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2013-05-10 • Joseph White Alabama


Start: 12:11:44
End: 13:31:36
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies

Selma: Morning Mizz Daviss...

daviss: Hello Selma, and how are you today? It already 79 degrees here and only 9:am

Selma: Its going to be in the 80's here today... Did you go to Blog Talk Radio last night..I couldn't get to the web site..

daviss: lol it should be that in about 10 more minutes

Selma: It wouldn't load

daviss: Yes, I did, it was interesting listening

Selma: Afternoon alt..

daviss: That has happened to me before and what I did was go to FB and clicked on the link from one of those Bernice posted

alt: Hi ladies, daviss & Selma, hope allis well with you today.

Selma: I tried to do that too alt..didn't work. I never had that happen before

daviss: Hey alt!!

Selma: I meant I tried to do that too daviss

alt: just finished listening to Bernice's show from last night.

Selma: What was it about?

daviss: I wonder if you had to reboot?

Selma: I tried to do that too..shut down my computer the whole thing..It was wierd

alt: a lady who researched her family from SC to LA and has written a book about her research and is attempting to make it into a movie.

Selma: What was the family's journey?

alt: it's a lonnng story Selma LOL

daviss: here is the movie trailer

Selma: Oh there is a there is a movie

daviss: He was a religious man and I got the impression that he had the "gift" Did you get that impression alt

Selma: How was lunch yesterday alt?

alt: that's what came across daviss

daviss: Mabe passing it on also to her....

alt: enjoyable Selma, we then went to the Casino and I was lucky enough to win a "few" Benjamin's LOL LOL LOL

daviss: Wow!! thats great alt and just in time for Mother's Day lol lol

Selma: LOL Tiger made an eagle alt.. Doesn't come until till 1PM EST

alt: Well, it was supposed to be for my birthday daviss, but I ended up paying for the whole thing LOL

Selma: As it should be alt.. LOL

daviss: hehehehehee

alt: okay Selma anything 'big' on AA's coming out of the NGS Conference going on in Las Vegas? I haven't heard of anything

Selma: Are you going daviss?

alt: it's going on now Selma

daviss: nawwww Selma.. I am still drained

Selma: Understand that daviss..

daviss: Its only a 3 hr drive from here

Selma: Sometimes "3 hours" can seem like 8

alt: This time last year was the "fuss" about the lack of AA's being involved.

daviss: Nevada has an AA Gen group..

alt: or being "invited" to be involved.

daviss: that is the key alt good enough to be in the listening and learning audience

alt: daviss, I wonder how many, if any, AA genealogist submitted to the CFP's... and if so, were they rejected and for what reasons.

daviss: no idea alt but I think those concerns were always there We do have some excellent presenters

alt: any comment Selma?

daviss: Selma must be on phone

alt: perhaps most who were "qualified/capable" are preparing for the Institute in St. Louis.

Selma: Sorry away...putting Golf Channel for mom.. LOL

alt: hope Tiger can get a win at Saw Grass

Selma: Tiger and Sergio..leading at -10

alt: okay Tiger!!!!!

daviss: could be alt but they should have many in close prox like the Cali group

Selma: Looking for speakers who can address the issues of the largest number of their members..

alt: and then the SoCAl Jamboree is coming up soon too.

Selma: numerically and percentage wise

daviss: Yes but don't you think in order to address our issues we have to know all issues

Selma: Yes...

daviss: brb I hear kids outside

alt: I noticed at the OGS Conference that the "other" ethnic tracks had a much larger attendence than the AA track .... maybe like 10-1 in numbers.

Selma: I think the 2nd one I went to Reginald Washington did a presentation on Southern was all encompassing..and he included ALL kinds of examples

alt: German & Irish were always "packed" I think that might be our "problem" Selam, unlike Reginald most of our presenters maybe somewhat "too specific' and can't speak to a general audience

Selma: That is there focus...but I believe there is something to be learned from listening to ALL presentations...

alt: I think I have a good grasp of methodology, but my presentations are loaded with examples that apply mainly to the AA experience.

Selma: As it should be cause that is your focus...

daviss: ok back sorry

Selma: But there is still something to be learned by their story and migration which should apply to all researchers

alt: and again, the problem... 'most" paying customers aren't interested in the AA experience.

daviss: well no shock there alt

alt: nope daviss, no shock

daviss: Mabe I will be able to attend the next MAAGI....

Selma: The NGS in Richmond in 2007..had a much larger group of AA in attendance..

alt: something to look forward to daviss

Selma: Bunch of folks from AAHGS in NY came down and other places

daviss: The Net was not loaded with as much info then but we still need to hit the courthouses

alt: location is a biggie Selma .. if I went to Las Vegas it wouldn't be about genealogy LOL LOL

daviss: lol alt

Selma: LOL

alt: right daviss, and it would seem to me that all of the stuff found on the "net would cause folks to want to go to the courthouses and see/copy/touch/feel those original records

Selma: Nope alt

alt: I guess not Selma

Selma: Tiger at -9..Sergio at -11... Or they assume what they find on line is "all"

daviss: yep Selma

alt: my problem/focus is too narrow since I live in the area where much of the history/family is located within a 40-50 mile radius. and I've been to those courthouses

daviss: lucky lucky alt

Selma: You have NC roots

alt: very lucky daviss yes Selma.. and I would love to be able to go to NC and research 'in person"

daviss: do you have the county down

alt: and I'm finding the NC information I would love to see only because a lot of it is becoming available online yes daviss. a couple, but primarily Edgecombe Co. and some of Northampton/Halifax

daviss: stumbling with counties on my end. I even have a will that states the person came from Ala but no county mentioned

Selma: What about the other people in the will?

alt: in what county was the Will probated?

daviss: nothing that mentions the county for anyone. My gggrandparents are listed

Selma: When was this will written?

daviss: 1853 The owners name is common Joseph White

Selma: Jeez.. nobody has done a genealogy of this Joseph White family?

alt: can you detemine the county of record by searching for the surname of the Will on census records around the time frame of when it was written?

daviss: not that I could find The will was probated in Texas but they bought the slaves from Ala and NC

alt: Joseph White in alabama in 1850 would be a start for county(s) right?

daviss: they were in Texas in 50

Selma: The white slave owning family had migrated from NC to Alabama to Texas where the HOH died and

alt: I might look for White's in NC & Ala prior to 1850 on census records

daviss: He had sons left in Ala but I could not find them as of yet

Selma: How old was he when he died?

daviss: He was btw 75-80

alt: hi Seventies

Seventies: hey now! y'all waited up for me! :}

Selma: So born circa..1780..

daviss: That is the will that I enlarged about the size of my coffee table

Selma: Afternoon seventies..

Seventies: hi alt, daviss and Selma

daviss: Heyyy Seventies

alt: and the census for those early years indicates slave owners & how many slaves they may of had.

daviss: yep

Selma: Was he married? was she alive when he died

alt: so explain your "tardiness" Seventies

Selma: You need a "pass" seventies

Seventies: lol rrriiiigggghhhtttt lol

daviss: 2nd wife during the time of the will. I am looking to see when she died with hopes of finding my great grandmother listed.. She was born in 1856

Seventies: Its a beautiful day out. Took a walk. and daviss told me it was ok... lol

Selma: Oh goodness a healthy excercise..someone pass the Chips

daviss: lol lol

Seventies: lol Selma

alt: coming up in here all late like you're some kind of privileged character!!!! LOL

Selma: Those younguns alt.. LOL

daviss: lol lol lol alt

Seventies: well hey. lol

alt: yep Selma, don't they have some nerve LOL LOL

Seventies: Okay so I have a new challenge.

alt: daviss, maybe you're looking for the Will to tell you more than what is actually there ......

Seventies: This one is North Carolina... a friend of mine is looking for her maternal grandfathers family.

Selma: It gives her names of his children and wife...thats a good starting point..does it give anyone else

alt: right, have your "behind" here and on time from now on Seventies .. that's your challange LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: I am listening seventies..LOL

daviss: Yes two more children that i have not been able to find and did not know of

Seventies: Richard Harris b 1888 in TN.. but moved to Lumberton, NC and married Nellie Mae McLean. Details are that he was a migrant worker, but nellie and her children stayed in NC. I'm sorry Richard was born in 1884. So I found the mom Nellie in the census and her DC. But nothing on Richard's origins in TN.

Selma: They married in NC?

Seventies: I even tried to find his D.C. but not sure of which Richard he is. Yes they did.

Selma: Any WW! draft record?

Seventies: Located the marriage record. I thought I did, but not for sure yet. One more quick note. He had a sister Margaret... but how common are the names Richard and Margaret?

Selma: Does Margaret go to NC too..or you only know her name?

Seventies: I hadn't check the map yet... that is my next to-do I want to see where Lumberton, NC is to get an idea of where the family may have come from and check surrounding counties in NC and possibly TN

Selma: Lumberton is not a county

Seventies: No

Selma: It is in Robeson

alt: lumbee country

Selma: Robeson borders SC I love my Map Guide to US Census book.. LOL

Seventies: Ok but that's one of those things I have to check for myself. I already have some info and I think I can come up with some more stuff. The ultimate goal of my friend is to locate the descendants of her maternal grandfather. and his family.

daviss: Is that still available seventies oops I mean Selma'

Seventies: ah huh... lol

Selma: I don't know daviss..had mine for awhile...

alt: Seventies 1884... there should be DC and other records for those descendants on the NC databases as well as FamilySearch.... that's where I've been having luck with NC relatives around that time frame

Selma: What was happening in Lumberton which would make him migrate seventies..was there some kind of industry or jobs?

Seventies: alt, yeah I see that there is a lot of good stuff online there. I'm not sure yet. Got the info late last night. This will help me get my chops up for my pending NC research for my cousin Diane.

alt: Lumber Selma

Selma: OK

Seventies: Hey we're having cake.. another birthday... :} See you all on FB!

Selma: Time for me to run too folks..put on the Golf Channel alt. Have a great day

daviss: u2

alt: well, I'm outa here too gotta rest up for Hoops tonite Bulls vs Heat

daviss: later alt have a great day

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