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2013-05-08 • Searching & Finding


Start: 12:10:16
End: 13:27:14
Chatters: alt, daviss, deannie, HistoryBuff, karoshi8, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

daviss: hello there Seventies!

Seventies: hello thar daviss! lol

daviss: how are you doing today

Seventies: doing pretty good. How are you?

daviss: ok ok I guess lol still early for me

Seventies: lol oh yeah like 9 am huh?

daviss: For some reason I am sleeping too hard since the seasons changed

Seventies: its the time change from TX to AZ And probably other things. Just get your rest.

daviss: no, its been that way for awhile then I am wide awake til the wee hrs of the night :?

Seventies: that's not good. Hello Selma

daviss: Hello there Selma

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon daviss and seventies

Seventies: Ok so I am really liking the NEW family search

daviss: Good for you Seventies lol

Seventies: You read my fb status, huh? :) So I got the VA record for Richard Earl's pension. Excited about that. hi alt

alt: Hi y'all.. thought you'd get away without me bugging you, huh? LOL

Selma: Afternoon alt..

deannie: Good afternonn everyone

Seventies: :}

daviss: thats great seventies

Selma: Afternoon deannie

daviss: hi alt and deannie

Seventies: I need to confirm Richard Earl's relationship to the Earls family that Roxie McFarland married into.

daviss: hahahaha @alt no such thoughts

karoshi8: Good afternoon everyone!

Seventies: Hi deannie and karoshi8

alt: so hi, daviss, deannie, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies

Selma: Afternoon karoshi8

daviss: hello karoshi8

deannie: Hi alt, daviss,karoshi8, selma, seventies, and

Selma: Is this a CW Pension record seventies

Seventies: Yes a CW pension file that is housed at the VA....

Selma: Why is it housed at the VA?

Seventies: I'm not sure. But someone may have made a pension claim in later years.... the last entry I see is 1920

Selma: Ok...

Seventies: Or the pension claim was still open

daviss: very nice Seventies..anything in there that will expand on new names?

Seventies: No, but it does explain the appearance of cousin Millie Earls.... See because all the Earls were thought only to be cousins to my ggrandaunts Kate and Jane. But this brings other family relationships into play.

daviss: thats wonderful

Seventies: See from what I was looking at, the Earls were not related to my gg grandfather. Hi HistoryBuff

daviss: Hello HistoryBuff

deannie: I need a little help with a search for someone I chatted with online last night...their id was ihhmag...she/he are looking for Jane and Isabelle Demeanus/Demenus in New York in 1860...they have located them on the 1850 and 1870 U S Census....I told them that all of you are the best researchers I know

alt: sounds like a case for "cluster genealogy" Seventies

deannie: Hi Historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

Seventies: Yes Richard served with Mary's uncles in the 58th USCT under similar cirumstances

alt: hello HistoryBuff

karoshi8: Hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: Both transferred or credited to the 58th USCT in the reg't records But doesn't say WHERE they were transferred from. I am wondering if they were 'contraband'

HistoryBuff: Good question Seventies

alt: was the 58th "consolidated" with some other unit Seventies?

HistoryBuff: Seventies

Seventies: Not to my knowledge... Usually when I see that, they list all of the other units associated with the soldiers service.

alt: so you're saying they served with two different units ????

HistoryBuff: Where did they enlist?

Selma: Afternoon Historybuff

Seventies: No I'm saying that their enlistment was credited to the Natchez District/58th USCT

Selma: Deannie..did you invite the person to our Lunch Bunch chat

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma.

Seventies: There is not any indication that they served prior to based on the info. That's what leads me to think that they may have been contraband.

deannie: Yes I told him/her they were on last nite

daviss: was sadonya in chat last night deannie?

deannie: No just me and ihhmag

alt: if they were there in 1850 & 1870 sounds like they might just ne mis-indexed in 1860. there= on the census

Selma: Are you using the term "contraband" to mean that he was located in some other area or another state and "ran to Union lines"

Seventies: No I'm saying they left Wilkinson Co and went up to Natchez

HistoryBuff: Good question Selma.

daviss: oh ok deannie and what was the first name

Seventies: Natchez was a hub of Union loyalist .... lol .... activity To a certain extent.

deannie: Jane and Isbella (both listed as black) in New York

Selma: Seventies..when you say went they went up to Natchez..then yes they "ran to Union LInes"

Seventies: oh okay....

Selma: They didn't take a Greyhound.. LOL

Seventies: lol nope probably just ran like greyhounds.. lol

Khathu: Hello everyone

HistoryBuff: LOL!

Seventies: Hello Khahtu!

daviss: hi Khathu!!

deannie: Hi Khathu

HistoryBuff: Hey. Khathu

alt: Hello Khathu whole lot of folks hear and ain't nobody talkin' LOL LOL hear=here

karoshi8: I'm just listening!

HistoryBuff: Same here

Seventies: lol well now alt, you are a repository of historical knowledge.. enlighten us

daviss: listening to seventies account of her find and also mting in 1860 NY census for deannie lol

alt: whaddayu wanna know? LOL

Selma: Afternoon khahtu

Seventies: How to successfully find your FPOC in Ohio and VA... lol

Khathu: we need to talk about how we can professionalize AA genealogists or at least raise the bar a few notches

alt: deannie, these NY folks they were obivously FPOC >>>

Seventies: I would love to have a course on how to trace your enslaved ancestors....

deannie: I know I know

Seventies: at all levels. I can admit that I.NEED.HELP.

Khathu: I am teaching one next month at the Anne Arundel County Genealogical Society

daviss: Anyone going to MAAGI?

alt: practice, practice, practice Khathu .... how do you mean professionalize? not me daviss

Seventies: deannie, what do you need help on with NY FPOCs. I am about an hour outside NYC

Khathu: I mean in relation to source citation, writing up their research, submitting articles to be published in journals, etc. and teaching more advanced research classes

alt: okay Khathu, in other words, be more than a 'drive-by" genealogist.

Khathu: Most of the classes on AA research appear to be targeted toward beginners

Seventies: I think its needed.

Khathu: @alt more like an arm chair researcher

deannie: I trying to locate jane and Isbella Demeanus/Demenus on the 1860 U S Census...for I met her/him last nite on AfriGeneas These are her people.

Selma: I agree Khathu & alt...but good many folks don't want to do all that that entails..

alt: "most" genealogist are beginners Khathu, ever notice who most classes are greaed toward at a genealogy workshop? B=Beginner I=intermediate A=advanced .... very few I & A sessions

Selma: and that entails knowing everything about what is going on within the state or region you are researching not necessarily directly related to AA's

daviss: is that not what the MAAGI ?

Selma: One of the best presentations I have heard was done by a white researcher on migration out the state of VA..I didn't go there to hear about black folks..I went there to hear about migration of white folks out of the state..cause they took the black folks with them in some cases

daviss: Is that not what MAAGI is about

alt: I've been at it for 25 years and at best I would call myself Intermediate.... too many areas I'm deficient in.

Seventies: really alt?

alt: yep Seventies

Selma: deannie..that Demenus surname sounds familiar..has that person been to the chat before

alt: I've heard DeRemus, not Demenus

deannie: I do not know i saw it last nite for the first time

Seventies: See I thought you were advanced... I would consider you advanced.

alt: I appreciate that Seventies, but no way am I advanced

HistoryBuff: Indeed

alt: and I really consider myself more of a family historian than a genealogist.

Selma: Just because you are deficient in "some" areas alt..doesn't mean you are not advanced..

alt: only thing advanced about me is my age Selma LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: members "unite"

daviss: :o

alt: heck, I'm so old that I'm a "Senior" AARP member LOL

Selma: You got the GOLD card..

karoshi8: Golden Buckeye Card!

alt: platinum !!!

Seventies: I'm telling y'all don't start! lol lol lol

HistoryBuff: LOL!

Seventies: Ok can we talk genealogy equipment, please? and thank you. :}

Selma: are not necessarily talking about AA doing this as a profession..but taking a more professional attitude in what they ?

Khathu: @Selma exactly

Seventies: I need a new voice recorder. any recommends? Something with a usb and a few GB of memory.

alt: Khathu, Citation is an area where we are usually the weakest..

Khathu: as well as reading alt

alt: no doubt, reading without question

Seventies: I plan to make up for a few years of missed genealogy opportunities by interviewing EVERYONE that I can.+ in MS

deannie: Sounds like a plan to me seventies

HistoryBuff: Brb.

alt: Seventies, then when you get the interviews hit the "books" and separate fact from fiction.

Selma: You mean reading like a "BOOK".. LOL

Seventies: alt, I already know that.. but hey stories are great...

deannie: I an unable to locate a good voice recorder

Seventies: I have an RCA, BUT my batteries leaked inside and I want something of a good quality that I can put the interviews on my website.

alt: true Seventies, but they need to "cited' as stories and not incorporated into the factual aspects of one's genealogy

HistoryBuff: I'm back.

Seventies: oh yea, everything presents contexual clues for me.

alt: I've seen too many narratives that 'contradict' the facts of documented genealogy.... in the same set of "trees'.

karoshi8: I try to talk to everyone I can Seventies, but you have to watch out for conflicting stories.

Seventies: Sometimes stories are just really good. And its entertaining just to listen.

Selma: I think conflicting stories should be written as such..and identified as conflicting stories...

Seventies: I'm compiling a list of people as we speak.

alt: no doubt Seventies & that's what I'm talking about Selma .. identifying conflicting "stories"

Selma: Families and individuals have a "vested interest" in this information..we have to sort out stories and set it straight..and in many cases..folks still think you don't know what you are talking about.

Seventies: And I am hoping to visit Dallas County and Autauga County, AL as well.

Khathu: Have a good one

Selma: So no resting on the beach for you this summer seventies.. LOL

deannie: I have to run also....back to work have a great day

Seventies: No ma'am! I got thangs to do, big thangs! lol

HistoryBuff: Later 70s.

alt: exactly Selma, and that is a big problem when relating one's findings to family when they are more interested in maintaining family mythodolgy.

karoshi8: I agree alt. The stories are great to listen to, but it gets frustrating when they don't add up to the documentation.

alt: yep karoshi8

karoshi8: Always makes me second guess myself. And I do that enough! lol

daviss: lol karoshi8

alt: and the truth can be hurtful to folks that have an ingrained belief in some of those stories

Selma: I listen to the stories..and go where the records take me

karoshi8: Yes alt! Sometimes I am just grateful that people will speak to me about the family in general.

daviss: I envy those who had stories to listen to. That is a part of my life that I missed out on

Seventies: I'm going to use every thing I've got to get these folks to talk to me. I know its hard.Sometimes they don't want to talk to us.

alt: I'm having a problem with stories about how our family was "beat out" of property when in fact most of the family walked away from the property and their responsibilty to it.

daviss: now to get my folks to listen to my stories lol

alt: good luck daviss

Seventies: alt that's a sensitive topic for a lot of people. So I don't go there and if I must, I tread lightly.

Selma: Write them up daviss...tape yourself...put them in some repository

Seventies: daviss is being modest.... StoryCorp was in her town... did you get a chance to go daviss?

alt: good advice Selma...

daviss: nope Seventies I did not even though I was told about it being here

Seventies: yeah I told you... lol

HistoryBuff: By the way-------The African American Civil war Museum will be commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Bureau of the United States Colored Troops at 1925 Vermont Avenue, Washington, DC during Tues., May 21, 2013, and Wed., May 22, 2013. A link is as follows:

daviss: :?

alt: thanks for the heads-up HistoryBuff

Seventies: That's unfortunate... and yes I did. I posted the link on your FB page. You have a lot of good stories daviss.

Selma: Thanks history it on the Genealogy and Military Forum

daviss: thanks HB for the link and don't forget to post on Forum

alt: now is the time for the USCT descendants to really become active on this 150th anniversary my angst and argument was and is still all of the activity/talk about the USCT since CW150 started 2 years ago and the USCT wasn't even in existence at that time 1860-1861.

Seventies: I haven't seen much of anything, but I will keep it in mind. I also see that the AACWM is being repaired? wow

alt: As we keep saying .. time, place & context

Seventies: Yes, this is our 150th year since 1863. But I wonder how the Corp de Afrique played into this. some were established before 1863, like the 10th corp de Afrique in Louisiana and Ullman's brigade.

Selma: No angst for me have to start talking about it while there is interest..can't wait till the date

HistoryBuff: Okay Daviss. Thanks. Yes, Seventies, the monument is being repaired. Tours and events still take place in the museum.

Seventies: thanks HistoryBuff.

HistoryBuff: TYW

alt: I guess Selma

Selma: When they were planning for the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown..they started 10 years before... I went to a can't wait

alt: so let's see how much "activity" we get from this point forward on USCT history.

HistoryBuff: The Corp de Afrique was first established from the Louisiana Native Guard.

Seventies: well you know how we do.... :|

Selma: Yes I do seventies.. lOL

HistoryBuff: Makes sense that we need to get our input in the planning. WB Selma.

alt: yes HistoryBuff ... and it was established initially as part of the confederate effort okay, it's skedaddle time for me y'all take care

Seventies: and the financial backing would've been wonderful as well.

Selma: Yep..time for me to go too..have a great day Have a great day

Seventies: bye alt and Selma

daviss: oops

Seventies: Well its a slow day at work... very slow.. lol

daviss: guess I will head out also. I need to take a walk lol

Seventies: what??? Omg lol

daviss: to the corner lol lol

Seventies: You mean the whole 50 ft? lol

daviss: yep lol

Seventies: Ok then well I need to get going too . . . I guess... lol

HistoryBuff: Okay good folks. See ya next time.

daviss: talk later

Seventies: see you HB, karoshi8 and daviss.

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