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2013-05-07 • Demeanus NY 1700s -1892


Start: 21:30:00
End: 22:26:05
Chatters: deannie, ihhmag

deannie: Evening

ihhmag: Hi. Are we the only ones online?

deannie: Hi ihhmag evening So far yes....your name is new to long have you been hook lol I

ihhmag: Ive been researching a year.

deannie: I have been been hooked about 9 years Glad to chat with you...what are your surnames and your countries

ihhmag: Great. You can tell me the dos and donts Demeanus or Demenus in USA.

deannie: My names are TYLER,BRADLEY,HALL, SHELTON, and my States/Counties are Claiborne, Jefferson, Ms, and Cook county,Il

ihhmag: I am trying to find Demeanus or Demenus in NY from 1700s to 1892.

deannie: I am still learning myself...but this site has a lot of good genealogists. I learn some thing everything I enter. I type faster than I talk so please forgive my grammar Do you know what county they were in

ihhmag: No problem. Should I try the AAH-Librarians or Census Chat?

deannie: Were they free people of color

ihhmag: Im thinking Manhattan.

deannie: Ok,,,Have have you located them on the census at all

ihhmag: If they are my ancestors, yes.

deannie: You do not know if they are the family you are researching

ihhmag: Yes. I have found names in some census but still trying to find if they are one of the same for me. Exactly. The surname is unusual and the two people are listed as colored.

deannie: Ok...sounds like a good match...but I know you always have a little more information to see if they are your family

ihhmag: Yes. They stop showing up on census a year later from when they are listed.

deannie: what census did you locate them...hold on let me find a pen and paper

ihhmag: Jane Demeanus 1850 and 1870 census.

deannie: If you found them in 1850 they might have been free

ihhmag: Yes, thats is what I'm thinking.

deannie: you when unable to locate her in 1860

ihhmag: Right. Not sure how she got to New York.

deannie: where was it said see was born

ihhmag: 1850 census said New York.

deannie: ok let me check to see if i can locate her in 1860...

ihhmag: Thank you.

deannie: I'm still you have ancestry

ihhmag: Yes I do.

deannie: I see them in 1850...that's great...did you try 1840 in New York....

ihhmag: I have. But maybe I need to revisit.

deannie: i'm still searching...I looking for other site I'm not batting anything,,but I have a gen buddy at work that's great...can we exchange email addresses and if she locates anything I will email it to you....mine on the site knows me.... Do you belong to any genealogy society in your area

ihhmag: Yes. email is Thanks for looking.

deannie: No problem...thats what we do help each other.......will you be in on Sat....the lunch time chat is great if you can chat during the day......Have you gone to any conferences

ihhmag: No conferences yet. Will try to check in to the chat room often. Well I have to go. Thank you for your help. Will keep in touch via email.

deannie: Ok..if you find a society in you area join it...they are great resources,, Have a great evening

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