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2013-05-20 • Seventies Birthday


Start: 12:13:37
End: 13:24:54
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, HotLanta, karoshi, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, yatah

alt: hey daviss

daviss: heyyy alt! How's it going with you?

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss and yatah

daviss: Hello Selma and yatah yatah

yatah: hi

alt: okay, just got a report from Ancestry and some new DNA cousins

daviss: I got a few also but nowhere close I think its 5-9 gens

alt: daviss ... and 1 from Marshall, TX surnamed Edwards.. AA family

daviss: What!!!! hmmmm

alt: yep!!!!

Selma: Are they connected to you thru your NC folks alt? Today is 70's birthday

daviss: I don't think I have an Edwards surname alt on Ancestry or 23&Me

alt: there is a nice sized family tree connected ... dunno yet daviss, just got the email bout 10 minutes ago Happy birthday to 70's

daviss: Yep and I wonder if she will grace chat today

Selma: Think she said she would see us on Tuesday.. LOL

daviss: Oh yeah that's right lol

yatah: you know name mel collier ?

alt: gonna get off this laptop and go to the PC

daviss: yes yatah he was Reunion Forum manager

HistoryBuff: Hey all

daviss: heyyyy HistoryBuff

Selma: Afternoon Historybuff

daviss: In fact yatah he is the one that was helping you several years ago before Selma and i started

Selma: WB alr

daviss: You and he were trying then to connect with each other

Selma: alt

yatah: ok i lost his get touch lol

alt: hello all, again daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma & yatah

daviss: Is he in your Relative Finder yatah

yatah: no

daviss: oh ok

yatah: you still have his e mail or whatever ?

HistoryBuff: Hi ya Alt.

daviss: no I do not

yatah: dang it

alt: are you on Faceboo yatah, if so just search for Melvin Collier ... he recently moved from Atlanta to Wash DC, so perhaps he has a new email provider

daviss: mabe you can get his email through an old post

yatah: yes i am on facebook

alt: he posts frequently to the AfriGeneas Facebook page as well as others yatah

yatah: oh i don't know what called name on facebook

alt: Melvin Collier ?????? or AfriGeneas ???? you can type in either from your Facebook page is that not right daviss ????

daviss: thats right alt Yatah didn't you and Mel share the same surname?

yatah: yeah quiller rem?

alt: and he has "deep" SC roots

yatah: ok

daviss: thats what I thought.. Gee my memory still works sometimes lol

yatah: yeah maybe old for you lol

daviss: lol

HistoryBuff: Gotta run folks. Cya next time.

daviss: bye HB take care'

alt: bye HistoryBuff

Selma: Hey the Birthday Girl..Happy Birthday

yatah: i hope that why i ask and i can track who own slave

daviss: Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!!

Seventies: hi alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma and Yatah

yatah: hi

Seventies: Thank you for the birthday wishes!

alt: Happy birthday Seventies !!!!!!!! Are you 30 y/o yet? LOL LOL

daviss: yatah have you worked your way back yet from 1940 to 1870 for the Quiller surname?

Seventies: In a few years alt... lol lol

Selma: Ha

yatah: yep

alt: okay, I know I'm not supposed to ask a lady her age.

yatah: 1940 i not sure daviss

Seventies: ok just as long as you know alt.. lol

yatah: but i look up quiller 1870 there so

daviss: ok well you are moving right along

yatah: is mel collier is black right i not want click wrong one person lol

daviss: yes as far as I know he is Yatah

yatah: ok thanks

HotLanta: Howdy all

daviss: hello HotLanta!!

HotLanta: Hope all is well with all y'all

alt: got your 'stuff' together for Thursday Seventies? .. I'm sure you have, but I just wanted to put a little pressure on ya. LOL LOL LOL

daviss: ohhhhhhh alt lol

yatah: mel said enslaved by james law

alt: Hello HotLanta, all is well here, hope the same is true for you.

HotLanta: doing ok sleeping early/late

Seventies: lol thanks alt... I'm good to go!

alt: wonderful Seventies !!!!!

daviss: Thats good Yatah

yatah: i found in old post mel and i 2007 i save it maybe i need

Seventies: Ok y'all I just wanted to drop in on my day off.. :}

daviss: what do you mean drop?

alt: oh daviss, this Edwards person on AncestryDNA, her locations are TX & LA

Seventies: gotta run... talk at ya later!

alt: later Seventies

Khathu: hello everyone

alt: Hello Khathu

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

HotLanta: Howdy

daviss: hello Khathu...You just missed the Birthday Girl

Khathu: Okay, I didn't realize her bday was today

daviss: mabe alt when you get a convo with them you can give them my email

alt: okay davis, will do that

daviss: whoa alt you missed the other "S" sheesh! lol

HotLanta: shush

alt: Oops, missed an 's' and daviss left us LOL

daviss: lol

Khathu: lol

HotLanta: alt pushed daviss out with one s

alt: Here's th Edwards lady's Ancestry profile davisS frankieedwards90's activity Member since 8 Dec 2003 Last signed in 4 months ago Profile updated 4 months ago About frankieedwards90 Gender Female Age Group 40-49 Education Bachelors Degree Employment Full-time Languages English Lineage African Religion Spiritual but not religious Family History Experience Experience Level Intermediate Researching since 1990 How often? Almost every day

yatah: how i can find mel collier? if he on AfriGeneas on facebook ?

HotLanta: Almost every day

daviss: alt mentioned how to do that yatah earlier...put in his name on FaceBook

yatah: i did there is few name there i dont know which one

daviss: ok hold on let me look brb thats his FB page.. Good luck with it ask him to friend you?

Khathu: ttyl

alt: Oops, was gonna ask Khathu, if he got those new clothes yesterday

yatah: i not see nothing black you gave me lol

daviss: alt test that link please because I see it

HotLanta: daviss do you get the Houston style magazine?

yatah: i mean blank e idiot me

HotLanta: it is advertising Texas Black Expo June 21-23

daviss: I have not been in my email yet HotLanta, I got home in time to get to chat. Taylor started a new summer job today and I have to play driver

Selma: Driving Miss Taylor.. LOL

HotLanta: Good for Taylor

daviss: lol yes, she was excited

yatah: did mel collier put come from and move to ?

daviss: Az State Dept through Kelley Services

yatah: i hope i can find fast my brain slow

HotLanta: Very good re Kelley service

daviss: yep, sure will help when she goes back to school

karoshi: Good afternoon everyone!

daviss: hello karoshi!!

HotLanta: howdy karoshi

Selma: Afternoon karoshi

HotLanta: what is new with karoshi

alt: hello karoshi

karoshi: Annoyed HotLanta! lol

HotLanta: oh dear

karoshi: I'm about done with these OH,MI,IN, and KY people. I need a new family! lol

daviss: lol karoshi a new one may be worse lol

karoshi: Maybe so daviss. I don't have a family tree I got a wreath.

daviss: hhahahahaha I hear ya

karoshi: The more I add the more it just circles back.

daviss: Ohio should have some good records

alt: that happens in many family trees karoshi, called "pedigree collapse" or something like that when we have inter-marriages between families from past generations.

karoshi: But it seems to be every generation. Spanning from OH, IN, MI, and KY. Oh and VA and NC. Always always ALWAYS back to VA and NC.

alt: Well, if they started in KY look to family migrations into OH, IN & MI and for VA/NC look to migrations to OH and then how they expand out to othe other states. you'l probably find not only a migration pattern, but often a naming apttern within these families

karoshi: I do. Especially with Stewart's. Is it because they were FPOC's? Sticking together?

alt: could be or just families sticking together.... "plantation kin", not just FPOC

Selma: There was protection in numbers..cause their numbers weren't that great depending on where they were

yatah: hey his name melivin j collier ?

karoshi: I'm not even doing any new research. This is all from my connections on tribal pages. I have 526 with the Charles Sidney Smith page and 192 with alt's

daviss: yes yatah

alt: Charles Sidney Smith ... is that from Debbie McIntosh's (?) page

karoshi: Yes sir.

daviss: thats quite a lot karoshi

karoshi: I know daviss. I've added about 200 names from yesterday to today. And that is only starting with a connection to one family.

daviss: wow

alt: yes, her page answered many of my questions about famly that went to MI and some of those marriages that took place

yatah: ok thanks daviss i can type right

daviss: yes yatah and you are welcome

karoshi: Seems a lot of the Cass Co. MI people went to IN. Which is were the Robert's settlement was.

Selma: Folks..have to run..have a great day

yatah: i found his blog

alt: I thought the movement was in the other direction karoshi .. from IN to MI.

daviss: ok yatah

karoshi: I've seen it both ways. Especially with the Weavers and some Stewart's.

alt: okay

karoshi: Some even from TN to IN to MI to KS.

daviss: Do you have any Tolberts or Tollivers that may have migrated to Tx From KY

karoshi: The only TX I have are Penman's and Broadus. From KY.

daviss: Do you know where in TX karoshi?

karoshi: Let me check real quick.

daviss: k

alt: let me skedaddle for the day ... daviss, I'll get back with you on the Edwards & Marshall, TX connection.

karoshi: Around West Columbia daviss

daviss: thank you so much alt

karoshi: yatah were you working on the Stewart's in Gallia county, Ohio?

daviss: oh ok karoshi, thats rather far from Harrison County

karoshi: If I see anymore I'll let you know daviss. Where in KY are they coming from?

daviss: I am really not sure yet karoshi, I am trying to find that out..I have them in 1870 census in Texas that is They are with Ware but cant figure out when the Ware's came to Tx

karoshi: Ok. I just added some Ware's but they are in Michigan and Ohio.

daviss: ok

karoshi: Ware's from KY as well?

daviss: yes

karoshi: I see some Ware's from Christian, Campbell, Kenton, and Pulaski counties.

daviss: writing those counties down now karoshi thx take care karoshi and HotLanta....

karoshi: See ya

daviss: thanks again

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