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2013-05-21 • USCT on line


Start: 12:08:31
End: 13:07:24
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

AYWalton: Greetings all. Howdy daviss, howdy Seventies.

daviss: hello there AyWalton and Seventies!

AYWalton: Hope you are both well. wassup daviss?

daviss: how's it going AYWalton?

AYWalton: doing ok, daviss. Howdy alt.

daviss: geez nothing going on here

alt: Hi ladies, AYWalton, daviss & Seventies

AYWalton: Glad to hear that my cousins in OKC are all fine.

daviss: Hi alt!

AYWalton: how's it going alt?

daviss: yes, me too. I finally heard from all of them

AYWalton: thank Goodness!!

alt: it's going well with me AYWalton & how bout you?

AYWalton: such a tragedy out there.

daviss: Now I have to worry about this Dallas storm news

AYWalton: not bad, alt. yes, I hear more storms are coming.

Seventies: hello all

AYWalton: The folks in Moore OK were hit about 14 years ago, and this one is worse. I think I would leave that region after this one. Storms are getting more intense with climate change.

alt: yes, that's terrible, guess Tornado season is officially here.

daviss: and some say they will rebuild

Seventies: Some hit Dallas last week as well. imagine a 200 mph tornado... I don't even think Katrina had winds that high.

alt: that blew my mind Seventies when I heard of the wind speed.

daviss: You know, when I lived in Okla they had a community shelter in the block.. I am so shocked that these folks did not especially after the 99 storm

AYWalton: I think the last storm that strong was Hurricane Andres. it would have been impossible for so many to have gotten there anyway.

daviss: I am talking underground

AYWalton: And with schools letting out.

Seventies: But remember in the midwest it went from snow to 90 degree weather in a matter of about 3 weeks.

AYWalton: and even the hospital was destroyed.

alt: and the width of this one ....1 mile... Wow!!!!

Khathu: Hello

AYWalton: Howdy Khathu!!! long time.

Seventies: hi Khahthu

alt: Hello Khathu

AYWalton: So they had to air vac some to University of Oklahoma hospital.

alt: Hi Ms Selma

Seventies: Hi Selma

AYWalton: Greetings Mizz Selma!

Selma: Afternoon alt, AY (wow long time no see), daviss, Khathu and Seventies

daviss: They need them at each schools

AYWalton: lol

alt: got your "shocking" news Selma LOL LOL

AYWalton: quite true.

daviss: Hi Selma!

Khathu: Hello Selma

Selma: Hope you family is safe Angela..

AYWalton: but as the storms are intensifying, there is no way to prevent destruction like that. all cousin are safe and accounted for. these are branches of the Bass family in Oklahoma City. Of course there is the threat of more storms today. so another round begins.

Selma: Do folks build storm shelters in their homes AY..friend whose mother lived that area said folks use to go into the Root cellars

Seventies: Yeah my dad's first cousin's son is out there at OU... I thought about him and his family for the first time in a while yesterday He has four babies.

daviss: Yes when I lived in Okla they had one for each block

AYWalton: No Selma and most do not have basements. that is not part of the architectural model in that part of the country. So sad. One of my biggest fears while growing up was the constant threat of a tornado.

Selma: Ok..this is weird example but in the Wizard of Oz..where did those folks go hide (remember I am from the Bronx 3rd floor apartment)

AYWalton: Every humid day when the warnings would come---kind of like living in a war zone. and these days they have super loud storm sirens. Frightening. in the Wizard of Oz they hid in a ground cellar. The kind used for vegetables, but large enough for people to hide out in a storm. it should be a standard thing, but it isn't.

Seventies: We had a couple touch down when I was in Biloxi, MS... nothing like this though.

alt: here in Ohio Selma they say if no basement, go to the bathroom and seek shelter in the tub... somewhere in the "middle" of the house.. a closet for example

AYWalton: It is quite a scary thing. And imagine during the warm months of spring, as well as late summer into fall---day after day of a possible tornado. Kind of like waiting for an enemy attack in a war torn country.

Seventies: I see that the POTUS is really making an effort to get FEMA out there as quickly as possible to assist in the clean up efforts.

daviss: I have been through three rough ones

AYWalton: That is one reason I wanted to leave that part of the country. I grew up with that fear all the time.

Selma: It must have been frightening

alt: closest for me was the '74 tornado that tore up Xenia & Wilberforce, Ohio... it destroyed the old Wilberforce Univ campus.

AYWalton: It kind of makes you cautious throughout your entire life. I am a constant weather watcher to this day. I remember that storm in Xenia. Was on the news for days.

Selma: So whats new with you AY?

AYWalton: I recall major cities being hit---Wichita in the 1960s, Moore OK back in 99, small towns in KS as well. busy getting ready to travel Selma. I have the Jamboree in Burbank, followed by Samford.

Selma: Oh right...

AYWalton: then a short break, then MAAGI, then a break then FGS. going crazy with it all. then AAHGS in Nashville in Oct.

Seventies: Have safe travels this spring/summer Angela

Selma: But its a Good love this stuff

AYWalton: thanks Soulchile. lol I suppose, Selma.

Selma: Think I will only make AAHGS this year

AYWalton: Nashville should be fun---hope to go down to Giles County maybe.

alt: a plug for Roots Magic 6, or any program that has a search feature connected to internet genealogy sites. While working with RM6 this morning I was on my name... went to the internet search feature and it found a newspaper clipping from 1945 the was a note of appreciation for my father's funeral service with my name in the note..... blew my mind.

daviss: Wow alt

alt: probably see you at FGS in Ft. Wayne AYWalton

Seventies: Giles Co. is right next to the AL state border.. interesting.

AYWalton: oh great, alt!

Seventies: nice alt.

AYWalton: Yes it is and many from Giles county TN have relatives down in Limestone County AL. And many who served in the 110th and 111th USCT came from both counties.

Seventies: There are quite a few Laniers in that area and Madison Co. AL

AYWalton: My BASS ancestors, including Uncle Sephus were from Giles County, but enlisted in No. Alabama.

alt: okay, I have collateral family from Limestone, AL ... Athens

Selma: Is that Athens Alabama

AYWalton: they were captured in AL and escaped when the prisoners were moved a few miles to the north. yes, Athens!

Selma: There is a "colored census" for Athens one of the few outside of Virginia

AYWalton: Near Sulphur Branch Trestle.

Selma: Oops..let me check and make sure..

AYWalton: is that right, Selma? Tell me more! Khathu you are might quiet. Are you really in here?

Selma: Hold on before I start running my mouth WRONG

Seventies: I had briefly been trying to locate any family who may have enlisted in AL USCTs, if there were any. So the 110th and the 111th are both out of Alabama?

Selma: Let me check

alt: If you see any Yarbroughs, Mason's or Foy's from Limestone county, AL from post CW up to about the 1920's .... let me know please.... there might be a connection

AYWalton: Yes. ahhh ok, I will keep that in mind, Alt.

alt: ty AYWalton

AYWalton: yes, Seventies both are from No. Alabama.

Seventies: ok thanks AYWalton

Selma: BRB

AYWalton: I have found families in one year in TN and the next year the same folks were in AL. Been following the Redus line for someone.

Seventies: Huntsville, AL was the place of a lot of business during those Pre-CW days. brb

Selma: Alabama RG 105...Roll 19..Huntsville and Athens Hold on Negro Census for 1865 and Bounty Claims

AYWalton: ok Selma. for the town of Athens? I see that many of the Bounty claims are often buried in these wonderful RG 105 records.

Selma: John Fletcher age 60 Male Former Owner James M. Fletcher, Occupation Carpenter County Limestone State Alabama... I downloaded a number of the pages from the microfilm roll...can send

AYWalton: hmm..........looking up something.

Selma: Ordered thru the FHC.. Hold on let me check something else

AYWalton: ok I was checking to see if any Fletchers were in the 110th or 111th. now looking on the Soldiers and Sailors database.

daviss: There is a Lydia Foy born in 1826 living in Brownsfield Texas alt but no birth place

AYWalton: one in the 3rd Heavy Artillery from TN.

Selma: Ok this is my GOOD DEAD for the WEEK, maybe the YEAR Go to

AYWalton: quite a few regiments to look at to see.

alt: okay daviss, the Foy's I know of came to Urbana, Ohio ca 1910-1920 and married into my Adams/Walker family lines.

daviss: ok alt

Selma: in the search go put in Alabama Freedmen's Bureau.

AYWalton: your good deeds are always full of stuff, Selma! ahh ok.

Selma: Did you do what I just told you to do.. LOL

AYWalton: yes. am on the nara site. unless you meant and not .gov.

Selma: No sorry put in

AYWalton: ahh .org, ok. Oh that's the Internet archive, yes!!

Selma: Ok now type in Alabama Freedmen's Bureau

alt: Khathu, have you done any follow up research on your Brazil, IN folks lately?

AYWalton: are you sure, Selma. I think that is not it either.

Khathu: Nothing lately

Selma: Hold on

AYWalton: is one of the dummy template sites.


AYWalton: Oh I see the difference the word is archive and not archives.

Selma: Sorry don't have my glasses on.. LOL It takes you to all the Alabama rolls for RG 105

AYWalton: how far down is reel 19?

Selma: The census is on Roll 19 Hey i can't do it all for you Hold on let me find

daviss: lol llol

AYWalton: found it!!!

Selma: You can read it on line...

AYWalton: Ok skipped ahead and am right in the middle of the census for 1865. wow!!

Selma: I don't know why they don't come up in sequential order.. This is what MHait showed us last year...

AYWalton: I wonder if I should start a new blog---Gems from the Freedman's Bureau or something like that. HA!! Like I have nothing else to do!!!

Selma: I sent and folks..Ummm folks didn't read. Not all are there. NC is not there..

AYWalton: I know---but in any given community--there are gems to be found, which we all know. plus not many folks are out there writing anything.

Selma: Oh all the rolls are there for the states..but not all states are there states that are listed

AYWalton: exactly!

Selma: The Bounty Claims are on the same roll as census they come after the census There might be others on the other rolls

AYWalton: But there is merit with looking at these reels even if you think you have no ties to that state.

Selma: Oh without question

AYWalton: Such as the VA folks being sent to Alabama.

daviss: looking for Texas grrrr

Selma: Remember I found a report about Indian Country in VA wasn't names, but a report of what was going on

AYWalton: Mariah is hiding out somewhere, daviss. so much is there, I agree, Selma. Well folks I better run. I had planned to pop in for 10 minutes and have been here for about 45 minutes. :) have a great afternoon folks!

daviss: take care AYWalton

Selma: Alt and seventies did you get the link to the census

Khathu: Have a good one

alt: daviss, I dreamed there was a Mariah connection to be found in the Marshall, TX tree of the Edwards lady we talked about yesterday. LOL LOL Yes, I did Selma .. thanks

daviss: sheesh alt lol I need to look in your dream lol

Selma: I do have a number of images I saved from the microfilm roll..which I did before I found it it was on line..I can send

daviss: I did not see any clues but will keep the link

alt: I'm gonna go back and look at that tree with a "keener" eye LOL

daviss: lol Thank you alt!!!

alt: possibly a connecting surname and marriage.

daviss: I looked at the census for the Edwards man and saw the road they lived on

alt: Oops. Kahthu got away. wanted to ask him why is he so hard on the POTUS and his Morehouse speech.

daviss: yes alt, I saw that also

Selma: Folks..gotta run See you tonight?

daviss: bye Sel

alt: later Selma

daviss: I listened to the speech and thought it was right on

alt: Seventies must have gone to South America for her coffee LOL

daviss: lol big cup for the BD girl hello vkn!

vkn: happy yesterday and all year long seventies

alt: me too daviss RE"speech hello vkn

vkn: howdy daviss and alt alt did y'all get articles from moi

alt: yes I did vkn, thanks

daviss: Seventies must be at the lunch wagon

alt: guess so daviss

vkn: devastating reading some of the old newspapers some seem unforgivable

alt: well, I gotta skedaddle.. appt with the 'foot doctor' this PM ... y'all take care.

Seventies: Are you all leaving?

daviss: ok alt

Seventies: Ha ha ha y'all... lol

vkn: okies alt

alt: yeah Seventies , you left me

daviss: you were Mt'ing Missy

Seventies: I did leave my status as away :} I was outside trying to get some sun on these pale legs of mine.. lol

daviss: big coffee cup

vkn: and you wuz gone seventies

Seventies: No I didn't go to South America to get coffee... lol

daviss: pale legs!!! I knew it lol lol dna don't lie hahahaha

Seventies: I hope alt reads that later.. lol yeah that's that 11% caucasian... lol

vkn: poor thang lol

daviss: hahahaaaaa

Seventies: quit laughing at me daviss.. lol

daviss: ok

Seventies: Yep poor me :(

vkn: lol y'all be good

Seventies: I was trying to fight the itis... lol

daviss: guess I will boogie also.. take care

Seventies: Ok

daviss: bye

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