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2013-05-16 • DAVISS & DAVIS


Start: 12:03:01
End: 12:57:15
Chatters: alt, daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vicjorob

Seventies: hi vicjorob

vicjorob: Hey lady. How are you?

Seventies: doing good. How are you?

vicjorob: Okay. Having to use my iPhone app to access the chat room. Work computer not allowing it. Any new things you working on?

Seventies: Just preparing for Bernice's show next thursday

vicjorob: I should listen in. What's the best way?

Seventies: You can listen at blog talk radio dot com live stream or you can listen later to the podcast.

vicjorob: Okay. I will subscribe. My iPhone podcast app has been giving me fits so now I downloaded one that should handle blogspot better. What's the name of her show?

Seventies: Research at the National Archives and Beyond

vicjorob: Forgot to ask. What's your topic for the show?

alt: Hi Ladies, Seventies & vicjorob

Seventies: Mississippi Records is the topic. Hi alt

vicjorob: Hi alt

Seventies: Mississippi Genealogy resources. the url is

alt: Am I understanding you will be on Bernice's show next week Seventies?

Seventies: yes sir

alt: wonderful, congratulations!!!!

Seventies: Thank you alt

vicjorob: This should be interesting

Seventies: Just talkin' 'bout the 'sip.. lol And what I know. hi daviss

daviss: hello alt, Seventies and vicjorob!

Seventies: So what's going on new with you guys?

alt: hello daviss

vicjorob: Hi daviss

daviss: took me a while to get in here smh in here lol

vicjorob: Davis. Always wanted to ask. Why the two "s"

Seventies: more net issues? Sheesh.

alt: I'm just adding the 'source' information to some of my records from what I'm finding on FamilySearch.

Seventies: adding to roots magic or tribal pages?

alt: and saving the images when they are available

daviss: Two brothers one used one and the other used two...No idea why. The one s went up north and the two "s" stayed in Texas

alt: roots magic, but they will show when I upload my next GEDCOM file to Tribal Pages.

Seventies: ok up north, daviss? Where?

vicjorob: Seventies. Just busy documenting a portion of my paternal grandfather's maternal tree. Lots of relatives there.

Seventies: that's awesome!

daviss: Kansas, Michigan etc

Seventies: Ok...

vicjorob: Daviss. I like how you differentiated that. It's like thing one one thing two no offense intended. Where in the south for your two s folks?

daviss: Until I started my research I never knew about the Davis folks and the way they spelled their last name. Texas via NC I don't think there was a feud or anything, just the sign of the times lol

Seventies: have you been able to locate any other folks from NC who came around the same time your Daviss' did daviss??

vicjorob: Ok

daviss: vicjorob do you remember Michael Emery from the old days He is listed right under your name re coining name well his mother is a one "S" Davis lol

Seventies: Selma hey!

daviss: hello Selma!

Selma: Afternoon lunchbunchers..alt, daviss, seventies and vicjorob

vicjorob: I remember meeting him but it was so long Go. So he may be cousin of sorts of yours? Afternoon Selma

alt: Hello Selma

daviss: he is my cousin How's it going Selma!

vicjorob: Cool!

Seventies: wow daviss, you have kin everywhere! :} brb

daviss: In fact met him through AfriGeneas in the 90's.. He wanted to know why I was interested in his great grandfather lol

vicjorob: At least you have relatives doing research. On my father's side there are hundred of folks but no one doing research. Ì� ΩÌ∏¢

daviss: our gg grands are brothers, thus the one "s" two "s" Daviss Nope he is not doing it anymore lol I know more than him lol lol

vicjorob: Oh too bad.

daviss: trying to get him back into it. He has been quite busy with other stuff However I have a better view on that line than I do on my maternal side and he has helped with that

vicjorob: Daviss. Just dawned on me. The Dr Seuss reference s/b One Fish Two Fissh. Duh Ì� ΩÌ∏á

alt: if he has been out of it for any length of time he will be surprised at how far we have come and what is now available on line Daviss.

daviss: lol lol for sure alt

vicjorob: Anyone know of any SW Arkansas researchers on Afrigeneas?

daviss: where in Ark is Angela researching Ft Smith is all I know

vicjorob: She is NW Arkansas near Ft Smith

daviss: oh ok where is Hope?

vicjorob: Hope is in Miller which is SW.

Seventies: I am looking forward to alt writing a book about his family. :}

Khathu: hello

Seventies: Hi Khathu

alt: hello Khathu

daviss: ok there is a lady in my group here that is researching in Hope hello Khathu

alt: no book coming from me Seventies

daviss: My Mitchell's and Cryers are from Hope However they went on to Okla

Seventies: okay you guys have so many stories to tell and you're not going to document them? gggrrrrr

vicjorob: Daviss. Cool. Hope is about 30 miles from Texarkana and Ashdown where many of my Dancer collaterals went. Hi khathu. Are you still in need of a lookup at the NARA?

daviss: Hmmmmm Dwayne Dancer was a huge radio person in Dallas years ago

Khathu: I live 10 minutes away from NARA but thanks

vicjorob: Could be a relative. I'm still recreating this branch, starting with the siblings of my 2 great grandmother. Daviss. Where do you live?

daviss: Sunny Arizona vicjorob lol

Selma: Afternoon Khahtu

Seventies: Khathu, what is new with you??

Khathu: Good afternoon Selma

Seventies: How is the gig at the FHC going?

vicjorob: Davis. Oh, thought you were in the south.

Khathu: I am working on my presentation for the Anne Arundel Genealogical Society and writing up a case study

daviss: no, I wish I were for research purposes and fishing only

Seventies: A case study on the Dorseys?

vicjorob: Fishing. Understood.

daviss: lol

Khathu: A slave era research using oral history

Seventies: Ok sounds interesting.

Selma: doing a "daviss trick" and out

vicjorob: I keep getting bumped. Perhaps it is a sign I need to log off. Take care everyone.

Seventies: ok later vicjorob

alt: later vicjorob

daviss: lol bye vicjorob Are you still with the Tex-Ark-La group Khathu?

Seventies: Did they invite you to write another article Khathu?

Khathu: No I am not I am writing series of case studies, one per month.

daviss: gotta run

Khathu: I need to go as well.

alt: my turn, laters y'all

Seventies: um bye? lol See ya Selma.

Selma: Bye

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