm

Seventies: daviss, lol are you asleep at the table? LOL

alt: okay Selma.. thanks

Seventies: Naw just kidding! How is everyone doing this morning/afternoon?

daviss: no not really Seventies, grapped a cup of coffee

alt: I'm grumpy Seventies

Seventies: Ok I'm going to send you meme's from Tard the Grumpy Cat on Facebook.. lol

Selma: I have 2 rolls on Grenada records on "indefinite loan" at my local FHC..

Seventies: Use liberally.. lol

Selma: Afternoon Seventies

Seventies: hi Selma

alt: you're not gonna ask me why Seventies?

daviss: How do you do the indefinite loan Selma?

vkn: all y'all stay good and well

Seventies: Well you've been saying for a few weeks now that you are officially a grumpy old

Selma: LOL...she got you alt

Seventies: But Ok I'll bite. Why are you grumpy alt?

alt: for sure Selma, but I'm particularly upset with the heat being taken by the POTUS for his speech at Morehouse.

daviss: alt I have a Bridges in my RF

Seventies: ooohhhh..... :? From where daviss?

alt: is that right daviss? I'll get with you on my Bridges cousins.

daviss: NC for one Seventies

Seventies: Ok daviss, have you used the relative locator map on 23andme?

alt: My earlist known Bridges was born 1817 in Felmingsburg, KY.. not sure where they could of been prior to KY....

Seventies: alt, I bet if you keep on digging you will find family on the east coast.

daviss: used the Counties of Ancestry

Seventies: I'm asking because I used it for the first time yesterday. It gives a nice map of the U.S. and where your genetic matches reported their states and locations. Most of mine were in VA. A whopping 12. Kind of like the google map feature.

daviss: oh yes, I have looked at that

Selma: need for me to say anything is there

alt: no doubt Seventies .. I've isolated point of entry for "most" of my 1st generation African ancestors as either VA or NC.

Seventies: lol Selma!

Selma: I keep telling you all I live at Ground Zero for Black folk in America

alt: yep, you certainly do Selma

Selma: that includes Melungeons too.. LOL

alt: oh my, did you see my eyes glaze over at that word Selma LOL

Seventies: yeah... lol I was reading some info on the Galmore family and apparently there is a brance of Melungeons in VA with the same surname. lol

alt: those "people" associate darn near every surname with some type of "melungeon" ancestry.

daviss: have you heard of this school Selma?

alt: I have many of those surnames in my family lines and I'm hear to tell ya... we Ain't Melungeon, or tri-racial isolates, or from the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Seventies: Ok I'm going to grab a bite to eat. Hopefully I won't get trampled by the 50 million people here for graduation week... wish me luck!

daviss: luck

Selma: No I haven't daviss..thanks...

daviss: welcome Selma Some affiliated with the Hairstons

alt: my wife's maiden name Harvey I have them back to Barbour Co. WV .... or VA ca the 1840's.

Selma: In 1840 it was VA

alt: right Selma

daviss: One of the dna matches for me via Ancestry sent me that link

Selma: That was Pittsylvania county wasn't it daviss..

alt: daviss, you're having luck with DNA matches from Ancestry.... congrats!!!

daviss: no idea Selma

Selma: Yes daviss it is Pittsylvania.. Alva researches that county..

daviss: I have the matches but cant bring anything to the table alt

Selma: I research Henry County which borders also borders NC

daviss: all their info is in Va. Just need to bust a few walls down My closest match knows zilch

alt: that's usually the case daviss, unfortunately

daviss: not even her grandparents names on either side

Selma: Maybe you will inspire her daviss

daviss: waiting Selma lol

alt: yeah, that's a new pet peeve of mine with this DNA stuff..... I "know" I'm xyz from abc in

daviss: Do you have any Walls alt? not brick walls lol Surname Walls

alt: 't where where grandma is from in America jeez. yeah, plenty surname walls daviss

daviss: any on 23?

Seventies: ok back good people. :)

daviss: bout time!

alt: where my xyz folks where from in Africa, but don't know where grandma was from in America.

daviss: lol alt sad but true

Seventies: lmao OMG its a madhouse here. I'm taking Friday before graduation off... sheesh. alt, lol , African Ancestry is REALLY bad about that... lol Love the folks, but half of them have not clue about their basic family history.

alt: I saw an interesting set of photos African royalty ceremony and they had a 'stuffed' Bengal Tiger in the ceremony.. I thought Bengal Tigers were native to India and were not found/breeded in Africa.

Seventies: on facebook?

alt: yes, the link to the ceremony & photos were on FaceBook Seventies

Seventies: on the DNA forum?? lol

daviss: One of my bubbles was just busted yesterday. A friend from Harrison County tested and we were hoping we would match. Her surname was also Taylor..

alt: I think so Seventies

Seventies: oh no.. daviss.. tough luck. I plead da fif... lol

alt: sorry bout that daviss

daviss: I know alt SMH

Seventies: oh just be play cousins daviss.. :}

daviss: ;) oh well!

alt: back to the drawing board, huh daviss?

daviss: lol lol lol alt

Seventies: So any new 'cousins' lately daviss? I got a few more.

daviss: a few on 23

Selma: BRB

Seventies: Still waiting on my .66% on 4 segements to respond to me. sigh!

daviss: I emailed one lady who is a match on Ancestry and also downloaded to Gedmatch I hope she will answer and shed some light. Her tree is private

Seventies: how much of a match?

alt: doesn't that just bug the heck out of you daviss

daviss: yep alt lol it would save some time lol

Seventies: You know people are always taking genealogical data without regard..

daviss: I guess but I don't mind sharing

alt: my funny for the day .... on a family website two folks were amazed that they had the lady as a great-great grandmother... I asked them how many children did this great-great grandmother have and they said 15.... my response to them was .... duh!!!! LOL

Seventies: that's ok, but I had a lady take stuff from my tree and then claim that she had an interracial family! I sent a cease e-mail to response.. lol

daviss: and of course I would have to make sure it fits lol lol alt!

Seventies: I'm amazed that my grandfather is a great-great grandfather... You know we ain't that Us cuzzin's that is.. lol

alt: that's a problem Seventies too many people don't verify the dots/connections on these online trees and just accept what is put up there as fact.

Seventies: or conveniently just fit it into their family based on name alone.

daviss: thats not stopping you or me from verifying alt lol thats what we try to do

alt: right daviss & Seventies

daviss: those who do that are gonna do it anyway

Seventies: right...

alt: Seventies, isn't you grandfather around my age?

Seventies: no my dad is about your age. Born in 1935, my maternal grandfather was born in 1919 on Armistice Day!

alt: or am I older than he... I'm 79

Seventies: My son gets a kick out of that historical fact!

alt: 11 nov 1919

Seventies: yes Makes for notable family history alt weren't you born in '35 too?

daviss: ha!

alt: that wouldn't surprise me Seventies we had our 1st child in 1956, 1st grandchild in 1978 & 1st grt-gran child in 2001.

Seventies: My oldest maternal aunt was born in '39

alt: I was born mother's day weekend 1934 Seventies .. What a Mother's Day gift LOL LOL

Seventies: yeah my bro was born on Mother's Day in 1979... and boy he is mama's favorite! LOL

daviss: I bet she was excited alt and seventies

alt: I can relate Seventies .. mine had no more children, can't improve on perfection LOL LOL LOL

daviss: lol

Seventies: :P lol He was the last as well...

alt: see

Seventies: ha ha.

alt: y'all gotta get Roots Magic 6 just for their web search feature alone....

Seventies: Soooooo are we ready for tomorrow night? woot woot! I still have the free one.. I get the free upgrades. And I love it. But still not sure about all of the functionality available in the program.

alt: didn't want to mention it and make you nervous Seventies .. was gonna wait until Chat tomorrow LOL LOL

Seventies: I'm nervous... I have a lot of little stuff that has come up in the last week. Just enough to aggravate me.. lol I'm hoping for an awesomely excellent interview. Please call in if you can.

alt: Seventies, I was on my RM page yesterday...clicked on the websearch feature to search ancestry and it found a newspaper article with me in it ... dated 11 Oct 1945.... bang, just like that!!!! without leaving the RM program

Seventies: Oh wow! I do wonder if our local paper has archives. I know my aunt saved TONS of clippings which I snatched up before my cousins could throw them out. So RM gives you access to every online resource available at the LDS?

alt: so I copied and pasted the article to my RM notes

daviss: gotta run folks..take care

Seventies: you too daviss.

alt: no, not every resource,, but ancestry, familysearch, fold3, bing and a couple more.

Seventies: ok

alt: quittin time, huh?

Selma: Folks gotta run..have a great day

Seventies: Hey one of my former co-workers is up here visiting for grad week from his new home in Brazil. Gotta get the details. Talk to you all tomorrow!

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